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What do you think about DLC characters . . .


Boy it's a good time to be fighting game fan right now, yes ? :D Anyway, onto the point. I really, really, really want to ask you 1 thing (plus another, but for that later).

What do you think about DLC characters?

Here's what I think: A good way to milk us, the fighting game fans. Why? Well, when a fighting game is developed the team is brainstorming on the cast, it knows who will be there, little feedback from the community and our pack of heroes is done. Now if by far they make some plan to include someone new, they may release it as patch, not priced DLC, because you already bought the license to own/use/play their software and from my standpoint it's a fast and easy way to get some ca$h.

Look at the marvelous, godlike Tekken 6, by far it has not DLC (and I pray to God to continue that way). All the characters are there, ready to be learned, AND that's one of the main reasons why I respect Harada and why I love Tekken. Because I know all is there.

Look at MK, butchered into DLC, look at Street Fighter 4 (or should I call it Street Fighter 4.0 public beta), don't get me wrong I do love fighting games (without MK and Bloody Roar) and I do respect the guys that make them, but I hate when someone is trying to get cash from my wallet this way.

We see now this happening with MvC3.0 (again public beta), and I think SF4 could've reached the super version with simple dl patch. I pray King of Fighters XIII won't have DLC, because SNK will be contradicting themselves (you know KoF XI TONS OF UNLOCKABLE characters lol.)

Anyway, I'm interested to know what do you think. Oh, and wanted to ask you about the thoughts of the day (or month), you know the two little Bubble-bubble dragons. Do you have some kind of..wall or archive somewhere in the website, I really like them and want to copy some. They sound awesome.

See ya around! Many best wishes :)
-Strid3r (Pazardjic, Bulgaria)

Frank replies: Indeed, it's an awesome time to be a fighting game player. My thoughts on DLC characters? Well, I actually have mixed feelings on the matter. At first, I thought the idea of DLC for fighting games was really cool, and for the most part, I still think it's cool... (I buy a good percent of it, but not all). I can think of some old school titles that I would've loved to see receive some sort of additional content (no matter what the hell it was)... and those awesome games never got anything new. So taking it from that angle, I'm open to the general idea of DLC. Technology has taken fighting games to some interesting places and has arguably "saved" the competitive fighting game scene. Having the "option" to buy new content for your favorite games and the publishers making some extra money seems like a win/win situation... and sometimes I don't know why people complain about it so much, since no one is forcing them to buy anything. 

Some gamers will rage (WITH CAPS LOCK ON) about "certain companies" trying to milk their customers... but at the same time, there's not much room to complain. If you don't want the additional content, don't buy it... it's that simple. And if for some reason you don't think the game is worth a purchase from the start, don't buy the game. If you feel cheated after buying a fighting game because the company is supporting it with additional DLC... then either (#1.) you're playing it for the wrong reasons, (#2.) you suck at the game and are looking for reasons to dislike it, (#3.) the game itself actually isn't as good as it should be, or (#4.) you're a spoiled brat and should STFU.

On the other side of the coin.... While new characters are usually welcomed with open arms in any fighting game, I don't always agree with additional fighters being added as DLC (free or not). The game of chess doesn't have (and doesn't need) any extra chess pieces that you can later purchase and use in the game, so why should a fighting game? I've been playing Tekken 6 on PS3 for around 3 years... and like you said, Namco didn't release any DLC for the game after the initial release. Even though I probably would've been the first to buy additional content for Tekken 6, the fact that the game doesn't need anything "extra" and still has a strong online & tournament community further proves how good of a game it is. Furthermore, I'm actually still seeing new customization items/combinations in Tekken 6 that I've never seen before.... Namco definitely packs a lot of content into their games from the start, but perhaps, not all video game companies do.

...And I suppose that's what the argument is all about. It's really a "case by case" basis when it comes to DLC. So I guess the question is: "Is the company putting out their best, most complete product before they release it? ....or do they release an 'unfinished' product for $59.99, and then charge you later for the additional content that you'll probably want?" I don't think any gaming company purposely releases a game that isn't finished. They do have "deadlines," like the rest of us, and sometimes they just can't fit everything into the game that they originally wanted to. Additionally, releasing new content for a game after a few months keeps it fresh and exciting (just like time release characters in arcade games like Tekken 2/3 & MVC2). That's where DLC becomes a convenience for the developers, and also an easy way to make more money. Sometimes it's understandable, but in other cases, it's robbery!!! (Just kidding).... Y'know, there are way worse things going on in the world to be mad about. Seriously, if you're going to complain about modestly priced video game content that no one is forcing you to buy, you should think about getting a better job (and maybe a better outlook on life). Anyway, thanks for writing in!

