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A few more stuff. . .

WAh, Halloween. The time where Demitri, Gallon, and the others rule. (Especially Morrigan). I've got a few more stuff for you.

Jeffery looks a lot like Mr. T. Well, if Jeffery had Mr. T's hair.

Dural looks like a female T-1000 from Terminator 2. Like you didn't see that one coming.

Guy and Maki is out of the question. Then again, I probably shouldn't have listed this one. Too easy.

How about, Hayabusa and Kage.

Not very different, huh? You should see some of his DOA 2 Ultimate costumes.


Oh, how 'bout Pai, Lei-Fang, and Chun-Li?


It's that hairstyle, has to be!

Vocal Mismatch time!

Dan (Taunt): Trust a buster!

Dan (Taunt): A ninja did, though!

Charlie (Taunt): Two years! (Just listen to it in MVC2 and you'll see what I mean.)

Zabel (Hell Dunk): My turn! (I thought he said this, but he's really saying "Nice Dunk!", so...)

Also, note that when Phobos dies, he sounds just like Pitfall Harry.

Well, I'll be back with stuff that's a bit more... worthwhile. Later!

-Dave McCoy

Frank replies: Heh... Thanks for the contributions! I never saw the Kage and Hayabusa one coming. Couldn't you just as easily add in like 80 more ninjas that look alike? Damn those ninjas... can't tell them apart. lol

~TFG Webmaster

Next Gen. . .

Webmaster Yagami!! your site rocks my socks. EVERY character and fighting game I ever wanted to see is on your site. Im glad you left out some of the lame ones too, although your comments on lame characters are funny. ^__^ Well great job on the site, and I got a question for you.. What do you think of the next gen systems and which do you plan to buy???

Awesome site!!!!


Frank replies: Haha, I'm tired of doing "Lame" character profiles, but I do it anyway... it's my job. Sometimes it's fun... lol. So, onto your question. Here's my current opinion of all the next gen systems... which is subject to change of course.

1. Nintendo Wii - Innovative... looks fun... but seems to require more energy than I may have to expend on a video game. I've always looked to video gaming as more of a "relaxing" pastime. Using a traditional controller just seems for practical to me for many games, but I'll be open minded. I wasn't really planning on buying one at launch, but my girlfriend actually has hers already pre-ordered, so I'll be "getting my Wii on" and probably pick up a few games that I deem interesting. 

2. Xbox 360 - I didn't get too excited about Xbox 360 when it came out, and I still don't own one because there aren't any games for it I truly desire to play... or that I can't play on another system. Unlike many people, I don't play a game just for the graphics, it really has to stimulate my mind so that I want to play it more and get better at it... and I'm already playing plenty of games that are doing that for me. So I guess I don't have the motivation or the time for Xbox360... or maybe it has something to do with the fact that Xbox360's game library consists of 87% first person shooters, which I'm not a huge fan of. Also, the PS3 and Xbox360 will share a lot of the same games much like PS2 and Xbox did, so I'll probably just pick up a PS3.

3. Playstation 3 - A must buy for me... but not at launch. I'm quite disappointed with the PS3 launch titles, as very few interest me that much. And I cant believe there are NO FIGHTING GAMES at launch... tisk tisk. Virtua Fighter 5 (and a few other games I'm looking forward to) got pushed back to 2007, so I suppose I can wait until then. But I think I'll grab one before the year ends. My girlfriend works at EB so I got the hook up! 

~ TFG Webmaster

Ryu sprites. . .

Hey there Frankie!

First of all, I was honored to see my e-mail posted in your feedback section... I've been a big fan of the site ever since, well, ever, and to see a little bit of me in it is really cool.

I'm studying to become a graphic designer, and this is my last year of the course. In it, I have to elaborate a conclusion paper. My paper, as most might expect, is about games. I'm working on a discussion about the evolution of the animation in games, from the abstraction of characters in old games to the differences between each generation of certain characters.

I done the classic bits like Mario, Sonic and DK and am not thinking of doing the same with Ryu. Only problem is his sprites are really hard to find, especially his Street Fighter 1 and Street Fighter The Movie sprites... I need to have the full body ones as well as the portraits. I found lots and lots of artwork and they work fine in their own merit, but I really need real sprites because of the focus I'm taking in the paper, that is, the graphic the player sees while playing.

