March - April 2007 Feedback

What the?. . .
Dear, Sir Frankie

A) Well, I was checking the new 3D fighter of Capcom and when I checked the character designs I was like "What the?".

I mean what happened to Capcom's designers? They ran out of ideas?
So incase you are still wondering about what I'm talking about, let's just check some of them together ;)

1) Look at Miu : She looks a l ot like Arina from Waku Waku 7.

2) Odin : Purple haired Kyosuke with Kyo's and Iori's flames?
3) Berserker : Hearts on his ass? How in any means can you pick a fighter to use when his ass is covered with hearts :p ? And just look at his art, he seems proud of it. Do you think it has to do with his back story (What a berserker he is. Sarcasm)
4) Hermit : It just shouts in my face "Yu-Gi-Oh Anime series".
5) Loki : Congratulations, you've got another addition to "If you crossed" section. Cyclops + Gambit for sure. (And I really hope Loki isn't a bad translation for Rokie ^^" )

And you can really see how much other characters look so uninspired. Sometimes I don't really understand Capcom. I mean if they are going to make a 3D fighting game again, couldn't they just continue one of their series (Rival schools anyone, which basically looks alot like this one)?

B) I was really wondering about your Opinion in the upcoming KOF MI Regulation A for the arcades. Now that MI2 was a fun experience for single play, and not the best for 2 players to compete, do you think that an arcade game can be made of that game? And what do you think they should tweak to improve 2P experience? (Btw, I really love MI2)

C) In your opinion, what's next in 3D fighters? For years now, most of the 3d games sequels concentrated on graphics more than on gameplay. Do you think there's no more room to improve 3D fighters? I mean after they made it faster, added counters, tag team and more gameplay elements, what else can be added? Is the fighting genre going to run out of ideas soon? And would you like them to go in a very different direction for change (Like Buriki one) in order to give life extension to the genre, or just keep updating graphics as always?

D) Is it just me or is our generation of gamers fading away? I mean ppl who were born in 70s and 80s. After looking in some Gamefaqs polls I found that most of contributing gamers (still getting games) now (And I mean like 60->80%) of them were born in the 90s decade (No offense to them of course, but I'm just explaining it). And does this have to do with the Nintendo overwhelming Fanbase which is growing in a parasitic way lately? (again no offence to Nintendo fans, but sure they are alot more than Sony fans lately)

E) What non fighting games are you playing lately? And what is your top 5 Fighters and top 5 games ever? Also what versus fighting game would you love to see made? (For me it'd be Square VS SNK)

F) Man, what happened to the Polls :P ?

Keep the good work.

Frank replies: A) My thoughts exactly pertaining to "Kenichi." The characters seem a little uninspired, and I also think they should build in the good series' they already have, as you mentioned as well.

B) I think MI2 was a great improvement over MI... But the gameplay system could use a little more work and time. Maybe if they slowed down a few animations, and tweaked the wall and throw game, it could be a successful arcade hit. Or perhaps adding a tag system would spice up the action as well!

C) The fighting genre has always been strong, and has improved nicely over the years... I don't think it needs to go in a different direction completely, because a good quality fighting game should stick to it's roots and follow the basic format we're all used to.

I also think the Tag Team elements are going to make a come back soon in several franchises. I'd really love to see Capcom do another tag based game with either the Street Fighter series, or perhaps with Capcom Fighting Evolution 2 (if they actually put effort into it this time). SNK has recently done well  the tag gameplay, KOFXI and Battle Coliseum being good examples.

D) I think kids and teens born in the 90s are most likely to be into video games more-so than our generation. Of course us older kids made the video game industry what it is today, but they grew up when it just started to explode, and I also noticed more girls are into games these days as we;;!

E) Hmm... Non fighting games I've played in the past 2 months: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Motorstorm, Flow, Super Paper Mario, Kororinpa, Metal Slug Anthology... just to name a few.

Top 5 fighters? I guess you mean games... I'd say: Marvel VS Capcom 2, Soul Calibur 2 or 3, Tekken 5: DR, Virtua Fighter 5, and Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.

Top 5 games ever? Yeesh... That's tough.

And I'd definitely like to see Square VS Capcom, Namco, and/or SNK.

F) Yeah, I did away with the polls quite some time ago. I guess I had to use my left frame for better things like advertisements. o.o

Anyways, thanks for the email... Hope I answered all your questions. *scrolls up* ...Wow, looks like I did.

~TFG Webmaster

Are Fighting Games Declining?
Hey. I come to your site every now and then to learn about fighting game characters. But I have to say, your site is super, special, Awesome. But let me get to the point of this mail. I went to a video game club at my school once. Everyone was playing Halo 2 and Guitar hero 2. Only four of us were playing fighting games. Then the next day, one guy said  "Street Fighter sucks". I was like "THAT'S BLASPHEMY TO ALL FIGHTING GAMES"!!! But I let it slide. But I've noticed, that people don't really like fighter any more. Is fighting games losing its recognition is this new generation of gaming? I love fighting games and have been playing them for years. I'd hate for them to go unappreciated. I really want to know your opinion.

