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I Won TFG Banner Contest 2010!!!

Whoa, i can't believe i won competition was tough, but alas to the winner go the spoils. Thank you Frankie and TFG crew for the opportunity to use the site's robust image library and infuse my creativity in the process, i had fun. I was psyched to see my banner in the site's portal but was not sure if i was gonna be the one until the end, it's good to know that i was able to represent TFG and the fighting game community, TFG 4 Life. Now it was hard to decide which characters i want Jet to draw since there are so many to choose from, however i pick "Vega and Chun Li" because their epic memorable battle in the classic Street Fighter Anime to me cemented both characters as icons and Badasses in their own right. Vega is a sadistic blood thirsty psychopath who's obsessed with beauty and perfection and Chun Li, the first lady of fighting games and strongest woman in the world could take his worse and still throw a couch at him and kick him out of her apartment lol. Tell Jet to have fun with this one i mean i'd prefer a fighting pose since i don't see those two posing for the Street Fighter Yearbook, hahahaha.

-Project H. (Caribbean)

Frank replies: Congrats Project H!!! You won it with style and class man. I've spread the word to Jet and he's already excited about the project. ;) Your $50 will be mailed out shortly, and I'll just need your desired "username" for TFG's Fight Club area! :)

TFG Webmaster

Top 10 Online Multiplayer Console Games. . .

Hey guys,

My name is Bryan Baker and I'm the Promotions Manager at ScrewAttack Entertainment. I wanted to let you know that we've just completed our latest top ten, Top 10 Online Multiplayer Console Games, and Super Street Figher 4 made the list! If the debates and arguments that raged in our office were any indication, I'm sure your readers have their own strong opinions on this and would want to see where SSF4 lands on our list. ScrewAttack Top Tens are known for their unique spin on top ten lists, and that's why they're the most viewed top tens on the internet. Feel free to post our top ten on your site and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I've included a URL and embed code for our top ten, thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you. 

  -Bryan Baker
  Associate Producer, Out of the Box
  Community and Promotions Manager
  ScrewAttack Entertainment LLC

Frank replies: Hey Bryan! Thanks for the heads up, I'll post it on the site. :)

        Bryan replies: Awesome, thanks Frankie, I'm actually a long time user of Fighter's Generation so getting something on the site means a lot to me.

Frank replies: Wow, that's pretty awesome someone over at ScrewAttack knows of The Fighters Generation... I'm flattered. Thanks! :D Be sure to hit me up next time any fighting games pop up in  ScrewAttack videos or news!

TFG Webmaster

        Bryan replies: No problem! ;)

Fastg35's Fighting Game Characters in Mod Nation Form: 3rd Strike!

Hello, fastg35 is back again with more mods to show. I hope you guys 
loved my last batch of mods, because this batch doesn't disappoint. I 
got mods from Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Tekken, Rival Schools, 
and my newest project: Dead or Alive! Some of the mods are updates 
which are Kula, K', Iori, Kyo, and Morrigan. My Yang mod is the most 
outdated mod in this batch but the details and accuracy in Yang will 
make up for it. 

Also my friend, BrockSolid12, was a big help. He helped made the 
Ogre, Armor King, King, and Yoshimitsu mods and we did it the way
they're suppose to be. Also since I'm starting the Dead or Alive Project,
 if u want to request any mods from DOA fell free Mr. FYagami. Or you 
could request any KOF, Street Fighter, Tekken, or Rival Schools. Anything 
in those franchises are fine with me and I'll try the best I can. I hope all 
these mods are accurate and the way they're suppose to be. Thanks 
for your time and enjoy!

jinkazama-mod.jpg (119164 bytes)   hwoarang-mod.jpg (120296 bytes)   armorking-mod.jpg (119522 bytes)   king-mod.jpg (122019 bytes)   julia-mod.jpg (115449 bytes)
ryu-mod.jpg (118986 bytes)   yang-mod.jpg (112257 bytes)   iori-mod2.jpg (110832 bytes)   k-mod2.jpg (114429 bytes)   kyo-mod2.jpg (118893 bytes)
akira-mod.jpg (116368 bytes)   batsu-mod.jpg (113093 bytes)   asuka-mod.jpg (120526 bytes)   ayane-mod.jpg (115407 bytes)   christie-mod.jpg (120288 bytes)
kula-mod.jpg (115764 bytes)   morrigan-mod2.jpg (110122 bytes)   dragunov-mod.jpg (116505 bytes)   lili-mod.jpg (115541 bytes)   raven-mod.jpg (118658 bytes)
stevefox-mod.jpg (121634 bytes)   yoshi-mod.jpg (119117 bytes)   ogre-mod.jpg (118297 bytes)   jun-mod.jpg (119482 bytes)

-fastg35 (USA)

Frank replies: Wooow (for the third time now)... I can't believe you pulled off Ogre! XD Thanks for actually doing my request! These are indeed your best work so far and no doubt the best customs I've seen from ModNation Racers.  I still need to give that game a rent... lol. The customization mode in this game is clearly the most elaborate creation tool of any video game to date... I'm beyond impressed at the detail on these guys! Thanks again for sharing man, amazing stuff! 

TFG Webmaster

SNK and their floundering state as of late. . .

