>Nov - Dec 2008 Feedback

Artwork from a fan. . .

Hey Mr. Frank Yagami, my name is Dan and I love TFG and just wanted to send you some fanwork of appreciation to you. Thanks and fighters rule!


-Dan Kim

Frank replies: Hey there Dan, thanks for being a fan of the site. Your artwork is really impressive! You got a good foundation and I like where you put your lines... The coloring could be better though (even though it is rather good)... You should try using a more defined light source when coloring, but your lines, poses, and proportions are excellent!!! Keep up the great work and stay in touch!

~TFG Webmaster

Dissidia. . .

Hi. Long-time reader, first time e-mailer. lol. I was wondering what your opinion on Dissidia Final Fantasy is. It can be called a fighting game, but I don't know if you'd put it in the Reject pile along with the Smash Bros series.

-Andrew M.

Frank replies: "Reject pile." ...I LOL'ed for real. You know, for years now I thought it would be grand if someone made an actual Final Fantasy themed fighting game, bringing together characters from different installments. I was hoping maybe Capcom or Namco might do it, but what-do-ya-know, Square Enix went ahead and did it... Well, sort of. It sure does look like a fighting game, but most sites are calling it an "Action RPG Fighting Game" or "Dramatic Progressive Action"...  So I'm hesitant to cover it on TFG for that reason, even though I am a FF and RPG fan.

   I'm of course a bigger fan of traditional fighting games, rather than the "free roaming" type, which Dissididia clearly is. I'm definitely going to buy the US version when it comes out (Mid 2009) and I probably won't be importing it since it does seem to have a deep story element (can't read Japanese)...  And once I play it, I'll decide then whether or not to put up a TFG profile/review along with all the characters... (chances are, if it's not a completely horrible game, I will).

~TFG Webmaster

Subject: Just played MK vs DC: WHAT TO EXPECT. . .

Alright, I know you really could give two shits about the game (can anyone really blame you for that?) but I just played quite a bit of MK vs DC. And seeing that I got to play it early, I thought I'd help by telling you a few things early, just so you wont be as shocked (I don't even know if that's the right word I should be using) as I was when I first played the game.

The Gameplay - "6/10"
I'm going to say this right off the bat. If Street Fighter 4 is considered a 2.5D game, then make MK vs DC a 2.75D game. Yes, the game is in 3D, but here's the catch: Using the D-Pad, you can only move in 2D (yep, MK is really trying to go back to its roots... wow), but if you hold L2 while using the D-Pad or use the left analog, you can move in 3D.

I'll give you some time to try to imagine that... ... ... ...Did you have a good laugh? Great, let's move on. As I said, using left analog stick on the PS3 controller allows you to move in 3D, like sidestepping and such. If you just push up with the D-Pad, you're just going to jump up... No sidestepping unless you hold L2, then you can move in 3D with the D-Pad... I didn't get a chance to see if you can just change the D-Pad into 3D, but I hope to God you can. Seriously, it's like as if Boon and the gang played Rival Schools once and thought that the sidestep button should be used more often (not saying that it was bad at the time RS came out, but after playing games like Virtua Fighter, Tekken and Soul Calibur, you tend to get a bit too used to sidestepping in 3D). So, just in case you can't change the D-Pad controls, that means that almost throughout the whole match that I'll be holding down L2 while moving... Ok ok ok, don't panic yet. There's still some hope for this game. Very slim, but still some hope. So as I was saying, MK is really trying to go back to its roots. It's not that it's bad or anything, because lord knows those 2D versions were a lot better than 4 through Armageddon. But really though, it's a stupid-ass control scheme that should just go fuck itself.

A few more things are in there as well. You can actually run in this game now, which is something I've been wanting for a long time in 3D, oh wait, I mean 2.75D MK. I wanted running almost as bad as a wake-up game (which they still have from Armageddon) so atleast that was answered. Klose Kombat and Free Fall Kombat are somewhat unique, but knowing MK, the controls are stiff when doing them. Not unresponsive, but definitely stiff. Kombo Breaker is back but in a different sense. Instead of just having 3 throughout the match, now you have two meters to fill up. Filling up the first meter and it allows you to do one Kombo Breaker. Fill up the second bar and you get two. How do you fill it up? Kick ass ofcourse (or get your ass kicked. Whichever you prefer) Rage mode (THE RAAAAAAAGE (lawl)) pretty much is like Rage move in Tekken, except you can initiate it whenever you get the chance. When the two Kombo Breaker meters are filled, push L2 and R2 at the same time. Then you get to see a split second the character taking a dump before going all out.