P.S. Unfortunately I don't have an archive of Bub & Bob's dragon wisdom. I've actually thought about it though. lol. 

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Great Site; Mobile Lag Issues . . .

Hey there!

 I wanted to tell you that I absolutely love The Fighter's Generation and have been using it for years and years. It's great to be able to get all of my fighting game information without having to spend hours browsing through bloated gaming sites.

 I have been meaning to bring up a problem I have accessing The Fighter's Generation with my cell phone. I have had internet access on my last three phones; the first two were 3G and this new one is 4G. For whatever reason, your site is very fickle when it comes to loading on mobile devices. It seems to load the side bar instantly, then can take minutes to half an hour to load the main page; sometimes it will load indefinitely. Every once in a LONG while, it will load in under a minute. With my 4G connection other site load amazingly fast so it doesn't seem to be a data issue. Not to mention that connecting to my WiFi doesn't speed up the process. Seems to me like some sort of compatibility issue. My first phone was a Windows phone and my last two were android.

 Anyway, I'm certainly not bitching; I visit your site every day and enjoy it thoroughly. Just thought I would bring up the mobile issue since it prevents me and possibly other users from spending time on your site even more. Thanks for your continued awesomeness!

-Brian R. (San Jose, California)

Frank replies: Hey Brian,

I'm glad TFG has kept you away from those claustrophobic gaming sites for your fighting game content. Moving onto your concern.... Unfortunately I haven't done much to make TFG more "mobile-device-friendly"... and I am aware that it usually loads slow on cell phones. There are some routes I'm thinking about taking which would allow TFG to perform better on mobile devices, but it's a project that would likely take more time than I currently have. I'm also thinking (hoping) mobile devices will "catch up" to high speed internet in the coming years, which would allow me to be lazy about it. Anyhow, thanks for the kind words and I hope you continue enjoying the site for years to come!

TFG Webmaster

Q Plushie . . .


I'm a big fan of the site and check it almost every day, keep up the good work! Over the last few weeks i attempted to make a plush toy out of one of my favourite characters: Q. I've attached a picture of the result to this e-mail, maybe it'll end up on the site? Or maybe it'll just give you a chuckle, either way, enjoy!

q-plushie.jpg (105989 bytes)

Frank replies: Hahaha... I definitely chuckled. Q never looked so.... cute. Nice work! You should mass produce these and sell them at anime conventions or fighting game tournaments, I'm sure you'd make a killing!!! Thanks for sharing. 

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Suggestion (though I know you get hundreds) . . .

The random gif image you always have in the upper left-hand corner of the screen? Would it be possible to have that image link to its respective character page? There are times when I see an image I'd like to know more about, but not knowing the name of the character or the game from which it comes, I'm kinda stuck doing nothing (or reverse-searching the image).

Just a thought.

Love the site, by the way. Been coming here for many years and had it listed as a favorite since damn near the first time I discovered it, so thanks for that.

-T. Ryan Hamilton (Detroit, USA)

Frank replies: You're actually not the first person to suggest that. I agree it would be cool, but due to the program and code I'm currently working with, it's not possible. If it ever is possible, I'll gladly take the time to make links out of those gifs. Thanks for writing in Ryan.
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As an Illustrator . . .

As an illustrator-your site really has been an invaluable reference for me, I've been visiting regularly for the past 6 years or so-thanks so much for compiling such a complete reference. Just passing along some Capcom fan art I did-feel free to use it however you'd like.

felicia-josh-dunbar.jpg (109066 bytes)      rikou-josh-dunbar.jpg (104116 bytes)

All the best,
-Josh Dunbar

Frank replies: It's always nice to hear when an artist uses TFG for its original purpose. Thanks a lot for writing in and thanks for sharing your cool Darkstalkers artwork! Very nice btw! ;) 

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