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What are your thoughts on Soul Calibur 5 . . .

Hello Mr. Frank (or should I say FYagami?),

First of all, I cannot compliment you enough for your amazing work with FighersGeneration.com. The daily updated news section is fantastic, and so are your reviews: finally someone who not only knows what he is talking about, but isn't a theory freak; you actually get in the ring and make your knowledge useful. You're a BEAST, unlike the button-mashing mainstream media :D

Well, after expressing my respect, I'd like to ask you something.. what are your thoughts on the new Soul Calibur 5? Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it will be a fantastic game (being a huge fan of the series and even more of Tekken, I have no reason to doubt Namco), but.. will it still be Soul Calibur? Let me ask it in another way... aren't they going too far with the "generational shift"? I know many characters will be back, but if their playing style changes too much (along with the basic gameplay), it might turn off oldtime fans...

I mean, can you imagine Ivy almost 20 years older and using the same mannerisms and skills? She's always been my favorite character (specially her SC2 an 4 incarnations), and it wouldn't feel right without her... and that goes to a lot of other characters (if not all of them.. thou an old-aged Mitsurugi would be awesome!) I am definitely buying the game as soon as it is out, but still I wonder how it'll turn out. Your opinion on the subject would be very valuable. 

Anyway, I'm from Brazil, and I noticed you got some messages in Portuguese (the Brazilian one)... I really don't get why
would someone expect you to understand, but it is funny how you actually
got the main idea from one of them! 

If you ever get one of those again, I'd be happy to translate it for you, just let me know =)

Thanks for your time!

-Helder Miyashiro Iwamoto (Belem-PA, Brazil)

(PS: You should create a martial arts reference section.. some sort of catalog where martial artists could easily find
out what characters/games represent their fighting style, and which ones actually got them right)

Frank replies: Thanks a lot man. Soul Calibur 5.... I'm definitely glad I've lived to see the day... not that I was planning to die or anything, but y'know.  

I've always greatly enjoyed the Soul series. Aside from Tekken, Soul has been one of my "main" games throughout all my years of fighting. While I've been "impressed" with every Soul sequel to date, the drastic moveset changes they made to certain characters (like Ivy) in SC3/SC4 slightly disappointed me in the long run. No other franchise ever changed their fighters that much.... There isn't a Street Fighter game where Ryu's hadoken was changed from "QCF + P" to "QCB + P"... but the Soul series has done such things. Thankfully, the "majority" of changes they've made have been good ones, but once again, I haven't enjoyed playing Ivy (one of my favorite characters) since SC2... and that's kinda sad.

Alas, such changes in the Soul series are to be expected nowadays. What I'm hoping for in SC5 is faster gameplay, plenty of mix-ups & fakes, a nice balanced roster (like SC4), great stage designs, and some epic guest characters (c'mon Cloud & Sephiroth!). Like you, Namco has never given me a reason to doubt their sequels. Of course SC5 will be a solid game, but I'm hoping they put a lot of time and "heart" into SC5. I think that's what SC4 was mainly lacking... heart. (and storyline). lol. 

Haha, well I do get messages written in other languages sometimes. I've tried putting them into a translator, but it isn't quite enough. I'll keep you on reference in case I get any more emails in Portuguese. Thanks man!

TFG Webmaster

Fighters Destiny, Clay Fighter & Final Fantasy 13. . .

Hi Frank, my name is Rodrigo, I'm from Santiago, Chile (so, my English isn't perfect), and I must say that when I found your page, I simply felt in love with it, I've been following for years right now. Visiting TFG home page is like reading newspapers, and searching through it is like being in a library (or a museum)!

Thanks for putting your time on this, so we players can find out so much information about those games we love.

Now, the questions:

1. I was searching through TFG to find out that you haven't reviewed Fighters Destiny, a N64 game. It wasn't a really really good game (compared to other 3D fighters from those years), but I always thought that it was sort of different and unique. Why Fighters Destiny isn't in TFG?

2. Have you played Clay Fighter? Could you write a mini review in a reply? Hahaha, I know this game can't be in TFG (too weird and was lacking in gameplay), but it was funny in Snes.

