May - June 2007 Feedback

MK VS SF 3. . .

Frankie, take this time to look at this shit!! MORTAL KOMBAT vs STREET FIGHTER 3!


Frank replies: I truly loved MK VS SF 2... A true classic. lol. This one is pretty good too, but it wasn't quite as "epic" as the one before it. Kinda silly in many ways, but still very funny... and wow, what a fight scene. I still need to give Chameleon a page of TFG don't I. Hmmph... Damn ninja clones.

~TFG Webmaster

Recent Marvel Movies. . .

I noticed that in the character section you often put your opinions of movie portrayals in your comments for various Marvel comics characters.  Blackheart recently made his debut in Ghost Rider and Venom made his debut in Spider-man 3.  The movie version of Blackheart disappointed me as it was a far cry from the original.  I was satisfied with movie version of Venom, but he seriously needed more time to develop and shouldn't have been killed off since he has the most sequel potential. What's your opinion of these characters' portrayals in these recent movies?


Frank replies: I've been wanting to rant on this to someone lately... I figure my girlfriend is tired of hearing things like "That's not Venom... Hahaha." or "Dr. Doom? More like Dr. Dumb." ...Okay I didn't really say those "exact" words, but that's what I was thinking.

I could write a freaking essay about ALL the marvel movies and how they could have cast better actors, not screwed up stories, and so on and so forth. Instead of the essay, I'll grant you this awesome table below... It's simple layout is self explanatory.



My Comment

Dr. Doom

Fantastic 4

"Way to get your ass kicked so bad that you slid down a wall.... Try not to suck so bad in the sequel." 

Spider Man

Spider Man 1, 2, and 3

"Why do you cry in every movie? Spidey 3 should have been called Emo-man."


X-men 1, 2, and 3

"Why do you cry in every movie? Did you cry in Van Helsing too? I was too busy sleeping to remember."


Ghost Rider

"Isn't that the guy from The Covenant? I didn't know you had such cool sideburns Blackheart."


Spider Man 3

"Raaaeeer!!! OMFG why do you sound like baby raptor? And why are you so short and wimpy?"


X-men 1, 2, and 3

"Is Raaaaaaarr the only thing you know how to say? Did you hit your head? This is depressing..."


X-men 1, 2, and 3

"Why are you so old... and so.... weak... I'm so weeak."


X-men 3

"Whyyy is your helmet gray? I thought I was watching X-men not He-man."

I'm as happy as the next guy to see the next new Marvel movie preview. It's cool to have Marvel so active in the movie industry to spice things up, but it seems that each year that passes, one of my beloved Marvel villains into a retarded, screaming, cheap 1-liner-using push-over. I understand how most movies have the cursed rule that "the good guy has to win at the end." ...Maybe that means comic books shouldn't be made into movies. Fans have come to love the villains as much, if not more, than the hero. It's a shame that the villain always has to suffer a seemingly quick and humiliating defeat, just to come back in the sequel to get defeated again. Sad.

Worst Marvel character portrayed in Marvel Movie? Sabretooth. He can't even say his own name in the movie. But in the Marvel comics he was brilliant... One of the reasons why the first X-men movie kinda sucked.

~ TFG Webmaster

Why can't I find these. . .

Hey whats up.  I think you are one of the coolest guys for making a website
for hardcore fighting fans like me.  I especially love 2d games like KOF and
Street Fighter. I just wanted to know why is it I cant ever find any of
Rival School or Project Justice sprites (except for Sakura and Kyosuke).
I'm a new aspiring flash artist and I wanted those sprites for a video I
came up with so if you could help me in any way it would be appreciated.

-Quinn Allen

Frank replies: I AM one of the coolest guys... Nuff said.  And the reason why you can't find any gifs is because Rival Schools and Project Justice are 3D fighting games... Kyosuke, Batsu, and Hinata (not sakura) have sprites because Kyosuke was in Capcom VS SNK 2, and during one of his super moves; Batsu and Hinata jump in for a few attacks.

~ TFG Webmaster

I don't really like Card Fighters. . .

So uh..I dont really like Card Fighters, do I suck now?

-Rondo of Blood

Frank replies: Ummm. Right. You don't have anyone to play it with do you... I suppose it would get boring rather quickly if you don't have good competition.

~ TFG Webmaster

Incredible Site. . .

Amazing job, keep it up!
Love the layout and all those sprites!

-Peter Vaht

Frank replies: Short & straight forward emails usually make my day... And all I need to say is "Thanks!"

