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Street Fighter Meets the Unreal Engine? . . .

Hello there, F. Yagami. I found some pictures from Gamepro that I think you might be interested in seeing if you haven't as of yet. Mike Kime from Epic Games made 3d Renders of Guile and M.Bison (Dictator) from Street Fighter using the Unreal Engine. I saw them myself and my jaw IMMEDIATELY hit the floor. Here's his website:

The second one on the top row is Guile and M.Bison is right next to him.


Frank replies: Sup! Yeah, I remember seeing that insanely badass Guile & M. Bison a while back... my jaw also hit the ground. You could tell the artist is actually a Street Fighter fan, because he really nailed the designs and took them in an entirely new direction! Capcom needs to hire that guy pronto!!! XD Thanks for the link.

~TFG Webmaster

Training in Fighting Games. . . 

Hey, it's me again.
So I'm having a fight with my twin. He plays fighting games like me, but doesn't like em as much. Here's my thing: you've been playing a lot of fighting games, I know. Look at all the detailed and well-thought reviews. Games like Street Fighter (can't wait for Super 4), King of Fighters (REMAKE XII, not a new one maybe; more moves, anyone?), Tekken (7 has its work cut out for it; 6 is INCREDIBLE), the VS. Games (Tatsunoko v.s. Capcom FTW), we play all of those. I know that it won't ensure a win, but do you think that learning things about characters, what moves they can do, when to do them, what combos can be done, etc., do you think some practice would help to INCREASE ANY CHANCES of winning against someone, be it in a training mode, hard arcade mode, or online against challenging opponents?
-Steven A.


Frank replies: Hey Steven, great question! My answer = Practice, practice, practice... it will absolutely give you an edge over opponents. No fighting game player is too good to spend some quality time in training mode, and if you're learning how to use a new character in a fighting game, I'd also recommend arcade mode (on hard) to get used to using that character in real-time. You can also learn a great deal of things from playing other skilled players online, especially if you don't have a quality arcade/arcade scene in your area!

~TFG Webmaster

Tekken 6 Review & Feedback. . .

Hello Frank Yagami,

 Just wanted to once again praise your awesome website. I believe the last time I e-mailed, you where still working on the characters section overhaul. Anyway I'm glad to see the site completely up and running and better than ever.

 Now to get to business. Your Tekken 6 review was awesome and the definitely the best review for the game out there. You basically wrote everything I had to say about the game myself. I wrote a review for it for my School newspaper but I had to shorten it to only 700 words, so I had to leave out a lot of stuff. Seriously, Tekken 6 had way too much content to only described in 700 words. On top of that they messed up my headline which was supposed to read "Tekken 6 Delivers a KO". Instead the Editor changed to "Tekken 6 Deserves a KO" for some stupid reason.

 Anyway, I'm an intermediate fighting game player and decent at best (I have been playing fighting games for years since Street Fighter Alpha, Darkstalkers, KOF 94 and Tekken 1 but I just never had enough time to really invest in them or maybe I just naturally suck at them.) but even I can appreciate a good fighting system and notice the little things like animation changes. Gametrailers review really pissed me off when they gave the presentation a bad score because they said the animations where "recycled". That was a load of bull as I'm sure you know. The only animations I noticed that were completely recycled and unchanged where some of the characters old grapples (they are easy to spot as they look stiff compared to the rest) especially Armor King's Tombstone Piledriver, now that one really needs to be changed. But other than that the animations look amazing (in my opinion, best in any videogame to date period) and the vast majority of them have been reworked completely or tweaked in some way. IGN's review wasn't bad but they still ignored a lot of things.

 My only really problem with Tekken 6 is the online mode. I can play SFIV and even SCIV online without lag. There is no reason I can't do that with Tekken 6 (hell its worse than DR which I didn't think was possible).

 So great Tekken 6 review man and thanks for touching on everything in the game.

 Also if its not too much to ask, would you mind checking out my DeviantArt page. http://dsx100.deviantart.com/

 I have some decent drawings and digital colored pieces. However I have some cool Tekken 6 wallpapers that a lot of people like so far. I would just like some more feedback on my work as the DA community isn't giving me much.

