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I have a question about your website
Hey, I really like how you did a website about fighting games (they are my favorite genre of games out there) and also my favorite fighting game is Mortal Kombat.

Now my question is this. I have noticed that you have been putting updates on characters and new games coming out but you rarly post things about Mortal Kombat. Like you have been posting character releases for KoF, Tekken, and SF but you have only posted about MK vs. DCU once for character releases. It seems like you favor SF and Tekken alot and practically leave every other fighter out. So will you please give more credit to MK vs. DCU?

MK vs. DCU will be coming out very soon and I would like you to update your website about it. You shall have my thanks if you do this for me. Write me back with an answer please.

Frank replies: Well, I think I make it pretty clear on the site that I do favor certain fighting game franchises out there, but I try not to leave out any important news updates for any game on purpose. HOWEVER, I do make "rare" exceptions... If you didn't know, at this year's Comic Con 08, MK's creator Ed Boon had some "interesting" things to say about the Street Fighter series. When he was asked how the new MK installment will compare to SF IV, his reply was to the effect of "just from history, I think we'll kick their ass." ...  (What an ass hole)... And then he wonders why no other fighting game franchise wants to collaborate with him or the MK series.

   Honestly, I have to admit, that comment put me off as a fighting game fan... And "maybe I did" feature less MK news updates during that time because of the fact that he boldly disrespected one of the undeniable staples of the fighting genre. Just so you know, Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono replied to Boon's cocky comment saying... "You know what, if they can turn the comic fan into a fighting genre fan, the more the merrier. If they can kick our ass, so be it, bring it on! We're on the same team as far as we're concerned so if they can do it, great."

   Boon = Pwned... Politics aside, to my knowledge, there actually haven't been any recent announcements or updates about MK vs DC. Apparently, every character for the game has already been confirmed, so there's really not much left to report. Recently, I even went ahead and created character profiles for every DC character in the game, so I don't feel that I'm so much as  "leaving out" MK vs DC... To my knowledge, there just haven't been any real news on the game.

   Thanks for your question. (Psst... And Boon, good luck... You'll need it). 

~Webmaster of TFG

Soul Calibur IV update. . .
Hey Frank Yagami,

Like yourself, I am very happy with Soul Calibur IV. It has resurrected my faith in fighting games, and in online fighting game communities.

Heck, it's even managed to take the place of Call of Duty 4 as my #1 online game. I know you mentioned in your review that "it might even turn the heads of many gamers back in the direction of fighting games... Possibly away from those repetitive first person shooters", and in my case it most certainately has!

My question for you is this...

Tekken 6, another outstanding fighter from Namco, is getting an update in the form of Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, do you think Namco will seriously consider, in the coming months, an update for SCIV?

I really think that Soul Calibur IV deserves it. I'd love to see some more stages, and (balanced) characters.

Thank you for your time,

-Danteisjamming, a fellow fighting game enthusiast
Frank replies: Hey, you're on my PSN friends list aren't you...  First off, I'm happy to hear SC IV is now your #1 online game, as it is mine... and wow... SC IV over COD4?!? Fighting games FTW!

   I also pondered the thought of an actual SC IV update, and I still wonder if Namco would ever do it since they haven't done such a thing for the Soul series thus far. Maybe they just can't think of a good name... How about: Soul Calibur IV: Eternal Blade... err something. 

   At the least, I'm almost positive we'll get some (good) downloadable content like characters or stages soon enough, just gotta be patient. I'm still of course wondering who will fill that "blank" selection screen box... It's starting to piss me off actually... lol. If not Yoda, I think that box will be for the new "random" character; but maybe I'm flat out wrong and it will be an entirely new character... Li Long? Hwang? Hurry up Namco!!!

   Like you said, Soul Calibur IV deserves such updates... Come on, we want more than some bonus clothing items... Hear us Namco? Create it and we will buy. 

~Webmaster of TFG

Nice SC IV!!!
Hello there F.Yagami...if you don't mind calling you that like your nice website...I liked your Soul Calibur IV review on the website...But I just slightly disagree with one of your comments you mentioned about online, that if you lost to button mashers its mostly because you suck and not the game's fault...I have a different side prospective...I don't take online serious that much...I would like to point out it also has to do with what type of connection you have...I myself don't have a fancy cable connection...I am still in little old high speed DSL, which is a bit slow compared to cable... so its often descent...Its the only thing I can afford right now since I don't really have a steady job...I'm mostly trying to finish my college and get my first 2 year degree soon you know...And also I'm sad to say my house isn't exactly modern..seriously. Its like ancient...The electric energy voltage capacity is very low...if you have too many things on or systems, we will have a black out...Same goes for my phone lines which my DSL uses...It sometimes stays a normal speed its suppose to for DSL and other times it slows down out of nowhere...
I don't consider myself a skilled player...I consider myself more of a casual, advanced player...which is a bit more skilled than noobs....I know some things and what to do, but not all or everything yet...You get what I mean...? Well anyway I feel sometimes I lose because of my connection. And sometimes other players I run into that have worse connection than mine..I feel my moves are delayed a bit by about a second or so...So I was wondering if you would agree on this or not...? Now I don't take online seriously once again...I feel its meant to be a bit fun more than anything...I'm happy still even if I lose a few matches online due to online delay moves; due to connection speed...but I also get my fun moments because I often get my wins its cool...By The way I play online on the xbox 360 version due to the fact that most of my friends are lame and can't seem to afford to get a PS 3 yet...So I have to stick with the damn 360 if I want to play with them. Just wanted to know what was on your mind about this F. Yagami...?

