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Super Street Fighter IV Impact. . . 

Hey frank! We still gotta get those tekken matches in sometime! Not to mention a few soul calibur ones too. (i got a mean mitsurugi too! plus kilik and nighty)

Anyways super street fighter IV really caught my attention too. My theory about the game improving was right after all. In the original version t-hawk and Dee Jay were not there for some reason, thankfully this fixes that problem. But some interesting theories come up.

First off, remember when king of fighters XII came out shortly after SFIV did and they were missing people? (k, mai, geese, rock)
KOF is gonna do the same exact thing SFIV is going to do. Because SNK made KOF XII as an attempt to compete with SFIV. As soon as SNK figures out that capcom is coming out with Super Street fighter IV, SNK will make a souped up version of KOF XII (add missing people, a possible final boss, many traditions from KOF were gone in that game)

A 2nd theory as you pointed out is the possibility of 3rd strike characters. Notice how Yun and Yang are in chun-li's intro in street fighter IV? That's going to hint that they'll possibly be in it. In Third strike ALOT of people loved using those two characters along with Urien. Im Expecting Urien to come in!

A 3rd theory is improving gameplay mechanics. Because I have the SAME EXACT problem with the game: its harder to win with the characters you stick with. For instance in 3rd strike i had a nasty akuma i do 20-30 hit combos with and in SFIV all of that is gone and its much harder to win with akuma and combos are much less efficient. If capcom can fix the gameplay mechanics like how namco did with tekken 5 by making dark resurrection (fucking awesome game!) then super SFIV is definitely something to look forward too!

What do you think Frank? Do you think this game will turn out how us fighting game enthusiasts expect the game to be?

Sorry if this email is so long though i just figure id talk to a fighting game enthusiast about games that ive been playing for 14+ years!(:

take care!

-Marco Markizzle

Frank replies: I think Super Street Fighter IV's going to be great. It's already got so much hype, and I'm actually quite surprised it's even got some negative hype... People feeling "ripped off" by Capcom for buying SF4 or something. What do people expect Capcom to do... Not make sequels for one of their biggest games? A sequel to SF4 has been expected by the fans since the original game was announced, and like I said in my SF4 review, it's easier for them now since they're using a 3D graphics engine. To me, it wouldn't feel much like a sequel if they released an "update" via DLC... I agree with Capcom for wanting to take their time on it, and releasing a new disc-based entry to the franchise.

It's only natural for a new fighting game engine like Street Fighter IV to have a sequel at least "announced" by now... This means new characters & stages of course, but I'm also expecting some tweaked animations and smoother gameplay... Exactly what Tekken 5 DR did for Tekken 5... A quality update to SF4 will take the series in the direction it needs to go. I'm also hoping to see the SF2 storyline finally meshed with SF3's, and I think we might just get it with this update. I'd really be happy with any Third Strike character(s) they include in the game... Yeah, I love Third Strike that much.

I'm sure SNK was working on the update(s) to KOF XII before SSFIV was announced... In my opinion they have a much harder job since they're working with huge 2D sprites. It'll most likely take them longer to release their sequel than it'll take Capcom to release SSFIV. Us veteran fighting gamers have always had to be patient when it comes to sequels... And we should be especially patient now, since we have so many awesome fighting games to play this year. ;)

Hit me up on PSN for some matches. I'll take ya on!!!

~TFG Webmaster

TFG Stick 2. . .

Dear Frank,

 Sorry it took a while to send this to you but For your B-day Gift. This was something worth the wait and I cannot take full credit for it hence why I call myself a "co-creator" but I've built you your very own Custom TFG Arcade Stick.  Neung Lee the Other Individual who helped in the Creation of the first TFG Stick did most of the physical work I just helped with the concept and arcade parts. Here's the hardship The Two of us went through to make this stick possible.

tfg-stick05.png (937867 bytes)     tfg-stick01.png (750677 bytes)     tfg-stick04.png (805311 bytes)     tfg-stick02.png (651376 bytes)


