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Upcoming Artist. . .

This is Kaylo again just wanted to thank you very much for this website... See I'm an upcoming artist and my specialty when it comes to comics or illustrations is martial arts... I sent you a couple of my arts stuff back in December 2005 - which you can see in the feedback of November-December 2005. ;)- Looking for information about fighting games characters is not easy but your website have made my researches wwwaaaaayyyy easier, everytime I log on the Internet TFG is the first place I go to ahahhaha but long story short thank you again for sharing your fighting games knowledge... To show my gratitude here's a portrait of F.Yagami drawn juss before I sent this email and your favorite technique in the whole fighting game world....Btw the showroom is Paradise!!!

fy-by-lukata.jpg (399839 bytes)      lukata.jpg (169081 bytes)

-Kevin Lukata

Frank replies: Long time no see Kaylo! I see you've been keeping up with your artwork, I definitely remember that style of yours... AWESOME work BTW! Hahaha, and very flattering at that. I really need to work on my 8 pack. ...Ten belt buckle FTW!!!! AHAHAHA! Awesome. That jacket is pretty pimp too, I'd wear that in real life. Nice raging demon pose, your anatomy is top stuff bro. It's truly an honor to know that talented artists like you still use TFG for inspiration... Thanks for your support as always!!!! Stay in touch man, don't let it be another 4 years before you hit me up again! Hehe.

~TFG Webmaster

Sesame Street Fighter. . .

I've been working on some fun illustrations that cross Street Fighter with Sesame Street, and I thought they might make a fun addition to your website:

sesame1.jpg (169892 bytes)     sesame3.jpg (165411 bytes)     sesame2.jpg (131217 bytes)



-Matt Crane

Frank replies: Wow. I don't know whether to laugh or be disturbed... "Looks at Big Bird Sagat again." LMAO!!! Wow, clever stuff man... The art is actually pretty damn good too, which makes it even funnier and/or more disturbing... In any case, thanks for sending this!

~TFG Webmaster

News with Morrigan. . .

Hi, I wanted to ask if u have a full size unedited picture of the Morrigan 
news Art. I think its an amazing photo of her. I would really appreciate 
if u could put it on the site.

P.S  I have bin coming to ur site for years. Its great,I love it.

I dont know how u can keep up with so many characters.

-Emmanuel Jimenez

Frank replies: I wholeheartedly agree with you on that Morrigan art... That amazing artwork from Cross Edge will be added to her page in the next Characters update (along with Felicia art in the same style)! And thanks for visiting... It's a lot of work keeping up with so many characters, but I love it... Keeps me young. Hehe.

P.S. Also a big thanks goes out to Alejandro Castillo for an awesome TFG news banner.

~TFG Webmaster

The Voice of Yagami. . .

Wassup Yagami-san? Btw I like the "speed upgrade" and the way TFG is

Somewhere in the YouTube channel of TFG I've read a comment saying
since the website have a video channel why not make a video reviews?
So is FYagami gonna make a video reviews? Personally I think it will be


Frank replies: Thanks for the feedback on the site's speed, it seems to be running faster for most people since the server upgrade! I recently got some new video making software (yesterday), so for one, you'll definitely be seeing higher quality TFG match videos in the near future. As the videos section continues to grow, it's "possible" you might see some sort of video reviews or features in the future as well. I feel I'm a better writer than I am a speaker, but that's not to say I wouldn't give it a shot... I really enjoy writing game reviews, so I would consider going the extra mile and try out the video review thing just for fun... We'll see!

~TFG Webmaster

Capcom VS Capcom in 2D. . .

Hey Frank. First of all, I just LOVE your website! Fighting games are one of my favorite type of games to play. One of the games I considered getting in the past was Capcom Fighting All Stars because I loved the idea of different Capcom characters from various Capcom titles fighting each other. Of course I was very upset when I heard it was canceled and when I heard about Capcom Fighting Evolution, I was thinking about getting it again. HOWEVER, upon watching videos and reading reviews, I decided against it. It's sad because I really think Capcom had a great idea on paper...but they just didn't execute it right. Not to mention, the franchises represented lacked variety. Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter III, Darkstalkers, Red Earth, and Capcom Fighting All Stars. Three Street Fighter games, Darkstalkers, and unknown arcade game, and only ONE character from a canceled fighting game that could've been great?

