Fox is a psychopath. He's obsessed with his looks, dresses like a girl, and works for the Tylon corporation.


Bloody Roar




Page Updated:  Feb. 5th, 2019

Fox.... is a slightly disturbing design. Someone on the original Bloody Roar dev-team must be into "furries". To each his own... but I think most people would find this design awkward, at best. Everyone besides SonicFox and other furries, that is. In retrospect, this design is kind of ironic in some ways.

In any case, Fox didn't return in any Bloody Roar sequels... which was no surprise. Considering the year was 1997, fighting games were going in a really "cool" direction. A design like Fox was just... out there. Even 2 decades later in 2017, this design is still weird, but somehow slightly more acceptable? To each his / her own.

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