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Pure Attrition and Practice. . .

The majority look and sound the way they should, but a few of the characters indeed have their quirks and "awkward" moments... *sigh* some characters just look more natural in 2D. "

This was taken from your SSF4 review man and to be honest I have to agree with you. Don't know if you have tried out Makoto yet, but me and my lil bro both agree that she was made for Third Strike's fighting engine, not SF4. I think Dudley will grow into an awesome technical fighter, but Ibuki also seems to be becoming the new "Akuma" with those air projectile tactics that makes one wonder whether the fighting spirit can be anything but earned through pure attrition and practice, rather than hopping on gamefaqs for BP earning strategies.

Did you check out Hakan, though? Wow, I was so weary when I first saw him, but he is a freakin oiled beast, and I also feel that Adon's re-birth was awesome, he is surely a fanged Jaguar. T-Hawk was a great addition for those who main Zangief, as my lil bro has shown by trouncing his Xbox live competition. And lets not forget Guy and Cody who bring back that Alpha 3 feeling with SF4 reaction.

Myself? I'm sticking with my main, E.Honda. But as of right now, I'm keeping my eye's on DeeJay, El Fuerte, Abel, and Balrog. As a member of The Fighters Generation, I can play and adapt with every character, but these guys may be a return of a terror on PSN.

Remember when Makoto was like this. God, I miss it.




Frank replies: I've found myself sticking with my main's too (Ryu & Gief) just to get back into the SF4 rhythm... I haven't touched the game in months. Super has definitely got my attention though and I'm looking to give some of the new characters some serious time. It's gonna take some practice for sure, but I think a lot of the newcomers can bring quite a challenge. Hakan is great, and appeals to me since I'm a Zangief player. Anyhow, thanks for the mail... see ya on PSN! ;)

And what a deadly Makoto... that was beautiful.

TFG Webmaster

Duel Toys 2 Beta!

Hi Frankie! remember me?

Just want to let you know that Duel Toys 2 is finaly up, check www.dueltoys.com.

And I was wondering if you could mention me anywhere on you site, and if I could add a link banner to your site on dueltoys.com. I don't know if I told you how I always loved your site, and having you as a beta tester was an honor.

-Jose Henrique (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Frank replies: I actually had a blast beta testing Dual Toys 2. Easily the best "fan-made" fighting game I've ever played!!! Congratulations on finishing the project, and I urge everyone reading this to try out Dual Toys 2... you won't regret it! Thanks again Jose!

TFG Webmaster

Shoooosh! From Finland. . .

Hi there F.Yagami!

Your site, just incredible!

Can't even describe how much it has helped me these past few years.

I haven't been to fighting-game scene more than four or five years, so
I'm pretty amazed every time I get to try new titles. Let me put it
like this; most of the time I play fighters on my psp (it just rocks),
and I don't own any of those slick looking neat next-gen consoles. Now,
the fun thing is that every now and then, while browsing your site, I
discover some real gems.

I hadn't even played SF3: Third Strike until recently (wow, some
orgastic animation). Currently I've been enjoying JoJo's Bizarre
Adventure, looks like it's more about being cool rather than practical.
The game's pure crack.

Can't believe what I've missed, but hey, seems like most fighting games
age pretty well. Thanks to your site ::----PP

Tell you what, I'm considering this crazy PS3 bundle for myself some
time this year. Oh yes, there's going to be all the new and recent
stuff of which most I've missed; BlazBlue, SFIV (the super anyway),
Tekken6 etc. and see if they manage to release that KoFXIII.

Maybe they'll give me some discount for being this silly :P
Some buddies and it's going to be a marathon orgy of fighting games.
There'll be pictures :)

Thanks if you had the effort to read this email, which.. seems to be
mostly about me. I appreciate the hard work you do for TFG

-Eemeli (Oulu, Finland)

P.S. You should start shipping those neat TFG shirts overseas. I would
pick up one =)


Frank replies: Hey there Eemeli, thanks for all your kind compliments. The PSP is indeed a great system for fighting games (the best ever). Glad to hear you're experimenting with new fighters you haven't tried before... everyone goes at their own pace, I respect that. 

I own a PS3 and let me tell you, I've been on that thing pretty much every day since it came out. You won't be disappointed with it if you're looking for the best fighting games (and the best controller for fighting games). ;) Well, let me know when you get that PS3, maybe we can have some matches in those games you mentioned. ;) Take care.

P.S. Unfortunately it costs a lot of money (and time) to ship things overseas... :( Hopefully one day I can start doing so again. 

TFG Webmaster

Dudley in SSF IV. . . 

Dudley's fighting stance is just fine in ssf4, but yeah but his voice needs change. the reason why dudleys voice was not so good its because he has a younger voice before street fighter 3. is capcom trying to make this not look like third strike? because third strike was the best in the series, but im still looking forward to SSF4. you still gonna play as dudley anyway?



Frank replies: I'm nitpicky when it comes to favorite characters of mine.... Dudley's original stance & footwork was so "light" in the SF3 series. However, In SSF4 he seems considerably heavier, a bit sloppier, and he also swings his arms differently (more horizontally). :/ His new stance doesn't look too bad, but his 2D sprite is far superior... it captures his character better in my opinion.