I really think Capcom should really try to make another attempt at making a Capcom VS Capcom fighting game. However, I have some improvements and ideas that they should take:

1) More character variety! Capcom has so many franchises so this shouldn't be an issue. Resident Evil, Rival Schools, Megaman, Star Gladiator, Final Fight, Strider, etc. So many other Capcom characters CAN be and SHOULD be featured. I mean, look at Capcom VS SNK and Marvel VS Capcom and the Capcom characters featured that you thought you would never see in a fighting game before.

2) Original Combo System. I really did not like that Capcom literally just copy and pasted gameplay mechanics from the franchises cause that just causes a whole lot of mess. Really, it's not fair that SF3 characters can parry and Darkstalker character's can't. Just start from scratch and make a whole new combo/gameplay system.

3) NEW SPRITES!!! NEW SPRITES!!! Yes, I'd rather Capcom make Capcom VS Capcom in 2D. But please for the love of God, GIVE ALL THE CHARACTERS NEW HAND DRAWN SPRITES!!!

And that's really it. What do you think about that Frank? Should Capcom try and give the Capcom VS Capcom idea another shot? Tell me what you think on this issue and if anymore ideas should be added. I'd like to hear your opinion.    

-Darryl Vaughn

Frank replies: You're absolutely right Darryl... Capcom should redeem themselves for the sloppy work that was Capcom Fighting Evolution. For the technology (and disc space) available at the time, there should have been waaaay more characters and franchises featured in that game. Capcom has had so many hit franchises, so they know they could easily make a "Capcom VS Capcom" fighting game... The main question is, what style of gameplay would it have? The more franchises that would be represented in the game, the more "powerful" the featured characters would need to be. You can't have Viewtiful Joe, Jin Saotome, or Strider Hiryu in a "traditional Street Fighter" style game, because their fighting styles are simply too powerful and unorthodox... Which is likely the reason they weren't featured in Capcom Fighting Evolution, a more traditional 2D fighter (which was even kinda fun for a short while if you gave it a chance).

   That said, if "Capcom VS Capcom" were to be done right, I'd expect them to do a "Marvel VS Capcom" style game... Using an original gameplay & combo system like you mentioned, but not "too" off the mark of the classics. Knowing Capcom though, I honestly think they would rather continue the VS series, involving themselves alongside other well known companies to draw hype (like they did last year with Tatsunoko) instead of making a seemingly "self-centered" Capcom-only fighting game. Of course us die-hard Capcom fans would eat it up (like we're at a 5 star super china buffet), but Capcom would have much more to show if they get another company (or even multiple companies) involved in a new fighting game project... They want to make money of after all. Make sense?

   In closing, I've obviously been a fanatic of 2D hand-drawn sprites for a very long time now... I'll never fall out of love with pure 2D fighting games, but unfortunately I think we'll see less and less of them since they take considerably longer (and much more trial & error) to make than their 3D counterparts. That's why I have a lot of respect for the creators of KOF XII and Blazblue for this reason. I used to be more closed-minded about 3D graphics (especially in the SFEX days) but in this generation, HD/3D video game graphics have really earned my respect. In recent times, fighting game making companies have shown that 2D fighting games can be done right using 3D graphics, so you might as well get used to the trend... Capcom themselves are the prime example, making a big splash with SF IV and Tatsunoko VS Capcom, two very different (and awesome) looking games. Even as a hardcore 2D-sprite lover, I'm not complaining too much, since 3D graphics really can take the "eye candy" of fighting games to new levels... Camera angles anyone? On the flipside, unfortunately, TFG will have that many less 2D sprites to add to it's collection. ...On that note, let's be appreciative of the new 2D sprites that we do get, and the classic ones we've come to know and love of course.

