TFG Feedback - Q2/Q3 2015

Cody's SFA3 Super Move "Final Destruction" History. . . 

Ya know, back when Cody made his debut in Street Fighter Alpha 3 I thought his super was sooooo stupid. Then I read your description and I learned about the 'beat'em up exploit' from your site. Thanks Frank. The FGC would be a much lamer place without the site.

-Toom Nyusernae (Canada) - (Youtube Channel)


Frank replies:  Thanks man... this is honestly one of my favorite Capcom Easter eggs of all time... by far. When I first saw Cody's SFA3 "Final Destruction" super back in 1998, I was like: "Hoooo-leeee shit... nobody but old school Final Fight players (who knew Cody's infinite) will understand what Cody is doing right now." Major fan service for PLAYERS of the game, not just casual fans. And that's the best kind of fan service if you ask me.
TFG Webmaster

Toom replies:  It's pretty subtle I'll give it that. If I'm not mistaken there were a couple versions of Alpha 3 or maybe it was the arcade vs console release. In any case, the rival fight between Cody and Guy where they break the barrels? Guy actually uses up life when he uses his 'tatsu' but he fills his life back up picking either a roast or gum. That gum from Edi.E is pretty subtle stuff.

Frank replies:  Indeed. Those "subtleties" in old school games, particularly, always went a loooong way with me... little details like those made me love certain games / series even more. I only wished that Capcom was crazy enough to give SF4 Cody some kind of throwback to his SFA3 super / infinite... but instead, being SF4 in all its facetious glory, they went the more comical route.
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Small Correction on Skullomania's Page. . . 

I decided to look around on your wonderful website to remind myself about the characters in SF EX and I noticed a little error on the Skullomania page.

The character overview ends with "if only Capcom can once again acquire the rights to Akira's characters." This should obviously be Arika.

Thank you for all these years of hard work and operating an awesome resource for fighting game fans.

-Hassun Baku (Azerbaijan, Baku, Puta)


Frank replies:  Good catch, Hassun! I always appreciate corrections... as tiny as they might be. If it weren't for engaged visitors like yourself, TFG would have plenty of embarrassing typos, incorrect character bios, and so on... so I thank you! I appreciate the kind words as well. Happy to hear you enjoy TFG.
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VGM Musician Feature: Project R/Rukunetsu . . . 

I suppose it might be rather shameless of me to suggest myself but I figured why not; 

Here's some of my Street Fighter Work;


LINK #1  -  LINK #2  -  LINK #3

And a listing of my Tekken works as well.


Fighters Generation is a wonderful site and I'm very glad such a section was introduced!

-Rukenetsu (Bahamas) - (Youtube Channel)

Frank replies:  Hey Rukenetsu,

Funny you contacted me, because I recently listened to your SF2 Remix (it practically went viral after all)! I'm also loving your Kunimitsu Remix theme (listening to it as I type this). Very cool stuff man... Iíll be adding you to the VGM Musician page very soon. ;) And I very much appreciate the compliment on the site. Thanks man!

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Do You Know About Them's Fightin' Herds? . . . 


first of all, I'd like to say that you're my idol when it comes to fighting games! You may not be a youtube celebrity like Maximilian or a competitive beast like Daigo, but I've been visiting your site for over a decade and I can say without a doubt that you are the one and true expert for me! Not only you are a skilled gamer who played dozens of different fighting games but being a martial artist yourself, you can also appreciate aspects of a game that most mainstream reviewers can't. Save for only a few exceptions, I find myself agreeing with every word you say and days after a new game comes out, I patiently wait for YOUR verdict, because you remain objective and professional.

In that sense, here is what I wanted to ask: Do you know about Them's Fightin' Herds game?

Right now, it's being funded through Indiegogo so the team hardly started the full-time development, but they already have some interesting stuff to show, like their new take on dynamic music.

Most importantly though, what makes the game unique is that it could be the very first all-animal-roster fighting game... well, cartoon-style-quadruped-animal that is.

I know the theme is not entirely your cup of tea but since the game is a legit fighter built on Skullgirls' z-engine, I wondered if you might give it a chance. For one, it is a purely hand-drawn sprite fighter, which are becoming scarcer these days. I'm not asking you to donate, but if you could just signal boost by mentioning the campaign in your news (even if just as a curiosity), I think it could help them a lot.

So, if you could do that, it would be so great! And if not, can I ask if there are any particular reasons? You are my number one source of news since you are not focused only on mainstream games but sometimes, I learn about something and it's not in your news even retrospectively and I wonder if it is because you missed the news or you didn't feel the need to post it or something else?

In any case, nothing changes the fact that you have the best fighting game site/database on the internet which I'll always keep visiting.

Thank you for your time, reading this mail and maintaining TFG.

Best regards,

-Peter (Czech Republic)


Frank replies:  Hey there Peter,
Sorry for not responding to your message the first time, but I did read it. :) I have to admit Them's Fightin' Herds looks like a pretty interesting concept... I do plan on covering the game at least in the news. I heard recently that it was greenlit on Steam and planned on posting a TFG news article about it (but haven't yet).
[UPDATE] ... I DID!   Nonetheless, thanks for the tip and taking the time to email me.

And thanks for the awesome compliment, by the way. Awesome to hear you've been visiting the site for 10+ years! Wow!

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