I guess him being younger in SSF IV can be an excuse why his voice isn't as deep... but I don't buy it. Capcom could've picked a better voice actor. Look at Dudley, he's seriously buff... he should have a "grumbly" voice like he had in New Generation or the deeper "kind Englishman" voice he had in Third Strike. In the end, I suppose we'll all get used to the new Dudley. 

And yeah, I'm gonna try out Dudley of course... along with many others. Really lookin' forward to SSF4!!! 

TFG Webmaster

Arcade Stick Techniques. . .

Dear Frankie,

 I have just been enrolled in a school where they have SF Alpha (actually Zero) 3 in the student games room! I play it whenever I can, it's that good! It's an arcade stand up cab, and that's my worry. I'm much more comfortable with a controller, even a keyboard, than using an arcade stick. How do you do common arcade techniques, (apart from practice, I know)? I think I can do the quarter circle alright, but it's still a bit rusty. It's the shoryuken method I completely suck at. I try to hold the stick like a wine glass. I'm sure it's a square gate, and I know with the hadouken, not to take it up all the way on the right side.

-Chris Dale (Geelong, Australia)

P.S. How many of the banners from last year do you still have to go through before you start this year's contest? And to get a headstart, what is this year's create a banner theme? I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering.


Frank replies: At first glance, I thought you were enrolled in some fighting game school... now that would be epic! As you might know I'm a big fan of SFA3... played the hell out of that game, and I still would play it if I had some more competition around here. ;) As far as arcade stick techniques go, I'm not the best person to ask; because I too very much prefer a pad to a stick... yep, sometimes even for Street Fighter. 

However, I did grow up playing fighting games in the arcade, so I can still use a stick fairly well. I don't recommend the "wine glass grip" unless you really feel comfortable holding it that way. I hold the stick with an open palm (facing down), the side of my hand against the table, and I use primarily my index finger, middle finger, and thumb to control the stick. Basically, try using the "L" that you create with your first finger & thumb. Keep a light grip with your fingers, but remember sometimes a grip isn't even necessary... for instance, for moving/dashing back (1p side) I use only my thumb, and for crouch I use my index finger (with some slight support by my middle finger). Also keep a light, soft grip when performing hadokens or shoryukens. 

Anyway, cool question. I hope I could help some... now go kick some ass in SFA3!!!

TFG Webmaster

P.S. It's not confirmed yet, but the theme for this year's contest might be "TFG's 10th year anniversary"! ;D 

Time well spent. . .

Hello I been a fan of the Neo Geo ever since fatal fury 2 and owned AES and MVS in my time and been a member of Neo-Geo.com for over 9 years. I have to say I think your site is brilliant, I love all the effort put into it and all the  game paperwork/ flyers that have been added as well. I spent the last couple of days going through everything now and its been time well spent!

-Lee Gray (United Kingdom)

Frank replies: Thanks for the kind words man... & NeoGeo forever! ;)

TFG Webmaster

Gold War Machine & Red Venom. . .

O.k. Shadow Lady you show as a secret character, but where's Gold war machine and Red venom? I know there are more secret characters I'm forgetting. 
I know they exist because I've seen them. lolz. No joke.

 Do you know any other way to get to play them. I heard It was only the arcade game where you could use the cheats to play them.

 Love everything your doing. Please get back to me on that when you have time. 

Because it's bugging the hell out of me.^_^

-Emmanuel G.

Frank replies: I decided not too make character pages for "Gold" War Machine & "Red" Venom (since they're merely color swaps of the main characters)... but yes they are secret characters in the game. There's a directional code on the selection screen that you have to enter to be able to play as them. I don't usually do this, but since it was bugging you so much I'll help ya out... ;)

Play as Red Venom: MOVE TO CHUN LI, RIGHT X 1, DOWN X 4, LEFT X 1, UP X 4, RIGHT X 2, DOWN X 2, LEFT X 2, DOWN X 2, RIGHT X 2, UP X 4, LEFT X 2, UP X 1

Play as Gold War Machine: MOVE TO ZANGIEF, LEFT X 2, DOWN X 2, RIGHT X 2, DOWN X 2, LEFT X 2, UP X 4, RIGHT X 2, LEFT X 2, DOWN X 4, RIGHT X 2, UP X 2, LEFT X 2, DOWN X 2, RIGHT X 2, UP X 5

And I'm pretty sure you can play as them in every version of the game that was made. ;)

TFG Webmaster

April Fools TFG. . . 

Sorry I had to trick you, but with KOF XIII being revealed in 3 days, I had to pull off something epic to deal with the hype.

So many people on Pixiv and DeviantArt have been making "XII" style sprites of nearly every character imaginable, some of them near pro-quality work here. Hopefully we'll get our wishes when XIII is revealed this week.

-Matthew V.


Frank replies: I'm humbled... *sigh* I was on my way to work (and I was kinda late), so I only took a quick glance before posting it up... still, I should've noticed something funny about that pic. >.< The sprites are what got me though, since I haven't seen those. ;P Needless to say, I'll be looking much closer next time I get any "Famitsu" scans... Lmao! 

Again, nice April Fools... not one I'll soon forget. 

TFG Webmaster