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Cataclysm in Japan. . .

Hey, man!

First, I feel awful about this cataclysm in Japan. I remember browsing in YouTube when this message pops up about the disastrous quake in Japan.. I thought it won't be something really bad, since they are seismic zone.. but this was overwhelming, the bad thing is that this city is economically important city for Japan, without doubt this and the damages will slow them a little, but since they are proud and high spirited people, it won't take long for them to be back in good shape :) Btw not even a single store was robbed and no vandalism on the streets.. talk about discipline.. We must learn from them...

But enough sad topics!

To be honest with you right now I feel more urge to play TTT2!!! I like Harada's style ---> everything in the pack nice and cozy, and you don't pay for nothing more. Because man I feel that way: you pay for the game, the license, and the right to own and play the thing. Why the hell should I pay for characters? You paid for the right to own the game, that includes everything connected and part of her...It's stupid if you ask me, and easy way to milk money (shame on you CAPCOM..wtf is wrong with you!). I hope Harada-san won't "infest" Tekken the same way, but knowing his style I'm sure, there won't be such things...

Sorry for the text wall. I'm sending some avatars of Kain (Garou <3 ) which I hope you will find useful :)

'Till next time!

-Strider Neyyouh (Pazardjik, Bulgaria)

Frank replies: Japan is a role model country... especially in the wake of such a huge disaster. People around the world should take many notes from Japan. I was deeply saddened when I heard about the disaster; I'm still upset about it actually. My uncle used to live in one of the towns that got wiped out by the tsunami, but he moved a year ago to a town near Tokyo. If he hadn't moved last year, he would've been in the disaster zone. I really feel for the people of Japan... they can use all of the help they can get. The Red Cross link on the TFG News page isn't going anywhere for quite some time... hopefully TFG's visitors will do their part. The people of Japan are indeed a strong, proud people and I know they will make it through.

*sigh* Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is going to own my soul when it comes out! lol. Namco always delivers when they release a new fighting game... sometimes they don't fill it up with tons of extras, but they make a quality game that LASTS, a game worth putting 100's of hours into. I don't mind paying for DLC on fighting games... it's nice to see companies supporting the game and the fans, but it can get costly over time. I wouldn't have minded some Tekken 6 DLC actually... since I still play it pretty much daily.

P.S. Kain avatars..... Random!  They look cool btw.

TFG Webmaster

Mortal Kombat 9 Arcade Cabinet . . .

Hey Frank,

 I hope all is going great for you!  Just wanted to show you our new MORTAL KOMBAT arcade cabinet I made for the Galloping Ghost Arcade:


What do you think?
As always, you're doing awesome work with the site!


-Doc (Chicago, USA)

Frank replies: Hey Doc. Those are beautiful cabinets, wow! And is that a Tekken 6 cabinet I see as well? I'd like to see some screens of that one as well! Hehe.. I'm glad the Galloping Ghost Arcade will be hosting some of the finest fighting games of 2011. Seems like you guys are keeping it innovative over there... keep up the great work with the arcade, and if I'm ever in Chicago I'll be stopping by for sure. Take care! :)

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A True Fan Site . . .

Dear F. Yagami!

Hats off to you and all of your hard work and dedication to The Fighters Generation website, freaking awesome homepage! Now that's what I call a true fan site, hands down the best :) Keep up the awesome bro and much success with the site, here's some of my artwork I do from my studio Backwards Press Design.

symbiotewolverine.jpg (306815 bytes)        gammaspiderman.jpg (204669 bytes)

Peace, Love & Art!

-Mike Melendez (East Boston, Massachusetts)
Winter Artwork Illustrations & Graphic design

Frank replies: Thanks man! And thanks for sharing the artwork... I do like Symbiote Wolverine! xD

TFG Webmaster

Fastg35's Fighting Game Characters in Mod Nation Form IV!

After months of anticipation, fastg35 strikes one more time in TFG to show his famous Modnation mods. It's been awhile but the wait was well  worth it. I got mods from Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, Tekken, Dead or Alive, Blazblue, and Rival Schools. The characters are so diverse this time around and much more detailed. This batch is the best yet. 

