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For the last nine years or so . . .

Hi there! I wanted to drop by and pay you my respects for creating the website I looked up when I was interested about fighting games for the last nine years or so. I'll tell you just a little about myself, and you can read it just if you're interested. I played my first fighting game ("Street Fighter II World Warriors") at the age of 4 when it just got out (1991 I presume) and I fell madly in love with those and operating arcade machines (you know, inserting coins, needing a bench to reach the height of the controls, making vs. matches against strangers) So I started to play any fighting game available. I even tried out AODK cause It was the brand new game at the store! (and I found it pretty nice and nostalgic to even see a review of that game in your website...)

Since then I layed hands on every quality franchise like: SF, Tekken, Soul series, (yeah, even played Soul Blade at arcades) pretty much any Capcom/Snk/Namco fighting game and grew accustomed and fascinated with Martial Arts as well. So
 I was not only excited to know there was another guy who built a passion for fighting games and martial arts just like me, but proud as well since you're seemingly quite the Hwoarang ^^. I'm also a Taekwondo practitioner myself and while I don't teach, I managed to achieve a red belt degree witch I'm very proud of (since I cant practice that much)...

So as you can see your website makes me feel home, and I always try to get in there at least once or twice a week and read your reviews just cause I like your honesty (which I
have to say I agree most of times) and simply have a blast reading them. Props to you, the site and what you do for gamers like us. You please never quit on us!

-Stefan (Pinamar, Argentina)

Frank replies: I love getting mails like these.... So before I say anything, you have my thanks in return. It's always nice to know there's someone else out there with the same passions. Sounds like you've been around fighting games all your life, just like me. It's very gratifying to know that TFG "makes you feel at home," because you're initially the kind of person I created the website for. That's also really cool you do TKD over in Argentina... for the record, my kicks aren't quite as flashy as Hwoarang's... but I try. lol. Thanks a lot for writing in Stefan. And I promise I'll continue working on TFG as long as I am capable.

TFG Webmaster

Guest characters in Soul Calibur V . . .

Hi there! First, I wanna thank you and say that I really respect you for creating TFG... it's a really awesome, superb, excellent, outstanding website, and I've been reading it for some time since I discovered it through an image in Google Images (lol) some years ago...

Goin' to the subject of this mail, I want to know about your opinion about the guest characters in Soul Calibur V, besides Ezio (that's already in the game) and FFVII characters (as you said in SCV's page that you would like to see them in the game)... also, I want to know what do you think about Legacy of Kain characters (Kain and Raziel) doin' this role alongside Ezio... I don't know if you know these characters, but if you do, you'll know what I'm talking about...

I think it would be awesome to see Kain using the Reaver (AKA Soul Reaver) and other swords available in "Blood Omen - Legacy of Kain" (or even the cardboard tube available in "Legacy of Kain - Defiance", as a joke weapon) and Raziel using his Wraith Blade in the game... Also, that "souls absorber" thing Soul Edge has, looks like the same thing Raziel does in the LoK series (Kain's sword, the Soul Reaver absorbs blood)... Their appearance in the game could be explained as if Kain used Moebius' time-streaming device to travel in time and find Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, and Raziel came to stop him, or something like this... =P

If you know Legacy of Kain series and agree with me, please spread the word through TFG... I think TFG is very influential in the fighting games universe... =) If you don't know it, I recommend you playin' the five games in the series: Blood Omen, Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2, Blood Omen 2 and Defiance. This site explain some things about LoK universe: http://legacyofkain.wikia.com/wiki/Legacy_of_Kain_Wiki

And I find it a little strange how Namco is doin' that "New Generation" thing with Soul Calibur, just like Capcom tried to do in Street Fighter III... =P at least they could have left Taki in the game. She is a great character (not just because she's hot, heheh XD)...

And, huh... sorry for any possible misspelling...

-Mateus Auri P. Neves (SC, Brazil)

*no, I don't have green skin and long orange hair... LOL, just kidding... XD

Frank replies: Thank you so much. I've been noticing the last few years that pics from TFG are coming up quite frequently on Google Images! :) Sometimes when I'm looking for images, I'll click one... thinking that TFG doesn't have it or it might be a higher quality version... and wha-d-ya know... it brings me back to TFG... It happens kinda often these days. lmao. 

