"Best of 2005" Feedback

Custom character gifs. . .

I have been a huge fan of your site for years. Here are a few custom char gifs and pics you may like.
Keep up the good work bro!!




Sheng Long:


Retsu:                          Heihachi:





Frank replies: HaHa! Those are some pretty well done edited gifs... Shows how easy it could have been to put those guys in a 2D game or two... Nothin wrong with a little sprite re-hash. ;) I like SNK-style Heihachi and Kuma the most. Thanks!

~TFG Webmaster

Maximum Kyo. . .

Yo!  http://fanmade.emulationzone.org/manicteam/software/KOF.htm

The game - it's done! Be sure to read the readme file man!

-Brotha Kyo

Frank replies: Oooh shit... What's up Kyo! BUSTEERRRRRR WOOOOLF! Haha... stupid Terry from Max Impact...  Dude, your game is sweet, and the cutscenes are freaking hilarious... But it's so hard. The first time I played, I decided not to fight the millions of Gokus, so I walked Kyo to the end of the stage and he then he didn't want to turn around... So I quit. LOL! I suck. Anyhow, good shit... Funny as hell. Can't wait for Max Kyo 2!!! Make it easier please!! Anyway, see you at TL. We gotta have a Card Fighters battle soon...

~TFG Webmaster

MUGEN. . .

Well I was thinking and something for you and the site that I think is pretty cool. It is MUGEN I dont know if u had heard of it. But it is a downloadable 2-d fighting game engine where u can download characters from games or sites and put them in your game. U can all kinds of fighters going at it. I have Samurai showdown charaecters fighting streetfighter charaecters. Also if put mugen downloads on your site it would make your site even more powerful then it is today. If u would like some links consening this email me back.

-thank you

-Mark Emanuel

Frank replies: Yeah, I had a kickass MUGEN back in the day... It was Capcom VS Marvel VS SNK... Complete with correct stage music!! Hellz yea... I kinda got bored with it tho, maybe I'll get back into it someday if I have time to waste. lol.

~TFG Webmaster

Flying Dragons. . .

Hey, whas good ya'll? well, imm ajust give you the qiuck 1. Im in iraq right now, in the Marine corps. i just happend to fina ya'lls site, and this is now 1 of my most favorites. I only have 1 thing to add. Do you remember this fighting game for N 64 called flying dragons?? it wasnt Too, too, popular, but it was more well known the jo-jo's bizzare adventure. I was just thinkin that you should add some of them to the characters list. I can only remember a few names : kate, suzaku, ryuji.......and thats about it. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

-Cpl Reed James R. USMC

Frank replies: Flying Dragons? Yeah, I think I rented that once, and play it for like 5 minutes. It probably sucked so I forgot about it... Maybe I'll do some research and put it up on the site? Or maybe not...  Anyhow, thanks for the mail... And keep up the good work yourself! Hope you get to come home soon and play some fighting games. Hit me up when you do! Peace.

~TFG Webmaster

Pathetic Movies. . .

If there is one thing I hate, it's Hollywood making pathetic movies based off some of the greatest video games ever made. Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, and a few others have been destroyed complements to hollywood's "directing" and "acting". Tomb Raider gets a few points from me,( only because Jolie's hot.) but that sucked in my opinion as well. I never saw Double Dragon, but it probably sucked like the rest.

In Super Mario Brothers, Yoshi was a raptor, and Bowser was human with a long tongue. In Street Fighter, Guile had an accent, Blanka was Charlie, Dhalsim was a doctor, and Ryu and Ken being street hustlers, come on!  The emperor of Muay Thai was nothing more than an arms dealer. Mortal Kombat increased the misery by making Raiden and Shao Kahn brothers, while Shinnok was their father. What was worse, he didnt even look like Shinnok, no helmet thing on his head, or white face with green eyes. Jax had a terrible sense of humor. I have nothing to say about Resident Evil........Soul Calibur will soon join the list, and now the greatest 3D fighting game is finally on the list to be destroyed, Tekken. I can already see Hwoarang acting like a dork, as well as a few others. I won't hold my breath for it's release, because like those other movies I discussed, it will suck as well. It's hard to see one of your favorite characters acting like a idiot on the big screen, because of some sorry "actor".

