TFG Feedback - Q1 2015

Love Live The TFG . . . 

Hi there, Mr. Yagami. First of all thank you for the TFG, it's probably one of my most visited sites ever. I visit it almost every day. I'm a big fan of the VF series, but I do agree with you in many ways, I really think the characters should hit harder and show more personality, you see, the characters should execute their moves in a more personal and meaner way, I  really think Jeffry, one of my favorite characters, should punch with more anger. I do think however that the game has plenty of room to grow, and can become a very different beast.

Anyway, I would really like if they added a boxer and a oil wrestling character in the game. I would really like to see the return of Siba too. What do you think about that?

Well, apart from all the VF talk, do you know Weaponlord, a very obscure SNES fighting game? I think it's a very interesting and technical game, it really deserves a profile in TFG. Plus, it was published by Namco!

Long live the TFG!

-Thadeu M. (Minas Gerais, Brazil)


Frank replies:  I definitely agree that VF could use some more colorful characters. An oil wrestling character in "VF style" would probably turn out pretty cool... or they could just stick Hakan in there as a guest character. lol. I'd actually like to see Hakan in VF graphics. ^o^ Also, bringing back Siba for VF6? That would be darn epic for us old school fans. That alone would hype up the game like crazy! (Namco kinda beat them to the punch with Shaheen though).

siba-stand-clean.png (55443 bytes)      siba-virtuafighter-face.png (42424 bytes)

I've gotten a few requests over the years to post a Weaponlord TFG profile, so I'll highly consider it for the future. Thanks for the mail! 

TFG Webmaster

Love Your Work . . . 

Hi TFG Webmaster,

I am a long date fan, I believe, since 2008, when Street Fighter 4 was about to be released. I found out about the website when I was looking for information about the game. Since there, I have always using the website for researching, references and other stuff.

I am a Brazilian Graphic Designer, a huge fan of Fighting Games myself and I can tell right away...None has a site like yours, you data base is amazing, and I give you credits when a new fighting game is released, not fucking IGN.

Your site is the best, a landmark for this game genre. I wish you keep doing this forever.

Success to you and your team.

-Thiago Araujo (Sao Paulo City, Brazil)

Frank replies:  So IGN is even hated in Brazil huh?  That's actually great to hear. I refuse to visit IGN for anything... even game guides. Their outlook and focus on "mainstream" gaming is really damaging the core community. The way they continue to slap "9's and 10's" on the most popular games (and never fail to give the shaft to actual good games) is just laughable. IGN is for sheep, not real gamers. ;)
Anyway, forgive my rant. Thank you so much for the kind comments! Really glad to know you're getting a lot of use from TFG! And good luck with your graphic design!

TFG Webmaster

TEKKEN 20th Anniversary. . . 

Hello Mr. Yagami,

I have been following TFG for over 10 years as I have been a huge fighting game fan my entire life. I especially love Street Fighter and Tekken, my 2 favorite fighting game franchises. And as we know, this year is the 20th (console) anniversary of Tekken.

As much as I love Tekken, I hate to say that I missed out on the last several installments. I have played all the way from Tekken 1 to Tekken 5. I never got to play Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Tekken 6, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (which I really wanted to play but never got a chance to for a variety of reasons), and I have never even played Tekken Revolution. But I have played Street Fighter X Tekken and I spent many hours on it! I bought a PS4 since launch and I sold my PS3. Since I do not have a PS3 anymore, I am not able to play all those games I just mentioned. I have not even played my PS4 yet (still sealed in the box).

In the near future, I think I will have to start playing my PS4 because the new games that have been announced got me hype, such as, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, and Tekken X Street Fighter (eventually)... and more to come!

What I am ultimately hoping for this year 2015 (20th anniversary of Tekken), is a Tekken Anthology/Collection or Bundle (which contains all the Tekken games from T1-TTT2 or even T7 included, and also bundled with that is the CG movie (Blood Vengeance) or even a brand new CG movie (a more serious one than Blood Vengeance). I do not want just an arcade port, I want to play all the modes that were included in the console versions such as, Tekken Ball and Tekken Force, etc. I think it would be a smart move for Namco if they released something like that. Like I said, I never got to play the last several installments of Tekken on PS3, so I personally would hope that they release a bundle of all the past Tekken games on current gen consoles. I have asked Harada about this on Twitter. His response was, "Hmmm... ummm".