   There's still some hope though... If Capcom "gets the band back together," and locks up a dream team of 2D artists in one room, imagine what could be created... 2D fighting game heaven? The final question is, do they have the motivation to? Capcom has been busier than ever these days, dishing out 10 (shooting) action games per every 1 fighting game they make. *sigh* I miss the old Capcom, but I support them no matter what. I'm looking forward to the SF IV update in the meantime. You know it's coming.

~TFG Webmaster

The Truth Behind SF4's Roster. . . 

Hi Frank. Your site's quite an incredible one, and I think it's pretty much a given that any moderate fighting game fan would be familiar with it. That makes TFG a blessing, but at the same time, crucial.

As you should know, many fans from the US, including myself, and Japan are disappointed that no Street Fighter 3 characters are in Street Fighter 4. It's not unusual to get pissed off when your favorites don't make the cut in a new game, but I'm sure that not everybody acknowledges exactly why that is for SF4. That's why I feel the need to rant. In addition to sharing your thoughts, perhaps you can help us all out and write an article to be posted in your features section regarding this?

It's important for people to understand one thing about Yoshinori Ono: the man is a f-ing liar - a very terrible one at that - and a poor businessman.

For a game that's inherently a big fan-service project, Ono really let a lot of fans down. He had SF4's roster planned in full from the beginning. In fact, somebody at shoryuken.com had inside info on the game, and almost everything he said about the final project turned out to be true. Ono basically told fans to make their voices heard and gave them character polls to vote on, but obviously, with the roster being the way it is, our voices didn't mean jack.  I don't know how closely you've been keeping up with game forums and blog posts, so if the following isn't new to you, feel free to dismiss it.

Anyway, here's what happened....

- Dudley won a poll on Capcom-Unity's front page, but the results were scrapped for a second poll. This is the poll that Cammy supposedly won. However, she was later revealed in an anime trailer just DAYS after the results were gathered. I don't know any animation studio that could work up a specific character in a sequence that fast. Do you? This reeked of so much BS that not long after, Ono retracted his confirmation of Cammy and said the team hadn't decided on her yet.

- Fei-Long and Dan (of ALL people, why?) were revealed while the poll was still open. And at a later time, Gen and Rose were confirmed. Now don't get me wrong, I like Gen and Rose as much as you do, but they are two of the most overlooked Alpha characters. There's no way they should've made it in before Karin or some Final Fight guys, but they're there anyway.

- Furthermore, Dee Jay and T. Hawk had the fewest votes of all the characters featured on that poll, yet THEY were the first ones Ono mentioned as possible add-ons for an upgrade to SF4. Not Ibuki or Hugo, who both clearly came ahead of them in votes, yet suspiciously behind Gen and Rose.

- When the final roster was revealed, Seth Killian gave the "official word" for why no SF3 characters have appeared: Because "they weren't 'around' yet." I'm fully aware that SF4 is set before SF3, but damn it, why tell people they can vote some SF3 guys in if there's no chance of us seeing them? The game didn't have to take place RIGHT AFTER SF2.

- Of course, that explanation failed to shut people up, and Ono eventually came out with a more technical reason for their absence in a podcast interview: Because "they don't play enough like SF2 characters." What the hell does that even mean, not playing like SF2 characters? On the most basic level, they do. They're 2D fighting game characters. Yes, they would play differently in a game where the emphasis is on controlling space and not close-range fighting. I understand that. But whether that transition can improve them or make them suck is a different matter entirely; SF3 characters do have all the right tools necessary for zoning, and they should play well in SF4, provided they're compensated for the things they would lose. They robbed Gen of his chain combos to make him fight fair, but he's still a good character to play; in fact, he's the ONLY one with two supers and two Ultras. Oh, and get this: in the most recent interview, Ono said he wanted to put Rolento in the game, but decided against it because he "would've made the game feel too much like SFA." Really? If that's the case, WTF are Alpha characters doing in the game, period? Gen and Rose are more "Alpha" than he is.

