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King of Fighters '99 - Real Life

Hi, Frankie. You may not remember me, but some time ago I share with you my movie "King of Fighters '99 - Live Action".
Now the sequel is done, is called The King of Fighters '99 - Real Life. I hope you like it :)

Martin Escageda (Guasave, Sinaloa, Mexico)
Youtube channel

Frank replies: Of course I remember you guys!!! Hilarious stuff as usual.... I'll put it up as "TFG's Video of the Moment" tomorrow evening! 

TFG Webmaster

King of Fighters Character Ratings. . .


My name is Rafael and I'm 23 years old. Since 1992, namely when I was 3 years old, I have been into fighting games. After a hiatus during my early teens, I've come back to fighting games gradually and eventually with full force since the advent of GGPO. I was born and live in the southernmost part of Brazil, in a city called Porto Alegre - where unfortunately the arcade scene is almost dead, but still has something to offer.

Being a fan of many different fighting series, I cannot help but feel disappointed by the poor ratings characters from all series except those designed by Capcom have received. Quite frankly, I believe the opinions stated by the website are either leaning in favor or Capcom or maybe they're too much based on the taste of a single person or a group of people with a homogeneous opinion. Street Fighter 2 is certainly the father of them all, it's the game that gave birth to the genre this website is dedicated to, but yet I believe the credit that the series deserve is being overstated; IMHO it is huge already on its own, it doesn't need external praise - its legacy is undeniable.

I don't mean to be a mere fanboy that is butthurt because his favorite character has got a low rating - I am aware that people's opinions differ (and thank goodness they do!), and probably if a fanboy of The King of Fighters rated the series' characters, the ratings would be also biased, which I believe is not adequate. As an example, movelists from The King Of Fighters characters usually are very larger than their SF counterparts; even so, one may state that quantity is not quality, and that more is not necessarily better, and so on. One may think Balrog a boring character with obvious design while Vanessa is "sooooo cool", while another person may believe Vanessa is just a Rick and Dudley mix with absolutely no originality; of course judgement is necessary. I suggest the opinions of specialists (not fanboys) in other franchises or simply those of people with a different perception are used to rate them accordingly, maybe developing an average rating system based in the opinions of many people.

I hope you understand what I'm trying to say and I wish my opinion contributes to the website. As a fighting genre fan, I give you my honest compliments for the great job you have been doing. Thank you.

-Rafael Sfredo Pellizzari (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

Frank replies: Hey Rafael. That's cool you've re-entered the fighting genre once again, later in your life... I know quite a few people that did the same thing. I'm also glad to hear your local fighting game community isn't completely dead... us players keep it alive!

Now to address your concerns....

I've received many emails similar to yours in the past. Most of them weren't written quite as eloquently, however... (which is why yours was posted on the site). Of course I respect your perspective and opinion, but to say I've given "poor ratings to all series besides those designed by Capcom"... is incorrect. One of my TOP favorite franchises is Samurai Shodown, and I know characters from the series have always been rated very high. Garou: Mark of the Wolves is another all time favorite of mine. When it comes to the long-running King of Fighters series, the character designs have always been quite the mixed bag, and the series is very unique and distinctive for that very reason. The artistic direction of KOF has evolved numerous times, which also effected the type of designs that were produced. Furthermore, some characters of the series have evolved... and others haven't.

As a reader, I'm sure you'd want your favorite characters to be rated high on TFG. I've always wondered what viewing the site from that angle is like.... I'm sure I could get pretty defensive if some dude rated my favorite character low also!!! LOL. Anyhow, I know I've given "good" scores to many KOF characters... so I'm also wondering how you're interpreting TFG's character rating scale. Keep in mind, a score of a 3.5 or 4.0 is still a decent score.... Even a 3.0 is a "half decent" design... with 2.5 is being smack dab in the middle = mediocre. I think you might look at it a bit differently with that understanding.

Without getting into the nitty-gritty, I do have a particular taste when it comes to character designs... and I know it shows. I haven't met too many other people out there who can say they've been playing fighting games "non-stop for over 25 years". In the most humble way possible, I have to say that this the only reason why I feel "my opinion" is worth being posted on each character profile (and game profile). And in many cases, it's an opinion that does take into account "others" opinions. I've tried my best to put the most honest thought and effort that I possibly can into "OVER A THOUSAND" character profiles on TFG. (Anyone know the official count?)

Of course, I also simply make mistakes sometimes... A few times I even caught myself on putting the wrong ratings in the wrong place!!! (This is because, about 2 years ago, I started re-designing the character profile layout... so I know I made a few errors in the long "cut & paste" process.) So if my write-up of a character is really positive and the ratings are oddly negative, let me know! lol.  

Finally, I've also thought about having a "community score" on each character profile... I agree that would be pretty awesome!!! The only problem is... It would take a hell of a long time to put together and fully test out, but it's something I'll look into down the road. Finally, if you still think I rated any particular character too low, I'm interested to hear which ones. Thanks for writing in, and I hope you enjoy the site for years to come!

TFG Webmaster

Thanks for all you do.

Hey Frank. You probably get a lot of these kind of mails but I still feel you should know how much your website is appreciated. I purchased Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for the PS3 and it was well worth the long wait, because the game was as great as I expected. However as I was talking with a relative about the game, he told me about a very crappy review from the ign website about Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I was astonished at how the reviewer gave the game a 7.5 rating while bashing it at the same time. Complaining about something as trivial as the game's title, as well was certain aspects of gameplay. It wasn't even a full review detailing everything the game has to offer. I wasn't the only one who felt this way, because others had their own words in response to the negative review. Most of them were funny.

