Kaun Narazu


Kaun is the adopted son of Gengoro. This quiet warrior is among the top warriors of the Shainto clan. A man of few words, he possesses above-average power and speed. While he fights well with any weapon, he excels at Yari.



Bushido Blade 2




Page Updated:  Aug. 1st, 2013

Much like Ukyo did for the Samurai Shodown series, Kaun balances out the Bushido Blade roster as the soft-spoken, "silent but deadly" killer. He actually had some unique, memorable moves in the game. Pound for pound, I'd say he's one of the top designs from the Bushido Blade series. For not having much in-game dialogue, he still has quite a lot of charisma... "quiet charisma" I guess you could call it. :) I'm personally not a huge fan of his alternate outfit (although it's not too bad), but his original attire suits him well.

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