-Jin M.V.H.
Frank replies: Okaaay, let me clear up my comment from my review... Yes, a lot does have to do with your connection. I didn't mean if you lose online to a "button masher on a 3 bar or laggy connection," you suck... Because that has happened to me a couple times. However, if the game is running "reasonably smooth" online, which for me it does 95% of the time, there's really no excuse for losing if you're any good. I can actually perform my usual combos and guard impacts on a shoddy 3 bar connection, but now I only play against players who have a 4 bar connection at the least... Thankfully SC IV online shows what kind of connection your opponent has BEFORE the battle, unlike Tekken Online.

  In some ways, I do take online a bit more "seriously" than most people; but that's because I have somewhat of a reputation to keep up...  Hehe, I really just love playing online and killing people with Mitsurugi... To me, it's really Mitsurugi Calibur 4 Believe it or not, I can manage to play my "A game" online, and I've had some epic online matches with some great players on PSN who can also play some "serious" SC IV, with no complaints. No one should "dis" SC IV online, because a little lag really shouldn't throw your game off that much... If it's really that bad, and you really want to play online; get that connection fixed!!!

~Webmaster of TFG

How many spammers have you been running into for Soul Calibur 4? I don't know how it is for the PS3, but there are craploads of people on Xbox live who think they can win by spamming with Maxi, Amy, Kilik and Cervantes... And then there's the people who think Yoda's overpowered (@?#$ing stupid bastards). A big part of the problem for us Xbox users is the fact that a weak internet connection renders guard impacts useless... In short, I'm wondering if you've been running into lots of scrubs, or if it's just something that comes with the Xbox (i.e. retarded Halo fanboys).

-Kyle L.
Frank replies: Indeed, spammers are abundant on the PS3 version as well... And notably with the same characters you mentioned!  Spamming certain moves, particularly lows, with a 3 bar connection or less can be deadly in Soul Calibur 4 online. Once again, that's why I only play against people with a 4 or 5 bar connection.

   Honestly, I thoroughly enjoy fighting against "spammers" because I can introduce them to the guard impact... embarassing them as I slowly pick apart their generic patterns.  It's a beautiful thing... I've always loved fighting against someone playing "cheap, " and beating them using skill... "winning with style." On the flipside, I have met handfuls of skilled players on the PSN, which is many times more fun than beating up on the mashers and spammers... There's definitely  some great players on the PS3 version. If I had to guess, I'd estimate that there are far more button mashers on the 360 version, since most people that own 360's are FPS fans. 

   In closing, I would also like to say that I've learned from playing against both spammers and skilled players...  Thanks to the Amy spammers, I've become accustomed to all of her low attacks and basic move strings without even taking her to practice mode; and now I expect them acoordingly. I've also perfected guard impacting Cervantes' Geo Da Ray and Shadow Flare... Cervantes spammers are, by far, my favorite to destroy... So, thanks to ALL the spammers!

~Webmaster of TFG

Wii Homebrew Channel. . .
I know Tatsunoko vs Capcom has only been announced for the Wii as far a home versions are concerned, and it's looking incredibly unlikely that the game will get a US release, so I was feeling down about ever getting to play the game. I don't have the money to spend on a Japanese Wii just to play one game.

Luckily I found out there's a relatively easy way to get import games to play on a US Wii, and since I saw that comment on your site about you not wanting to shell out the cash for a Japanese Wii, I thought I'd pass the information on to you.

All you have to do is install the Wii Homebrew Channel and then install and run the app Gecko OS. Everything in those links should tell you how to set everything up. Nothing should damage your Wii, and the Homebrew Channel can automatically update to newer versions. Apparently last time it was blocked by Nintendo in the last firmware update, the programmers got it working again in just 3 or 4 hours. If Nintendo releases a firmware update, just make sure the Homebrew Channel is updated to be compatible before updating the firmware.

I haven't installed it myself yet, I'm waiting till I actually have TvC in my hands, but I've read from several other people that have it installed that it works great and there aren't any problems.

So hopefully I just saved you $250+. If you're worried about running the Homebrew Channel, I can test it out when the game is released and get back to you.

-Seth G.
Frank replies: Very interesting indeed. Thanks for the helpful links... I actually haven't heard about the Wii Homebrew Channel up until now. You know, since you emailed me and I posted this on TFG, you may have just saved several fighting gamers $250+ who also want Tatsunoko VS Capcom without having to buy a Japanese Wii... Including me, because I think I'm going to try this out for sure.