3. I saw that you are a Final Fantasy fan. What are your thoughts on Final Fantasy XIII? I actually didn't liked it at all (the story and gameplay pulled me off, the characters are just too FF cliche and the battle system was like "attack" all the time)

That's all man! (My main question is the first, don't worry too much about the others)

-Rodrigo Andres Perez Carrasco (Santiago, Chile)

Frank replies: Hi Rodrigo, nice to meet you. Sounds like you've been enjoying TFG to the fullest, and thanks! By the way, your English is pretty solid! ;) 

1. I actually rented Fighters Destiny once... I remember pacing back and forth in the N64 isle at Blockbuster in 1998 (wishing there was a bigger selection of N64 games), and I eyed Fighters Destiny several times... but I felt like it would be a total waste of money to even rent. LOL. Anyhow, I finally gave it a chance, and it wasn't as bad as a thought... but still, it was pretty lame. It had a unique gameplay gimmick, but it was hardly any fun and the characters were boring. I won't say that I'll never put up a Fighters Destiny profile on TFG, but I simply don't have much motivation to do so at the moment. lol.

2. I think I played a demo of Clayfighter at a retail store and hated it... with a passion. All I remember is the fighting snowman and some other really ugly pixilated things that kinda gave me the creeps. Let me just say... there's a better chance of a Fighters Destiny TFG profile than a Clayfighter one. ;)

3. I thought FF XIII's graphics were jaw-dropping in 1080p (on PS3)... it's probably the best-looking game I've ever played. However, here's my mini-review of FF13. Graphics = 10  /  Gameplay = 8.5  /  Characters = /  Story = 2.5... yeah, it just went downhill once you got past the graphics. 

Anyway, thanks for the questions! Take care. 

TFG Webmaster

You Really Know your shit . . .

Discovered your site today.  I've been sitting here for 3 hours straight just reading your game reviews.  Really excellent. Also, you really know your shit.  Thanks for the great content.

-Chris Gsell (Brooklyn, New York)

Frank replies: Thanks a lot Chris. I've put many hours into those reviews... and when I receive comments like yours, it makes it all worthwhile. By the way, I'm glad you said "you know your shit" and not "you know you're shit"... that little apostrophe changes everything sometimes. lol! Thanks man & enjoy the site!

TFG Webmaster

Square Enix VS Capcom . . .

Hello Frank! TFG is the best fighting game site ever, fighting games are one of my top favorite video game genres ever and the day I found TFG was one of the best moments in my life. I have 3 questions, they are all about Capcom VS games.

1. Like you Frank I too am a long time Marvel fan. Marvel comics is and will always be on the top of my favorite comic companies list, I have many Marvel character favorites. Anyway my first question is this: Lets pretend there would be a new Marvel VS Capcom game and you and only you would get to decide which Marvel characters you would want in (NOTE: excluding the Marvel characters who already are in the Marvel vs Capcom series or have been in at least once). Which Marvel character(s) who hasn't been in the MvsC series before would you add?
2. Just like you Frank I also never liked DC comics and prefer Marvel over them, the only DC characters I truly like and always has are Power Girl, Zatanna and Poison Ivy (my favorite of the three) but otherwise beside them I never cared much for the DC characters. Anyway my question is this, if there ever would be a DC VS Capcom fighting game how would you feel about it? I would only be interested if (at least one of) my 3 DC girls who I mentioned got in (especially Poison Ivy), otherwise I would only care about the Capcom side.
3. Do you think a Square Enix VS Capcom fighting game could ever happen, if yes, then what SE characters) do you think should be in? I would personally just want Terra (Final Fantasy 6), Vivi (Final Fantasy 9), Aya Brea (Parasite Eve series) and Neku (The World Ends with You).
That's all, thanks for your time and keep up the good work here at TFG! Bye!

-Robert M. (Stockholm, Sweden)

Frank replies: Thanks so much... I appreciate it. Let's get to your questions then! 

1. I thought Capcom did an awesome job with their character choices since the beginning of the VS series. Since I'm a big X-men fan, most of my favorite Marvel characters ended up in MVC2... and the fact that they got the original voice actors from the X-men animated TV series was the icing on the cake. Marvel characters I'd love to see in a Capcom game that haven't made the cut would be: Mister Sinister, Mephisto, Shatterstar, Domino, Havok, Pyro, Archangel, Beast, Stryfe, Iron Fist, Loki, Kingpin, Ultron and Nightcrawler! For the record, I'd prefer to see them done in Capcom's "classic" 2D VS series style... but I suppose I'd settle for MVC3 graphics.  

