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TFG is My Home Page. . .

Dear Mr. Yagami,

Whats's up?! Your website is definitely my home page since I found it by myself. I have been visiting your site ever since I looked up Project Justice for Sega Dreamcast and then, I ended up seeing your site on the search results on Google for that game. When I visited TFG for the first time, boy it felt like home. I have been playing fighting games since I played Street Fighter II (my first fighting game) for Super Nintendo when I was either 3 or 4 years old. When I saw the characters, stages, artwork, and heard the soundtrack, boy I was pulled!! This started my fascination in fighting games. Nowadays, when I look for games, I often look at fighting games since it is my favorite genre. My current fighting game is Project Justice for Dreamcast because I mastered it and the characters are indeed excellent designs (except for Roy, the blatant Terry Bogard rip-off).

My main team in that game is Kyosuke, Roberto, and Daigo since I had a lot of success with them! Aside from PJ, I can't stop playing MVC2. My main team in MVC2 is definitely Jin, Tron, and Cable, with Jin being the leader since I mastered him since I unlocked him in that game. Though, the only problem I have when it comes to playing fighting games is that most of my friends at school are not that familiar with some of my favorite fighting games and they do not know the moves really well. I always want to have some fierce competition going on.

Now, let's talk back about TFG. I have visited other websites for fighting games, but they didn't contain a lot of information on most characters, including Rival Schools and KOF characters. When I saw the way you review the games and characters, I was astonished by how you review things that most gamers, especially some mainstream critics, are missing out on (artwork, presentation, ouch factor, etc.) In addition, your showroom is so neat, it could become a fighting game museum!! Like you, I also admire art and fighting styles. Even though I never learned any martial arts in my life, I am interested to learn Combat Sambo since Sergei Dragonuv is badass in Tekken 6!! When I try to calm my nerves, I always look at the Funnies site (especially the Misheard Special Moves) since they always make my day. ;)

 I have some questions for you, may you answer it?

 1. Since we both love Rival Schools, if Rival Schools 3/Project Justice 2 is confirmed, which guest character(s) would you want to see and what new gameplay features would you want to be on it? I always wanted Norimaro to be on it to play as the high school nerd stereotype.
2. Just wondering, do you still have your Dreamcast and most of its fighting games?

 3. Do you think Rival Schools should be made into an anime? Why or why not?
4. When it comes to fighting movesets in general, do you prefer quarter circle, half circle, or charge motion?

 5. Last but not least, are you hyped if KOF XIV is coming about (which might be a dream match game, probably with 60+ characters)?
Thanks for reading and answering my questions. See you!!!
P.S. your cosplay as Daigo with Cyrax is BADASS!!

-Sonicx360 (Harrisburg, PA)

Frank replies: So you found my site looking up Project Justice? Interesting. . .Glad to see you've been enjoying the site since you found it. And you're definitely right about reviews, "most" mainstream sites really miss the point when reviewing fighting games... that's actually been one of my inspirations to keep the site going. Thanks for enjoying my fighting game reviews, there will be many more to come.

Now onto those questions... (good ones by the way!).

1. Norimaro in Project Justice a funny idea.... I think he'd fit in really well!!! XD For guest characters, off the top of my head, I'd like to see Ibuki, Makoto, Elena in their school attire (and their original outfits too). Chun-Li would make a pretty hot teacher as well. ;D

2. Yes and YES. :)

3. Absolutely. Rival Schools is very underrated, but it has so much potential to be made into more. and its story is probably more interesting and catchy than 90% of anime out there.

4. For 2D movesets... I like quarter circles and charge moves. If I had to pick one, quarter circles.

5. Yes, the next KOF will be awesome if it gets made. The "Dream Match" KOFs were always the best in my opinion.

TFG Webmaster

The Smash Bros. Series. . .

I noticed that you don't consider the Smash Bros. series to be real fighting games, I believe this video may change your mind on this subject. It makes a lot of very good points on the subject "Is Smash Bros a fighter?" and a lot of people consider this video as an unbiased view on the argument that proves that Smash Bros IS a fighter. I'd like you to check it out and give your views. Thanks.

-Michael J.

Frank replies: If you check the news archives, I actually posted that video on May 7th (the day it was released)... I know the Fighterpedia guys. Anyhow, I also reiterated my thoughts on Smash Bros. within the article. Here's the link if you'd like to see my current view on SSB: http://www.fightersgeneration.com/screens/fighterpedia12.htm. :)

TFG Webmaster

Favorite Version of the Hadouken. . .

Hi Frank, I seriously love the design, and feel of TFG! I've been visiting it since 2008, and thanks to the site, it made my interest in fighting games more frequent! But really, I was curious to know which version of the hadouken appeals you the most? My favorites are the ones seen in SF2, SF4, & CVS.

P.S. Do you think SF5 may be in development as of 2012?

-Michael Reid (Macon, GA)

Frank replies: Hey Michael, thanks for visiting TFG all this time. That's a pretty interesting (and tough) question.... If I could pick 3 favorite Hadoukens, I'd say the ones from SSF2, X-Men VS SF, and SF4. Thanks for writing in!

P.S. No idea, but somehow I doubt it. I think Capcom will release a new Darkstalkers game before a new SF. 

TFG Webmaster

Obscure Fighting Games. . .

Hey, my name's Edgar Hinojosa. I'm from Houston, TX, in the USA. I found a couple of obscure fighting games from the Neo-Geo, and other arcade systems you might wanna check out. 

From the Neo-Geo, I found "Breakers", a 2D fighting game from Visco Games, made in December 17th, 1996 (the year I was born), with a sequel 2 years later "Breakers Revenge", with just 1 new character, nothing else. 

In the Year 1994, I found "Blood Storm" made by Strata, and "Blood Warrior" made by Kaneko. 1993, "Survival Arts" made by Sammy.

1995, 2 Jackie Chan games in the same year, "Jackie Chan Kung Fu Master", and "Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire" made by Kaneko, and here's the thing about these 2 fighters, they both have the exact engine used in both games.

So, if you can find the good time to review these games, I would appreciate it. If not, then sorry to waste your time. Just don't review "Shaq Fu". We all know the answer.

-Edgar Hinojosa (Houston, TX)

Frank replies: Hey Edgar. Indeed I've heard of most of those games, and most don't qualify for TFG's Game's list. I tend to neglect the early-mid 90's "MK wannabe" fighting games where the primary focus is shameless blood & gore. I don't think they deserve to be on the list. If I were to add any that fall under that category, it would be Kasumi Ninja for the Atari Jaguar, since I actually played that game (way back when). I also don't usually feature games starring/featuring "celebrities" (even though Jackie Chan is a real martial artist too). Out of the games you mentioned, the one that has the most chance of getting a TFG profile someday is Breakers Revenge... that's all I'll say for now. ;) Thanks for writing in. 

TFG Webmaster