When in Rage mode, characters don't have hurt animations (think of Golem in Urban Reign when he does his power up... fucking Golem...) and their damage is increased. So when someone pulls off Rage, just block for a good five seconds. I'm not too fond of this because I can easily see scrubs online (if I do play this online. PSN ID is Krimmson if you want to add. We can play DR or SoulCal4 sometime I guess) being saved just because of this crappy thing. Let's just hope Tekken 6's Rage isn't as bad. Oh, and the gameplay engine isn't as dial-up-y as it used to be, which is good. Now it's somewhat playable atleast.

So overall... it's like an old guy trying to be young again. He may have a few good attributes, but at the same time, he's just ugly and tries too hard to fit in when really all he is doing is making an ass out of himself.

Graphics and Animation - "6.5/10"
It's already obvious that animation is one of the many things MK is horrible at and this is no exception. Funny too, I saw a few mocap videos and saw a bunch of young guys being able to do flips and no Carlos Pesina in sight (thank God) and yet somehow the characters look like 40 year-old white belts doing a back kick for the first time. Not that I expected better from MK, but just saying that since we're in the world of PS3 and Xbox 360, you'd expect a little more... fluidity, right?

Well, some of the animations aren't bad. Some moves have characters go from a side kick to spinning kick (like Batman) or side kick to a tornado kick (like Scorpion) which is pretty good for MK standards. But other than that, you're going to see a lot, and I mean A LOT of reused and recycled animations from the last generation of cra- I mean MK games.

Graphically, it goes both ways (lawl). The character models look decent. Not amazing, but just ok. Liu Kang always looks tired (no, that is not me being racist. Besides, I'm Korean so me being a racist to Asians is like being Uncle Ruckus from the Boondocks), Sonya has huge lips and they're all just... bleh. Nothing amazing, but just ok. Some of the environments look terrible though. Look at the batmobile and you'll know what I mean. I do like the fact that the characters actually get bruised up all over their body now instead of just their face.

Storyline - "7/10"
For the MK side, Raiden defeats Shao Kahn and sends him back to a portal, resulting in a huge yellow explosion. Now people from the MK universe are disappearing.
For the DC side, Superman defeats Darkseid and destroys a boom tube that Darkseid tries to escape in, resulting in a huge yellow explosion. Now people from the DC universe are disappearing. Wow, right? As the two universes are getting mixed up, powers are starting to shift and such. For example, Green Lantern's ring now has limited power, the Joker's strength has somehow increased, and Wonder Woman has slightly grown weaker and yadda yadda yadda. For what it's worth, it's actually kinda interesting to watch how characters from both universes interact with each other and the cutscenes are kinda cool to see, even if the acting blows.

Sound - "7/10"
Again, voice acting sucks and it's the usual groans and growls and gibberish that MK always had. The music on the other hand is actually not that bad. It's actually pretty good. Only thing holding back the sound is of course, the acting.

Overall - "6.5/10"
This game isn't bad. It's a big improvement from the recent 3D MK games and overall is ok. It's a great... rental.

Me? I'm somewhat of a hypocrite and I'm going to buy the Collector's Edition of the game. Why? Well firstly, even though I'm not a fan of the 3D MK games, I just always have to buy them when they come out. Maybe it's because of that little child in me that enjoyed MK when I was little... That and the fact that I'm a sucker for Collector's Editions and the fact that the CE's boxart is drawn by Alex Ross, who's an amazing artist. I know you don't like DC all that well, but definitely check out Kingdom Come when you get the chance. The art is amazing (the way Alex Ross draws is that he gets people who pose for him and then paints it on a huge canvas, even if it's such a small panal in the book) and the storyline is awesome.

Again, PSN ID is Krimmson if you want a few matches online. You'd probably beat the crap out of me, but just for shits and giggles.

... You know, after skimming through this email, I realize that I use parenthesis a lot. Maybe I outta cut that back a bit.

-Kim Moon-Soo / Krimmson (PSN)

Frank replies: Wow, what an awesome review Kim Moon-Soo... I thoroughly enjoyed reading the entire frickin thing! You're pretty damn funny, and you're not a bad writer either... I use parenthesis a lot too, nothin' wrong with that!  I pretty much already knew what to expect out of this game from what I've seen, and after reading your review, my plan to not buy this game has become a permanent one. No matter how many silly advertisements I see (including the ones on TFG ), I've decided I'm not putting down the cash this time... If it was any other time of the year, I might throw down $60 on a game I'll only play for 5 or 6 hours, and then proudly (or not so proudly) display it with the rest of my dusty game cases, but it is the holidays and I've some X-mas shopping to do.