2. In all honesty, I wouldn't be very excited about Capcom VS DC... unless it was done with 2D sprites, of course. :)

3. Square Enix VS Capcom? Now that's something I'd go crazy over. Yeah, I think it's very possible actually. Of course I'd want to see a good variety of Final Fantasy characters from 7-10 (Squall, Cloud, Sephiroth, Steiner, Vivi, Lulu & Kimahri are musts), a few characters from Chrono Trigger (Frog better be in there), a few from the Mana series, and maybe even some oddball characters from Ehrgeiz would be cool to see re-imagined in Capcom's art style.

Thanks for the questions Robert... it was fun! 

TFG Webmaster

Tekken 6 Cabinet at Galloping Ghost Arcade . . .

(In response to my reply from last month's feedback)

Doc replies: Thanks...we are really trying to do unique cabinets here.  We actually just had several of the Mortal Kombat actors out to sign our cabinets too.  Phillip Ahn (Shang Tsung MKII), Katalin Ogren (Kitana, Mileena, Jade MKII) John Turk (Subzero UMK3) and then Dan "Toasty" Forden and John Vogel were there too
. And here are some pics of the Tekken cabinet I did.  I used Fanta sticks and crown buttons on it!

Frank replies: Wow, that's awesome Doc. You guys are one of the last great arcades in America and, once again, I wish you the best of luck. Maybe you guys will inspire other arcades in America to open up because you guys are doing it right!! Thanks for sending the pics of the Tekken 6 cabinet... great job on it! No doubt I'll spend some quality time at that cabinet when I visit.

TFG Webmaster

Pad or Stick . . .

Hey Frankie! I've been a fan of your site since '02 and I'd like to thank you for having the best fighting game site on the internet. My friend and I really trust your reviews and its great to read stuff written by an expert in the "field". I have a few questions for you:

1. Pad or stick? If the latter what stick do you prefer?

2. I've noticed your a big fan of FF7, you have character pages for Sephiroth and Cloud after all. Have you played Dissidia yet and if so what's your opinion on it? You probably get this question a lot, I apologize.

Thanks for answering any questions!

-Daniel McDade (Henderson, North Carolina)

Frank replies: Well thanks man... it's always great to hear from someone who's been coming to the site since the early days! Thanks for all the years of support my friend.

#1. Depends on the game. For Tekken and Soul Calibur (my main games) I always use a pad... more specifically, Dual Shock. I've been using the PS controller for fighting games for over 15 years now, so it feels very natural to me. I also enjoy using a quality arcade stick, but I tend to play more effectively whenever I use Dual Shock. I even use Dual Shock for Street Fighter, as odd as that sounds, but it obviously has it's limitations... so I also use stick for Street Fighter and most 2D games. For MVC2, however, I loved using the Dreamcast pad and still play the game better when I use it. 

#2. Yes, I've played the original Dissidia and it was fun for a while. To be honest it didn't have the "fighting game feel" that I was hoping for, but it's still a cool game. In case you're wondering,  won't say that I'll never add the Dissidia series to TFG, as it would be cool to have some more of my favorite RPG characters on the site... but believe it or not, most fans of the site have said TFG is fine without Dissidia. Maybe I'll put up a poll on it sometime soon. ;)

TFG Webmaster

Street Fighter Table Top Game . . .


Love your site, been following for years.

This info has been floating about for a bit, but I just thought i'd
drop a line about the street fighter table top game that will be
released in august. Some people may be interested in it just for the
collectible sculpts.  It is compatible with heroclix, a long running
comic book superheroes game but it will also have a 1 on 1 street
fighter engine.


keep up the good work on the site.

Take care,

-Bryan (Bellevue, Nebraska)

Frank replies: I thought I heard something about this a while back... thanks for sharing and thanks for the kind words. :) 

TFG Webmaster

Arcana Heart 3: Boobie Edition . . .

Hi Frank,

About your Arcana Heart 3 news. You said "Should've called it Boobie Edition. LMAO!" In fact, it is already the case. "Suggoi Oppai Fan's Edition" means "Wonderful tities fan's edition", close enough, isn'it?

-Aurelien S.

Frank replies: And I was just kidding..... OMG. So that's what "Oppai" means. That's just hilarious. 

TFG Webmaster

Top 6 Neo Geo fighters . . .

I need some help. I have KOF 98, SS4, LB2 and MOTW. What other 2 would you include?

-Garret Gillard

Frank replies: Good choices so far. To complete that line-up, I'd say you need Samurai Shodown 2 and King of Fighters 2000.

TFG Webmaster