November - December 2006 Feedback

Samurai Shodown Anthology. . .

Hey Frankie, would it be cool if SNK Playmore USA released The King of Fighters Anthology and Samurai Shodown Anthology? Thanks for answering my question. I like 2d fighting games and that is why I like your website!

-Royce Winston

Frank replies: Samurai Shodown Anthology?!? Ohh hell yes... that would rock. SNK Playmore is taking it slow with the bundles however, as I would expect. Just look how long it took Capcom to bundle the Alpha series together in a single package... SNK wouldn't just release all of one series while they're still making additions for the series, at least not for a while. Since the next gen of systems is here, people expect more, so SNK and Capcom might be ready for some more serious bundles or Anthology packages.

~TFG Webmaster

Style of Sword Fighting. . .

I'm very sorry to bother you, but I've been searching
and looking up about the drying pole, (is it also a
nodachi??) and so far all I found is a technique
called the swallow attack, but I can't find what kind
of style of sword fighting this is! do you know, or
know any places I can find out?
and also, does Johnny (GGX) have the same style too?

thank you for your time,

-Tai-Chow Bailey

Frank replies: It's no bother at all... After all these years, I still like getting emails and answering random questions for fun, if I can... Well, it's your lucky day, because I can answer this one!!

Sasaki Kojiro was famous for using the straight-edged nodachi. He called it the "Monohoshi Zao," which translated to English means "Drying Pole." As you may know, Tachibana Ukyo is directly based off of Sasaki Kojiro. As far as the style goes, I happen to know that Kojiro founded a "Kenjutsu" school, and also studied the sword style of Chujo-ryu. If that still doesn'y answer your question, the famous Japanese sword style, "Iaido," it is the art of drawing the sword, and both of the characters you mentioned would appear to use some of the techniques of that style as well. 

~TFG Webmaster

A really feminine male. . .

Hey thar,
Long-time follower of TFG here! Just wanna' say how glad I am to see everything going smoothly (for the most part) again. The XI sprites posted thus far certainly make me a happy camper, and I hope to see more, but until then...
I've been researching this subject for a while. 'This subject' being a certain character. That character... being Shion.
I think Shion is a second Bridget.

Yes, I think Shion is actually a trap. Er, a male. A really feminine male that could confuse one's sexuality with ease.
I've heard (though haven't seen myself) that it was confirmed on a Japanese SNK-Playmore website, but I'm not entirely sure. Still, Japan are crazy business with their traps.

Exhibit A:

Notice how broad the shoulders and how FLAT the chest are! I know not all Asian chicks are exactly Mai level, but geez... even Momoko has tits, and she's gotta be like 12.

Exhibit B:

Benimaru doesn't use his typical entrance whilst fighting a woman on Shion. Sure, I'd imagine Beni might just take a break with the excess libido whilst fighting an evil mastermind, but it's still a possibility! Although Shion has a femme voice, stance and general fashion, it seriously wouldn't surprise me if she/he/it were an older Bridget. Maybe Bridget's aunt--... erm, uncle? Whatever! I'll leave it up to you to decide! We can't be too careful with Japan nowadays though, srsly. (And I still think Ash looks like a nerdy cosplayer - the freckles, the braces, then a cool outfit. Whaaat.)


Frank replies: Wow, you definitely have yourself a case there... I may have been fooled yet again. She/He does have a very flat chest. And coming from KOF, it's very possible that Shion is actually a dude.

~TFG Webmaster

Back by poplar demand... MORE MORTAL KOMBAT BASHING! (Sorry)

I use to be a MK fan. . .

God knows how long i've been coming through this site, Your progression in
the work on the site is has been really great. Keep up the work. This has
got to be my second E-mail to your site, and normally i don't go too far out
of the way to e-mail webmasters about their content, but after reading your
review on Mortal Kombat Armageddon, i was really surprised because i really
couldn't have agreed with you more. I use to be a MK fan, but this...?!?!?

