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The Filter. . .
Hey man,

I work on a government computer and the filter they have on the server blocks your site.  The reason it gives is because it has to do with "games".  Is there anything you can do to alter the perception that the filter sees, or could you somehow make a back door for us to go through?

Thanks for any help,

-SrA Mohan

Frank replies: Sorry man. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do from here. My bro Jet3000 works at a graphic design place, and they also block the site at his work. Assholes! What if he wanted some sweet Iori pictures for his car ad!?!?! Sorry man, the best of luck to you getting through the filter.

....Wait a sec... if you work for the government shouldn't you be doing more important things than browsing TFG?!? LOL. jk. 
~TFG Webmaster

The Bouncer. . .

I've never contacted you before, and I've actually been going to your site for what feels like five years now, probably a little after it was up, I'm not too sure.

Anyway, my question is I remember the character section saying something about, "having all the characters of the fighting games." And such, and it's surprising, because even the low ones no one really cares about, you have characters from. So I'm wondering why you don't have any of the characters from The Bouncer. The Bouncer was a very awesome fighting game, but there's no hint to it on your site.

I thought it was because it was from Squaresoft and not Capcom and SNK, but then you do have Cloud and Sephiroth and such added. It's just a question out of curiosity, feel free to contact me back and thank you for your time.


Frank replies: Yeah, I remember that good old PS2 game. I actually played through it and liked it at the time, but I wouldn't really consider it a fighting game? Did it have a 2 player mode? For it to even possibly be considered a fighting game and not a beat em up it would have to have a VS mode. Anyway, I did like the characters from the game... so ya never know.

~ TFG Webmaster

Include lots of pictures. . .
Can you please Upload the Following Fighting/Beat Em' Up Games on your website:

Vs. Games:

Super Smash Bros Series (All Characters and Alternate Costumes)
Battle Stadium D.O.N
Shaq Fu
Sango Fighter Series
One Must Fall 2097
The Queen of Heart
Eternal Champions Series
FX Fighter
Jump Stars Series
Time Killers
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters
Martial Masters
Martial Champion
Power Moves
Digimon Rumble Arena (All Characters and Alternate Costumes)
Battle Fantasia
Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble (All Characters and Alternate Costumes)
Bio F.R.E.A.K.S.
War Gods
Psychic Force
One Piece Grand Battle
One Piece: Grand Adventure
Flying Dragon
Fighter's Destiny Series
Dragonball Z: Budokai Series (All Characters and Alternate Costumes)
Dark Rift
Mace: The Dark Age
Legend of the Dragon
Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament (All Characters and Alternate Costumes)
Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus
Battle Blaze
Bleach: Shattered Blade
Naruto: Clash of Ninja Series (All Characters and Alternate Costumes)
Punch Out Series
Virtua Quest
Legaia Series
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition
Mega Man: Power Battle
Mega Man: Power Fighters 2

Beat Em' Up Games

Double Dragon Series
Battletoads Series
Streets of Rage Series
Final Fight Series
Guardian Heroes Series
Spikeout Series
Golden Axe Series
Knights of the Round
The King of Dragons
Shadow of Mystara
River City Ransom Series
Arabian Fight
Ninja Baseball Bat Man

If any other games That I Forgot to Mention or any other info Post Me. You can go to Wikipedia and look for More Fighting Game and Beat Em' Up Games. Make Sure It has Every Character and All Characters have Alternate Costumes. Include Lots of Pictures. Post Me if theres any.


Frank replies: Just wow... I mean, you really want to put me to work here.  So what are you paying me? Huh? HUH!? What are you paying me to put Dragonball Z, Naruto, One Piece, and Digimon characters on TFG??? It better be over 4.5 mill, or you can forget about it. 

Let me make myself crystal clear... I'll even use BOLD font for this:

I don't think Naruto, One Piece, Dragonball Z, or even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles match the theme of TFG. And I think the true fans of TFG thank me for it. There are PLENTY of other sites to get all the info & pics you could ever want about those anime and characters. 

TFG is about fighting game characters. , , Fighting game fans come here to see Ryu, Terry Bogard, Kazuya, and maybe even Scorpion

They don't come to TFG to see Goku's or Naruto's, and they sure as HELL didn't come here to see Power Rangers. Wow, I am seriously starting to feel nauseous...  Sure, some fighting games have become decent animes, and "a few" animes have become decent fighting games, but that doesn't mean that all animes and cartoon shows that have become fighting games deserve to be on TFG. Only fighting games and franchises that stay close to there roots, bring something new to the genre, with unique and memorable characters to boot; will make it onto TFG. Those ultra popular over-hyped animes that "whore themselves" into becoming fighting games simply do not belong here... Especially not One Piece, because that's the stupidest damn thing I've ever seen.

I have considered adding a "few" of the fighting games you mentioned... or rather, the few fighting games you mentioned. In case you didn't notice, this site isn't called Beat Em' Up Generation... You just seem to miss the point of what TFG is all about. Ninja Baseball Bat Man? WTF is that?!?!? I don't want to know. Final Fight isn't even a fighting game, and the characters that did make it into fighting games are on this site. Battletoads? You're kidding right.  SHAQ FU???????  Okay, I just threw up in my mouth. Thank you for that.

Now let me ask YOUUUU a question... Are you on drugs? I think I've answered your question buddy. 

Thanks for visiting.

~ TFG Webmaster

Awesome site. . .
Seriously...  This is one of the best sites I have ever come across.  I never thought I would find such a compilation of not only information but GOOD images of nearly all of these fighters.  I applaud the work you have put into this.  Awesome.