To answer your question, I don't mind most of the guest characters that crossed over to Soul Calibur... although the concept of guest characters in fighting games is getting a little old and possibly "over done" these days. My opinions on the individual guest characters can be read on their respective profiles, if you're interested. :) I did play a little bit of Legacy of Kain back in the day, and I thought it was cool game. The main characters are indeed pretty cool designs.... Do I think they'd fit into Soul Calibur? Maybe. I know Namco would do the LoK fans proud. And I like how you tied the storylines together there... you should pitch that to Namco... heh heh.

As far as Soul Calibur V goes... they're definitely doing the "Street Fighter" thing. More specifically, the Street Fighter IV thing.... Big super moves that dramatically change camera angle? *sigh*.... Personally, I don't think Namco needed to try and make "SCV like SF4" by adding super meters & big super moves.... Soul Calibur should just try to be Soul Calibur if you ask me. Many of us old school fans love just the way it is... why change it up Namco? To attract new players? Really? Well... I hope their strategy works, and I'm really hoping they don't dumb down the gameplay too much (which seems to be the trend after SC2). Ahh well, I'm still keeping an open mind with SCV... I definitely can't wait to play it next month!!! I'm gettin' the special edition and everything.

Thanks for writing in!

TFG Webmaster

P.S. Can you conduct electricity through your skin by any chance? XD

Words of appraisal . . .

Hey FYagami.

I just wanted to congratulate you in another successful year for your website and for you banner contest.

It's such a shame that I was not able to contribute anything this year as work and life as taken SO much of my time. But my previous entries in the past couple of years reminded myself of how much I love to create artwork. 

So with that said, be prepared for me to send you some banners and what not throughout the year.

Good luck and for much more success,

Frank replies: Hey Airec, nice to hear from ya! Sorry you couldn't enter the 2011 contest... but I'll definitely be looking forward to your future banners! Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it. Happy new year! 

TFG Webmaster

Your favorite fighter this year . . .

It's been quite the year for fighting games (Street fighter crossing over with Tekken, Mk being in tournaments, Tekken tag returning, etc). I've just recently discovered this site this year and to say the least I'm enjoying it (except the fact Hsu Hao has his own page *shudders). but anyways if you don't mind I got a few questions.

1. What was your favorite fighter this year?

2. Which character do believe was improved the most?

3. What are your favorite stages?

Thats all the questions I have and keep up the outstanding work.

-Trelon Byrd

p.s how did you feel about the one scene in MK9 when (spoilers) Sindel just waltzed in and killed everyone?

Frank replies: You said it... 2011 was as epic for the fighting genre as I had hoped. So you just discovered TFG this year? Very cool. I always like to hear from newcomers to the site and what they think about it. So of all character profiles to mention, you bring up Hsu Hao's?  . . . Anyways, onto your questions.

1. Favorite fighter of 2011? Easy. Tekken Tag Tournament 2. No, I personally haven't played the full arcade version, but I have watched around 100 match videos and I love what I'm seeing. After playing TTT2 Prologue and testing out the combo system, I know I'll be putting years into TTT2.... Hell, everybody knows I'm still playing Tekken 6 online. ;)

2. Most improved character? That award goes to Johnny Cage of Mortal Kombat 9. NetherRealm Studios did a great job at bringing many old school MK characters up to date, but Johnny's starring role in the MK9 storyline and his updated look & moveset really stand out to me.

3. My favorite stages of all time? That's a very very hard question... I have so many. Well, I'll just give you the first 10 stages that come to my mind then.

Galford's Stage - Samurai Shodown 2
Capcom VS SNK - SNK Stage
Deserted Chateau - Darkstalkers
Tower of Arrogance - Darkstalkers 3
Cody's Stage - Street Fighter Alpha 3
Lei's Stage - Tekken Tag Tournament
Dragon's Nest - Tekken 5
Moonlit Wilderness - Tekken 5
Autumn Temple - Tekken 5: DR
Kaminoi Castle - Soul Calibur 2

. . . I could go on and on. lol. 

P.S. Yeah, Sindel was pretty badass in MK9.

TFG Webmaster