Shikyo was once a member of the Shinsengumi, like Keiichiro Washizuka, but it was not to preserve Japanese history; it was to go on gleeful killing sprees. It didn't take the Shinsengumi long to figure this out, but Shikyo escaped before they could do anything to him, in search of more killing. Rumors of the Gates of Hell made him want to kill even more, but killing mere commoners was not satisfying enough. He sought prey to quench his bloodlust; and when a strange man came to him and told him it could be found, he was quite happy to go along. While Hell's Gate was being closed, Shikyoh is lured close and trapped in the Makai until he returned as Mukuro.

The Last Blade




Page Updated:  Jan. 26th, 2013

In the first Last Blade, Shikyo did a decent job being the staple "freak"... that is, until Mukuro took his place in the sequel. He had some original moves, but his outfit is on the boring side.

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