PCB: A 3rd Party PS1/2 controller that's easy and straight forward in modding. 
Buttons: Eight 30mm Vermillion Red Sanwa Buttons (Standard red 30mm were hard to find around that time.) and Two 24mm Standard red sanwa buttons for start and select. Originally I purchased two 30mm Black/white buttons for start and select but instead the 24mm were used due to space limitations. 
Stick: Sanwa Red balltop equipped with a Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Gate. (well known for better movement. 

sanwa.JPG (28329 bytes)

 Other Features: Rubber feet for the bottom to accommodate smooth surfaces, coffee tables, ect. 
Original Concept: a slimmer lightweight version of the Original TFG stick while giving it a look that stands out on it's own. 
Time and Effort: 3 Months.
Cost: $100.00

Commentary: For the buttons and stick I wanted to pay the proper respect and utilize in best buttons and parts that were recommended by tournament players and stick builders alike. I Also saw it as a great opportunity to give my personal thanx to you and your site for making me feel welcome. It hasn't been a good year for me in 2009 but one of the few things thats helped me smile in my rough times was knowing that your loyalty to your friends and your open minded attitude have made me feel like I'm part of something big, even if it's just a website for the Videogaming Community. You mentioned in a previous article on TFG that your PS3 Matcatz stick broke on you, however they are  known for being mod-friendly if you ever wanted it fix it on your own. I've done extensive research on how far people have gone to modify Their Madcatz sticks on youtube.

At first I was a little disappointed in the button symbols of your stick since they are mostly abbreviated letters in place of symbols, However this is what Neung had to say about this creative decision ;-"The main reason was that they didn't look uniform when i did it the way the first stick was.  To me, somehow the shapes look very chunky and too big, if I made the symbols smaller they wouldn't seem right either so i just decided why not write it out, it seems nicer to me."-

Originally we were going to use a special Versatile PCB to make the stick more compatable for both PS2 and PS3... What Also Never made the Cut.

usb.JPG (16477 bytes)

 However Neung also had this to say about it: "I tried out the pcb David bought but the directional buttons seem to be mess up (like there's 2 up and 2 down).  I'm thinking it does that because i direction needs it's own ground wire but the stick only has a common ground for all the directions.  I ended up using one of my own pcb's which are easy to be modified". When it was finally sent to me I started to notice a problem while testing it out on a few games of mine, I ended up doing some soldering of my own to re-arrange the four trigger buttons because the L1, L2, R1,and R2 buttons buttons didn't match their respective labels.

 Re-Arranging them was almost a trial and error process but thankfully I purchased a soldiering kit and quick-wire connectors from an auto parts store to make it easy to arrange the buttons and finished it off using a hot glue gun to further secure and protect the fragility the solidering points.

TFG Stick 2 Inner Workings

tfg-stick03.png (1560201 bytes)

 The Hot Glue gun method I used on the soldiering points was a Technique I learned that other stick builders have done from various Arcade stick modding sites, But as best I could tried to make it look clean and professional out of Respect to Neung's work and simplicity, He's possibly one the most talented people I've met online, also if the stick ever breaks on you, simply contact him before mailing back and for a certain fee (depending on the damage) and he'll repair it for you. 
If anyone else out there who is reading this and wants to contact Neung Lee about having a Custom Stick made or wants to have one built from parts you've purchased on your own or want repaired visit his ebay store at this link in the bottom...
http://myworld.ebay.com/badguymedia/. Or Simply E-mail him at this address. neobadguy_58@hotmail.com

 Happy B-day Frank and I hope your Custom Stick stands the test of time.

-David King

Frank replies: David, when you first showed me the original TFG stick that you and Neung Lee created (Jan-Feb 09 Feedback), I was deeply honored you created a stick representing The Fighters Generation, though I have to admit I was a bit jealous!!! Now I have my very own TFG stick to show off, and I can't thank you (and Neung) enough for your generosity and hard work. It really shows, because this stick is no doubt the most badass fight stick I ever owned. From the sleek look to the way it operates, this stick is top-stuff man. Your gift was by far the best B-day gift I got this year, and I even opened it in front of close friends; so it really did feel like a birthday present even though it was after my b-day... Thank you for the KOF collection games, PS2/PS3 converter, memory card, badass Neogeo magnet, & cool SC4 framed artwork as well. You really did too much, man!