FYI, my Blockbuster (all 3 of them) doesn't currently have any copies available, so TFG readers will have to settle for your awesome review until I am able to rent it...  Thanks again for helping me save my money Kim Moon-Soo.

My favorite quotes from this review:

"So overall... it's like an old guy trying to be young again. He may have a few good attributes, but at the same time, he's just ugly and tries too hard to fit in when really all he is doing is making an ass out of himself."

"it's a stupid-ass control scheme that should just go fuck itself."

~TFG Webmaster

R. I. P. Mortal Kombat. . .

Look at this fucking video.

Am I the only one that doesn't feel like these finishing moves are "good enough?"  They all look like they'd be more at home as a regular super move in a better fighting game.  These things are NOT finisher material.  If Midway can't make a good "fatality," which the series is famous for, I'm not holding out any hope for the game itself.  They were able to let their imaginations run wild, and they give us this? I've seen the regular gameplay videos, too, and those also showcase an incredible lack of creativity.  In addition to that, the animations seem choppy and thrown-together as ever. This is why I've never been a Mortal Kombat fan.

Seeing this video has shown me that the Mortal Kombat franchise is definitely on its way out, and the DC partnership will not be enough to save it.

Farewell, Mortal Kombat franchise.  The gaming community thanks you for your many years of gratuitous violence.

R.I.P. Mortal Kombat
1992 - 2008

"Mr. Boon, Mr. Tobias?  I'm sorry....he's gone."
*they begin to cry, I leave to play Soul Calibur IV*

-Dru B.

Frank replies: I looked at that F"ing video... Unwillingly, but I did it.  *sigh* Yes, 94% of those finishing moves got old to me the first time I saw them.  Silly Midway... So silly. And so stupid how every character has the same "Uurrraaagaggagh!!!" animation before the finishing move.  You're also right about the animations, quite stiff in my opinion as well. I didn't know Mortal Kombat and DC characters had equally poor martial arts technique... Maybe they should try stretching out a bit more before fighting? 

Yeah, I thought they already made the LAST Mortal Kombat game... Didn't someone say that about that "awesome" MK: Armageddon game? What was his name... Goon? ...I mean Boon, right? Ahh you know they'll milk the series for as much as it's worth, and as long as uninformed gamers keep buying their games, they'll still push out sub-par MK fighting games... Sub-par at best.

"R.I.P. Mortal Kombat" ... As sad as it may be, there is some truth to that statement since Midway is in a financial bind as we speak... Check out the 1up article for the full scoop.

For the record, again, I used to like the MK series... Until they started milking it, and going for the shock value with the gratuitous violence, over gameplay... That's when I jumped ship. When Boon started talking trash about the Street Fighter series, that's when I took off in a speed boat... To any MK fans out there, enjoy the new game while you can, because they're really might not be a next one.

-TFG Webmaster

American made games. . .

I love your site. Ive been using it for years. But over the years I couldn't help but notice you've become increasingly biased. You seem to degrade american made games especially when they're put against Japanese made games. KOFs the worst game created. Some of the character designs are good, but they're special moves are all the same. How many different color flames and wind rippers can be made lol. The 2-d sprites look disgusting. Yet you gave that horrid game series and higher score than mk vs dc. You hate the Rage mode in the game, yet your prized tekken 6 seems to have a Rage mode. Please stop contradicting yourself. Your beginning to lose my respect. God Bess America and the poor bruised bananas that cling to anime and their favorite characters that look so American.

-Terry M.

Frank replies: My friend, everyone is biased to some extent... Those of us with stronger opinions than others just come off to be more biased. Firstly, it is a shame that Midway is really the only company that represents American fighting games these days. Trust me, I'm not biased against American games; but I may come off to be biased against poorly-made, rushed out titles that are used to milk a dying series for what it's worth, in an attempt to save a company from it's poor financial situation...  About the Rage Mode comment, just because I like one "rage mode" in one fighting game doesn't mean I like all rage modes in all games... I'm not contradicting myself. In Tekken 6, characters don't get silly glowing yellow eyes and turn into "walking brick walls" that can't be stunned by attacks... It's not nearly the same, dude. 