I hope you found this message more entertaining than these movie titles. When will hollywood give up?

-Platinum Mishima

Frank replies: You didn't see Double Dragon? LoL. Don't... It's not even that funny. Your review of SF the movie is cracking me up. Poor Sagat... why did they make him an arms dealer? Indeed, they made some horrible movies based off of fighting games. I also shudder at the thought of a live action Tekken or Soul Calibur movie. I hope they don't screw it up. Maybe they should cast me as Maxi though... I've got nunchaku skills! Check it out!

~TFG Webmaster

Krauser. . .

I'm going with my initial just to be safe, man. Anyway, your site is cool and all but I just can't understand why you don't judge Krauser by his movie character, instead of the game's version. If you saw the movie you'd know what I'm talkin' about, Yagami Frank. By the way, when are Neo Geo Coliseum, and Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection coming out, like never? Incidentally I heard you gamble for fights, if that's true I'd like to pick up on that challenge, hunh!? All in all, I'd like to challenge your Steve Fox vs my Jin Kazama skills, confirmed? We can talk money details if it happens. Point made, keep chilling man, over and out!

P.S.-Forget about the Krauser ordeal. Probably did anyway, right?


Frank replies: Hmm... Do I know you? Ahh well, maybe we can have that Steve VS Jin match someday. Hit me up. Krauser? Ohh, Krauser wasn't bad in the Fatal Fury movie... I just don't like him I guess. Haha. He kicks my ass in Card Fighters!

~TFG Webmaster

Fighting Game Spirit. . .

first of all, i would like to congratulate you for a job well done. i'm ian palma from the philippines, and like you, am also a fighting game enthusiast. the moment i found out about tfg, i was deeply moved by the idea that there's a dedicated website that's all about fighting games. i can't help but feel 'complete'. i'm inspired by your commitment in keeping the fighting game spirit alive. producing a website that's entirely for the glory of fighting games is inspirational. as a fighting game enthusiast, i'm grateful to you and your very noble deed, you should be knighted. i hope your unwavering dedication will never cease.me and the rest of the fighting game enthusiasts all over the world are by your side. you have our support. thank you and more power. keep up the great work! keep the fighting game spirit up and alive!!!

p.s. small suggestion, i hope you'll include in tfg the titles like capcom's technoromancer, the battle arena toshinden series, and konami's kensei sacred fist. i know it'll be added work for you, but hey, it's tfg anyway, the greatest fighting website on the net. and i have faith in you, you can do great job when it comes to fighting games.

-Ian Palma

Frank replies: You felt complete the moment you found TFG?  Damn, man... It's not even complete. But I'm glad the spirit of fighting reaches you out in the Philippines. I'm glad TFG inspires you, that's what it's online for! I hope to add more and more titles to the collection, it just takes time. So come back soon! Shooosh!

~TFG Webmaster

Sketch artist in training. . .

What's up!! My name is Kaylo and I wanted to tell you that what you're doing is Tight. For a long time I've been looking for a website about fighting games only. Just like you I'm the biggest fighting game fanatic alive since I was a kid. I also am a sketch artist in training and there's nothing more inspiring than this. Here is a little artwork that I have made for my future games... It would be cool if we could share ideas for character design.


Frank replies: I'm glad you found the inspiration you were looking for... And nice sketches btw! Your anatomy is pretty damn sharp. Good faces too.

~TFG Webmaster

Night Terror O_O. . .

Hey, Frankie, how's it going?  Glad to see you're slowly getting the site up and running again, but even more glad to see you're playing Soul Calibur III.  Because everyone that plays fighting games should be playing it.  Hell, I don't even know why I'm not right now.

I am also a martial artists, I was drawn to martial arts by fighting games.  I'm a student of Shaolin Kung Fu, but I am very interested in other systems, and enjoy sparring people of different disciplines.