I've read mag, and site reviews citing that the game was grand and after
renting and playing it while suffering for 30 mins, i couldn't stand it
anymore. All the problems i ran across were pretty much mentioned on your
review and i'm really glad that someone like you spoke out against the
crappy game IS crap.

Anywho, thanx again. Great review, i'll be looking forward to further

-Dez k

Frank replies: I feel you man... I couldn't stand Armageddon after the second time playing it. That's right, I've only subjected myself to playing that sorry excuse for a fighting game "twice." Buying Armageddon was no doubt a waste of money, but unfortunately I had to review it for my site, and didn't feel like waiting weeks for it to come out at blockbuster. But maybe it wasn't a complete waste... I did enjoy reviewing *cough* bashing it, especially after reading so many positive emails about my review. So I guess I should be thanking you...  Thanks man!!

~TFG Webmaster

The History of Mortal Kombat. . .

Check this out... This SHIT is so funny! ON Deadly Alliance there is a video that is called The History of Mortal Kombat. Well i know you remember this video but you probably dont want to remember it. Anyway one of the designers said " we wanted to make sure the martial arts was authentic in Deadly Alliance. Well when he said that i could imagine if he said that to you. I know you would probably just laugh in his face COMPLETELY. Because i will.
Well funny shit. Peace out


Frank replies: HAHAHAHA... Authentic my ass. It's sad, because I'm sure some people are stupid enough to believe that the martial arts in Mortal Kombat are anywhere near authentic (non martial artists I'm sure). Maybe a few basic kicks, hand strikes and stances resemble real martial arts styles; but no mortal kombat fighter ever truly represented a particular style of martial arts. And all of a sudden the MK dev-team starts name dropping martial arts styles... and Scorpion all of a sudden knows Hapkido and Sonya knows TaeKwonDo? I've been training in those two arts for over 13 years and I can tell you that Scorpion wished he knew Hapkido. And my mom's TaeKwonDo is better than Sonya's (I kid you not)... LMAO! On that note, if you're looking for authentic and flashy representations of real martial arts style, see Tekken 5 DR.

~TFG Webmaster

Babalities, Animalities, and Brutalities. . .

Hey Frank whats going on? I've been a fighting game fan since 1995 (thats 11 years!) and these games have been in my blood ever since. Anyways, I too have read your review on Mortal kombat armageddon and you show alot of good points there. There were things in there that just happened to grind my gears while playing it, I got disappointed by how one of the fighters portrayed tae kwon do and Iaughed pretty hard due to how inaccurate it was and I'm actually studying the style and a little jujitsu too. I just wished that Mortal Kombat was back to it's classic roots you know? I mean when tobias was in the picture and you got to do alot of crazy things in the classic games too. You name it friendships, babalites, animalities, and brutalities (which I actually know how to do by the way). It would be nice to bring tobias back in the picture so they can at least really fix up the series at its state.

What would be nice is if the fighting styles were actually authentic (original). I mean lets just say that midway would portray the hapkido style, if they hired a professional who actually knew the abilities and the moves to the style, then it would at least give good things to us martial arts enthusiasts. Anyways on to the next subject: tekken, I grew up with, and I've been playing it since Tekken 2 came out. I like tekken because it not only perfectly portrays the elements in fighting styles, but it also has gotten better over the years and I'm arcade crazy for the game because whenever I see it, I wait for people to show up so I can get some challenges, and I just dont like it when I play against beginners, (it wastes my time!) playing against others is fun if they have skill, because its not only a challenge, it also helps you get better and better, just like soul calibur. Anyways great fighting game site and keep up the good work!!

-Marco Guerrero

Frank replies: Wow, these emails are starting to get repetitive (but I'm not complaining)! It's ironic because I actually didn't read this feedback until answering the one before (above) this one! ...spooky! I guess I'm not the only one that feels MK went to shit when Tobias left the picture. And I see I'm not the only one who turns to Tekken when it comes to 3D fighters, and I'm not the only one who appreciates AUTHENTIC martial arts in fighting games. Well, that said, let me talk up Tekken some more...