   You clearly dislike the KOF series, that's fine... You're entitled to your opinion. As a fan of 2D art and a "student" of sprite editing, I strongly feel that more time, thought, and effort was put into making those 2D sprites and 2D backgrounds than MK vs DC's sub-par 3D character renders and commonplace 3D backgrounds... And if you've seen KOF XII's 2D sprites and backgrounds I think you'll change your mind about the series. In closing, just ask yourself this: Where would the fighting genre be without Japanese made fighting games? Umm... Yeah, we would be stuck with Mortal Kombat, Kasumi Ninja, and Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus. A horrendous thought indeed.....

~TFG Webmaster

Street Fighter IV question. . .

Hi Frank,

First off, I want to thank you for creating this amazing site for fighting game fans. I consider this place a holy shrine for when I want to beef up my knowledge or score some rare pictures for my desktop wallpaper. I wouldn't call myself a great player but I enjoy playing them despite getting my ass handed to my on higher difficulties. I'd say my favorite 3d fighting game series would be Tekken, though Soul Cal comes in pretty damn close. As for 2d, it'd have to be a tie between KOF and Street Fighter. Which leads me into the subject of this email: I've looked around and so far haven't come up with the answer so maybe you could shed some light on this. For Street Fighter 4, where does its storyline lie? By that I mean is it directly after 2 or is it after 3? I ask this because so far they haven't announced any characters from 3. Obviously the staple characters of the series were in 3 but you know what I mean right? Guys like Remy, Yun, Yang, and Elena (just to name a few) haven't been mentioned at all. Like yourself, I thought Third Strike kicked ass so I'm still hoping some of them will make it to 4. Hell, I'm even hoping they add the parry system into 4 too. On a last note, I'd really like to play against you online someday but after reading about some of your exploits against other people here I dunno if I could last very long against you lol!!  I guess there's only one remedy for my lack of skill and it's something you say often: "Time to practice up bitches.". Once again, thanks for the site, man. Keep up the excellent work.

-Son M.

Frank replies: I heard Street Fighter IV's storyline is just after Super Street Fighter II Turbo (HD Remix if you will),  and quite some time before Street Fighter III. That most likely means characters like Remy, Ibuki, Yun, and Yang are maybe just kids / possibly teenagers... Though I'm not quite sure how old Remy actually is. I think it's possible we may see an "older" Third Strike character thrown in with the next installment of SF IV... I'd love see Dudley, Urien, or Hugo in the new 3D style. Or even Oro... He's definitely old enough to be in there.

Thanks for the compliments on the site, and maybe we will get to play online someday. PSN = FYagami.

~TFG Webmaster

What happened to Bengus? . . .

First, I would like to say that the Fighters Generation is great website.  I can see that you take great pride in its presentation.

Second, I am an avid fan of comic book art, and many years ago, I instantly fell in love with the artwork of X-Men vs. Street Fighter.  I loved the exaggerated designs that were the forerunner to the look of games such as the Darkstalkers franchise and to artists such as Joe Madueria and Ed McGuinness.

Thus, I thought that you might be able to answer two quick questions that I have regarding the artwork for X-Men vs. Street  Fighter:

1.  Who was actually responsible for the artwork?  Bengus or Edyan?  There seems to be some confusion about this.  Also, who drew the main Akuma portrait for X-Men vs. Street Fighter (Akuma is shirtless holding his broken prayer beads)?   It is also the same portrait that can be seen on the Wolverine/Akuma toy two-pack.  It is one of my favorite pieces of comic art.  I love the fact that his face and nose profile are base on that of a lion.  Sadly, Akuma’s face has moved away from the lion design over time, especially in SF III and the Udon Comics.

2. Also, what happened to Bengus after he left Capcom?  There seems to be a mystery surrounding this as well.


-Brian Wilson

Frank replies: I do take a lot of pride in TFG, and thanks for the kind words.

I also fell in love with X-men VS Street Fighter's art style, and the art for the entire VS series for that matter. Joe Mad has done some great stuff as well, I believe there's quite a few of his works currently on the site!

1. I have my trusty Capcom Design Works art book right in front of me, and I'm looking at an X-men VS Street Fighter poster which clearly says CRMK at the top... That's Bengus. It's actually this poster (below) that I'm looking at.

Bengus also did artworks for Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter, Marvel VS Capcom, and Marvel VS Capcom 2... So he was the lead artist.

2. It is a mystery what he's doing at the moment, but I did read somewhere that he left Capcom in 2006 and currently works as a freelance artist... Not sure if that's fact or not.

In closing, here is an awesome blog about the living legend, Bengus!

~TFG Webmaster

Proud Member of Your Site. . . 