~ TFG Webmaster

Orchid's boobies. . .

hi fightersgeneration.
i wondering is Black Orchid's boobies real or fake?

greetings from daniel ydal from sweden

-Daniel Ydal

Frank replies: Definitely fake.

~ TFG Webmaster

Fighting game experience. . .

Hello, Frankie! I love your site and I can't thank you enough for satisfying my fighting game needs. I also want to thank you for helping me enjoy MvC2 a lot more. You see, I used to be bothered by how some characters were a lot stronger than others, but it all made sense when I read your review. It seems like Capcom did intend to make the game unbalanced because some characters really are more powerful than others. After all, the main purpose of those games is so two companies can pit each others' characters against each other to find out who is stronger, right? If Servbot could take on Juggernaut, that just wouldn't make sense and it would defeat the whole purpose of the game! Anyway, I'm glad you helped me with what was bugging me. I now play the game regularly and can't get enough. My teams are Cyclops/Cable/Sentinel, Megaman/T. Bonne/B.B. Hood and Guile/Akuma/Chun Li. I've never had a more thrilling fighting game experience in my life (except for Tekken DR, of course.)

Anyway, this email isn't just about me. I wanted to know your opinion on something else that has been bothering me. Lately I've noticed how much time I spend playing video games, and I've been wondering if it's nerdy in any way. I still have a healthy social life and a few other hobbies (I do mixed martial arts and I draw), but the fact that I spend as much time playing video games as I do everything else makes me feel like a loser. Now, I know gaming has become a lot more mainstream over the years and playing games alone does NOT make you a nerd, but I guess what I'm asking is does taking games seriously make you nerdy? I consider myself a competitive gamer, and I know you do too, being the master of fighting game art and all... but if you take video games as seriously as, say, sports or music, does it make you nerdy? Personally I don't think so because if it's something you're good at and something you enjoy, why not spend a lot of time doing it? Then again, the skills you gain from gaming don't really apply to anything else, so I can't be too sure. I know I pretty much answered my own question, but I still need an opinion from someone with similar interests. Thanks in advance!

P.S. I'm not sure if you add random people to your Myspace or not, but I sent an add request anyway.

-Stu Smith

Frank replies: Hey man, I'm glad you enjoyed my Marvel vs Capcom 2 review... It will always be an under-rated game, but that's not uncommon among fighting games. Some people that call themselves "gamers" will find something that they don't like about a fighting game, and deem the game unbalanced or broken or whatever... Many times it's just their excuse for losing. I used to hear it all the time at the arcades. I nearly perfected this guy in MvC2 and I hear "the collision detection is off" ... I was like, this isn't Madden buddy. *sigh*

I love using "low tier" characters in MvC2 and I've become quite good with my underdog B.B.Hood/Megaman/Jin team... I can actually beat some very skilled players who use the likes of Cable, Magneto, Blackheart, Sentinal, Storm, you name it. They don't expect my team to be effective, but "the way" I play them is extremely defensive, yet offensive when the time is right. Anyway, yeah, it's a great game for so many reasons... and will always be a true classic.

That's cool you're into martial arts and you draw... You sound kinda like me actually! As long as you have other hobbies, you won't be considered a "loser." The only losers that play video games are the one's that sit at home (or at LAN centers) and play World of Warcraft all day. Now that is a game that gives you no long term skills what-so-ever. Fighting game skills actually "roll over" infinitely to the next fighting game you decide to sit down and learn.

Sometimes, I think it depends on the kind of video games you play, that either make you nerdy or not. But first of all, you shouldn't care if someone else thinks you're "nerdy." Being confident in yourself comes first... And if you are, it shows. Being confident is going out in public and playing NeoGeo Pocket (with Cardfighters) inside with a friend or two, AND hitting on a hot girl or two. Me and my best buddies used to do it all the time. Good times.

I'd consider myself a master of fighting games in general... I've been playing since I was 4 years old, and those skills have stayed with me over the years. The strategies I learned playing Street Fighter 2 still come in handy when I'm playing Tekken or Soul Calibur, etc... So being serious about fighting games actually does pay off, especially when you can walk into an arcade and dominate, or enter a tournament and at least place well. Tis a shame that arcades continue to die... If only they'd find a way to make a comeback.

Anyhow, I'll stop before I ramble into a new subject entirely... Thanks for the mail, and I hope I've answered all of your questions.

~ TFG Webmaster

I don't care who the hell I piss off. . .

You have done an amazing job on that site!

