Dorothy Albright
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Bright, cheerful and honest, Dorothy the is picture of the perfect honors student... "she" though, looks like a well-kept boy at first glance. Dorothy admires her mother who is a magician and her father who is an acrobat. They both work their magic on the stages of Las Vegas. She learn from both of them and can hold her own on the spotlight as Dorothy the Wizard. She has a strong sense of justice and, like her mother, helps the American Spirit Department whenever she can. Her Arcana is Heliogabalus (Mirror), which resembles a giant swarm of ladybugs, spiraling like a kaleidoscope. Her name is based off of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.
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Arcana Heart 2

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Arcana Heart 2: Suggoi!, Arcana Heart 3


Page Updated:  June 23rd, 2012

First off, I find her outfit to be on the awkward/ugly side of things. She's an annoying character in general... to fight against, to look at, and to listen to... lol. In fairness, I suppose she brings something to the series... particularly her somewhat interesting fighting style. Some of her special & super moves are quite entertaining and won't fail to make you chuckle, even if you despise her. 

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