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Alfred is a young pilot who flies with his mentor, John. When John was 62 years old, he carelessly flew over Russia and was chased by an MiG. When John was victorious over the MiG, he became a hero to his hometown and Alfred especially admired him as his idol. Alfred's father died in an accident ten years before the game begins. When White became the new boss in South Town, Alfred bravely stands against him to defend his departed father's remains. He was also inspired by Terry's heroic tale.

Alfred first appeared in Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers as a hidden boss. He's an exclusive character in the Playstation port of Real Bout Special (called Real Bout Fatal Fury Special: Dominated Mind), in which he's the main protagonist of the main story mode. Alfred also appears as a striker in KOF 99 Evolution and makes a cameo appearance in KOF Maximum Impact 2 in one of the stages.
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Real Bout Fatal Fury 2


 Real Bout Fatal Fury Special: Dominated Mind, Fatal Fury: First ContactCard Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2

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Page Updated:  Oct. 7th, 2018

Alfred's costume is on the average side and so are his moves, but I suppose he served as a pretty cool "hidden" character for the Real Bout series. He is a bit underdeveloped as a SNK design though... and I doubt he'll stray far from his roots. Not one of SNK's best designs, but surely not of their worst either. 

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