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I Have A Proposition For You . . . 

I just read your character profiles and I noticed that there were two Megaman profiles. At first, my reaction was like "WTF??? Frank, you should drink some coffee if you plan to edit profiles late at night." However, I happened to notice some small letters next to one of them. "Bad Box Art". Immediately I knew what you were talking about, and I also agree on how you felt about it. That was the most atrocious artwork for a video game I have ever seen. Its a good thing I started off with Mega Man 2, because if I saw the first title, you can guarantee that I would never play the whole series based on that box art. Capcom is lucky the game is a success, because that's bad advertising to make a character on a box cover out as something he's completely not within the game. I should thank you though. That move of yours to separate the two designs made me laugh HARD, and I usually don't do that much. The way you just completely trashed that whole profile with bashings left to right, and even added a few uppercuts with it. lol
Speaking of which, it reminded me of the Jill profile. Jill Valentine that is. I would have never played resident evil if she wasn't in the game. A great character that I respect greatly. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make out here is that you should separate the real Jill from that "Nina Williams inspired get-up" Jill. That would do her profile much justice, especially since you gave her overall ratings from her Marvel vs Capcom 2 appearance anyway. And think about it. You can have yet another punching bag for some blows that I will certainly look forward to reading. As far as a name for the profile goes, you could probably name it "Resident Evil 5 Jill" or "Marvel vs Capcom 3 Jill." Or you can carve something up from your own imagination. By the way, Don't you think they should make Jill playable in more Resident Evil main series since she's one of the pioneers of the series. I mean for heavens sake, I can only play her in Resident Evil 1, 2, and Revelations. (Not going to count Mercenaries, Desperate Escape, Lost in Nightmares, ORC, or Chronicles) I'm sorry if I seem to be ranting on the topic, but if Chris Redfield saved me from the hands of Wesker, I would definitely try to reciprocate by finding and helping Chris with his amnesia and keep him from being crazy as he was in Resident Evil 6. Just saying. Its like Jill said "Sorry Chris, I'm too busy trying to get my hair back to brunette."

Thanks for the laughs bro, and please consider my request. Even if you don't, your website still rocks. I know you're a busy guy.
-Steven Shaw (Orlando, Florida)

Frank replies: Heeeeey, how'd you know I edit character profiles late at night??!? lol. Indeed, BBA Megaman deserved his own profile... there's no way in hell I would've tarnished TFG's epic Megaman profile with Mr. Bad Box Art himself. Glad you enjoyed it tho!

I had a similar thought about the Jill Valentine profile a while back... and now that you've made me think about it more (and after the appearance of BBA Megaman in SFXT), I may separate the two versions of Jill eventually, as you suggest. There's more than enough artwork of both versions of Jill to warrant an individual profile as well. I'll definitely keep it in mind. 

And to answer your question, I remember enjoying the RE1 remake with Jill on Gamecube... I was pretty excited they brought her back in that version (original costume and all). As a whole, I think Resident Evil should return more to its roots... most of the original cast and environments from RE1, RE2 & RE3 were more charming and interesting than what they've been doing with the series these days. Chris Redfield definitely bores me at this point.... so yeah, I'll take more Jill any day.

Thanks for writing in Steven!

TFG Webmaster

Arcade Fighting Games From My Childhood in Dubai . . . 

Hey there,

Great site by the way. I was inspired to send you an email.
Regarding Fighting Vipers 2, I used to play it in an arcade in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, when I lived there between 1999 and 2002 (my dad's work brought my family there - I was aged from 9 to 11). I would guess it was a Japanese machine since your site mentions it wasn't released in Europe till 2001. I'm also pretty sure it had Honey rather than Candy. Fighting Vipers 2 was popular there and I often saw teenage couples playing it. I think girls were attracted to the amount of female characters in the game. The Arcade was called Fun Town and it was in a mall called Town Center. They also had a Mortal Kombat 4 machine which I remember wasting a lot of money trying to beat (I got the PC version later and got better at the game). I don't know if the arcade or mall even exist anymore, and even if they do I doubt they kept either machine, as Arcades were constantly updating their games. 
Dubai had a great arcade culture back then - pretty much every shopping mall had one. In various different arcades, I played Soul Calibur, Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken 4 months before they had console releases. I also played Soul Edge v2, Street Fighter Ex, Street Fighter III, Fighting Vipers 2, Darkstalkers (the Japanese version called Vampire), Sonic The Fighters, Marvel Vs Capcom and all three Virtua Fighters (third was the 3TB version), so it was quite an experience.
Since public gambling was banned due to the Muslim government, the arcades were pretty much entirely full of games, no slot machines, which was refreshing, especially as I was a kid. That meant they tended to have a greater variety and would take risks. In the UK where I'm from, most arcades were full of slot machines with a handful of arcade games in (often racers or shooters). This is still true of the small amount of arcades that still exist (mostly in service stations and truck stops).
One thing - is there a reason you don't have a page for Sonic The Fighters / Sonic Championship? I know it's cartoony, but it did run on the Virtua Fighter engine and was made by AM2. It's no less ridiculous than Virtua Fighter Kids was.