I can understand that Ono's goal was to give SF the comeback it needed. I know his intention was to bring back the millions of fans who played SF2 in its heyday. And from the looks of things, he's done a good job. SF4's exceeded expectations on sales to the point where some guys are calling it the next Guitar Hero! And that's due in no small part to Ono's decision to bring back the 12 World Warriors. But in all seriousness, that's where the nostalgia was supposed to end. He delivered to those millions of old fans; what about those of us who have stuck with the series for the last twelve years? Shouldn't we have gotten a say? And by that, I mean a say that MATTERED? What's it to the casual crowd who makes it in as console exclusives?

Many of them didn't even know SF3 EXISTED until SF4 was announced, and the ones who did know dismissed it because Ryu and Ken were the only returning characters. If SFA had proven one thing, it's that no matter how good a new cast of characters may be, they won't sell a new SF without much of the original 12 present. Essentially, that's all most people really want. And now that they're the center-focus of SF4, how can anyone not see it as unfair, or just plain disrespectful, to the rest of us that there are four characters from Alpha on console, but nobody from SF3? This was the perfect opportunity to get the masses to experience and grow attached to great characters like Alex, Ibuki, Yun, Yang, Dudley, Elena, Makoto and so on. What harm is there in bringing a few of them back for SF4, when Capcom had already thrown Yun into SFA3 as a silly easter-egg bonus? There's no reason not to, when it's clear that the demand for them is high and had always been there.

If I had to guess, it's because they apparently don't fit in with Ono's vision: a future where SF has hit the mainstream gaming market again and the SF3 cast is forgotten. He's slipped up more than once, yet this guy has the nerve to talk like everything he did was legit and act like we're all f-ing idiots. I don't know any game producer who's been more dishonest. SF3 may have bombed in arcades, but that's no excuse to neglect it. For god sakes, even SNK listens to fans of their more "unpopular" games; Shiki from Samurai Shodown 64 is a perfect example of that. They would never poll people for a new game, deny their requests and/or alter the votes, and then cough up lame excuses for why they couldn't deliver.

That's the end of my rant. It's not my intention to turn people away from SF by doing this, but letting off steam is necessary. More people should know about this. I'm sick of listening to Ono's lies, and he needs to get it through his skull that we don't want any more crap from him.

-Bryan Austin

Frank replies: First of all, good rant... I liked it. Secondly, add me to the list of people "disappointed" that no SF3 characters made the cut to SF4. Like you, and most fans of the series (I'd hope), I understand why they went with the roster they picked. They were bringing the series into the "next gen," so they decided to go with the "most recognizable" faces to makeover and bring back with style... And I won't hesitate to say that some of the "oldies" needed a little makeover. By doing so, they indeed got back all of the old fans that haven't touched a Street Fighter game in ages... but what about us "true" fans that have followed the series through every installment? ...And of course, loved the SF3 series?! Why are we now limited to choosing the old school characters/play styles, unable to enjoy using the more dynamic and some-would-say exciting SF3 characters? Well... The answer is... Capcom wants to make money.

   I understand why you (and probably many others) are still upset with Yoshinori Ono, after what he said... Liar? Maybe. Poor businessman? Probably not...   As you mentioned, SF4 likely sold more units than the entire SF3 series ever did on any console combined. By "hype factor" alone, I'd say SF4 was eons more successful than SF3: Third Strike, and in some ways, that saddens me... A lot. 

   I like SF4 as much as the next SF fan, but after seeing how much it's been hyped by the media; and how many "noobs" started playing Street Fighter with 4... It's hard not to call this game over-hyped & dare I say... Over-rated. At the end of the day though, the fact that SF4 has reached such status is a big win for Capcom, and the decisions made by Ono have proven to be no mistake... but in contrast, possibly upset a lot of the "real" fans of the series by giving them false hopes that they might have influenced SF4's roster. For the record, I don't do the forum thing anymore... And I'm not one to vote on polls either, because of this very reason. At the end of the day, it's the development team that decides what goes into the game, not us...