Tekken has evolved so much over the years. Even back in the day when you couldn't even sidestep (before Tekken 3), it was still fun and held my interest due to the cool characters, deep move-sets and authentic fighting styles. Now we have the epic-ness that is Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, in which there are so many elements in the gameplay system that define "fun".  And like you said, getting better at quality fighting games is fun and rewarding...

Thanks for visiting! I wish there were more intelligent gamers like yourself out there.

~TFG Webmaster

All the info I need . .

Hey Frank,
    Love the website!  I've been a fan of the site for a few years now, and I'm glad that there's one place for all the info I need for Tekken, Street Fighter, and other classics.  One quick question for you, though:  I saw your review for King Of Fighters XI for PS2 a while back, but every time I ask about it at Gamestop or other places, they have no idea about what I'm talking about (One salesman tried to offer me that Mortal Kombat Armaggedon game, but I told him that I'd rather get hit by a semi than play that bullshit).  Well, since you're in the know, do you know if KOF XI's coming to US shores?  I'm hoping it is because i dont have means of importing games, nor do i have a modified PS2 to play imports.  If you could respond, I would be so incredibly happy.

Keep up the great work,


P.S.  Akuma needs to be in more videogames!

Frank replies: Well I checked my sources and as far as I know, it looks like KOF XI has no plans on making it's way to the US, unless you import, or know someone who imports (like me). Sorry dude, most Americans don't understand KOF, or what a good fighting game is for that matter, so I can see why SNK Playmore doesn't waste their time and money bringing the good stuff over here. True fans will import, or find some "other" way to play it... Ohh and I'd also rather be hit by a semi than play MK: Armageddon. Although, I would prefer super jumping over the semi if that were the case.

~TFG Webmaster

Fight Science. . .

If you haven't seen it yet, look up a show called Fight Science.  Very well done national geographic thing.  They measure punch force and speed and other stuff from some of the world's baddest-ass martial artists, lots of styles.  Lots of weapons too.  Lots of ideas for extras in a fighting game.  I don't agree 100% with their measurements (I'm an engineer myself) but it is extremely entertaining for a fighting freak.


Frank replies: Yeah I caught that show. I was actually very entertained. I especially liked the Soul Calibur-esk trails on the weapons... Heh heh. Their measurements were accurate in many ways, but also a bit off on certain cases. For example, I actually know how to control a nunchaku after it recoils and "loses control." It's not really a weakness as they stated. I'd like to give that dummy a punch or two and see what score I get, Dragonball Z style... lol.

~TFG Webmaster

Other types of genres. . .

Do you play any other types of Genres of Games? Also have you ever played Anime Fighting games.


Frank replies: Yes I play many different genres of games... Here are a list of (some of) my favorite games of all time, ripped straight from my Myspace:

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection, Soul Calibur 2 & 3, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max, Marvel VS Capcom 2, Samurai Shodown 2-4, King of Fighters 2K, 2K3, XI, and 2K6, Capcom VS SNK 2, Card Fighters Clash, Super Puzzle Fighter 2X, Match of the Millennium, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Darkstalkers Chronicle, X-men VS Street Fighter, Killer Instinct, Project Justice, Urban Reign, Godhand, Initial D Version 3, Initial D Street Stage, Ridge Racer 7, Ridge Racer PSP, Metal Slug 1-6, Guitar Hero 2, Alien Hominid, Katamari Damacy, We Love Katamari, LocoRoco, Elebits, Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2, Rayman: Raving Rabbids, Ultimate Spider Man, Resistance: Fall of Man, Quake, Metal Gear Solid 1 2 & 3, X-men Legends 2, Kingdom Hearts 2, Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X, and XII, Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Castlevania IV, Golden Axe, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Mariokart, Animal Crossing DS, Qix, Puzzle Bobble, Bubble Bobble, Galaga, Tron, Golden Axe, Henry's House (betcha never played that one)

As you can probably tell, I don't play sports games because sports are overrated and repetitive.

