Jul - Aug 2007 Feedback

Pull No Punches. . .

Sensei Yagami,

I humbly ask that you forgive me for not speaking up to you sooner.

I am one of the rare few people who have been lurking and wandering around on your site since the first month of creation.

I must apologize for good reason, as I haven't given you the proper respect, as majority of the still art and animated images on my drive were taken right from your site. I've been using your site as a valuuable resource of information and great  inspiration for my personal work.

I'd like to personally pay you back as my way of saying thanks for all of the time and effort you've put into running this site for so long, and I hope that you keep it running strong. (I won't deny the fact that this is only in my personal greed to keep your site running so I may continue keeping my inspiration around, In essence, I'll be acting as your personal...Heihachi.)

I'll not only donate a generous amount of money to you, but I'll ask of you to do me a favor, one you probably won't refuse.

You see, I'm also an avid fan of Tekken, and I just so happen to have a PS3...
...of course you see where I'm going with this...

As you've probably guessed, I also get my inspiration from skilled challengers in certain fighting games, and I'd be more than happy to do battle with you in Tekken 5:DR online.

Be warned that I'm not so sure how Ill be able to stack up to you, but I am the best in my hometown. This is strictly due to the lack of friends (freeloaders) or other relatives who wish to play fighting games as opposed to Halo, NFL/NBA and other Irrelevant titles. (The few who do play rarely stop by, and even then, they do not play/practice enough when away to reach my current level of skill.)

Probably just like you, I get no enjoyment from beating the lesser skilled player. I prefer an equal match, or somebody who is several times better than I. If anything, I'll probably be your personal punching bag for the first 2~3 rounds until I'm properly warmed up.(maybe even longer if you play like "Daigo" does in SF III )

Anyway, enough of this Ego-inflating I'm doing.

I'll send you $200.00 USD Via paypal, and I Issue you a challenge in Tekken once it goes online. I want to at least play you within the first week or so.

I hope you're as good as good as you say. I expect you to give it your all, pull no punches.

-C. Sowell

Frank replies: Well, if it's a challenge in Tekken 5: DR you want, you need not look any further. I play a lot of different characters and I switch up my style a lot, so I'm sure you'll enjoy fighting against me, even when you lose. Hah! We'll definitely have to meet up in the T5:DR Battle Lobby and have some matches when the game comes out. And when Home is released, I'll be sure to invite you over for some coffee and maybe to watch some videos on my big HDTV... lol. Then we can play some more Tekken, or Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix perhaps?

Anyhow, that was a very generous donation my friend... It was certainly the MOST generous donation TFG has ever recieved!!! Thank you sincerely... And I hope you've been enjoying your complimentary TFG Subscription along with your TFG T-shirt. And I hope to talk to you soon about some online matches. And by the way, I never pull any punches... But I do taunt.

~TFG Webmaster

why tekken 6 why!

Hey master frank

I like tekken but they didn't have to F**K S**T UP!

A fat man?! it's pathetic! i'm very pissed they going to kill there own franchise and they better make some better than this!

-The Ninja

Frank replies: Whoa buddy... Someone needs to relax and put down their inhaler. First off, it would take a lot more than a fat man in suspenders to "kill" the Tekken franchise. Second, and lastly, I can't wait to choose Bob! LMAO! I can't wait to see how he fights... And I'm positive he'll make for some good comic relief in the Tekken series! Let the Bob jokes begin!!!

~TFG Webmaster

Sorry in advance. . .

Hi guy,
Sorry in advance for my english, I just want to know the price
for the big poster of soul calibur movie and for the shipping if
Im living in Quebec, Canada
Thanks in advance

-Cedric Cote

Frank replies: You are umm... Forgiven, in advance. And that poster isn't for sale... It isn't even in my possession. Hahaha, and if it was I probably wouldn't sell it to you. It would go straight to EBAY. Starting bid? Hmmm.... $300.

Ohh, and you're welcome in advance. Or rather, in closing... Whatever.

~TFG Webmaster

Character Customization. . .

Heh, I've been a fan of your website for 5 years now, and this is my first email to you. Anyway, Soul Calibur 4 is looking awesome, and they've more or less sold me on the fact that they're improving upon the Character Customization. Hopefully the characters will be alot more balanced this time around i.e. Rock's not completely gimped while Sophitia's in a tier above everyone else.By the way, did you know that Basara Cross X is being developed by Arc Systems? I'm a huge fan of the Guilty Gear series, so I'm wondering if anything will be carried over? Oh, and try ignore the legions of fanboys who are pissed about Sammy trying something new with Guilty Gear. Those dumbasses are the same type of people who boycotted Capcom for releasing Devil May Cry 4 on the Xbox 360. Anyway, keep up the good work, and keep on fighting!

P.S. Yeah, that last line is pretty damn corny, sorry about that...

-Kyle Luzio

Frank replies: Hey there Kyle, glad I could keep your interest for the last 5 years. I agree that Soul Calibur 4 is shaping up nicely. Finally a true "next gen" remake to one of my favorite 3D fighting systems. I think the Character Customization will be better than ever... And I even have a good idea for it. Why don't they make the "random character" (like Charade or Olcadon) a customizable character. Or at least give your custom character the option of being random!

Basara Cross X also looks interesting to say the least. It's been too long since there's been a new "samurai fighting game."

~TFG Webmaster

Tekken 6 and some other stuff. . .

Hey Frank, it's Marco Guerrero. It's been a while and
I'd figure that I would have to talk about Tekken 6
and some other stuff.