So I was wondering if you could help me with that, seeing you have such a vast collection of sprites and graphics, and that Ryu is one of your faves (well, used to be when you had the favorites system).

I would really, really, appreciate it if you could help me out.

But if you're not able to, I would still be really appreciative because of your awesome site and the fun it has brought me all these years.

Anyway, best of luck and hope everything is well with you!

Many thanks,

Your friend,
São Paulo, SP - Brazil

Frank replies: Yet another college paper influenced by fighting games... cool! Well, just head over to Ryu's page and check out the animations. You should find pretty much every stance animation from SF1 to Third Strike, but I'm sorry, no Street Fighter: The Movie sprites yet. That game is actually "missing" from the games library because it sucks so much. Anyhow, I'm sure you've found or will find what you're looking for here at TFG. Thanks for visiting!

~ TFG Webmaster

A few Ninjitsu stances. . .

I just a basic question here, I played Tekken Dark Resurrection today on my PSP and during Story mode with Yoshimitsu I lost (pfft I lost in a stage 4 fight, yes Im ashamed haha) anyways after I lost a cut scene started where Raven was teaching Yoshimitsu a few Ninjitsu stances I was wondering would you at all know any others who have something like this in their destined fights in Tekken Dark Resurrection?

I might as well be a real kiss ass now and just mention how educated in some fighting games and characters ive never heard of hehe.

-Luke Smith
Western Australia


Frank replies: Aye thanks mate! I haven't seen that cutscene until you told me about it... I've heard about bonus cut scenes for losing in Tekken 5's story mode, but never actually saw ANY until now! And that one was quite hilarious... Poor Yoshimitsu! LOL!

~ TFG Webmaster

SGA Club. . .

Hello.  This is the presidential advisor of the SGA Club of the City College of New York. I operate as the chief of staff for the executives.  We came across your website, and, well, it's very nice.  Your style and presentation is remarkable.  We did have some questions for you.  We hope you can get to answer them.

1)  How long did it take you to create this website?  We are hoping to make a website of our own, and, we could use some tips.

2)  If our website is posted, is it possible we could use your site as a link, for promotional purposes

3)  How do you choose which of the games and characters you want to showcase on your website?  Is it a personal preference?  Do you go on the popularity of the games?  Or do you base it on the gifs, pics, etc., that you receive from different contributors?

Thank you for your time in reading this.  We hope to hear from you soon.


Frank replies: Whoa, you guys sound all professional and such. I guess I'll have to turn on my professional tone. Pleased to meet you, and thank you for the generous compliments! Too answer your questions...

1. TFG has been online since 2000/2001, so it took this long to get it to where it is now.

2. Depends on what kind of website it is, but most likely, yes.

3. It is more of a personal preference than anything else at the moment. The games section is missing some lesser known games, anime based fighting games (ick), as well as games that just completely suck. TFG mostly showcases fighting games that have a lot of artwork and history behind them. As you can see, lesser known games with lesser known characters have very little artwork, and even if I do find artwork for those games it'll probably be low quality. I find it almost pointless to put up a character page with just text or 1 to 2 pieces of lame artwork. 

Thanks for visiting!

~ TFG Webmaster



This site has become an instant fave! Your own descriptions of the
characters are entertaining.

Please keep it up as there are HARDLY any good sites on fighting characters.

Thanks, I've hadn't read that much since high school.

-Phong Nguyen -(Fightersgeneration Fan)

Frank replies: Glad I could inspire you to READ...  Hahahahahahaha! Awesome.

~ TFG Webmaster

Unlike those idiots. . .

I read your review on Mortal Kombat Armageddon, and I was not surprise.  But, I should be, because unlike those idiots from GamePro,, and all these video game critics, you tell the truth.  Though I've never played MKA, I've already got the idea that this Mortal Kombat game sucks.