-Mike (Canterbury, England)

Frank replies: Hey Mike. It's always cool to hear about someone else's experiences with arcades from across the world.... thanks for sharing. Being from Central Florida, I had access to a great variety of arcades growing up. The first time I saw or played the original Fighting Vipers was at Disney World's arcade next to Space Mountain... I think I played it for almost an hour that day. Never have I come across a Fighting Vipers 2 arcade machine in my life, sadly. It was a very very rare game in the USA. The other games you mentioned I also experienced at the arcades first, before playing the console versions.

To answer your question, Sonic The Fighters falls under the category of "Mascot fighting games"... which I choose not to cover on TFG (currently). The "big name" franchises that ended up with fighting game adaptations weren't part of the true growth or evolution of the genre, in my opinion. I feel that featuring those games and characters on TFG would take some of the light and respect away from the true fighting games... the innovators.

Another reason TFG doesn't feature a game like Sonic The Fighters is that it would create a sort of a Pandora's box situation. If I covered a Sonic fighting game, then it would only make sense to cover a "Mario" fighting / party game and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, to name a few. I have nothing against those games (some of them are really cool and worth playing), but they just don't fit with the theme of the website.

TFG Webmaster

Marvel Characters Voiced in Japanese. . . 

In your UMVC3 review, you said: "However, it's still really cool to have the option to set the spoken language to English or Japanese (for Capcom characters only, unfortunately)."

May I ask something? Why in the world would you want Marvel characters voiced in Japanese? That's a beyond terrible idea and they'd all sound hysterically bad. I also think your hating on Hulk's new voice actor with a passion is unwarranted. Fred Tatasciore is Hulk and no one else comes close at this point. 


Frank replies: I agree they'd sound bad in Japanese... lol. That was just a force of habit use of the word "unfortunately" (I'll take it out, lol). As far as Hulk's UMVC3 voice goes... it just annoys the hell out of me for some reason. I think they could've chosen better / less-annoying dialogue for him at the least. I guess I'm just partial to the original voice actor who did MSH-MVC3 Hulk.

"Let's Rock."

TFG Webmaster

Appreciating The Small Stuff in Marvel Super Heroes . . . 

Hey man, love love love the fightersgen page. I forget what it use to be called though before the name change. Anyways, I browse through like so many other fighting fans to see if my opinions line up with yours, assess whether or not to purchase games, appreciate art and read more on character profiles.

Been playing some Marvel Super Heroes on PS1 and really getting down to appreciate the small stuff, so I thought I'd share some of my findings because they're subtle and cool at the same time.

If you set the handicaps down to lowest (1 star), and a player loses to the other player (and they have more than half their health) the loser gets some strange damage increase in the 2nd round. So all their special attacks, moves, infinity combos do huge damage. Also, after the first round, meter building is less so the first round is crucial.

Some other things I noticed so far is that Hulk does chip damage naturally with his normals but he can't win the round that way. This is neat because Children of the Atom implemented natural chip with Magneto, Juggernaut, Sentinel and Silver Samurai so we're seeing old ideas trickle but go unnoticed.

Wolverine has damage reduction or healing. Back in Children of the Atom he could use meter to heal. In this game he can't, but if you pay attention to his health when he gets hit by something like an Infinity Combo his yellow health will go meet up with the red health that's to be taken away from his bar. Crazy.

Hope you're having a super chill day and I look forward to visiting your facebook page in the future.


Frank replies: Wow, you remember the "name change"... you're old school. I bet 89% of current TFG users have no idea what you're even talking about. Anyway, does GameGen ring a bell? That's interesting you're playing MSH, because I recently picked up MVC: Origins (when it was discounted on PSN), and I too found myself appreciating MSH more than ever. I miss the way Capcom used to be... there was so much heart in those 2D classics. Those are some interesting gameplay tidbits you mentioned. It's been so long since I played MSH that I forgot some of the awesome "exclusive" abilities each of the characters gain when initiating gems. That game really was ahead of its time.

Thanks for writing me, you have a great day too and stay in touch!


TFG Webmaster

Project X Zone Artwork. . . 

Hey guys, I've been a long time fan of your website! Any chance you ever getting the Project X Zone art? I can really use it.

-James Peace (Bridgeport, Connecticut)

Frank replies: What's up? (Thanks man). Back when PXZ was in the works I did post quite a few news updates containing art from the game (link). All of that artwork can also be found on respective TFG character profiles. That includes official artwork (with white backgrounds) and art from the dialogue sequences. Some examples below:


     ryu-projectxzone.jpg (55329 bytes)        akira-projectxzone.jpg (53837 bytes)        jinkazama-projectxzone.jpg (47746 bytes)        morrigan-projectxzone.png (506019 bytes)

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