Morozumi Taizan
(LAST UPDATE: 9/7/2009)

Taizan is a man who possess the powers to seal evil. This power is something that is passed down Taizan's family. But he became tired of fighting and retired into the quite mountains with his family. But one day, his wife and son were killed by Yuga. To get revenge, he goes off to find Yuga. But after he realized he was turning himself into a demon, he went back into the mountains and sealed off his spear. Now he lives quietly in the mountains guarding his wife and sons grave. He fights with a giant bladed paintbrush at times.


Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage

Samurai Shodown 2 Pocket, Card Fighters Clash 2


A martial "artist" if I've ever seen one... Heh. It's pretty cool how he fights with a paintbrush, no doubt original to fighting the fighting game universe as well. He's an interesting design as is but I think he deserves to be further developed as a design. Bring him back SNK!!!
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