Monday, April 12th, 2021

Sakura Street Fighter: Duel Artwork by Xin Wang


Street Fighter: Duel is an upcoming JRPG mobile title by Tencent, TOPJOY, and Capcom. An early beta version of the game was released November 2020 (in China only) but the game will become available worldwide sometime in the near future. The redesigned Street Fighter cast (with artwork by Xin Wang) have been making waves on social media this year, with countless fans in the FGC acknowledging the many and various levels of "drip" these redesigns have and hoping the SF:Duel costumes will eventually make it to Street Fighter V: Champion Edition and/or future Street Fighter games. Without further ado, check out Sakura's full body Street Fighter: Duel artwork, below. *Will try to replace artwork with a higher-quality version in the future.

Also check out TFG's previous article from January 2021 for more information about Street Fighter: Duel. Stay tuned on Fighters Gen for continued coverage.


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