>Nov. - Dec. 2007 Feedback

How do you get started. . .

Hey Yagami, it's me again. You probably don't remember me but that's beside the point of this message. First off let me say that you are an awesome fighting gamer! You're a role model for me, since I'm trying to get better. But I have a question for you, it's about Tekken. How do you get started in getting good at that game. I watch people play it and they do some pretty crazy combos, and I can't do any of them. How can I work up to that level without feeling like I'm wasting away? If you need a list of  primary people I play with, here they are. Xiaoyu, Bryan Fury, Feng Wei, and Law. I also want to know out of curiosity, how do you get chain throws to work? Never could do those either? Just help out a gamer trying to better himself at his craft. Thanks alot!

P.S. That video on MvC2 was awesome. The one where you were Megaman, B B Hood and Jin. That triple team you did on Cable was epic! Well until next time!

-Parker T.

Frank replies: How to improve in Tekken. . . Man, me and my close buddies could go on for hours about "Tekken philosophy"... My advice to you (in a nutshell) for improving your game would be to try out more characters, and learn as many moves as you can; worry about combos later. I find that the more moves you know, the better your defense will be. For example, a few months back, I found myself losing against good Nina players... Hmm, maybe that's because I hardly ever pick Nina?  So I took Nina into practice mode and went over her move list. It's hard to memorize everything (trust me, I haven't), but even though I don't use (or like) Nina, skimming through her moves once or twice goes a long way. It really helps when you understand how your opponent is attacking you, for instance while rising, canceling moves, sidestepping, etc.

And that's just the basics... A "pro gamer" would tell you to study the frame data for each characters moves, which is also viewable via practice mode. I don't personally study/memorize the number of frames in each move, but it does help to know how "punishable" certain attacks are. Knowing how long it takes certain characters to recover after certain moves really improves your game, that way you can find "quicker" moves to punish your opponents. Also knowing which moves are safe is a must; doing moves that are safe is usually the way to go, but sometimes in Tekken, high risk = high reward.

Then there are guaranteed hits, air combos, and wall combos... To be a strong player in Tekken, you'll need to know your combos for your top characters, and which combos do the most damage. Again, practice mode will inform you how damaging your combos are doing. Knowing what to do after launching your opponent is essential in winning at Tekken. Luckily, the computer AI in Tekken 5: DR actually does "real" combos... Before Tekken 5: DR the computer AI hardly ever did any real combos. So learning new combos is actually easier than it's ever been. Or you can always look up combo videos online. 

There are a ton of other strategies I could babble on about, but then I'd be giving you all my secrets... So with that said, I wish you luck on your future Tekken battles, and I hope I helped.

P.S. People think I'm kidding when I pick B.B.Hood, Megaman, and Jin... And when I kill off their Cables, Sentinals, Blackhearts, and Magnetos; they either get mad, or walk away in shame. I love it. 

Webmaster of TFG

Thanks for staying true. . .
This is my reply to the nutjob that wanted you to add all the dumb F- games that have come out throughout the years.

I'd just like to back up your statement by saying A F#CKING MEN! I come here to see Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown, etc... If I ever saw a Power Ranger on this site, I would think that you had a nervous break down and were on the verge of being commited.

I never thought I would hear the words "SHAQ FU" again for the rest of my life, I can't believe that it was here, on my private getaway from real life.

But you know what? I wouldn't mind seeing Goku on the site, just so long as he's getting the Sh*t kicked out of him by Ryu, Terry Bogard, Haohmaru and pretty much every character that the Fighters Generation is about! (I think I just came up with a good idea for a flash game)

In conclusion I'd just like to say thanks! Thanks for staying true to your vision and making us violent, fighting degenerates a place to call home.



Frank replies: Man, I'm glad someone was offended enough to reply to that guy's email from last months feedback. I can picture it now on the characters section list... Can't you? ...Is this the future of TFG?

              Green Ranger
              Battletoad 1
              Battletoad 2
              White Ranger
        Naruto extra annoying version
         Supersayin Goku Level 5
        Supersayin Goku Level 26
              Pink Ranger
              Aqua Ranger
         Ninja Baseball Batman

Umm... Yeah. They're not in alphabetical order... but they might as well be in that order if I were to put them on the character list. I mean, seriously... What type of mind altering drugs is that guy on? Anywho, thanks for the mail buddy. Keep on fightin'!