Frank Ambriz AKA DSX100 (El Paso, TX)

Frank replies: Thanks for the support man. ;) As you can see I had a lot to say about Tekken 6. Most fighting game players would agree it's a game that deserves to have a lot said about it. I completely agree that the "quickie" video reviews the mainstream sites you mentioned put out there, were done in poor taste... GT's review was so erroneous, I honestly couldn't watch it more than once. Anyway, those half-assed reviews inspired me to write my extensive Tekken 6 review, and give the game the full review it deserves... So a big thanks goes out to IGN & Gametrailers for their usual ignorant BS. ;)

   I sure hope Namco will fix up the online mode in Tekken 6 soon... Us loyal players definitely deserve it. I honestly didn't expect Tekken 5 DR's battle lobbies to be better than Tekken 6's. If Namco can at least give us the same battle lobby features we had in DR, and fix up the lag, I'd be happy. 

   By the way, cool Deviantart page... I like that Nightmare artwork! ;) Take care man! 

~TFG Webmaster

Did you know? . . .

The UDON Darkstalkers poster is incomplete? I noticed the arm and foot of Sagat and decided to show this to you.

   sf-plus-ds.jpg (376919 bytes)

 -Nero F.

Frank replies: Holy crap!!! Good eye... That one slipped right by me. Props to UDON!!! Bad ass. 

~TFG Webmaster

Virtua Fighter 5 R (Version C) and other stuff. . .

Dear Frankie,

 I found something on the official Virtua Fighter Website. They're testing Version C of VF5R, some of the features are for the mobiles, but one of features is a custom background when in a Win Pose. 

...Hardly newsworthy unless it gets announced anytime soon (doubt it).

This is an article on how Mr Harada achieved game balance in Tekken 6. 



Frank replies: Hey, thanks for the links... All of those were actually new to me, and good reads (minus the top one). "Version C" of VF5 R already? Damn, maybe this means we'll get a console release soon? If I was more of a VF fan I'd be pretty pissed at Sega right about now... but for the record, I would buy VF5 R (version 3) if it came out on consoles. Maybe they're just waiting for the right timing to release it? C'mon Sega, support your fans outside of Asia!!! 

~TFG Webmaster

Watched your Tekken matches. And was curious. . .

What I'm curious about is when you fight an opponent, do you just mess with them on the first round and then go in for the kill when their confidence is up?

Because I watched you get trashed by a Marduk player, and then in the end you punched him a few new holes. Sometimes with a perfect against other players.

So is that how you play? :D



Frank replies: Interesting question. I can't give away all my secrets (lol), but I will say that I do "feel out" my opponent in the first round... especially if they're someone I haven't played before. I don't usually "give" anyone the first round, but I do play less aggressively sometimes. Tekken is all about mix up game... never give anyone the same round, and try to mix up your style if you lose a round. ;)

~TFG Webmaster

A challenge from a long time fan. . .

Hello fine sir,

I've been frequenting your site since 2004 when I noticed it boasted the world's largest fighting game character profile roster (among other things). Fighting games are my favourite genre (with Tekken 3 being my favourite game of all time.)  In fact I spent most of my final high school year playing Tekken 5 DR on psp every class I could (while still getting good grades).  When my PS3 broke (from me turning it on, no less.) I waited until just before Tekken 6's release to get it fixed (the whole reason I bought PS3 in the first place.) 

As fellow martial artist (kyokushin karate for 13 years), I'm sure you've noticed the similarities between fighting games and martial arts in distance, timing and choosing the right moves . Anyways, although I'm not as learned in the game's mechanics on frame data and this new bouncing system they've got going as others, I would still like to play against you! It would be like having a one on one fight with George St-Pierre. I probably won't win, but my God will I learn stuff. Besides, as a fighting game enthusiast like yourself, you can't back away from a CHALLENGE can you? Anyway thanks for taking the time to read this. I wouldn't be who I am today with out your informative site!

