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About Fighters Generation. . . 

Hey F. Yagami,

Hey, I wanna say you have a pretty badass site, especially for one that hails all fighting games which I find awesome! I've made many visits here recently to get the latest info on the news regarding the videos and updates on games and if they ever make it here to the states. I also like looking at the character profiles, since I like reading the descriptions and looking at the pics posted for that person. But the reason I came here is that I wanted to ask you about the reason for its layout, like why it looks the way it does and what the colors represent. Because it seems to me that its like an underground type place, yet have a pretty lively feel to it and may build up a urge to play fighting games. I'm also curious if that was your real intention. Reason I'm asking all this is that I'm interested in this site and may consider joining sometime to see what it's like.


Frank replies: It was interesting hearing about your impression of TFG... I think everyone will interpret the visual appearance of TFG somewhat differently, but the "underground" feel and color scheme has been in place since the beginning (2001)... "Red" will always be the main color of TFG for several reasons, but I think I'll leave that up to your imagination for now. So TFG builds up an urge to play fighting games does it? Well, that's music to my ears, because at the end of the day, it is my intention for TFG to inspire people to play more fighting games and appreciate all they have to offer. Keep on enjoying the site and I hope you decide to join someday!

~TFG Webmaster

1999. . .

Dear FightersGeneration.com web designer,

Your frame-based website brings a tear of joy to my eye! I especially like the playasia.com ad with the Dreamcast VMU.

It's like I just traveled back in time to 1999 or something.
Have a good one,

-Drew G 

Frank replies: Hahaha, that's awesome... And Thank you. Frames are indeed old school, just like fighting games, just like TFG... See how it all fits together?!? There are a few reasons why TFG still has frames, but most of all because I tend to get way more positive feedback from the layout than negative. I recently even got an email that described TFG as a "unique looking site" simply because of the frame layout. ...It's all part of the plan. Hehehe.

Your email really made my day though, thanks...

~TFG Webmaster

$f IV. . .

Are you the person that runs Fightersgeneration?  If so, it's a great website that I have been visiting everyday for awhile. I was just re-reading your review of $F IV.  Which system do you have it on again?  Which $F III characters do you wish were in the game?

-First Last

Frank replies: That's me alright... To answer your question I have the "P$3" version. $F3 characters that I wish were in $F4? Hmm... Dudley, Yun, Yang, Urien, Gill, Ibuki, and Twelve would be pretty badass. On that note, I'm really looking forward to the $equel(s) of SF4... Cant wait to see what enhancements they make with the new gameplay engine and who they add to the $eries. 

~TFG Webmaster

Mortal Kombat For Sale. . .

Did you hear that Midway is planning to sell Mortal Kombat franchise to another company if their financial situation will go more down hill (and it will :D). I think it's the best thing that could happen to MK. Because let's be honest the MK team together with Ed "The Douche" Boon failed on so many levels to create a good fighting game. They had 3 games to experiment and they still failed with MK vs DC. I hope the franchise will be picked up by someone like CAPCOM, cause they're good at making fighting games and gory games. But that's just my wishful thinking. What's your thought on this matter?

-Mihhail A.

Frank replies: My thoughts on the matter:

1) I think Ed Boon is indeed a Douche.

2) Capcom's take on Mortal Kombat would be "interesting" none the less, but I honestly think they'd rather see the MK franchise buried... Death of MK = Shin Shoryuken Epic Win for Street Fighter series.

~TFG Webmaster

Best Fighting Game Site in the World... Period.

I just wanted to say that I've been a fan of the site for a few years now and I appreciate the hard work you've done for all of us fighting game fans out there. Keep up the great work!!!


Frank replies: Well thanks man, I appreciate the appreciation.  

~TFG Webmaster

KOF XII. . .

1st off the game looks bad ass. Even though the new steroid enhanced Character models are a departure from the same KOF Sprites that have been around since I was like 7 (That we all got tired of but still love). I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of "Teams". I was hoping to see them bring back the U.S. team with our own roided out monsters Jose Conseco, Barry Bonds, Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar as a Striker. I think they should replace the Special meters with a special "Roid Rage" bar. All jokes aside though I can't wait to play this. 2D is finally getting the treatment that it's needed for soooo long.

-Deo Wade

Frank replies: So what's your obsession with steroids? Haha just kidding, that's funny though man. Yeah, Ralf and Clark especially look like they hit up the 'roids for sure. KOF XII looks amazing as you said and I'm also glad KOF is getting the graphical makeover it deserves... SNK knows what the fans want. I still can't believe how smoothly those beefy, and intricately detailed sprites animate.

~TFG Webmaster

Cranberry, Cloudberry, Kuradoberi. . .

Hello F. Yagami.

 First of all, I must extend my sincerest congratulations on a successful site. I've been a regular visitor for years now and I've always been a more informed gamer because of it, especially the character listing for which I have PROFOUND respect. *That must've taken a while, lol.*

 Kudos to you and your team (or if it's just you, more kudos yet).

 However, I'm finally writing because I have a question. I read somewhere that Kuradoberi Jam's name is actually from "Cranberry Jam" but under your character listing you have it as the Japanese romanisation of "Cloudberry Jam". Could you perhaps clear that up for me?