Do you think Harada would want to release all the past Tekken games on PS4 as a way to celebrate the 20th anniversary? What do you think about this idea? If Namco ever announced a Tekken Anthology/Collection, it will be an instant pre-order for me!

-Joshua (Florida, USA)

Frank replies:  Hi Josh. Sorry to hear you missed out on the later Tekken games... in my opinion, they were all really good sequels in their own ways. For me personally, one of the things that kept me playing during that time was my local arcade community keeping Tekken 5 & Tekken 5: DR alive for many years (even after T6 came out in Japan arcades). Back in 2006-2007, there were no other games at my local arcades with a crowd as big as there was for Tekken 5 / DR (except for maybe MVC2, still truckin' along as always). Also, the evolution of the characters and the gameplay after Tekken 5 kept it interesting to continue playing against old friendly rivals at local tournaments and such (even to this day). So aside from playin' the heck out of the console versions when they came out, my local community is a part of the reason I never took a break from Tekken. Out of all the games you missed, you definitely shouldn't miss out on Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection HD (PS3) and Tekken Tag 2. Those in particular are great games for someone "coming back to Tekken" after a long break.

Indeed, the PS4 fighting game library is building up slowly but steadily... in about a year's time, I'm thinking it'll become my main system for fighters... (I for one still get a ton of use out of my PS3). 

So... a Tekken 20th Anniversary bundle huh? Yep, day one pre-order for me too (without even reading the details). On that note, I remember picking up that 10th Anniversary Tekken 5 bundle / box set with the fight stick and "storage case" for the Tekken 1-5 disks. Wow, I almost can't believe it's been 10 years since then.

So Harada responded to you on Twitter with "Hmmm... ummm"? Hey, that's uhh.... progress? Hehe. That crazy Harada.  

At the very least, I'm hoping that the console version of Tekken 7 will have a generous amount of "20th Anniversary content" of some sort. I know Bandai Namco has been busy with a lot of other games as of late, so I do hope they take their time and pack Tekken 7 with as much extra content as possible. I definitely enjoyed all the classic ending movies, soundtracks & other extras they put into TTT2. (Again, you might want to finally pick up TTT2 for the nostalgia content alone - but keep in mind some of it is paid DLC. Thanks for writing in Josh!


TFG Webmaster

Fighting Game "Realism". . . 

You know what grinds my gears. When people say Fighting games such as Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter had realism in it..... Yeah, i'm sure real life fights would have 7 hit combo juggles, a uppercut that flies people 22ft in the air, laser beams, hadoukens, super attacks, cancels, shoryuken, and a jumping powerbomb.

-Jamal (New Jersey, USA)

Frank replies:  Well... fighting games have both unrealistic and realistic elements... some more than others. They are video games, not simulations. Video games are supposed to be "fun" and tend to exaggerate... similar to movies. In terms of "realism," Tekken in particular has very accurately represented real life martial arts and techniques that people actually train in and have used for years (100's of years). The designers clearly did their homework on martial arts styles. In my case: As a student (and now teacher) of Taekwondo and Hapkido (20+ years), I immediately noticed in 1997 when Hwoarang was introduced that he was doing my style of martial arts very authentically. (This actually inspired me in my martial arts training when I was young). And that's just one example. Many other characters perform legitimate martial arts techniques which (if performed as they are in the games) would seriously injure you, snap your bones, put you in the hospital, etc. No, you wouldn't get juggled in the air or flip 3 times after getting hit, but you would definitely be seriously injured. Street Fighter also has many authentic fighting styles represented in the series, but they tend to "exaggerate" even more than Tekken. One of my friends, similar to me has trained in Capoeira for years, so he can see a lot of realism in characters like Elena & Eddy Gordo.

TFG Webmaster