Ed Boon need to go back to teaming up with John Tobias because he is fucking up!  Don't get me wrong, I love Mortal Kombat since when it was first came out.  The fighters, the fatalities, and the F.T.W. style the uppercuts are the reason why play MK Games (except Special Forces and Trilogy).

But when John Tobias left Midway leaving Ed Boon, everything I love about MK was gone.  The engine used for Deadly Alliance, Deception, and Armageddon is the reason why I stop playing MK all together.  Unlike the earlier games, they don't go play High Punch, Low Punch, High Kick, Low Kick, they go by Attack 1, 2, 3, 4.  Plus each character got 2-3 different fighting styles which are as confusing as knowing what button to push.  Last, what the hell was Ed Boon thinking having these stupid ass mini-games and Konquest mode?!?

Now they making a MK game for the PlayStation 3 and xbox 360.  Can't you believe that shit?!  I don't know why Ed Boon and Midway keeping making these MK when they can't go back to it's roots?  They need to accept the fact that no one plays them any more, even when they change up everything.  Mortal Kombat is dead!


Frank replies: I wouldn't say "no one" plays them anymore, although I'd like to think so for their own sake... I'd go as far to say that Mortal Kombat (as of late) actually gives fighting games a bad name. In all honesty, anyone who actually plays MK: Armageddon or Deception or Deadly Alliance, and thinks that it's a "decent" fighting game is seriously DEE DEE DEE. Retarded.

<----Mortal Kombat fans... LoL. Okay, don't get me completely wrong, the older Mortal Kombats are still favorites of mine (like MK2 or MK3) for the characters AND the gameplay. But like you said, when Tobias left Midway (not exactly sure when that was but I think I can tell.. lol) all the heart and the design that went into the game just got scrambled. Just watch any of the documentaries from the bonus disk on Armageddon... ohh wait, you didn't buy it (don't bother.. lol). Anyway, the general feeling you get when you listen to them explain how they made the game, is that they just threw stuff together spontaneously because they found it funny at the time, and in certain cases they even admit it looked silly afterwards. And I just found out Ed Boon named Sonya and Tanya after his two sisters... 

~ TFG Webmaster

Donkey nuts. . .

Hey there Frank!

   Just read up your Armageddon review... I've been a long time loyal fan to
Mortal Kombat and ever since Deadly Alliance I started losing faith more and
more... Deception at least brought something new with characters and
character designs yet this game was nothing but a rushed pile of shit. All I
have to say to your review is, you fucking kick ass. This is the kind of
review from a Fighting Game god I've been waiting for to prove to the rest
of the MK fanboys how much this MK sucked. I'm actually a staff member at
Daves Mortal Kombat (one of the biggest MK sites out there) and I had a
whole 4 page thread going on with me arguing with everyone else about how
Armageddon licked donkey nuts. You just proved me right.... Because other
than some opinions on characters, Yagami is never wrong.

Keep up the good work man, I fucking love the site!


-Boriz Safi (BorixXx)

P.S: Ryu Hayabusa really IS the coolest ninja ever made :P, not because of
DOA, but because of Ninja Gaiden haha


Frank replies: It has been said, I'm a fighting game GOD!!!!  Mwahahaaa!!!! Yeah, MK: Armageddon is terrible. Nuff said.

~ TFG Webmaster


hey I must admit: that review you gave mk:armageddon was THE FUNNIEST f*****G THING I'VE READ ALL DAY!!  PERHAPS EVEN THE MOST FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER READ!!! "Grrraaadadedededaaaa?! " I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna die!!  yeah I think they really fucked up this time. But anyway, your reviews are always so detailed  so it goes to show that games aren't really for kids. in truth I grew up playing fighting games,starting at the tender age of 3 (no joke) mainly the entire street fighter series. in fact Capcom's work of arts and details gave me motivation to become a martial artist . I even make a few mangas based off of fighting characters to keep myself occupied. that's all I wanted to say. thank you for creating such a badass site!!

* i have 3 questions

1. Am I the only one who thinks that people are fucking whining too much about the fact that Ryu throws hadou-kens?? god get a fucking manual and read it you jackasses!! it's not Capcom's fault you can't play!! ...freakin' button mashers.....

2. what kind of fighting style do you study????

