Alice Carrol


Her mother and father were murdered when she was only 10. She was a suspect because she became very aggressive after the event. Although she was found "not guilty," she was checked into a psychiatric hospital because of her depressed and almost insane mental state. Elias tried to cure her at the hospital, but couldn't. However, he did find that she carries an abnormal evil energy within her. One night, she escaped from the hospital in order to find the truth behind the death of her parents...
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Rage of the Dragons




Page Updated: Dec. 6th, 2013

She's definitely a cool twist of the original "Alice in Wonderland" design... but I was hoping for a better overall fighting style from her. Some of her moves are on the boring side if you ask me. Her "purple circular effects" could have also could have been done much much better graphically... Kinda bland when compared to other 2D effects I've seen done in other NeoGeo games.

Overall, she's one of the more original designs from her series... but someone please explain how she fits into Double Dragon again? Heh, gotta give them a few originality points at least.

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