   The good news to all of this is, Capcom is good with surprises... And any fan would know they have a certain "pace" with their sequels to each Street Fighter installment. There is some truth to what Ono said... "they don't play enough like SF2 characters." True, because SF2 characters in general have a much "simpler" style of play. Then again, the new characters introduced like C. Viper & Rufus, have a much more advanced play style, not unlike a SF3 character. What I think they're going to do is, once they "update" all of the characters for the sequel to SF4 (giving everyone a few more moves, and you know they can), the SF3 characters will fit in with the cast a bit better. I'd rather they do it that way, instead off giving us a watered down Yun in the first game, who can't combo like he could in Third Strike. Let the oldies catch up and learn some new moves, then the SF3 characters can make their debut in the series. Make sense? 

   You can quote me on this... I definitely think the SF4 series will bring back a handful, if not all of SF3's characters to SF4's sequels, eventually. Hell, we might even get parrying back some day. They got the old players back, now it's time to please the real fans of the series, and allow us to show the world why SF3 was so badass, and why the characters were TOO F*CKING GOOD to put into the first SF4!!! Capcom wants to make their next game(s) in the series as epic as the first game, and to do that, I think the best move would be to slowly release classic characters into SF4 from different installments... And by "classic," I'm also referring to SF3 characters of course (by the time they do a full sequel I'm sure they'll be considered 'classic' ). 

   So there you go Capcom, I've got your 2010 business plan right here...
Ha ha ha. While it would have been nice to see at least one or two Street Fighter 3 characters make the cut in the first game, I think Capcom will create a bigger "bang" by releasing them later on down the road... Finally combining SF2 with SF3 in the epic conclusion to the series' storyline... It'll be big, and they'd be stupid not to do it. So all I can say is, be patient with Capcom and Ono... They'll come through like always.

   Thanks for the read... I feel like I even got something off of my chest! Whew! 

~TFG Webmaster

Female Fighting Gamer Needs Help!

Hi. I'm AWYN (Emi) and I've been visiting your website for a while. It's very informative.

Question. Would you please help female fighting gamer out? I'm currently learning SFIII 3rd Strike's mechanics and I recently learned to parry (EXs and Super Art) but I still screw up sometimes. Anyway, I'm trying to use the dash (run) technique but I can't get it to work. I know it's double tap forward/backward but no matter how many times I tap, nothing happens. I don't know if something is wrong with the game or me pressing the wrong buttons. Is there a one-button method or it has to be the double tap one? I need to know this because I'm improving and I need something as basic as this out of the way. I have the 3rd Strike game included in the SF Anniversary Edition together with Hyper SFII for PS2. I'm not sure if this 3rd Strike is based on Dreamcast version or directly ported from arcade. Thanks for reading.


Frank replies: Yo Emi! Sure I can help... Especially since I respect any gamer willing to learn one of the best 2D fighting games ever made. To do a dash in SFIII: Third Strike, make sure you do a QUICK double tap forward or backward. You might not be hitting the directional buttons fast enough or your controller might even be faulty if you still can't get it off, because it's actually a pretty easy technique. Also keep in mind there's no "running" in Third Strike, just in case you didn't figure that out yet. Since you asked TFG and all, I'll even provide some animations for you. This is what a successful dash looks like:

Forward Dash (Quickly tap "forward, forward") 

Back Dash (Quickly tap "Back, back")

Hope this helps you out. By the way, dashing effectively is an imperative part of playing Third Strike. I personally like using dashing to set up those anti-air moves (into combos). So practice those "quick" double-taps, it'll come in handy for many other fighting games as well. 

~TFG Webmaster

Competitive Fighting Game Culture. . .


My name's Richard Caesar, I usually alias as FoxCross (which is my PSN handle). I been following TFG for years now. I grew up in Barbados where there is a REALLY healthy and competitive fighting game culture. I've cut my teeth under some guys that I revere as masters in pretty much every Street Fighter, most King of Fighters, Capcom vs (CvS2 is one my favs of all time), Samurai Shodown, Soul Calibur and the list goes on.