P.S. Do you know where I can find a used Dreamcast? I really want to get one so I can catch up one some fighters I missed. I don't really get enough money to buy games like that, but if you could help, I would greatly appreciate.

-Parker T.

Frank replies: It's true, fighting games will never be appreciated as much as they should be. Very few fighting games ever really hit the "mainstream," and most of the ones that do are usually overrated and give a bad name to the ones that are actually good. The fighting genre is unique because people still consistently play older fighting games that were released 5 or 10 years ago... I don't think you can find another genre that has games with that kind of replayability.

Most people that don't like fighting games, don't like them because they may take a long time to learn, and/or they suck... Other's because they don't understand them, and/or aren't into "fighting" in general. Some people would rather sit around and play repetitive football games or repetitive first person shooters. It's much easier to just sit around and shoot stuff and call it a day. Brainless really... I don't understand it. But I also don't understand why people go see retarded movies, or buy clothing or hats because there's a certain name on them. People are stupid... Gotta accept it.

P.S. You can always check ebay for the Dreamcast stuff.

~ TFG Webmaster

Solve a Mystery. . .
hey first off, great fighting site, only a true fan of the fighting genre could make such a site like that. about my subject, I recall seeing the confusion between Cham Cham and Felicia, yes they both came out the same year BUT Felicia came first, because Darkstalkers didn't come out til July 5th 1994 and Samurai Shodown 2 didn't come out til October 28th, 1994. Just wanted to solve a mystery incase it hasn't been solved.


Frank replies: Ahh I wasn't sure on the exact date, but thanks... Looks like Felecia did come first. Still, I wonder if SNK saw Felecia before they made Cham Cham. It's possible with the amount of time that they had, but there's really no telling. Heh heh.

~ TFG Webmaster

Wrestlemania Flash. . .
I love your site. It's very cool that you guys have done this.

I'm a graphic designer and I'm playing around with flash.  Long story short
I want to make a flash animation (completely fan based tribute) but I don't
have all the frames I need to make it happen and I have no clue how to get
anymore than what I can see already.

I'm looking for the total and complete set of animations (or sprite sheets)
for Alex, Hugo and all the other wrestling characters of just about every 2d
fighting game there ever was.  I need everything so i can improvise some new
moves by taking frames out of context.  Tall order I know but want to make a
sort of wrestlemania flash toon.

Any advice or help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time


Frank replies: Indeed, it's taken a lot of work on my part to build up this site... but it also couldn't be possible without my CREDITS. Those guys have sent in so much to the site and really helped me out a lot! Glad you like what "we" have done with it.

Anyhow, I think you should be able to come up with something, because there are enough animations for the characters you mentioned... Maybe not "every" animation, but at least walking forward and backward animations, stances, and plenty of attacks. I'm sure you can do something with that! Good luck with it... sounds cool! ;)

~ TFG Webmaster

Sell Mortal Kombat. . .
I think that Mortal Kombat has gone downhill ever since they made mortal kombat 4. You know what would make my day? I think Midway should give away, or at least sell Mortal Kombat to a company that could do justice with the franchise. I donít know, sell it to Namco or something. I think that they would be able to destroy anything Midway could do.

They should scrap most of the characters except Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, Sonya, and Raiden and start fresh. Give the characters REAL fighting styles instead of that junk they call "martial arts".

Anyway, it would be an improvement.


Frank replies: LOL... I don't think Namco would take the Mortal Kombat series FOR FREE. 

~ TFG Webmaster

Biggest Arcade Moment. . .
Hey, what's up? I've been a long time reader of this site, I've been enjoying fighting games since the glory days of SF2 and the early Mortal Kombats. I always come to your site to read up on my favorite characters, overall its just a fantastic site and glad you've been able to keep it up. I also apologize in advance for how long it is if you make it through it, you get a cookie. :P

But I have a question for you, you might have gotten this type of question a lot before but here goes.

What is your biggest Arcade moment? Just that awesome feeling you get when you defeat every challenger at the arcade who thinks he can best you but you just destroy him in every possible way, the feeling you get that makes you go "this is what I play fighting games for."

I remember my moment, back in 2001 I was at my arcade at my local mall passing time by playing Tekken Tag Tournament while waiting for a movie to start I was going to see that day. I chose two of my favorite fighters in the entire Tekken franchise, Hwoarang and Lee, I love the characters who deal out punishing kicks, I liked Hworang from day one, Tae Kwan Doe is a style I always thought was fantastic, something I'd want to learn myself if I had the determination and endurance to do so.

Anyway, I was pretty much dominating the computer; they weren't much of a challenge, a few close calls but nothing major. After a few matches a high school kid decided to play and I took him on, and I beat him like a red headed step child in Alabama. He wasn't able to contend with my fast and speedy kickers which I spent a religiously high amount of time of getting good with, I wasn't a master by any means but I was pretty good.

