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Refreshing change from the mainstream. . .

I would just like to commend you on the fantastic site that you have put together at The Fighters Generation. I've been a gamer my whole life but have only recently started taking fighting games seriously after buying BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger on a whim. For someone like me your site is a godsend: thorough reviews of all the great games that I missed in addition to the ones that are still coming out, not to mention the fact that you actually seem to know what you are talking about. The amount of detail and insight in your reviews make them a joy to read, a refreshing change from the mainstream reviewers who seem to put in a week or two into a fighting game before deeming it review-able. I will definitely be turning to your site as a resource when researching fighting games in the future. 


-Jack (Detroit, Michigan USA)

Frank replies: You give the mainstream too much credit, Jack. I'm certain that the reviewers for some of those corporate gaming sites *cough* IGN... *cough* spend no more than 2 nights with certain fighting games before calling their written and video reviews finished. Gaming in general would be doomed if news and media were left in the hands of the mainstream... look what has happened with America's mainstream media and news in general, right?

Anyway, back on topic.... That's cool to hear Blazblue got you into fighting games... it's certainly one of the best 2D fighters of this era. I'm happy to hear you've enjoyed TFG's exclusive reviews, and don't forget to tell your friends where they can get the best fighting game reviews.

TFG Webmaster

Jack replies: Thanks for replying! Oh, I definitely will spread the word. I just wish I had come across it sooner. Would have saved so much time not having to read terribad reviews from IGN and the like (Seriously, IGN? KOF13 gets a 7.0?!) The only thing IGN is good for is making comically offensive lists and reinforcing the status quo. I'm genuinely surprised that there has been such a reemergence of the fighting genre in the past couple of years when you have the likes of them holding the reins. 

So once again thanks for your site. It's a great resource for those just getting into the scene like myself.

Much obliged, -Jack

Is it normal?


My name is Bjorn, I am 32 years old and live in Wolverhampton, England. I stumbled across your excellent site a few days ago and bookmarked it immediately. It is obvious that you love many fighting games and that is really where my question comes into play, as I am quite the opposite.

Is it normal to only like one fighting game series?

You see, I started gaming in 1987 (with a Sega Master System) and I have owned every handheld and home console released from then to the present day, I even have a full MAME ROMset of 8000+ games on my PC. Problem is that, of all the fighting games I've played over the last 25 years, I've only ever enjoyed the Darkstalkers series.

I have played most Street Fighter games (including Alpha, SF3 & SF4 etc.) and hated every one as the pace is too slow for me unless turbo is set to maximum! The "rigid" character animation style of all SNK NeoGeo games like KOF, Art Of fighting etc. really grates on me, and I have never liked 3D fighting games as they seem to be just a developer showcase for bouncy boob physics.

I admit that Marvel Vs Capcom 2 on the Dreamcast was extremely good, and Pocket Fighter/ Super Gem Fighter comes out of retirement when I have friends visit... But apart from those exceptions, the Darkstalkers series are the only fighting games I ever enjoy playing.

Do you have any suggestions? Could I be too fussy about what I want from a fighting game? Or am I completely beyond help? *lol* :)

Best regards and please keep up the good work on your fantastic website!

-Bjorn (Wolverhampton, England)

Frank replies: First off.... Wolverhampton England? That's a badass-sounding city, bub! Anyhow, I found your question  interesting. It's actually pretty common for players to stick with just 1 or 2 fighting games for long spans of time. As you may know, the bulk of the "hardcore" fighting game crowd plays either SF4 or UMVC3 these days. For players serious about competition, I would think they'd want to maximize their potential of winning in tournaments by limiting how many different games they play, so their practice time is spent wisely. However, I have seen top players play a variety of games in the same tournament and do very well! Personally, I could never do that... it'd be way too long of a day for me. 

However, in your case... it doesn't seem to be about tournaments. You simply only enjoy playing Darkstalkers.... I've actually never met someone with such a condition. (Just kidding... there's nothing wrong with Darkstalkers. lol.) After reading your email, I'm taking an educated guess that you're a fan of doing chain combos (which, as you probably know, first appeared in Darkstalkers and later in MVC). I know exactly how it feels to play a 2D fighting game for the first time, and immediately find out that you can't perform chain combos. At first, it will feel a lot slower than a game with chain combos.