By the way, let me know how it goes once you've installed it on yours.

~Webmaster of TFG

I have a suggestion
I don't really want Tatsunoko vs. Capcom to come to the U.S. unless it has been adapted into...

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Revenge of The Super Heroes

Marvel Comics characters to be replacing Tatsunoko characters:
*Captain America
*Iron Man
*Living Laser
*Master Mold (cannot be teamed up with anyone else, like Gold Lightan)

There won't be ANY Charge B,F and Charge D,U special moves in the U.S. adaptation. However:
*Chun-Li's Spinning Bird Kick is now performed with HCB+A instead of Charge D,U+A and is possible to do that in mid-air.
*Alex's Elbow Smash is now performed with B,D,DB+A instead of Charge B,F+A.
*Hulk's Gamma Charge is now performed with F,D,DF+A, so LA (Light Attack) will be straight forward, MA (Medium Attack) being diagonally up-forward, and HA (Heavy Attack) being straight upward.

Other notable changes
*Any Tatsunoko-related music can be replaced with remixes of Marvel characters' BGMs taken from previous Marvel Comics-based Capcom fighting games (Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, etc.)
*Character logos will be existed just like in the first Marvel vs. Capcom game (1998).

Frank replies: You should get a hold of Capcom and pitch that to them... Sounds pretty good to me... But why no charge moves??? I like charge moves.

~Webmaster of TFG

Deathstroke Comments

I'm pretty fond of Deadpool myself, but it's worth pointing out that Deadpool's creator may have ripped off Deathstroke...not only with similar character designs but, well, Slade Wilson sounds pretty familiar to Wade Wilson, no?

Also, I think Deathstroke has only lost, like, two fights.

Comics may not be your thing, but I suggest checking out the DC cartoons from the 90's and the Justice League toons. They've aged pretty well and do a better job of giving you a DC crash course than trying to find decent comics amongst all the crap.

-Jose A.
Frank replies: Yeah, the similarity between those two characters is rediculous... DEADpool... DEATHstroke? Slade... Wade?  It was obviously on purpose. Since I'm an obvious Marvel fan and know little about DC, I thought DC might have ripped off Deadpoll... So it's more like the other way around huh? Interesting. I gotta say, I still like Deadpoll better, in any case... Thanks for the mail.


~Webmaster of TFG

Abel connection to Joe. . .

When checking your Abel page I noticed your connection to Joe.
There is one odd detail that is missing from Joe page tho.

-His appearance in Final Fight Streetwise, in the fight circles you had the chance to fight a mute guy in red slacks and blonde hair, covered in scars, he was named Ghost and was a "old fighter" ( he was never said directly to be joe, but if you find his artwork from the game you will see that its exactly him) , in said game you also had a chance to fight cammy.

Frank replies: I did not play Final Fight Streetwise, for obvious reasons; so I did not know that interesting tidbit of information... I actually tried looking up some pictures of this "Ghost" guy, but didn't come up with anything. If you have any screens, they would be greatly appreciated... I'm somewhat intrigued, but still not intrigued enough to go buy Final Fight: Streetwise and see for myself... 

~Webmaster of TFG

El Fuerte. . .

at first a compliment for The Fighters Generation, one of the few sites I'm visiting daily.
Well, what I noticed:
I think that "El Fuerte" from Street Fighter means rather "the fortress" than "the strong". Plus it sounds much cooler ;)

Frank replies: Is that so? My girlfriend speaks Spanish, and I actually asked her what "El Fuerte" meant as soon as I heard about the character...  She had to think about it, but her answer was "the strong." There are of course different versions of Spanish, so it might even mean both... Who knows.

~Webmaster of TFG

The comedy NEVER ends...

I want all fighting game sprites. . .
hey I wanted to ask you where did you get all these fighting game sprites from I want all fighting game sprites from capcom,snk, and mortal kombat also can you tell me where you get those backgrounds from and sound you know what program to use to make fighting game sprites movies? please hit me soon on these issues thank you goodbye.

-Winston B.
Frank replies: yeeeeaaah..... 

~Webmaster of TFG

I have a suggestion
Can you please add to the page Super Smash Bros., I mean it's a fighting game...... just with a selection of NINTENDO characters like Mario, Link (From The Legend Of Zelda) etc.

Frank replies: 

~Webmaster of TFG

figuras para o fighters generation
Olá! Eu gostei muito do seu site e gostaria de contribuir na seção de extras, mais especificamente na seção "funnies". É que chegeui a conclusão de que o Ash Crinson seria uma mistura do cabelo da Amy Winehouse com a Paris Hilton XD. De qualquer forma, anexei umas fotos que reforçam minha teoria =P!
Bom, vida longa ao site e até a próxima o/!


Frank replies: I don't know what you're speaking but I think I actually understand what you're gettin' at. 

~Webmaster of TFG