Webmaster of TFG

Missin game platforms. . .
I cant help but notice that on your missin game platfroms for these games your missin that 2D power house sega saturn KING OF FIGHTERS 95-97 , REAL BOUT + SPECIAL and VAMPIRE SAVIOR the saturn version was the best after all. Any way that aside thanks for a fantastic site, i like the way you cater for the true fighting fans out there and dont add all though cheesie anime and crappy cartoon fighters. if u ask me people need to play street fighter 2 agian to know what a real fighting game is and stop playing MUGEN that cheat um up.


Frank replies: I went ahead and listed Sega Saturn under the game profiles you mentioned... Sorry about that, and thanks for looking out! And worry not, no cheesy anime or crappy cartoon fighters allowed on TFG... MUGEN = cheat um up? Haven't heard that one before... 

Webmaster of TFG

Subject: Thank you. . .

I am very happy I fought you today. I may have lost all but once, but i learned to play differently because of it. Thanks.


Frank replies: Glad I could assist you in becoming a better Tekken player. Keep working on that King buddy!

Webmaster of TFG

King of Fighters 11. . .
Hey, I'm a huge fan of the site! Excellent job! Also, you are SICK at Tekken!

I was wondering if you knew anything about King of Fighters 11 and why I can't find it anywhere yet


Frank replies: KOFXI officially came out in the US on November 13th I believe... but if you didn't have a pre-order, good luck finding it. KOF isn't, and was never, a "mainstream" kind of game, so stores won't be getting an influx of copies, and some stores may not be getting it in at all. Try asking your local Gamestop or EBGames. If not, you might as well buy it online (Ebay has it).  It's a great game by the way!

Webmaster of TFG

Dynasty Warriors. . .

Hi, I'm a big fan of the site. It has a lot of cool pics and information on fighting games.

I was just wondering if you knew about the first Dynasty Warriors game by KOEI. It came out for the PS1 in 1997. It's a 3d fighting game with weapons and has 16 characters in it.

It became hack and slash from 2 and onward, but the first one was a fighting game. It might not be news to you, but I wanted to let you know anyway.

-Nacht Kaiser

Frank replies: Actually yes, I rented the "original" Dynasty Warriors game, way back when I didn't have much to play on my PS1. It was a decent looking 3D fighter for the time, but the gameplay was definitely 2D from what I remember. I also remember the cheesy music quite well... Heh.

Webmaster of TFG

This is Kazuya head. . .

I am a big fan of your sight but am not a member and am a bigger fan of fighting games such as TEKKEN, STREET FIGHTER, and KING OF FIGHTERS. I have started to customized fighting figures for TEKKEN based on some Tekken 4 figures my wife bought me on line. I like to send you pictures of the ones I have finished and get your opinion. This is Kazuya head.



.   .   .  
.   .   .  


Frank replies: These are the types of emails I like to get... Emails like these just make my day. Wow. I like Kazuya head. That's the "Tekken Tag" Kazuya doll right? Damn, you made him look hella evil; as he is in Tekken 5 or DR. Heh heh, GOOD JOB!!! 

~Webmaster of TFG


Hey Frank, I was wondering if you could look at my fighting game character drawings. I drew them on Untitled paint. Hope you like them.


-Trevor D.

Frank replies: Wow, given the fact you drew those on a computer with a "generic" paint program, possibly with a mouse; I must say those are pretty good! I like the sketchy-computer-ish style.  Very unique, it takes me back to the days when I was a kid and was constantly using a simple paint program on the Amiga and Commodore platforms. These pictures really take me back to those days, and it makes me think how Capcom and Namco characters might have looked if those games were around back then... Hehe, I love it! I'd also like to see how you draw with just a good ol' pencil and paper too! You've got a good sense of proportions, your anatomy's not half bad, and your colors are dead on!!! Keep up the good work buddy... Maybe someday you'll work for Capcom or Namco! Heh heh!

Webmaster of TFG