I think if you dived a bit deeper into other quality 2D fighters, you'll find that the combo system sometimes "creates" faster gameplay. For instance, SFIII: 3rd Strike does have a somewhat slower, "steady" gameplay pace. However, once you start parrying back and forth with a good player, and ultimately parry entire super moves... the game suddenly doesn't seem so slow anymore. 3D fighters in particular may seem very very slow at first if you don't know what you're doing... but after practicing a few movement techniques, combos, and stance transitions, all of a sudden you're moving way faster than you did in the beginning. And if your opponents can't learn how to keep up with you, you're probably going to win!

Judging from your massive MAME collection, I'd imagine you've "tried" tons of fighting games. However, you'll never experience how "fast" some of them really are by playing against the computer only. Just like you and your friends might have crazy fast-paced Darkstalkers matches, the same is possible in many other fighting games with two skilled players. Thus, I recommend you try out (or retry) other fighting games that feel natural to you... and play against lots of different people. Maybe you'll find a new favorite in there somewhere.
And worst case scenario, you can fall back on Darkstalkers: Resurrection. Heh.

Thanks for the mail Bjorn... keep enjoying the site!
P.S. My fingers are crossed for DS4. 

TFG Webmaster

An interesting plot hole. 

Greetings Mr. Yagami. 

My name's Jes.  As a loooooooong time fan of fighting games, I can't believe I've never discovered your site before.  But I guarantee I'll be a regular visitor from now on.

I just wanted to point out a fun bit of trivia you might find interesting.  In the Darkstalkers series, Zabel's storyline is that of a zombie who was a rockstar in his former life.  However, Capcom's official date of birth for him is 1889, long before rock n' roll even existed.  As far as I know, Capcom's never tried to justify this gigantic plothole.  In fact, I'm the only person I know of that's even noticed it.  XD  I noticed because rock n' roll is my other passion.  For me, the concept of a zombie rockstar is too damn cool for words.

That's all, just thought you'd get a kick out of that.  Thanks for the amazing site, and thanks for sticking up for fighting games while they were going through their "uncool" phase.  I'm glad they've finally made a comeback.  :)

-Jes (Fort Smith, Arkansas USA)

Frank replies: Wow... I never realized that. That's too funny. I wonder if Capcom will ever try to make sense of that plothole. Sadly, I doubt Capcom would take the time to do it (these days)... but it would be pretty epic if they made a Darkstalkers 4, and went into detail about how Lord Raptor was the one who actually started Rock music in his in-game storyline... or something. lol. Anyway, I'm glad you found TFG! Welcome, and thanks for the support.

TFG Webmaster

Jes replies: Lol thanks dude.  Yeah, that would be pretty epic.  But part of me wonders if even Capcom's noticed it.  ;P -Jes

Subject: Eternal Champions is CRAP yet people love it.

I checked out the game Eternal Champions and I can say for sure that it is a low quality game. What I just can't believe is that people actually like this game, but is total crap. I think this just proves that if you make any game no matter how bad it is there is going to be someone out there who will like it. Now that is a sad world we live in, people are idiots.

Music sucks.

Character designs suck.

Special moves suck.

There is no Round One voice or Fight voice or OK voice.

So after watching the link to the youtube video you had on your website I started reading the comments about Eternal Champions.
I included an image with some of the comments shown in it just as proof in case you don't actually believe what I'm about to write.

-Erock Brox

Frank replies: The subject line made me ... because I knew what was coming.... Ohh dear, we're going to piss off like 5 Eternal Champions fans out there aren't we. LOL. As you may have read on my Eternal Champions review: I actually neglected putting the game on the site because (I felt) it was such.... crap. I tend not to create TFG game profiles for the 300-or-so "me too" Street Fighter 2 / Mortal Kombat wannabes of the mid 90's.

But let's be nice and not call those people idiots, now.... I guess it's just that "people can have nostalgia for anything." People still eat McDonald's even though it's the absolute worst thing they can put in their bodies. (Then after they weigh 300 lbs, they still eat there.) ...I guess what I'm saying is... some people never learn.

Back then, maybe Eternal Champions was the most amazing game to some people. I would then have to assume that it was the first fighting game they ever played (possibly the first video game), and that they never set foot inside an arcade. lol. All I'm gonna say is... in 1993, I was playing Super Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat 2, and Samurai Shodown on a daily/weekly basis. Needless to say, all 3 of those games made Eternal Champions look like a silly kids game. And for the record, the home versions of SF2, MK2, etc. also put Eternal Champions to shame.... To shame. 

TFG Webmaster