I totally love the "I don't care who the hell I piss off" attitude you have when you review games. Where Magazines and mainstream media worry about pissing off gamers, you say how it is- which is a breath of fresh air!

The amount of material on your site is astounding! Every time I go there's something new. The site is amazing, and I just wanted to compliment it.

Thank you XD

-Mike S.

Frank replies: It's nice to feel appreciated sometimes... Thanks for appreciating my style of reviews, I wouldn't have it any other way really. And yes, I've been updating the site A LOT lately... There is definitely more content online now then there's ever been in the past. I'm proud to see how TFG has grown, and happy to see that my hard work is still appreciated. Thanks for the kind feedback!

~ TFG Webmaster

Got's a present fo' yo ass, beetch!!

Man, it's definitely been awhile since I last came to this site. I remember about 3-4 years ago, this site was like my 2nd home away from home. I was in love with 2d fighting games, and SF 3 was basically my BFF(heh, gotta' love everyone's favorite overtanned, near naked, thong wearing warrior, Urien, and the big man, Hugo...ooh, can't forget Elena. Gotta' love that girl). Any hoo, I'm just here to give some ass pats, man. Thanks for posting all these wonderful fighter sprites. Without them, I would have never learned some of the basics of pixel animation (although some sport some big pixel art no no's, it's all good...).

   Any way, a long time ago I proceeded to project my view of what a Tekken 5 game would look like on a Gameboy Advance or DS handheld, if it was actually given some pixel art lovin', rather than poor quality, 3D polygonal rips. Here's the link:

***I go by "The B.O.B." handle at the web site,, as well as other pixel art forums. It was supposed to be a joke, in that people would believe that I actually obtained and sold the idea to Namco, that a 2d fighter of Tekken would be made on the GBA or DS. It was all in good fun...***

   Again, these fighter sprites are fairly old, and completely hand made through MSpaint ( No rips, palette swaps, or sprite edits...once again, very big no no's in the pixel art world...). As time went on, I can definitely say that I have learned some better techniques through the way of the pixel. But uh...yeah.

   I can't say that I've remembered the last time I've played a 2d game though. The last one was Garou: MOTW. It was ok, but I didn't have any one to play it with(turns out you were right, Grant is a beast.). I don't have a PS2, or any next gen console at the moment, so looks like my filthy hands will have to wait for KOF XI another day. 3D games, however, I've found a disliking for. The only ones I can stomach, are from Namco (Soul Calibur, and Tekken). All Capcom 3D fighter games just need to stop. And let me just say that I saw some new screens of Tekken 6, and it's looking great. The intro/preview was over the top, though. However, the character design of the new comer "Leo" is friggin' horrible. Looks like some crappy mix of Rock Howard, and Leon from Virtua Fighter.

   Whelp, that's it for now. Just really swingin' by to say thanks for the good times. Wish you luck, from one artist to another. Stay happy, and keep on keepin' on, man...

The B.o.B. , out...
-The B.o.B

Frank replies: Whoa whoa, watch it with the ass patting... I'm not in the NBA... And if anyone did that to me I would seriously punch them in the face a few times, for real. Now that that's out of the way, Urien and Hugo are indeed some sexy men aren't they? LMFAO! Haha. The best characters in Third Strike!! Well, I like all of the characters in TS really... Such a great game, and the best 2D animation in ANY GAME still to this day.

I'm glad TFG could assist you with your pixel art studies... It's worked the same for me. Yeah, I've tried my hand at sprite creating & animation, and I have a long way to go, but maybe someday I'll have something to show for it. I do like your Tekken 5 sprites, although they would be VERY difficult to animate fluidly. Mainly because of the number of colors you used. A more cel-shaded look is always better for animation I've learned.

So you're not feeling the 3D fighters huh? Man, if you had some good competition to learn from you might enjoy them more. Ohh and Leo from Tekken 6 seems pretty cool to me so far... I like the moves I've seen thus far. Gotta give him *cough* her a chance. Well, thanks for the feedback. Later!

~ TFG Webmaster

One question. . .

So Frankie...Short e-mail are always the best? Well I have one question for you.
Who you think will win in a fight M.Bison or Geese Howard?.

Now how's that?...Short and right to the point.


Frank replies: I'm always up for a nerd question such at that... Heh. My answer?

Neither of them... They're both technically dead.

... Well, according to the storylines they should be, but assuming they are both alive, I'd have to go with M. Bison. Come on, he's M. Bison!!!

~ TFG Webmaster