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10 years prior to the events of the game, J. was an unfortunate sailor who washed up the shores of Japan. To survive, he learns to wield a blade and lovingly names his sword Elvis. He eventually meets and falls in love with a geisha and tries to buy her freedom without much success. Hearing of a reward for detailing the whereabouts of Suzuhime, he sets out in search of her.

His ending reveals that he had a rough time when he first landed in Japan. He was called the "black devil" and was feared by everyone who saw him. The only one who didn't run from him was a young girl who offered him food. Touched by her sincerity, J. swore to one day return the favor. The girl is the same geisha in his backstory. He buys her freedom with the gold he earned for defeating Golba and tells her to not love a man like him. She thanks him by choosing to live her life as she sees fit.
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Samurai Shodown Sen




Page Updated:  Mar. 16th, 2014

Afro samurai! Right off the bat... J. seems to have a lot more personality that most of the other new character designs introduced in Samurai Shodown Sen. In terms of fighting style, J. has a pretty original and cool-looking stance... his attacks are the standard samurai fare, with a variety of sword slashes. Some of his attack animations look alright, while others are on the sloppy side. Overall, his fighting style and appearance aren't nearly as exciting as the classics from Samurai Shodown. I think he would've made a cool 2D character, though.

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