But anyway, I've been visiting your site for 2-3 years now (your site is where I discovered Guilty Gear, which consumes my life....) and I've noticed that you often speak of how you play fighting games in the arcade.  This brings me to my point, which is...is it just me, or are arcade sticks annoying to use?  In my humble opinion, the buttons are too large and the spacing is too wide, plus the stick makes it a little harder to do those quarter circle motions that are so common in games like Guilty Gear.  I can go through Maniac mode in Guilty Gear X2 just fine with a PS2 controller, but on a stick I'd probably get my ass kicked.  I've tried Tekken 5 on the stick, I'm so glad no one was watching...<<;  I've got my Devil Jin up to Tekken Lord on my PS2, but the stick suddenly took my skills away...I know the layout's alot different, but I guess it's easier for me to conserve energy and just use my thumbs instead of my whole arm/hand...

Do you prefer any controllers?  The XBox controller, in my opinion, is a monstrosity, and I'm glad they've left most fighting games well enough alone (they got Guilty Gear #RELOAD, though. x_x) and the Gamecube I'd say is in the middle, as I got quite good at Soul Calibur II on that.  PS2 controllers are best for fighting games, in my opinion, as the buttons are well spaced, etc.  And dead last for me are arcade sticks, for the reasons stated above.  Are there any you prefer, or are you just universal about that kind of thing?  I'm not saying controllers would make me responsible for losing, as I believe losing just comes from a lack of skill, cheap excuses are for losers.  I'm mostly trying to say that me and many people I know have trouble with certain controllers.  I'll stop bothering you now, you've got things to unlock in Soul Calibur III. <<;

Keep the site going strong, can't wait for Zasalamel's (and Night Terror's O_O) profiles.


Frank replies: I'll agree with you on the X-box controller, I hate using it... The Gamecube controller may even be worse. I happen to prefer the PS2 controller (dual shock) for all my fighting games. It took a long time to master, but once you get your thumb conditioned, you can pull off pretty much anything you want. I don't like arcade sticks all that much, but I try to keep my arcade stick skills solid for arcade competition, but I never use one at home.

Thanks for the mail, glad you're enjoying the site!

~TFG Webmaster

Cheesy ass Cheaters. . .

Frankie, I just had to tell you bout this fag at school who fucked up his Soul Calibur 3 game. Some fool at school call "Linx", claiming his skills are like an animal, hence the linx as his nickname tried to cheat in SC3. I remember in your SC3 review that "You Gameshark whores should be ashamed." Well, this ass-wipe acutally downloaded an internet password to put in his PS2 so he could unlock all the characters, all the weapons, clothing, you name it he's got it! BUT...Namco is super smart, in an "equivalent exchange" if you will, the game actually took EVERY STAGE this man had and left him with THE WORST stage on the game. The Egyptian stage, which has the WORST music, the SMALLEST area, and ring-outs on ALL FOUR sides is the only stage he can play. The stage select screen is literally BLANK with empty blocks where the stages used to be! I could only play a couple of matches before getting COMPLETELY pissed and quitting. Serves the bitch right. Ultimate death and destruction to ANYONE who shows such disrespect to a fighting game, especially a good one like SC3. I swear, EVERY OTHER victory at school is a ring-out and I hate it. A proficient guard impacter like myself can only do so much on such a small stage. Man, fuck Linx, we're playing on my memory card next time whether he likes it or not. Me and the rest of the OG gamers at school are gonna keep it honest and unlock everything traditionally, plus it's fun that way!  Well, thought you might get a kick out of my story and congratulate Namco on stopping cheesy ass cheaters in their tracks. I sure as hell did.

-Shin Phoenix

Frank replies:  Namco impresses me yet again... Thanks for the story.

~TFG Webmaster

Brazilian Friend. . .

Hi Frankie!!!
I made a simulation of layer of the magazine!!!
I don't know very English!!! excuse.

-Diego M.

Frank replies: Hahaha, look at me playing SC2 on that crappy Gamecube controller!!! Win a PSX? I'm not giving anyone MY PSX!!! Nice job dude, I love it.

