Lynn Baker


She is the daughter of an American father and a Chinese mother. She lived in China as a child, but soon moved to America. There, she met up with her grandfather, who taught her his style of martial arts. Since she was 14, she trained with Billy and Jimmy, learning the art of Ryu Zui Ken from her grandfather.

Rage of the Dragons


Power Instinct: Matrimelee


Page Updated:  Sept. 24th, 2012

At first glance she's sort of like a female Lee Recca... Pretty cool. She looks so cute trying to be all serious, so she's got a decent personality for a ROTD character. Her fighting style backs up her seriousness fairly well. Simple and to the point... she's easily one of my favorite designs to come out of ROTD. It almost seems like she should've been a staple to the Double Dragon franchise... that series always lacked a strong female character. She could've been the Chun Li of Double Dragon! :)

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