Overall I think three or four different guys came in and I beat them all, there were close calls but I beat everyone who challenged me until I had to quit midway at another match since the movie was about to see. I remember leaving and one guy said "he's pretty damn good for a kid" and I was only eleven at the time.

Never again did I have a moment where I just dominated everyone in an Arcade, because to be honest with a few exceptions of fighting games I'm not very good at all, I had more time to devote to fighting games and get good back then. But nowadays I struggle to defeat the computer, but then again I mostly play 2D fighting games like Street Fighter and Guilty Gear nowadays which are a lot harder for me to get good at then a Tekken or Soul Calibur game.

Which brings me to my other question; I acquired a copy of Street Fighter Alpha Anthology, a fantastic game and my favorite of the series. But time didn't do my skill with the series any favors, playing SFA3 on two star difficulty has me getting my ass handed to me in Arcade mode once I reach the tail end of the ten fighters I must defeat. I'm not one to complain but I fought and lost to Rose for an hour as Cody, she seemed to know instinctively when to dodge my criminal uppers and Ruffian Kicks. She seemed to know the moves I would do before I even did them, she was also prone to using a grab move on me when Cody recovered from a move that sent me to the floor. The computer seems to also deal out more damage then I do and they just know the right time to dodge or block every single move I do. I'm not a guy who spams attacks, I use all my moves in a fight and fight fairly, but they seem to get by just fine with spamming a projectile attack to keep me away, and then rush towards the screen, dodge all my moves and go in with a devastating combo all before I can say "what the hell just happened?" They also know just when to dodge my super combos as well, they seem way to challenging for AI that is set to a two star difficulty.

Basically my question is do you have any tips, tricks, or nuggets of wisdom that could improve my game? Performing moves and super combos isn't a problem but I just seem not able to keep up with the computer on a speed game, they always perform moves faster and with more hits then I do. Despite me punishing them with criminal upper counters when they hang too long in the air, they seem to counter me more, grab more and just overall do what I can do but twenty times better and faster. Or the only thing you can say and something every fighting game fan fears to hear is "well, you just suck." Which is pretty obvious at this point but the computer is giving me hell and I'm not able to keep up, any info you can share would be much appreciated since I haven't sucked this much at a fighting game in a LONG time.

Well thanks for reading this incredibly long email and once again, you have a fantastic site and give fighting game fans like me a place to call home, have a nice day.

P.S.: Your cookie will be sent in the mail in a highly advanced mini-fridge, if somebody steals it in transit that isn't my problem. :P


Frank replies: Wow, long email indeed... Anywho, let me first answer your questions.

1). My biggest arcade moment would have to be at a Marvel VS Capcom 2 tournament at the University of South Florida (USF). This was around 2001-2002 I'd estimate. There was a good turnout for the tourney, at least 20+ people... Me and my friend entered, he got KO'ed early, but I made it to the finals. I used my team of Cable, Juggernaut, and Guile in the final match against this crazy Blackheart, Sentinal, Magneto team... I was able to kill of his Sentinal and Magneto, and he was able to kill off my Cable and Juggernaut... So it was Guile with about a 4th of life left, and nearly a full Blackheart. I had to win or else I was out... And Guile did what he needed to do. He landed a few key combos, and caught Blackheart in the air using his air super combo for the win. There was a huge crowd behind us that cheered and clapped as the match ended. I ended up winning that tournament... Yup, felt good.

Then there was this other time at the mall where I rackup up a 45+ win steak, mostly against mall scrubs that really didn't know how to play... It was fun and all, and I was even getting tired of playing (and using the same team), but I wouldn't consider that my biggest arcade moment, although it was my biggest win streak.

2). A big part of SFA3's gameplay is about the priority of basic attacks... Certain moves just stick out and nail your opponent when they least expect. I use a pretty good A-ism Cody, and I can say that his standing FP and also HK reach out pretty far, and can knock your opponent out of the air, or even hit them on the ground from quite some distance. His Jump in HK followed by a low HP is pretty good, and sets up the dizzy. Also his jump in HK into his super combo with HK, MK, or LK also works. I'd also recommend using more characters... The more characters you know, the better you'll be at the game.

Finally, thanks for your well written email... And please continue to enjoy TFG!

...Now where's my cookie...

~ TFG Webmaster

Fast Shipping. . .
Just wanted to say thanks for the CVS Mai and ChunLi figures. They are really nice I have them posed next to my Street Fighter Anniversary arcade stick that I don't use. Thanks for the fast shipping and I will definitely buy from you in the future. Ohh yeah do you think they will continue that line?


Frank replies: No problem... Thanks for the positive feedback. ;) And I'm actually not sure if High Dream still has the CvS license, but if I find out I'll be sure to make a news bulletin on it.

~ TFG Webmaster

The Ultimate Pwnage gif. . .
Heya Frankie,

Was doing a search and found this little gem. Unfortunately I have no idea of it's origins, but I thought you might want to post it as one of the gifs you use on the news page.


Frank replies: Pooor Extra Striker Iori....... Poor poor Extra Striker Iori... LOL. That really sucks man. So Akuma wins I guess?

~ TFG Webmaster