>May - June 2006 Feedback

For the guru of fighting game knowledge. . .

Dear Frank;

I just want to say that I have always enjoyed your website. I have been visiting since early 2000 when the entire gallery was up and you were located at gamegen.net or something. I have loved fighting games since my big brother used to beat me in street fighter 2 turbo for SNES when I was 8, and I am currently working on a project for my multimedia design/web design classes based on my love of fighting. A few questions for the guru of fighting game knowledge:

1) Morrigan and Lillith are sisters, and Lillith is a clone of Morrigan made from excess demonic energy, am I right? In the anime Morrigan could duplicate herself, does that clone not become Lillith? This being said, if Morrigan has sex with Lillith is that incest or masturbation?

2) Would you ever put Clayfighters on your website? Would you ever put any of the Dragon Ball Z Budokai games on your website? I would love to read what you would have to say about the weird clayfighters roster, as well as how you would rate some of Akira Toriyama's best characters from the Dragon Ball series (Trunks would probably get an 8 while fat Majin Buu gets a 2)

3) I seem to suffer from blindness, why are all the links in your characters page from M and beyond are broken? Just kidding :-p

Keep up the good work and please give me the attention I deserve by putting this email on your feedback page!

CEO of Sidekicks Incorporated

Frank replies: It's hard to believe TFG actually got it's start way back in early 2000... and to think I was only 16 when I started it. I'm sure you can appreciate how much it's grown over the years, but I'm definitely NOT "The guru of fighting game knowledge," never was... but if you know such a person, send me his email address or something! lol.  I'd consider myself to be more of "the guru of fighting game art"....  even though it doesn't sound quite as cool. And geez, looks like everyone is doing school projects about fighting games. I say awesome!!! Spread the m*f*ing word. Yo.

1. Yes. Both. I think. 
Gotta love Morrigan.

2. Honestly, I've never played Clayfighters because it looked so stupid that I couldn't ever bring myself to play it... and I never will, even for free. So probably not anytime soon.

3. Not funny. Well, of course a few years back... ALL The character profiles worked. But shit happens, servers crash, pictures pile up, links get screwy, etc... Thus, I'm currently redesigning/reorganizing all of the pages, so it's a lengthy process when talking about all the fighting game characters you could think of. Ohh... you're kidding. Haha.

Thanks again, and take it easy.

~TFG Webmaster

Thanks for making TFG possible. . .

I honestly have no clue when I started coming to TFG...I know it was since when it was at 100%, but I can't remember actually how far back...

Anyways! Thanks a lot for making TFG! I suck at fighters in general, but I LOVE them, for the stories, characters, and awesome moves that plain out defy logic. I may not be near competitive level with any character in the fighting games I play (Well...besides Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4), but I'll be the first to explain to you that character's in and outs! I'm pretty sure you know the feeling!

Again, anyways! I see and completely understand that TFG is still not back up to full speed, which is fine, take your time!...However, (I'm pretty sure you have gotten questions about this before) if you need any help doing what you do, updating, uploading, whatever...I'm offering my services (Pshh, yeah right, services! Like I can do something special lol...) to you man! I'm just about to be a senior in high school, and it's my summer break, so I've got plenty of free time! I know how to make webpages decent enough, and I have some reasonable skill with photoshop...I don't want any real credit, or say/opinions on TFG, it's your site y'know...but if it means more people including myself, can enjoy TFG at it's full capacity and more once again, I'm up to it!

<_<; Just to clear up any confusion, I'm not asking you to pay me...I just can't think of a better word for "services"...

Also, sorry about over-punctuation, constant "..."'ing, and a lot of parenthetical thought!

If you need anything, I'll try my best to help! (and I plan on buying a shirt (if those things are still available) soon!)


Frank replies: Pay you?  Thanks for the offer, but I've always maintained this site all by myself... with never any help besides the people who send me pictures. (Credits). So if you want to help in any way, you can always send me pics or animations that I may not have. Anyhow, it's fun managing this site... I've always enjoyed working on it, even though it can be very time constraining, and frustrating when my programs crash and I didn't save the work, but it's all about something I love, so it's all worth it in the end.

It's always cool meeting other fighting game fans, even if you suck at actually playing them.  That's cool you've been coming to TFG for this long, and you can also remember when all the links worked 100% back in the day... Well, as you know these problems are being fixed. And come to think of it, I've collected so much more artwork and gifs these last few years, I think it's safe to say TFG is already near 600% of what it used to be. Hell, back in the day, we didn't even have CvS2 gifs, MvC2 gifs, SF3 gifs... Not to mention some of the superb high-res art you can only find here. And there's always more room to grow, so stay tuned.