 Please don't misunderstand, I mean no offense. She's not even one of my favs (I'm more of a Venom guy). I just wanted to check on it. I've been meaning to write for some time now but a stressful job, a gf and a YouTube page tends to slow my gaming and game-linked activities down, lol. In any case, if I'm wrong, I get clarity and I know for sure. If I'm right then I feel good knowing that I did a little bit to make a GREAT site a little better.

Wishing you and TFG many good years to come,"


Frank replies: Hi there, first off thanks for the compliments and for being a regular visitor to the site! ;)


It's funny you ask that question, because I've honestly been a bit confused by Jam's name as well... As you may know, she used to be listed under "Cranberry Jam." At one point in time I'm pretty sure she was officially known by that name, I think in the original GGX... I'm really not a Guilty Gear "guru" so I'm honestly not quite sure. All I can tell you is she is known by both names, but "officially" her name is Jam Kuradoberi. I did some research and found out that her name would be said in Japan as "Kuradoberi Jam", which is a reference to Swedish pop/jazz group "Cloudberry Jam" who was popular in Japan at one time. Another (but perhaps less likely) explanation is that she is named for the bands Pearl Jam and The Cranberries.

Hope I helped a bit... And if I'm wrong I'm pretty sure someone will clear it up in a future feedback! ;) Thanks for the mail!

~TFG Webmaster

X-men Academy. . . 

Hey F. Yagami,

 I just discovered your site and I've been inundated with it for hours. The facts and information for each game/character is great, but its your colorful commentary that really gets me. Your take on bad games is the best part of your site.

 Enough with the @ss-kissing though. After looking through the MvC2 content and seeing the game lists of certain X-Men characters, I noticed that you didn't have the X-Men Academy game and its sequels. Also, off the top of my head, I noticed you didn't have Waku Waku 7. I'm sure there are other games you just chose not to cover, but the exclusion of the x-men games seemed odd since you admitted in your commentary, your love for many of the Marvel characters.

 Now I know those games are sub-par fighting games, but fighting as the X-men was always cool, and also, like I said before, your take on bad fighting games is pretty hilarious.

 Anyways, it is my hope that you continue to expand the games you review, but regardless, I'm still going to be visiting your site...often.

 Take Care,


Frank replies: First off, welcome to TFG and I'm glad you enjoy my "colorful" commentary... I try my best. Anyhow, you bring up a good point... X-men Mutant Academy, X-men Mutant Academy 2, and X-men: Next Dimension are indeed 3 fighting games missing from the Games library. As sub-par as they are, they probably do deserve to be on the site... So why aren't they on TFG? Two reasons: 

1. I've only played the third game in the series (Next Dimension)... Why? As much as I love the X-men, after seeing screenshots and video of the first two games, I just didn't have any interest whatsoever in trying them out, partly in fear that I would be sooo very disappointed, especially after playing the Capcom VS series (and I know I would have been)... I imagine playing those first two games would be something like opening up a cheap $1 coloring book featuring The X-men and trying to enjoy it (besides the enjoyment of laughing my ass off). I guess I'm guilty of judging a book by it's cover in this case... Seriously though, the 3D graphics back then just hurt my eyes.

2. Back when those games first came out, adding the new X-men character profiles seemed like a lot of work and would have also taken up too much bandwidth space (which was much more limited back then)... I mean come on now, I can't make a "Forge" or "Mystique" page without adding at least 15-20 high quality pictures right?

Long story short, I will consider adding those games to the TFG library eventually... Now that there are far worse fighting games that can be found on the Games page anyway, and now that I have a lot more bandwidth to work with, it's definitely a possibility. However, as far as Waku Waku 7 goes, honestly, every time I look at a screenshot of that game I feel the urge to vomit... I don't know why, but something about that game causes my lunch to come up.

~TFG Webmaster

Subject: So Called "Cheap" and "Best" Characters in Tekken

What's up Yagami! It's been awhile man.

I was watching some Tekken 6 BR matches on youtube and read some comments. Some of them were just pissing me off!
"Hwoarang is cheap with his kicks"

"Eddy and Christie are for button mashers!"

In any fighting game, there is no cheap or best characters. It's about how you use the characters. 

As far as certain moves, techniques, and combos that are being repeatedly used (spammed is some cases), you have to think of ways of avoid and get around them. 

There is a reason for practice/training mode in fighting games, for you to learn on this stuff. 

Tekken is not a game for spamming, especially if you're facing an expert or very experienced player. 

"Cheap" is an opinion, "Best" is simply stupid. A fighting game has to have balanced characters. It's common sense!
Not to mention, if you can't somehow avoid a certain move that gets you everytime, THEN PRACTICE!  Work on your reaction time and how quick the move or moves are. 
Practice makes perfect, or in the case of fighting games, more improved!

Anyway, I just thought I'd get that off my chest.

Take Care and keep on fighting Yagami!

- Power Stunna

Frank replies: Sup Power Stunna... Always good to hear from ya! Your latest email reads like that of a poem... Beautiful and refreshing to the soul. Nice work!!

Like you, I despise retarded Youtube comments, and ignorant comments in general about fighting games. You made some excellent points however, all of which very true! I must say I agree with everything you said 101%... Keep schooling them noobs Stunna!!!  

~TFG Webmaster