Possibly equally as repetitive is this sub-genre you speak of known as "anime-fighting games." *sigh* Every time I even ponder the thought to put up characters from the likes of Dragonball Z or Naruto *gags* on TFG, out comes an even worse and simplistic "fighting game" which only restates the fact that they indeed do not belong on my site. Believe it. 

~TFG Webmaster

The World of Fighters. . .

Hello there, dude. You know, I just love your fighter's generation site. It is so awesome! Especially the artwork and characters section! The latter is the better one! It is so coooooool and badass as you like to say! I also saw your fighing games collection. RESPECT for that. I only have this simple MAME emulator to play these nice games (KoF series being my most favorite, especially KoF 2000, 2002, 2003 and of course - KoF 95 - me and this game....we go way back... way back... I can tell you the story if you like)

Anyway, why I write to you? I'd like to tell you HOW I found your magnificient site. Hope you have the time to read it (and answer). One day... I felt the URGE. To play a fighting game.... It was like, only a few months ago, before that I just didn't play arcade games (dunno why). I used to have this wacky, musicless and somewhat buggy console version of Samurai Showdown (that's the only game I played for some period). So I"ve come to this site by an accident. While surfing in google pictures I typed Genjuro (my favorite char after I got disappointed of Earthquake). And I saw this funny pic - Haohmaru and Genjuro playing a PS2 or something like that (never liked these consoles - total trash IMHO). So I clicked on it and - WOW! I've found your world, the world of fighters... And I surfed and surfed and surfed, for months! I visit this page almost everyday! It is so great! And now I decided to write to you, a Fighting Game veteran, a true and dedicated FAN. Awesome!

Later I came to emulating and neorage x, kawaks, nebula (these two are total shit, neo is ok, but kinda whacky). And then I've found MAME almighty. And started downloading... Now I've got KoF 94-2003 (I desire for KoF XI, alas, MAME does not support this game), SamSho (all 2D games) and some other cool games...

Almost there, hang on, end draws near! =D I just want to thank you for showing me games and characters I've never heard of! Still, missing a couple of games I think.... I hope this site will grow and prosper... I can help if needed...

Best regards,

Frank replies: Sounds like you stumbled upon TFG the way most people do. I'm glad to hear you've found more than you were originally looking for. TFG wasn't always so huge ya know! It also sounds like you're an emulator fan, which isn't uncommon among fighting gamers. Emulators are a great way to play classic fighting games, although Capcom and SNK would tell you different... Just remember to buy their latest games and  support them, because they're the ones getting ripped off when you use emus and roms. 

~TFG Webmaster

A+. . .

Hey, what took the shipping so long!? Just kidding lol, thanks for the controller Frank. It's perfect to play Capcom vs Snk, and Third Strike with. The comic was awesome too. A+.


Frank replies: That was my very last sealed Akuma controller... I hope you enjoy it to the fullest! SHOOOSH!

~TFG Webmaster

The Character Ratings. . .

Whats up, ive been on this site since it started, and to tell you the truth its the best site thats out there, but there is that one thing that u took of about this site that i think was a big part of why it was so cool...... THE CHARACTER RATINGS. I think you said something like the people dont agree with the ratings and stuff, but this is not a good reason to take em off. If there is sumbody that can rate characters with the right ratings is a fighting game adept, and thats sumbodu like you, plus the rating thing brings much flavor to the character section( wich is supose,,,well for me, to be the best section, and taking it off makes me and i think alot of other people dont really know if the character is cool or not). I suggest you make a big poll voting thing for if the people wants it back or not. I hope you take this in consideration man, and thank you for creating this badass site. Keep it up.


Frank replies:  I'm getting more and more emails from visitors that want the character ratings back. Maybe I will make a poll as you said and see how many really want the ratings back. And thanks for the compliments on the site! 

~TFG Webmaster