~TFG Webmaster

Stupid People. . .

I just read your latest feedback pages, and it gave me a lot of laughs. I cant believe how many people on these pages lack brain cells. You really get these in your inbox? It reminds me of what you said last year about the 2004 presidential election. "This election proves how many stupid people are in America." Based on these feedbacks, your right. Its kind of sad to see that people keep e-mailing you about the character pages, when you put it clear in bold letters which ones are online. They should be glad that some of them are online period. I can imagine how boring it is to downsize all those pictures on your website, along with things to do in your personal life. Not to mention bandwidth. I want you to know that I humble myself for your work on this site and as long as you promise that all the character pages will be online again, I can wait as long as it takes. Besides, I go to your site for more than just the character sections. I also go for games I should get based on your reviews, or just for fun and entertainment, like those feedbacks I read. Okay, you must be tired of reading this right now, so I'll postpone, but all in all you got a GREAT site, and its not just because of character sections. "BADASS."

-Platinum Mishima

Frank replies: Damn Platinum Mishima, you're on the Nov. / Dec. 05 Feedback twice? Stop sending me such good mail... Anyways, yes, I actually still get emails telling me that Steve Fox's page is down or Yuffie's page is down... Arrgh! I know! I think they do it just to irritate me, but it doesn't work because I delete their mail before I even finish reading it. And yes, one day soon all the characters will be online. I'm as anxious as you to see TFG become complete once again. Thanks for your continued support Mr. Mishima.

~TFG Webmaster

Error Macro. . .

Im not the largest fan of the Mortal Kombat series, but this information is interesting none the less.  Also note that I am not trying to be some douche trying to tell you how to run your site.  I visit this site daily from bother my gaming heart and artistic inspiration.  Thanks for all of he swanky swag you have here.

Ermac (the orange one) his very MK type origin in the likes of Noob Saibot (Boon and Tobias).  In Mortal Kombat I, there was a highly improbable glitch when selecting Scorpion, where his costume would appear to be a reddish orange color.  The error message would appear in place of the name, so rather than scorpion, the message "Error Macro" appears, which is abbreviated to "Ermac".  In midways usual comic relief approach to game production, they created some moves and gave him a moderate story that I never really cared to find out.

-T. J. Morse

Frank replies: I did not know that... Interesting.

~TFG Webmaster

Comic Book Project. . .

Hey I've been a long time fan of you site.(ever since
like high school) a huge chunk of my computer was
filled this artwork from fighting games. We where the
fighting generation you right. Till this day I still
say masami obari is my favorite character designer.
Anyways your site has been a great help all these
years from character ideas to techniques in Photoshop.
And I thank you.

anyways I getting ready to start a whole new comic
book project that I'll be sending to comic book
companies to see if they'll pick it up. and to help
thing out I put my first comic on the web. It old and
very amateurish. but I figured feed back from other
artist would better my chances at me doing things
right this time. and when I thought who can review my
stuff and really give me great feedback. Someone who
really knows what he's talking about. And you came to

So check it out at

I repeat this is the first comic I did start out of
technical school. It was draw on 8 by 11 size paper
and before then I just knew how to pencil. The see my
newer artwork I'm send out new character design
sketches throw my mailing list in a few weeks. You can
see my some newer stuff on rocktoon.com (guest art).
The stuff in my flicker galley is better but still old

Please I really want to do a top-notch job. It will be
done on 11 by 17 size pages. I like to think I got
inking down and I mastered all the Photoshop stuff
too. And if I get the attention from guys like you
then that would be so great.

Thanks for reading this I hope to hear from you soon.


-Willie J.

Frank replies: Thanks for the mail... Glad you could use TFG for artistic reference. And good luck with your art!

~TFG Webmaster

Noticed I slight error. . .

just a slight error I noticed. . . I own SVC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom and Athena isn't in it at all.
I just figured I'd point that out.

But, feel free to correct me if I may have missed something.

-Andrew T.

Frank replies: She's one of the bosses, dude. Play it more.

~TFG Webmaster