Frank replies: I pride myself on making sure that this site remains one of the best fighting game sites imaginable. Even after all these years, I still love working on it and keeping it updated, and I guess it shows! Quality high res images/artworks are hard to find on the web, just try searching google and yahoo and you'll see what I mean. TFG only uses the best of the best quality pictures, you can be sure of that! Thanks for the mail.

~ TFG Webmaster

i notices a mistake in ur translations. . .
just  one in akuma's move translations messatsu gou shouryu is correct with great rising deadly attack but tenma is not great rising deadly attack but in fact demon great surge fist i thought i should have let you know before people got confused or in case you didn't realize it i'm just pointing that out thx in advance

-Tam Alexander

Frank replies: Whaaaaat???? Dude, I need a translation for your f*cking email, or rather, your crazy run-on sentence. Anyway, a reliable source gave me those translations so I think I'll stick with them, but thanks anyway. Just so you and everyone else knows, I don't trust people that don't use punctuation and use abbreviations like "thx" and "ur."
~ TFG Webmaster

I think it would be pretty cool. . .
Dear Fighter's Generation Crew,

Just would love to say that I love this site and its great that you
placed so much time into this. I would like to see if this idea could
work for improving or just adding more content to this section.

I think it would be pretty cool to see a time line or something for
some of these games starting from the earliest to the newest.

Great site and take care!



Frank replies: It seems you haven't checked out the Features section yet, because such a thing already exists. Here's a direct link to the TFG TimeLine. Please continue to enjoy TFG and thanks for the mail!

~ TFG Webmaster

Tekken 5: DR videos. . .
Hey FYagami! Whatz up! Dude, what do ya think of that Street Fighter 4? Really awsome man! I've lost count on how mant times I've watched it! hehe!

Awsome Tekken 5: DR videos man! Your Steve Fox is amazing, I've only fought many decent Steve users and destroyed them with my boy, the badass Kazuya. (I don't have a PS3, at least not yet! hehe I'm waiting for for Super Smash Bros Brawl and Soul Calibur legends as far as fighters go for my Wii.)

So dude I gotta ask, who's your favorite/best character in Soul Calibur 2? I'll check your SC2 videos later, I'm tired! Take care and keep on fighting!

And I'm going to quote my favorite video game character- Wang-Tang from the Power Stone series: "Oira ni chikara o!" (Translation: GIVE ME THE POWER!)

Speaking of Power Stone, if you want, I could show you some Power Stone images/portraits of the characters as I have many saved in my favorites. You could feature them, which would help update the of the characters' profile. Since I did send you the PStone Characters' profiles, I guess some more images wouldn't hurt. hehe!


Frank replies: How's it going guy? Street Fighter 4? Man, my imagination is running wild with ideas of who they could put in this game as well as new gameplay features. I just can't wait to see who makes the cut this time around... and can't wait to see the new characters either. And thanks for the compliments on my Tekken skills... My Steve Fox is a baaaaaad man!! Heh heh..

Best/Favorite character in Soul Calibur 2? My definitive top 3: Ivy, Mitsurugi, Astaroth...

Ohh and I would be interested in those Power Stone portraits. ;)

~ TFG Webmaster

Possible Collaboration. . .
Dear TFG and the TFG staff,

First and foremost, my compliments to your site. I am a long time
visitor of TFG, and I appreciate all the hard work you put into it.
Shoot, I was a fan of your site back before the new format for the
character section. Remember a few years back when the character section
was offline for a long time? Well, I remember that, and I was a fan of
your site before then. Make the intro short, I'm a long time fan! ^_^

Now to the purpose of this email. Right now, a buddy of mine and I are
right now in the planning stages of creating our own website. Much like
yours, only it focuses more on the female fighters of the fighting game
genre, and we are even planning on throwing in female characters from
other games and stories as well. The main reason, we like the girls
because they can kick high and of course other aesthetic reasons as
well. Currently, the site is just a bulletin board, but we do have long
term goals. Here is the url: http://rpffed.jconserv.net/. Like I said,
nothing special at the moment, but it is still at the earliest of
planning stages. The other Admin of my site is a huge Tekken fan, a huge
Virtua Fighter fan, and ... well let's just say he lives and breaths
fighting games. You and him will probably get along very well.

What I am asking is future collaboration, affiliation and maybe a little
guidance. This is not a one time email, I hope to foster a relationship
where we can unite as fans of the fighting game genre, and of video
games in general. Last thing you and I need, is the idiots in Washington
and Jack Thomson banning our fun. Other projects I'm working on include
the Video Game Lobby. Its like the MPAA or the RIAA, except without the
espionage and malicious prosecution. Its more like the Tobacco lobby,
but our product won't kill anyone. Hey, video games make more money than
movies, music and books, yet there is no organized stuff to help defend
the industry the way movies and music has.

Well, I look forward to hearing from you. I wish you all the luck with
your site, and a great day.


Frank replies: Wow, a long time visitor indeed. First off, thanks for sticking with TFG through the down times... Sometimes things happen that's out of our control, but we just have to work through them and push on with what we have. I've had to switch servers a few times due to bandwidth issues, and thankfully now I've got one that's much more dependable, and much faster as well! Long story short, I've learned a lot over the years about maintaining a website, and I'm as glad as you are that the characters section is back online and running strong.

Well I've check out your site and it seems to be headed in the right direction. I figured the least I can do is add your email to the Feedback section with a link to your site, and send some of my traffic over in your direction. If there's anything I can do to help or any questions you have don't hesitate to email. Stay in touch and good luck with your new site!

~ TFG Webmaster

TK5DR Online Battle. . .
hey so i finally got tk5dr online and i was wondering, i live in canada but would i still be able to battle you?

because i really want to fight you specifically.

-Dean Logan

Frank replies: As long as you have the US version it should work. Try adding me as a friend... It's "FYagami."

~ TFG Webmaster