~TFG Webmaster


Dude, that review you gave on SFA3:MAX was really awesome! I happen to be a veteran myself, so I ran out and got a copy of it, so now i need a PSP..... and when i do get one......... I'M GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS SO HARD, THAT YOUR KIDS GONNA FEEL IT! by the way, who's the stronger ninja, hayabusa or hayate?


Frank replies: Ahh, so you got the game but no psp? That really sucks... Psp is badass. You should get a 4 GB hard drive also, so you can save tons of videos and mp3s on your shiny new psp... And you can buy both from Lik-Sang.com!!!  Click a link from TFG and Cha-ching! 

Anyways, I'm always grateful of positive responses to my reviews... I'm so busy with other stuff on the site (and in my regular life), so... many times I put reviews on the back burners, but lately I've been getting some positive feedback so it makes me want to do longer and better reviews whenever I can!

Nah man, you gotta do it like Guile from the Street Fighter movie!!! Hahaha! *In best Jean Claude voice* "I'm gonna get on my boat, go up-reeever, and I am going to keeick, that sonoffabeitch Bison's-ass so HAAARRRD. That the next Bison wanna be is gonna feel it. *applause* Thank you.

And the answer to your ninja question is... Hanzo.

~TFG Webmaster

An Idea. . .

Hey Frank, my name's Judd and I really like your site.  In fact, it re-ignited my love of fighting games.  The problem though, is I'm a scrub.  And none of my friends play fighting games (well a few play Soul Caliber 2 and 3).  Then I thought, since your good at a lot of fighting games, why not add a tips section, and give us scrubs some advice, like a weekly column or some shit like that?  Of course I ain't telling you what to do with your site, it's awesome as it is.  But damn it, I button mash, and I want to learn not  to button mash. And on that note, I'll say bye, and keep up the good work.

P.S. Your action figure collection is King of Kings

-Judd M.

Frank replies: Eeh... it must suck to be a scrub huh? Well, I can't tell you how to play a certain fighting game... it's something that you have to kinda learn on your own or learn by playing others. Many people look up combos and strategy online, but personally, I don't go running to the latest FAQ update or movelist as soon as a game comes out. I like discovering things on my own, playing against other skilled players, watching myself get better slowly, and then adding more knowledge when the time is right. So basically what I'm saying is, find out how NOT to be a scrub on your own. TFG is mainly for art and a tribute to the genre. Will it ever include a tips section? Hmm... Looks like it already does, because I just gave you one! lol.

Ohh and..... Tip #2: Don't button mash.

~TFG Webmaster

Lili From Tekken. . .

Hey Frank is it just me or does Lilli from Tekken 5: DR remind you of a mixture of Karin and Ingrid from Capcom?


Frank replies: No, it's not just you... Lili reminds me a lot of Ingrid too. Although their fighting styles are very different, they definitely look really similar. I'd go as far as saying Lili was inspired by Ingrid (on looks alone).

~TFG Webmaster

Strider Fan. . .


I was reading through your great site, and noticed you
were a big fan of the SNK game Card Fighters Clash.

Well, I am a huge Strider fan, and recently found that
Hiryu appears in both Card Fighters Clash 1 and 2,
(and possibly will appear in the upcoming DS game).

Unfortunately, I can't find screenshots of Hiryu's
appearance in these games. Would you happen to have
either one? I know your Strider character page isn't
up yet, but will these be featured once it is up? I'd
like to submit these pics to a Strider site I
frequent, and I would of course give you full credit
and linkage.

If you do not have them, might you know of a place
that does? If you don't, I'll probably get ahold of
them sometime and I could send them to you.

Thank you very much. The site rules!!

Much love for Capcom


Frank replies: Strider's page is sitting in my database, with the "old" non-centered layout, the "old" text font, no thumbnails, and no game links... but once I get to the S's, bring the pages up to date AND add all the new artwork I've collected; I assure you that Hiryu's new character profile will kick some serious ass! And will feature all of the above that you mentioned. Just a little more patience and it'll be up in no time!!!

~TFG Webmaster

Fan Babble. . .

Hi Frankie!