I came to America about 2 years ago for college. The busy life of a UMass journalism major/campus TV news director/online news mag editor, doesn't leave me the time to go searching for competition as I'd like so my skillz have faded a little. In any case, I'd be honored to have the chance to fight a couple SF-IV matches against you at some point. I'd venture to say I have a decent Sagat. Like I said my PSN handle's foxcross so you can just hit me back if you're at all interested.

I don't know where you come up with the resources to run TFG and do it so well but I can tell you I'm reeeally impressed. I also find that we share the similar appreciation for certain characters. I admire your passion and I hope I can be as passionate and tenacious about my calling as you clearly are to yours. Once again, great work with the site man and let me know if you're interested in a match-up.


Frank replies: Hi Richard... Wow, that's awesome that there's a competitive fighting game culture all the way out in Barbados! From the sound of it, it's way healthier than in my area. My local arcades really suck as of late (meaning the last 3 years). At least I have some good friends with skills, and thankfully online fighting games have only been getting better with each release. On that note, I'd definitely be up for some SFIV matches... My Ryu will gladly test your Sagat! Thanks a lot, it's great to hear you've been enjoying TFG all this time... And keep that fighting game passion alive, even in your busy schedule!

~TFG Webmaster

PSP Love By Namco!

Whatz up Yagami!  Man, Tekken 6 and SC: Broken Destiny look great! The first SC game to be on a handheld! It's about time! I only have Power Stone Collection and Tekken: DR, but now this will add two more fighters for my PSP! hehe!

Since we're not getting Star Wars characters on this version of SC, I wonder what "guest" characters we will get! What "guests" would you like to see in Broken Destiny?

I have a few potential characters in mind.

Cloud - A FF character could be in this game for sure.

Dante (Devil May Cry) - Dante can do some sick moves if you're played the DMC games! 

Kratos (God Of War) - A badass who you don't wanna piss off! He can be very ruthless in a SC game!

Hayabusa - The main star of the Ninja Gaiden series and a part of DOA roster would be a good match! He'd be better off facing the likes of Taki, Mitsurugi, and Nightmare! 

I can vision a cool critical finish with these characters! 

Tekken 6 I can't wait for both PS3 and PSP! Tekken at home and on the go is great! ^__^ I've already convinced two friends to get a PS3 and PSP just for Tekken! This fall will be about Tekken that's for sure! I'll get some really good competition! Now I can show what my Kazuya can do, as well as Jin! 

Take Care and Keep on Fighting! Keep the News coming! BTW, I hope to face you when TK6 comes out, I want to challenge your Steve! ^__^ I would be honored to be featured in a Tekken 6 match video! I'll keep on schoolin noobs until the time comes! haha! See ya!

-Power Stunna

Frank replies: Sup Mr. Stunna?! I'm also glad to see Namco giving the PSP some love this year (it needed it, though I've actually been having a lot of fun with Patapon 2)! I'll also be picking up Tekken 6 for the PS3 & PSP as well... Having that PSP version to practice combos on-the-run will surely come in handy, as it did when I was playing Tekken 5: DR at the arcades.

   So... Already speculating on the SC: Broken Destiny guest characters huh?!? You definitely named what I'd call "the big three" potential guest characters... I could definitely see the shock value in having Kratos, Dante, or Cloud make the cut to the Soul series. After seeing the likes of Darth Vader, Yoda, & Apprentice; anything's possible. Out of all of those, since I'm still a FFVII fanboy, I'd be damn ecstatic to see Namco's rendition of a Final Fantasy character. Cloud or Sephiroth with Soul Calibur animation?!? That would truly be epic. I'm not a huge Dante or Kratos fan, so I honestly wouldn't be too excited about those guys crossing over, but for the record I'd prefer seeing Dante over Kratos anyday. Ryu Hayabusa??? That would be pretty crazy seeing him ditch the DOA series and appear in a Namco fighting game... I doubt that one for some reason, but I actually wouldn't put it past Namco if they got the rights to do it.

   Thanks for the support as always... See you on PSN! Your Kazuya will meet my Steve in Tekken 6 fo' sure!

~TFG Webmaster