Hey, my name is [Insert undisclosed name here] and I would like to just say that you (all) are great. Being a newer generation fighting fiend, your site has helped me with my nerdgasmic release with all the updates you posted. Makes me wish I had any next gen console, whether it be for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Street Fighter IV (Gen is back, thank goodness), or King of Fighters 2002 UM. I've been a proud not so member of your site, and would be a real member if I wasn't so moderately broke. Again I say that you (all) are great over at TFG and I say keep up the good work. Who knows, in the future we may be battling eachother online.

Faithful Fighting Fan,

-Elizha Alvarez (OMG he said his name !!!) xD


Frank replies:  Thanks for the entertaining read. Good luck with getting that next-gen system, save up!!! Or, Christmas is coming right? Put that on your wish list, maybe someone loves you! 

~TFG Webmaster

Alex's spinning DDT. . .

Hi there, I' m felix from the Philippines. I've been an avid reader of your site and pretty much a Fighting games fan. I'm kind of studying the traditional form of 2d animation and if it's not too much to ask, I was wondering if you have Alex's (Streetfighter III) spinning DDT move sprite. Could you kindly post it. Thank you

-Felix Ulysses Lerio

Frank replies: Hi Felix, that's cool you're studying 2D animation... No doubt, TFG is a great place to do so.  And it's you're lucky day, because I found the sprite! ...Here ya go!

~TFG Webmaster

Wassup Yagami :D

First to thank you for the TFG!!Best site for fighting games!!
I'm a huge fighting game fan or should I say Street Fighter fanatic
fan :P :D I live in Bulgaria(no it's not in Nigeria ;) Europe) and
from long time I wanted to write you.I'm sending a sprite signature
along with it.Yeah it;s not much but it represent my favorite
character! GUY!!! Since Final Fight I love that character and I hope
he will be in SF4.I can wait to see your review for SF4 and
SF2TurboHD.Hope you'll reply (so I can gain more courage to write you


Frank replies: Yo! No doubt Guy in SFIV would be awesome... Doesn't look like he'll make it this time around, but I'd put my money on him being in the sequel to SFIV! Thanks for the mail and the TFG sig! :)

~TFG Webmaster

Best of 2008, 2009. . . 

Whatz up Yagami! Loving the updates! TvC is looking up to be the great successor to the MvC series.

Just gotta ask ya buddy!

Since 2009 is near and Street Fighter and Tekken 6 will be the fighters to play next year, what did you enjoy the most in 2008?

What were some of your favorite highlights of 08?

Who will steal the show in 2009? Tekken 6 or Street Fighter 4

Plus I've also been wondering, do you think that if Street Fighter 4 becomes very successful, Capcom might bring back other fighting games with long awaited sequels such as DarkStalkers 4 and Power Stone 3?

I look forward to your answers! ^__^

It is great to be a fighting game fanatic! Shoryu Ken! lol

Take Care Yagami and keep on fighting!

-Power Stunna

Frank replies: Glad you're enjoying the site's updatedness (that a word?)  I gotta agree, Tatsunoko VS Capcom is looking to rival the Marvel VS's series speed, technical gameplay, and fun... You know I'm uber-ecstatic (that a word?) ...I'm having entirely too much fun with this.

So, to answer your Q's... My top 3 favorite highlights of 2008 (in no particular order) are:

1) The first Street Fighter IV trailer (featuring Ryu VS Ken)... Epic.

2) Soul Calibur IV... I'm still playing it...  

3) It's a tie between seeing the first screens of Tatsunoko VS Capcom and seeing the first screens of King of Fighters XII... Becasue both times, my jaw dropped. Seeing these true next gen 2D fighters simply brought a tear to my eye.

Who will "steal the show" in 2009? No doubt, Street Fighter IV is going to be huuuge when it finally hits consoles. With Tekken 6 also hitting both the Xbox 360 and PS3, which I think is a very good thing for the series, it will also turn a lot of heads and possibly bring a plethora of new Tekken players. Time to train them up, I say... Heh heh. All I can say is, I'm going to play the hell out of both games... Much love for both 2D and 3D fighters.

I do think there's a possibility of a next-gen sequel for the Darkstalkers series, and I'd love to see it... However, I think we may see another Capcom cross-over in 2009 before we see a Darkstalkers IV; just a random premonition I have. I somewhat doubt a Power Stone 3, even though it's possible... I'd actually rather see an Urban Reign 2 on next-gen consoles... Unlikely, but I'd like to see it. 

Shoryu-Ken back at ya... And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

~TFG Webmaster