Maki Genryusai


Maki is a Bushin ninja like Guy. She made her first appearance in Final Fight 2. In the Final Fight 2 storyline, Maki's father and sister (Genryusai and Rena) are kidnapped by the newly revived Mad Gear gang led by Retu (which is the plot of Final Fight 2). With Guy (Rena's fiance and Genryusai's student) off training and unable to help, Maki enlists the help of Mike Haggar and Carlos Miyamoto to assist her on her mission to save them. In Italy, Maki fights and defeats Rolento. After defeating him, she questions him on her family's location and Rolento reveals that they are being held hostage by Retu in Japan. Maki rushes back to Japan to rescue them. During the final battle with the Retu, Maki kicks Retu with so much strength that Retu couldn't block, and the powerful kick sends him flying out of the dojo window to his death.

After the events of Final Fight 2, Maki is on a mission to find and defeat Guy in order to become the next Bushin-ryu successor. She finds Guy and challenges him, but their fight ends abruptly when they both sense M. Bison's presence. Bison attacks them and Maki becomes stunned by one of his attacks, but Guy saves her an causes Bison to withdraw. After the battle, she hesitantly thanks Guy and states that she might not be ready to become the next Bushin-ryu successor, but she will be when they meet again.
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Capcom VS SNK 2


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Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper, Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS

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Page Updated:  June 2nd, 2020

Wow, Maki must buy her cloths from the same store as Mai... Heh. Even though her look may not be the most original, Maki is an awesome character simply because she's pretty much the female version of Guy (who is a total badass if you didn't know). 

It was quite a surprise to see Maki cross over to a high profile fighting game like Capcom VS SNK 2, from a more humble and lesser known SNES exclusive, Final Fight 2... but a treat none the less, especially for those of us that actually played FF2. ;) Maki's transition from beat-em-up to fighting game was very accurate, as she retains quite a few of her moves from Final Fight 2, but also offers a unique and innovative fighting style to the games she appeared in. And yeah, as a typical boy who likes ninja girls... I have to say Maki is definitely a hottie as well. ;)

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