   I have to admit I'm not an avid arcade stick user when it comes to fighting games, especially now since there are no quality arcades in my area. For a long time now I've highly preferred a Dual Shock controller for most games, but if this doesn't get me back into using an arcade stick, NOTHING will... I'll most likely be proudly displaying it more than actually using it, but no doubt I'll bring it out for some nostalgia and to sharpen up my skills. I really do prefer a stick when it comes to Street Fighter IV anyway. ;)

   Thanks again my friend, ohh and your "Lifetime subscription" to TFG starts now...

~TFG Webmaster

Some of My art. . . 

Hey there, i'm an artist and often use your web to get reference for video game characters.
just thought you might like to use some of my art in your character galleries, my style is very influenced by the big capcom artists.
anyways you can see some samples of my work here http://rgm501.deviantart.com/gallery/
feel free to use any of my street fighter artwork in your galleries.

rgm-sean.jpg (497710 bytes)     juri-by-rgm501.jpg (587711 bytes)     rgm1.jpg (1236227 bytes)


Frank replies: Hey Robert, I just browsed through your gallery... And WOW. You've got some real talent there my friend, all of your work really has that "finished" look to it. Great coloring, anatomy, and poses!!! Those 3D sculpts are also pretty amazing... How long did it take you to do those??? Damn, keep up the good work man... I'm inspired. I plan on posting your email in the Sep-Oct 2009 Feedback section when I get some time, so some of my visitors can check out your gallery as well. ;)

~TFG Webmaster

Rgm501 replies: thanks for getting back to me man,thanks for the kind words on my artwork also, much appreciated.
and about the sculpts, they take awhile to make. probably 10 hours each one, but i'm still really new to sculpting...
i'm really into street fighter resin kits and my plan is to get good enough at sculpting to make and sell my own kits.
anyways like i said if you wanna use my art its cool, and yeah posting my email linking back to my gallery is a great idea!

thanks mate

rgm-ken.jpg (63707 bytes)     rgm-gill.jpg (590162 bytes)     rgm-tvc.jpg (725229 bytes)


Frank replies: Thanks again for sharing your artwork Robert... Once again, really impressive stuff. Stay in touch, and let me know when you update your gallery. :)  

~TFG Webmaster

a new Darkstalkers game. . .

Hi! I believe I'm e-mailing Yagami, but its hard to tell because your site is way too big to just have one admin :]

I better get to the point, I'm a member over at Capcom Unity and we're really trying to push for a new Darkstalkers game. A few of our members have been spending days trying to promote a thread on Unity to help support Darkstalkers. What sucks is the thread is about an HD remix. A lot of people attached them selves to it and it managed to get the attention of a few mods who are higher up (sven in particular). Right now a lot of us are trying to focus on getting people in general to support Darkstalkers over on Unity and I was wonder if you could post a blog, or a news blip about the thread? Even if you can't do that (because visiting your site frequently, I can tell you don't just put garbage up) I was wondering if you could at least post a comment?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sorry if this seems like garbage to you :] Some of us Darkstalkers fans are trying hard. The thread I referred to is here. Any comment back, even a "Sorry can't help" is fine XD

Thanks again,

Frank replies: Yup, that's me... The lone admin of TFG. Well, this certainly isn't something I'd consider garbage (you should see some of the other stuff I get). I'd definitely support a new Darkstalkers game, and I think if Capcom heard enough fans speak up, there's a very good chance it'll happen. Seeing Darkstalkers characters cross-over to other games like they have been over the years is always cool, but I've personally been awaiting some sort of sequel to the series which introduces NEW characters! The series still has so much potential, especially now that it's more well known than ever...

   I'll try to find some time to post a comment on the thread, and I'm sure any fans that read this will do the same... Thanks for the heads up Koria!