3. if there's a chance could I help write reviews on fighting games as well??


Frank replies: Fighting games are not for kids... Fighting games are a science, a sport, a lifestyle. Hell, anything is a lifestyle nowadays. The way I see it, when you can relax, and do something that stimulates your mind, practice something you can get better at (to possibly win money or respect from other people like you), it's worth it to play fighting games (or other genres of games). 

I'm glad you also enjoyed my review of MK: Armageddon. Onto your questions.

1. Haha, people cry when they can't dodge or parry fireballs. It's not that hard!!!! Freakin' button mashers is right... but there will always be button mashers. That's why in a "good" fighting game, skilled players can completely destroy AND humiliate button mashers. One of my all time favorite things to do. 

2. Hapkido and TaeKwonDo. (NOT the style of Hapkido that Scorpion does)...  He wouldn't know Hapkido if it dropkicked him in the face. Another reason why Mortal Kombat sucks these days, INACCURATE fighting styles!!! Tisk tisk. 

3. I'm flattered by your enthusiasm but... No. Unless I put up the option for readers to give their own reviews, but I have no plans on doing that right now.

~ TFG Webmaster

An Unplayable Game. . . 

Thank you for giving the new Mortal Kombat, the poor rating it deserves. Mortal Kombat is a series that should have died a very long time ago.

When Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance first came out, I actually bothered to rent it. At first I didnt know who to play as because all of the character designs SUCK. (Always have; Always will.) I eventually chose Mavado, Kung Lao, and Johnny Cage. I chose Mavado and Johnny because of their weapons, and Kung Lao because he was supposed to using Praying Mantis Kung Fu. Words cannot express how disappointed I was. Mavado's Hookswords techniques were barely passable, as were Johnny Cage's Nunchaku techniques. Those, I could stand, but I was horrified at what they did to the Mantis. ( Since I practice Praying Mantis Kung Fu myself.) I returned the piece of crap to the store almost immediately afterwards. When MK Deception came out, I rented that too, to see if they had improved on it at all. I wasn't surprised to find out that they hadn't. I played it for under ten minutes before I returned it. I won't even begin to share my experience with the newest one.

Sorry for the long story. I just hate the MK series that much. I pray that, as you said, this is the last game in this horrible series. Thank you again, for giving an unplayable game the score it deserves.

-Wesley B.

Frank replies: Well, that's the fourth compliment in email form that I got on my Armageddon review... I honestly thought I'd get more hate mail than compliments, but it's actually turned out being the other way around. I guess it really takes a martial artist to realize how poorly portrayed the martial arts styles in Deadly Alliance through Armageddon truly are. I've actually seen worse, but it's inexcusable from a company that actually put out a few good games... but like you said, some things should be dead, but are still alive today because stupid people put their stupid money into it.. *cough* RELIGION *cough*..... Hahaha... I'm going to hell...

...or perhaps, I'll take it OVER!! If such a place exists...  Ohh and I guess Midway is going to hell too for making Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. (dammit!)   I'll see you in hell Boon!!!!! 

~ TFG Webmaster

"Gayed up". . .


   First off, let me start by saying I really enjoy your site. It's a good
repository for fighting game related artwork and reviews, and generally I
enjoy my visits there. However, I'm a little irked by part of your Mortal
Kombat: Armageddon review. And trust me, it's not that you said the game
sucks, I could have told you that just because it's Mortal Kombat.
However, I really wish you'd used a different phrase than "gayed up Mortal
Kombat" to express dissatisfaction with the game. Being gay myself, it gets
very old, very fast, to continually see that word used as a synonym for bad,
worthless or stupid. Quite frankly, it's offensive.

I realize you probably don't care, but if I'm going to be offended by
something in one of your reviews, I'd rather it be because I disagree with
the review itself, not because you indirectly called me and everyone like me

Thank you for your time and attention.

-Patrick Little

Frank replies: I apologize for offending you or anyone else who is actually gay. No, I don't have a problem with gay people... but by force of habit, sometimes I slip and tend to use the word GAY to describe something that "sucks"... like Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. Thanks for visiting and please don't take it personally.

~ TFG Webmaster