With help with my good friends, StridentGear (Dante, Kasumi, Ayane), Chocobot008 (Strider Hiryu), and Ginsu_Loki02 (Zaki), They helped made this batch stand out from the crowd. Overall, these mods are just a great offering. I hope this isn't the end, but I want everyone to know that I have interest on one more post as there are still more characters that haven't received the Modnation treatment.  Mr. FYagami, if you have any requests, request as much as you like and I'll make sure to help make it into a reality. Also, feel free to name some of your favorites! Enjoy!

devil-mod.jpg (114781 bytes)    hachi-mod.jpg (115225 bytes)    ling-mod.jpg (119343 bytes)    kasumi-mod.jpg (120383 bytes)    ayane-mod.jpg (118983 bytes)    hayate-mod.jpg (122993 bytes)
cviper-mod.jpg (116760 bytes)    dante-mod.jpg (115091 bytes)    strider-mod.jpg (115128 bytes)    jill-mod.jpg (113971 bytes)    tron-mod.jpg (117404 bytes)    zero-mod.jpg (126578 bytes)
noel-mod.jpg (116359 bytes)    rachel-mod.jpg (119774 bytes)    shoma-mod.jpg (118208 bytes)    kyosuke-mod.jpg (116746 bytes)    natsu-mod.jpg (113926 bytes)    zaki-mod.jpg (119904 bytes)

-fastg35 (USA)

Frank replies: Impressive as ever. This is probably your best set yet... thanks so much for sharing! Congrats to you and your friends for creating these badass customs!

TFG Webmaster

Missing a Few Games. . . 

I was checking your website. fighersgeneration.com, nice site, good work :)

You don't have listed: Kengo: Master of Bushido, Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style, Def Jam: Fight for NY

You do have listed rpg fighters and card games (pokemon type of thing). Not sure what you are going for with the site but Kensei is a great game and Kengo is a sword fight game just like Bushido Blade (1-2) actually is a sort of sequal to it. There is also an xbox version of Kengo, I forgot what it is called, I have a video in my favorites.

Anyway, Keep up the good work. Maybe divide them into console or years in addition to alphabetical.

-Curtis (Panama City, FL)

Frank replies: Thanks. I've been asked this question a few times over the years and it's a good question. The games you listed don't qualify to be featured on the site, and I'll tell you exactly why... 

1. Kengo was indeed the spiritual successor to the Bushido Blade series, but I'd classify it as a "simulation," rather than an arcade fighting game. Also, the characters are incredibly generic... which disqualifies it. I might've made an exception if Kengo was extraordinary, but it surely wasn't.

2. Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style & Def Jam: Fight for NY are more like wrestling games than they are fighters. They also feature real life celebrities/rappers, which have no place on the site. Could you really picture a Snoop Dog or a Fat Joe character profile on the website? lol.

3. Namco X Capcom and Card Fighters Clash obviously aren't fighting games but they do feature a plethora of fighting game references, artwork and characters... that's why they make appearances on the site.

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How to make SSF4: 3D Edition run at 60 FPS!

You may want to update the info on your page: Go to options and shut off the 3d option in the game's menu, sliding down the little nob in the 3DS won't work.

Prepare to be wowed!! ;)

-Muryoken (Arkansas, USA)

Frank replies: Whoooaahohooo!  It's like magic!!! Firstly, thanks for passing on the tip! It would've been nice if Capcom included such information in the options menu. lol. Well I'll be damned... SSF4: 3D Edition looks mighty fine at 60 FPS! In fact, I've raised the game's overall score by .4 points because of this fact alone. I'm guessing we can expect similar frame rate options in future 3DS releases... I'll be sure not to let them sneak by me in future titles that I review. Thanks again man, you made my day!

TFG Webmaster

Compare and Contrast. . . 

