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Brad Hawk
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Brad Hawk is the main protagonist of Urban Reign. His past is a complete mystery and he is none too privy about it. He was hired by a Chinese gang leader, Shun Ying Lee, to sort out the mess in Green Harbor. Brad's fighting style, All-Round, is heavily influenced by Kickboxing, Wrestling and Submission Grappling.
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Urban Reign

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Page Updated:  May 16th, 2013

His name cracked me up the first time I played Urban Reign (along with pretty much everything else in the game). lol. I'm not sure that sleazy snakeskin jacket really works for him, but Brad's "gritty" appearance does suit the setting of the game. What saves him as a design is that Namco did give him a pretty cool, hard-hitting fighting style. Once he starts bashing skulls, you start to respect the guy... lol. He's definitely fun to use.

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