First of all, I'd like to get through the fan babble that you're probably bored stiff by now: I've been visiting the site ever since I got an Internet connection here at home, way back a bunch of years ago. The content of your site is one of the most fun to read and go through lots of times... I got sad to see your grading system and favorite badge go away, but I'm glad all the content is coming back, and that sacrifice is worthwhile if we can get all of the wonderful pictures and info back.

I hope you haven't stopped reading... I saw you commenting on feedback about the mailing list for the system. Well, I really don't remember signing up to one and I looked all around TFG for a link to it, but couldn't find it. If you could add me to it, please use this e-mail address which this message is being sent to you.

Thanks for the cool site and keep it up!

P.S: I bought a Dreamcast arcade controller last week and I'm training my skills at SFA3, MvsC2 and Soul Calibur. It's awesome, so bad the DC got canned so early on, huh?

Maybe we can match skills one day? I hope so!

Your friend from São Paulo,


Frank replies: I'm surprised to see you miss the Frank's Favorite badge and the rating system... I decided to take it down because I received too many emails telling me how lame I was for giving Ryu a 9.5 or giving Raiden a 6... It just got old. I might bring it back someday... because come to think of it, I kinda miss those emails. 

Those that are on the TFG mail list "donated" to TFG while there was a donation button. Since they helped out the site, I send them detailed website updates. There currently isn't an option to join the mail list but stay tuned.

~TFG Webmaster

Yagami needs a laugh...

Damn idiot. . .

What's with your headline on your site? "wii don't really care?" you
act like sony is the supreme gaming console on earth.Obviously you
werent a gamer back in the 80's-90's or some crap...nintendo is still
the shit.I bet your one of those people who are just good at one genre
of games....fighting.unlike youself,I'm GREAT at all types of
games....not to sound cocky.Don't be a hater now that nintendo is
looking way better than sony and microsoft...they got their shit down
packed young grasshoppah.

    Anyone who pays $600 for a ps3 is a damn idiot like
yourself,everyone knows sonys 1st new launched systems SUCK..faulty
lenses and what not.Anyway im done with you,and take that stupid eye
contact out....you look like a imbecile.Come see me bitch!

-Robby Angeles

Frank replies: "Sony" isn't a gaming console....  And I think Dreamcast is the supreme gaming console on Earth... so there.  Though, it seems PS2 has come around to be THE system for quality fighting games, yes, even surpassing my beloved Dreamcast. Dude, everyone knows Nintendo is geared towards kids, Nintendo fanboys and girls. Nintendo is cool and all, and yeah I actually do own a NES, SNES, N64 and Gamecube; but I also prefer playing top-notch fighting games like Tekken and Virtua Fighter, so I will get a PS3. Wii looks interesting & innovative and all that, but I'm 99% sure it's not going to be a legitimate system for fighting games, and the X-box 360 controller sucks... So I'm siding with PS3 at the moment. And I never said anything bad about Nintendo. Bub did... or is that Bob.

. "Yeah I said it biatch... Now go f*ck YOUSELF."

P.S. And yeah, I'm good at fighting games, maybe because I'm also good at real fighting... So I'll practice my fighting skills and you practice your Mario and Nintendogs skills... 

~TFG Webmaster

You Forgot. . .

You forgot to add the game called Mace The Dark Age. It was a swordfiighting game on the N64, and it was made by Midway. It was supposed to be the Sword fighting Version of Mortal Kombat.

Some other games you forgot were:

Dark Rift(N64)
Bio Freaks(N64)
Clay Fighters(N64)
Super Smash Brothers(N64)(GC)
Eternal Champions(GEN)
Tongue of The Fat Man(GEN)
Virtua Fighter: Animation

-Billy Normous

Frank replies: Nooo, I didn't forget (well maybe I purposely did) ... I just lack motivation and I'm busy with more important stuff. Mace also came out in the arcade, and it wasn't completely horrible (until Soul Calibur came into existence)... Sheesh, some people only focus on the "negative"... what's "missing" from TFG. Actually, now that I think about it, it's NOT such a bad thing that those crappy games aren't on TFG. It's not that I forgot, I just don't care enough to waste my precious time making a bio freaks profile. Typing out the words "Bio Freaks" is actually way more than I ever wanted to do... I hate you for making me do that. Just kidding. lol.

But in all seriousness, you never know what lame game profiles might pop up sooner or later on TFG... Sometimes I get bored..... so stay tuned.

~TFG Webmaster

Outlaw Team on SNL. . .

Do you still have that pic ? It was one of your best.... esp. the way Gato moved his head


Frank replies:

~TFG Webmaster