 -Parisella (PSN ID)

Frank replies: Sorry to hear about your PS3... Man, my original 60gb PS3 (from the original launch) got the "yellow light of death" a few months before Tekken 6 was released. I had to get mine fixed in time for Tekken 6 as well. Sony was nice about it at least and got it back to me rather quickly.

  Glad to know I'm not the only one who can note the similarities between fighting games and real fighting... You're absolutely right. Anyway, I'd never back down from a formal challenge... Though I can say I "mastered" several characters in Tekken 5 DR, I'm honestly still in "practice mode" as far as Tekken 6 goes, but I can still put up a good fight. Add me when you get a chance! (PSN = FYagami)

   And thanks for the kind words.

~TFG Webmaster

T. Hawk Petition. . .

Hey Frankie. I've been coming to your site every day for about five years now. It's my first stop for reference art and designs. (I'm an artist.) Thanks for working so hard to keep this site going all these years! It's been a great help to me.

 I thought you might want to take a look at this petition to swap T. Hawk's Super (the wickedly awesome face-rebound-grab) with his Ultra. (silly sitting pose)

You've always had a good eye for what's badass, and I hope you agree that the switch should be made. After all, Supers hardly get used at all in SF4, so why waste such a great move?

 If you like, you could post the link up on your page. Then I guarantee you that we'll get enough signatures to make Capcom change their minds.


Frank replies: Hey there. It's always nice to know a fellow artist is using TFG for reference! ;) And to get down to business, I do agree with this petition. I wouldn't call myself a tournament level SF4 player (thus, I actually do use super moves from time to time), but I understand how tournament-level SF4 is usually played... Alas, such a badass move will probably not be seen very often in high level play; which would be sad to see.

   I hope some of TFG's visitors will decide to sign this petition, as I have. ;) Thanks for letting us know!  

~TFG Webmaster

Huge fan of Arc System Works. . . 

I have recently been introduced to your "Fighters Generation" website and it is a nice collection on many a fighter. I am quite impressed. If you would allow it, I have only two complaints against the website.

1. I am a huge fan of Arc System Works. I have gone through a few characters on the site and found their bios either lacking or a little forced on your part. I can see, as you yourself have said, that they are not your cup of tea. Still, a little more enthusiasm would really benefit those bios. I suggest you allow someone who likes the characters more to contribute bios; no one wants to look up a favorite only to see two sentences saying they are an okay character. Please understand I am not insulting you in any way, I am but making a recommendation. On a side note, please mark spoilers whenever they arise. I am not yet finished with Blazblue's story and had something major spoiled through v-13's bio (the fake Azure Grimoire bit.)

2. Why no Touhou Project? Immaterial and Missing Power is a very fun fighting game, and I hear its sequels have quite the following as well. Please consider adding the three Touhou Project fighters to your website.

-James F.

Frank replies: Thanks for checking out the site, now onto your concerns!

1. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate Arc System Works' designs... Aksys has brought some very unique games & characters to the fighting game universe, and I highly respect their originality. But point taken... I'll work on spicing up those bios and adding in some more enthusiasm when I get a chance. And sorry about the spoiler, but it's kind of unavoidable sometimes... I of course want TFG's character bios to be as in depth as possible.

2. Ahh, Touhou Project... Well, I won't say I'll never add those games onto TFG, but the chances are slim. I have my reasons. ;/

~TFG Webmaster

My Akuma Tattoo. . . 

Thought you would appreciate my tattoo. everyone else thinks i am crazy. got it a few years ago, was at a party and a friend is into giving tattoos. we were drinking ( i know, BIG RISK, but worth it) and he asked me if i had any and i said no but had priced the only one i wanted and the shops wanted upwards of 400 bucks. just cause of the size. but i am not a wealthy man so it was a no go. so a few more beers later, he said he would do it for free right there. so here it is!!!

ten-tattoo.jpg (45521 bytes)

-Al Heffler

Frank replies: Hey, that's gotta be one of the best "drunk tattoos" I've ever seen... not bad for free either! XD Nice tat man, you gotta cosplay as Akuma sometime. SHOOOSH

~TFG Webmaster