 I really don't like to trust game reviews because I like to find out in my own experience whether or not I should get the game. I used to do this by renting video games until the video rental stores went out of business. So usually I either try a demo, or just watch gameplay videos on youtube. However when it comes to fighting game reviews, I don't think anyone can do them better than the way you do. I really like how your reviews give every detail of the game. Its positives, its negatives, (some of your negatives can be very funny) and most important your honesty about the games. Like on certain games you clearly show how you're not a fan of them, but if that game has certain modes or elements that are appealing you'll still note them in your reviews with a positive remark. Some of your Mortal Kombat reviews are a good example.

 This is why I tell every friend of mine about your website when it comes to fighting games. You make very good reviews about all of the fighting games listed there, and even have the time to review the characters featured in the games. I think that library is a great source for fighting game fans all over, whether a beginner or a pro. A great way of seeing which characters you think could be your favorite or not.

 On another note, I really don't understand why some people hate so much when it comes to Tekken. Thats the only game I know of that is closest to real life fighting and the only one I know of where you're vulnerable to a hit at all times. It makes me mad how some people don't appreciate Katsuhiro Harada and his staff for their hard work. At least he actually listens to fans when it comes to ways of improving the game. He doesn't even have to either. He also could have made us pay for his downloadable characters like other fighting game companies do. (capcom *clears throat*) Usually if someone gives this game a very bad review its most likely because they suck at the game.  I really like how you can customize 10 or so outfits for each character. Tekken is the only reason why I'm still a fighting game fan today. I like making Lars and Heihachi battle it out with opponents.

Anyway I'm writing too much. Thanks for all you do man.

-Steven (Florida, USA)

Frank replies: Funny you mentioned that.... IGN's rushed and uninformative review of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is actually one of the worst I've ever seen. The red lightsaber dislike bar on their video review says it all. lol. The inexperienced dimwit they had review TTT2 was clearly bullshitting the entire time. He didn't talk about anything relevant to the actual game, or how it evolved from the prequel... and unsurprisingly, in their traditional biased fashion, IGN had a "hardcore DOA fan" review DOA5. IGN is just biased towards "easier" and "noob-friendly" games. The more mainstream it is, the higher the score. 

Most of the fighting game community already knows that, but sadly... gamers who only visit mainstream sites may not realize as much. Part of the reason I started writing reviews is because I was tired of reading half-assed, uninformative reviews from mainstream sites. In fairness, some sites have evolved over time and have gotten better informed players to write reviews (such as: 1up, Gamespot & Gametrailers). I don't know what they're smoking over at IGN, but they're obviously smoking the cheap stuff.

In short, I'm also a Tekken fan for similar reasons you mentioned. Harada and Namco are doing it right. In my book, TTT2 is "game of the year" by far. I'd imagine some casuals are quick to "hate" on Tekken because once they jump online, they can get beaten very badly if they don't know their stuff (and sadly, most don't take the time to learn how to play properly). I was there when Tekken 5: DR first went online... and seemingly, all these "haters" popped up shortly after the release (and EVERYONE seemed to love Tekken before Tekken 5: DR). I guess it's a much different experience playing online against skilled players than sitting at home, where you can easily beat up the computer AI with cheap tricks or beat your friends that don't know how to play. It's a different game entirely, and some people don't know how to lose.

I'm glad you've enjoyed my reviews on TFG. There are many more to come... and thanks a lot for the support.

TFG Webmaster

Team Ninja Reads TFG!

It only took that fool, Itagaki, to leave before Dead Or Alive could finally act on the wise council of TFG! Take note: no more little girl facial rendering, attempt at making the game require more skill for the hardcore fighting game fans, and what's the on Bayman's face? A scar? THAT one was the icing on the cake! They read your review about him being a "bad ass" without a single blemish it seems!! I've never been a fan of Dead Or Alive; I prefer Tekken myself. I do read your reviews on other fighting games though. It's funny that Team Ninja gives up their claim to the fighting game throne; I guess Itagaki's lingering effect tainted the series with memories of busty girls who could not seriously be taken, forcing them to be claim a "fighting entertainment" throne--but wouldn't that make them more akin to a jester? Tekken remains king of 3D fighters while Dead Or Alive is it's b--but I DIGRESS! Point is, some people at Team Ninja scope out The Fighters' Generation. I believe they want to improve their chances!

By the way, I would challenge the webmaster F. Yagami online in Tekken Tag 2, BUT THE INTERNET HERE SUCKS BALLS (No Verizon Fios or anything!). That match on TFG against Jin and Heihachi was good stuff. Lars customized with a likeness of SNK's K.

-Stanton Shaw (Orlando, USA)

Frank replies: You've been paying attention I see...LOL! Geez, when you consider those prominent details they changed in DOA5... it makes you wonder. When you think about it, why wouldn't a dev-team look to the internet for "fan opinions" on games and characters? Could they have stumbled upon TFG and took some small notes on what has been posted on this site for years? Considering TFG does pop up on search engines rather quickly these days, I think it's entirely possible.

Until I read your email, I actually didn't even pay attention to Bayman finally having a scar to prove he's a tough guy... but I definitely did notice they did away with the 12-year old girl anime faces early on that I used to... *ehem* still pick fun at. (One of the things they did right with DOA5, btw). Anyway, your email was hilarious to read; thanks man! And do challenge me in TTT2 if you get your internet situation fixed.

TFG Webmaster

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Tag Throw Exhibition.

Thanks for featuring my video on TFG. I've been going to the site for YEARS (its where I get most of my artwork since high school) and it was nice to see it up with all the other news updates.

Chaos Productions Inc (USA)
Youtube channel


Frank replies: No problem man! I'm actually going to make it "video of the moment" tomorrow! ;) Great work by the way, am I'm honored to hear you're a fan of the site.

TFG Webmaster