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Hornet is a car (#41) from Daytona USA and a secret, unlockable character in Fighters Megamix. The car humorously stands on back wheels and boxes with its front. Hornet plays like a Fighting Vipers character and can have its shell knocked off, revealing body, engine and other parts below. Its voice is sounds of an engine and many other sound effects from Daytona USA, such as screeching tires. Both of Hornet's costumes are a reference to its automatic (Red and Blue) or manual (Red and Gold) transmissions. Its stage is based upon a racecourse from Daytona USA (the Beginner's course from the arcade game, "Three-Seven Speedway").


Fighters Megamix




Page Updated:  Oct. 5th, 2018

Considering Fighters Megamix was a mash-up of Sega's most popular games... I suppose Sega really wanted to somehow represent Daytona USA in the game. Instead of having a simple Daytona USA stage, why not stick a playable fighting car in the game too. ^o^ No, doesn't make much sense, but "Hornet" did turn some heads at the time as a ridiculous yet entertaining secret character... for a while. Obviously, after the initial joke runs out.... there's not much left to see here.

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