Hey Frank,

 I've been hearing some rumors as of late in regards to the bad state of SNK's entire existence to where, if KoF XIII doesn't sell well when/if it releases on consoles, the company may actually go under.  In fact, if I'm not mistaken, SNK said in an interview that "this is it" in regards to KoF XIII.  There is one thing that worries me in regards to this. If SNK really cared about an attempt at making money, wouldn't they try to release games such as KoF 2002 UM, Mark of the Wolves, and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum on other consoles? I am aware that KoF 2002 UM saw releases (Original and Tougeki version) on PS2 in Japan, NGBC released on the PS2 everywhere, and MotW was released on the Dreamcast back in 1999.  However, one of these games got re-released only on Xbox Live (MotW), another one got released on PS2 when the era of games was shifting toward a more online oriented play and thus, got re-released, again, only on Xbox Live (NGBC), and the final one only saw a US release EVER thanks to Xbox Live (KoF 2002 UM). 

SNK has to be hurting for money, yet three games that would've went over well with Sony audiences, from what I've seen, were neglected and left to go to Microsoft exclusively, yet the only "exclusive" Sony can wrestle from them is an updated version of KoF Skystage on the PSP? Does the blame fall on SNK alone, or is Sony to blame for this as well? Games that were originally released on Sony's platforms (MotW got released on PS2 in Japan as well. Used your Games section to look that up. lol) are being sent to Microsoft as "exclusives" on re-release, yet if the game were re-released on PSN, you can almost guarantee all of the old audience that originally bought the game and have PS3s will jump on it the day of release, no? This seriously cannot be helping the state of SNK when you have quality games, updated with online (I have a group of people on my PSN Friend List at least who would go crazy for those games), yet only releasing them on one console...and it isn't even the successor to the original release's console. Your thoughts?

 Also, do you believe the blame falls on SNK or does it also fall on Sony for letting them slip away? I don't know if you're aware of the "Warriors/Musou" series of games, but when Koei was going to bring a compilation game by the name of Warriors Orochi Z to the US, Sony of America told them "no" due to them thinking it wouldn't sell.  Do you think, by any chance, that this also plays into whether SNK releases their games only on the 360, or is SNK being stingy in regards to wanting to release them?

-Lawrence (Brooklyn, New York)

Frank replies: I've also heard the rumors, and I have to agree with you that it makes little sense why SNK doesn't release KOF2002: UM, Garou, and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum on PS3 & Wii... which happen to be the two systems I own. For some reason or another I'm loyal to Sony, and the PS3 is my preferred gaming console. It's not like I'm going to go out and buy a 360 to play those games (which I can just play on PS2 or use an emulator). So who's to blame? Knowing Sony, they definitely might have something to do with it... but ultimately gamers are going to put the blame on SNK first, unless they explain themselves, which I don't believe they have.

Maybe if we're patient, we'll eventually see those 3 titles released on PS3 and Wii... I'm still hoping for them anyway. I'd buy KOF2002 UM, Garou, and NGBC instantly if they released on PSN and I'm sure 50% of my friends list would as well (which is full by the way). The good news is, at least we're guaranteed to get King of Fighters 13. ;) 

TFG Webmaster

Enjoying Your Videos!

Just wanted to say that I've enjoyed your China videos very much sense you've been posting them on the Fighter's Website. As someone who was lucky enough to go over to Japan this past summer I bet I can related to how nice it was to actually play in an arcade again (None here in Louisville, KY). Anyway, keep up the great work on the site and thanks for all your hard work.

-John (Lousville, KY)

Frank replies: Thanks, I appreciate it. Next time I want to hit China and Japan in one shot!!! That would be my dream trip. ;) 

TFG Webmaster

You do a great job, seriously. . .

Just want to say that I am so happy that you put up a website like this. 

All the information and especially the galleries are top notch.

Your passion for fighting games really comes through given the layout and organization of the site.

I love seeing all the updates on the games and characters that I love (all Capcom).

I don't know of any other site/resource where I can find out all the stuff I want to know about StreetFighter/Darkstalkers/Marvel (Marvel in terms of fighting games).

You are REALLY good at what you do, keep it up!

Thanks so much.


Frank replies: Thanks man! Always nice to meet a fellow passionate fighting game fan. ;) 

TFG Webmaster

TGS "Top Secret". . .

Hey!! One of my boys reports for a website and he had the opportunity to head out to TGS. He called me with some very interesting information straight from the horses mouth. Capcom said they were toying around with the of adding about 20 or more characters as DLC for Marvel vs Capcom 3 so the game could very well end up being a 50 character experience. Seeing as Marvel vs Capcom 2 had 56 characters in it i feel like that was most of the appeal, so to me it would only make sense to add 20 more as DLC to the 30 or so roster. Ill keep you posted!!!

-The Informer

Frank replies: Ooooh... I like what I'm hearing. I could see MVC3 going the DLC route to add characters... and I surely wouldn't complain. Thanks for sharing the juicy info, and be sure to keep me posted!

TFG Webmaster

TFG Music Player. . .

It's Awesome and you know it ... having a player with this kind of music is over 9000 ;D ! SO ... I wuz wondering if its possible for one song to repeat itself forever ;D ... like a real music player. And my second question is - is there any way that we can download this music?
-Benji Orochi

Frank replies: I have to agree that it's awesome. FYI, I use it quite often myself while working on TFG... it's good motivation. ;) To answer your question, there's not an option to have a song repeat itself in this particular player. And to answer your second question, there is a way to download the music, but if I told you I'd have to kill you. Hint: The music is actually from Youtube. :) 

TFG Webmaster