Chihiro Hiiragi


Chihiro is a 13 year-old successor of the Shainto. She has a pet frog that she uses as a sub-weapon.

Bushido Blade 2




Page Updated:  Apr. 22nd, 2018

What an obscure character. . . . Of all the character pages on TFG... you're actually looking at Chihiro's page? What are you even doing here? Reminiscing on Bushido Blade 2 I assume? Hahaha. So I can't figure out if Chihiro is fat or she is just wearing many layers of clothing.

She's obviously nowhere near as "cool" as other Bushido Blade characters, but.... and there is a but... she does have a frog as a sub-weapon. Reason to choose her in the game? Yes. Absolutely. Other than that, she's a kinda bleh / generic design.

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