~TFG Webmaster

Your Opinion on Dissidia. . . 

Final Fantasy Dissidia should be out right about now. Providing on whether you've played it yet or not I got two question. 1. How did you like it? and 2. Its it worthy for a spot on the site? I for one haven't played it personally as I do not have a PSP.  I know good and well its not a "traditional" fighting game, but should be worth a look at least.


Frank replies: 1. I like Dissidia... There's a lot to like about it, especially for a Final Fantasy fan like myself. I haven't played it a whole lot, but to give you an idea I'm 50% through Cloud's story, 70% through Squalls, and I'm nearly done with Warrior of Light's story. 

2. In some ways I think it's actually worthy to be on TFG, but I haven't yet made the final decision to put it up yet. No, it's not conventional fighting game by a long shot and is really more of an "action RPG" than a fighting game, but there are other "less traditional" fighting games covered on TFG if you know what I mean. ;)

It would be a challenge to review Dissidia from a fighting gamers perspective... but I'm not against it. I guess you'll have to wait and see if I end up adding it. ;) 

~TFG Webmaster

Origin Issues. . . 

I love Fighter's Gen and I've been going for a long, long time - I'd be a member if I had the supplemental income to spend on your website. I love your comprehensive coverage, but I do notice a few glaring errors here and there - I know you can't possibly have EVERY fighting game on your list, but some of them need their facts straightened to this effect.  A perfect example is your entry for Cyber Woo, where you state his origins being from Neo Geo Battle Colisseum - Cyber Woo's first appearance as far as I know was way back in the 90s, in the Neo Geo game King of the Monsters 2.  I just wonder if you overlook little stuff like this because King of the Monsters isn't in your database, or if you just weren't sure of the origins?  I'm not slighting your site at all, the data is impressive.  I just wish there were a few more titles listed.  Hell, you have Bushido Blade - why not King of the Monsters? :)

~Mike in Chicago


Frank replies: First of all, thanks for enjoying the site. You bring up a good question, so let me clarify what "origin" means on a TFG character profile. Origin is of course a characters "fighting game origin", granted the game is a "TFG-worthy" fighting game. Thus, I don't really consider The King of the Monsters a TFG-worthy fighting game due to it's theme & wrestling mechanics (as most people would call it a wrestling/fighting game). Also, if I added The King of the Monsters series, technically I'd have to add all those Godzilla fighting games... Which I really don't think belong on TFG.  So sometimes it's for a very specific reason why a fighting game isn't on the list.

   And keep in mind in cases like this, I usually do state the characters' actual origin in their general information... As you'll see in Cyber Woo's profile. ;) Anyhow, thanks for your question!

~TFG Webmaster

Link and Affiliation. . . 

Hey Frank just want to know if you'd mine me posting a link to your site in my Links section of my website www.ironreaver.com

I've been following your website since the beginning and am a huge fan of the site.  Anyway creating a website was something I've wanted to do for a while and I've since started like 7months ago.

About me - I'm and currently in the United States Air Force with the current rank of SSgt (Staff Sergeant).  I'm orginally from Detroit, MI but moved after joining the Military in June of 04.  I was stationed in England for 3 years then got relocated to California where I reside now.  I'm current deployed in support of Operations Iraqi and Enduring freedom.  Its my 2nd deployment and I leave in about 9 days.

My Hobbies are Drawing, gaming, travel, hanging out with my girlfriend, music.  Favorite games are fighters with Street Fighter being my favorite.  Also big on Tekken, Virtua Fighter, King of Fighters, & Darkstalkers too. Love Castlevania as well. Can't wait to get back home to America, I pre-ordered Tekken 6 back in July so I have an awesome gift awaiting my return. 

Anyway man I've always like the site and just wanted to ask permission to place you under my TOP links and what not.  Thanks again for your time.

-Rusty Ryan

Frank replies: Hey Ryan, nice to meet you... I don't mind at all if you post a link to my site! Good luck with your site, and thanks for what you've done for our country! Have a safe trip back sir, and enjoy Tekken 6!

~TFG Webmaster