Mr. Yagami just wondering if you ever considered putting a section on TFG comparing and contrasting some of the similar games currently available? My friend and I constantly debate some games such as Dead or Alive 4 vs Tekken 6. Granted I feel Tekken destroys most 3d fighting games out, my friend just doesn't understand the depth that a game like Tekken has over a game like DOA. I figured someone like you or anyone who helps on your site would be more knowledgeable about these topics and could formulate in words from a pure gaming experience stand point about which games are superior! Even though I can clearly explain this to my friend it usually becomes a heated debate that doesn't solve much since there's no middle ground and written down pros and cons. I know that technically a person could just look at your reviews on 2 opposing games but that doesn't really get to specifics since its just an overview of the title. Plus you have great skills and can articulate more on what these games have to offer! See you on PSN -Darkspartan86

-Antoin Cato (Bronx, New York)

Frank replies: That's an interesting idea... I've actually considered writing a blog or two about Tekken in particular, because I think the majority of gamers don't understand how deep of a game Tekken truly is, notably the later installments (Tekken 5 & 6). I think part of the reason is because Namco usually doesn't include any kind of Tutorial Mode in their Tekken games (besides Tekken: DR on PSP). Good news is... Tekken Tag 2 is supposed to have a Tutorial Mode (and I hope they make it worthwhile), so that might help. Anyhow, I'll take your idea into consideration. Thanks!

TFG Webmaster

A Breath of Fresh Air. . . 

Hey Frank; My name is Manuel and I'm mexican, first of let me tell you that i have encountered a single person who understands the fighting genre as well as you do, your site, your reviews, your sense of humor, everything was just a breathe of fresh air, because, I've been a HUGE and I mean a H-U-G-E fighting game fanatic since I was 5 years old. Well, the thing is, I can only play the likes of tekken or street fighter online since all of my friends won't touch a game if it doesn't have huge ass shotguns or hollywood-like explosions, and I pretty much suck compared to all of those guys and let me tell you, judging by the messages I recieve some of them could use some manners, I want to turn the table and shut their mouths, do you have some advices?. My favourite tekken character is steve, and My all time favourite is AKUMA. Anyway, thanks for your awesome website and for providing me with news and tips on your videos.

Good LUCK.

-Jose Manuel Patino Garcia (Mexico)

Frank replies: Thanks for the big compliment. I'm glad you find TFG to be a "breathe of fresh air" outside of the mainstream gaming scene... it can get kind of claustrophobic out there if I do say so myself. I never could understand why "shoot everything that moves" games are so popular... maybe because it takes a special kind of person to fully appreciate fighting games, and FPS's are on the "simple" side of things. Anyhow, I believe you're referring to people online that talk trash? Many gamers do need to learn manners, but my advice is to simply block them, or give short, "witty" replies if you really have to... that always seems to piss them off. Practice up, and you'll definitely beat them next time. Thanks for the mail! 

TFG Webmaster

About Your Reviews. . . 

Hi Frank,

I'm a long time visitor of your site from Turkey (i guess for ten years) I like
to read your reviews, best fighting game reviews you read on web, even though i
think you underrated some kof games :P,  i just have one complain about your
reviews that is i have to scroll right  read your reviews even in 1920*1080
resolution. Can you make the pages readable without scrolling?

Thank you for reading. I look forward to read your new reviews.

-Omer Unal (Turkey)

Frank replies: Wow, a TFG fan all the way in Hakan's country? Awesome! I'm glad you've enjoyed my reviews. I realize on some computers you'll have to scroll right, but unfortunately I can't change the size. When I created the new design for TFG game profiles I knew it was going to be an issue for some people, but keep in mind most widescreen monitors will be able to display the full game profile. If your screen size is limited, opening the game profile in a separate window should help a bit. Thanks for writing in! :)

TFG Webmaster

"Toasty BBQ Grill" T-shirt. . .

Hello Mr. Yagami

My name is WinterArtwork, a freelance illustrator and tee designer. I just wanted to let you know my Mortal Kombat inspired design "Toasty BBQ" will be on sale tomorrow for 24 hours ($10) Seemed like the kind of tee you and your followers might be interested in...let me know what you think! Thanks and keep of the good work on the site!

toasty-tee2.jpg (158827 bytes)     toasty-tee.jpg (197497 bytes)

P.S. this is actually a sequel of a previous design --> http://www.flickr.com/photos/winterartwork/4932708534/

Also did a Tekken tee --> http://www.flickr.com/photos/winterartwork/4369756569/

-Sean H. (Bridgetown, Barbados)
Winter Artwork Illustrations & Graphic design


Frank replies: Hahaha... that's an awesome t-shirt! I like the Sub-Zero & Heihachi one as well... I might have to get me one of those. Thanks for sharing!

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