About Tekken 6
After looking at info on the private show and some
vids on youtube, this Tekken has in fact changed in
many ways. First of all, the graphics had changed
massively and look stunning, but even though some
character's looks haven't changed it's because Namco's
working on new animations and new moves for those
characters instead of just rehashing the same old
graphics like what midway had stupidly done with MK
armageddon, or what had happened with capcom fighting

 Plus they're going even more in-depth with the
customization system. Namco said something about how
players can really customize a character so much that
he/she doesn't really look like his/herself.
Two things I found mysterious about tekken 6 is that
alot of characters have gotten "weaker" in terms of
offense because Namco is doing something to please
players that are new to Tekken probably so they don't
get raped easily.lol

Also, some moves have new animations and some moves
have different effects. For example you know how
paul's phoenix smasher usually pushed the opponent
back in Tekken DR? Well in Tekken 6, the opponent
won't be pushed back which means that the opponent can
punish the move with just about any quick launcher
move. And heihachi's twin pistons (launcher move), is
gone, instead of the second hit being a launcher,
it'll look like the hammer punch move which could be a

And from the private show, they say that Kazuya is the
strongest of the mishimas and Namco's working on Jin
kazama because of the complaints of   low strength and
low speed. Plus steve fox, can still do some beautiful
opponent-killing combos, which is good for steve
players. And last but not least, Namco's planning on
making the new Tekken even more real and something 10x
fun to bring tekken player veterans back to continue
the ownage. Like for example, law's style is looking
even more like bruce lee's actual figting style seen
in the countless movies he's been in. And the rage
mode, you know when a character's fists are glowing
kind of reffers to MK trilogy's agressor ability and
how it increases your attack power. Anyways' there's
Tekken 6 for ya. Other than that it's 60-70% done.

Yeah I know it's a pretty long email but it's just
because it's been a while and all ya know? Anyways I
also happen to be an artist. I've been drawing things
all my life such as fighting game characters of
course, creatures, people, and girls. You should see
some of the work I do, I have a few nice tekken pics
too but yet I plan to work on more. How about I make a
nice tekken one for ya? Here's how it should be, you
in the middle with the characters you use in Tekken
and the fighter's generation logo on the top of the

That's pretty much it for now. It's great that your
site is still at style, keep up the good work!!

-Marco Guerrero

Frank replies: I agree with you that Tekken 6 is a GREAT improvement over Tekken 5, and is a much better sequel than the crappy sequels for MK: Deadly Alliance sequels. Namco really knows what the fans want... The new animations and moves look spectacular, and from what I've seen from the vids, Tekken 6 will be the best Tekken yet.

Thanks for the mail!

~TFG Webmaster

The bashing of various. . .

Man, I never did bored strolling the Generation and laughing at the bashing of various MK titles for I though the series died for me at 3.

But since I do have weak memory when it comes to remembering the little things, but who was your favorite character again? I remember one was Iori and Genjuro, but I can't remember the rest. If this gets on the feedback, no matter the lenght...just let whip it out. lol

-James M.

Frank replies: MK deserves bashing... that's all there is to it. Favorite characters? You're pretty close there. As you may know, I'm known as F. Yagami... A devoted member to the Yagami clan (the same one as Iori). Then there's Genjuro, my absolute favorite badass samurai.

~TFG Webmaster

Who is the artist. . .

Who is the artist that does the "falcoon badass" pics that I see on a lot of
the main king of fighters characters? Like Mai, Terry, K, And Iori and I
know there is more. If you could give me a website of the artist that would
be cool. Thanks...

-Mathew C.

Frank replies: The artist's name is "Falcoon." He is one of my favs... Love his style!

~TFG Webmaster

God at fighting games. . .

What are you, some kinda god at fighting games? It would seem so. But to the point, I love TFG because I had been SEARCHING and SEARCHING endlessly for a site with as much concept art for my favorite fighting games and I have clearly found it. I am an "aspiring" manga artist and I come to your site all the time for some character costume ideas. My fave series are Samurai Shodown, Guilty Gear and Soul Calibur, and you had everything for each. ~Thumbs up~ I'm spreadin the word about this site. Oh and I was wondering, what do you tell all the girls when they come into your crib and see all them "toys" ?


Frank replies: I am indeed a self-proclaimed "God" at fighting games... Muahahahaha!!! No really, anyone that ever played me in a fighting game (I'm good at) would tell you that I'm pretty good. 

To answer your question... In all honestly: Any girl that ever came to my crib and say my toys was "taken back" and overall impressed by them of course... Street Fighter action figures are instant "cool" points, trust me. You stand out as "different" when you collect toys, and some girls think that's cute. Hey, it's worked for me so far! ;)

~TFG Webmaster

Ideal Fighting Game. . .

First of all, Great site man! I'm glad I found it since I'm a big fighting game fanatic! I love to watch martial arts movies, and just like you, I also like to draw! (I have done several drawings of my Ideal Video Game- Super Smash Bros VS Power Stone) I do have other hobbies but gaming is my number one! I have a few questions to ask ya.

What are your favorite fighting games, favorite characters, favorite special moves, and what fighting game character would you love to be as? And what would be Your Ideal Fighting game?

My #1 favorite fighting game of all time is Power Stone 2 for the Sega Dreamcast (It's fun, addictive, and the multiplayer battles are insane!) Followed by my other favorites Super Smash Bros, Tekken, Soul Calibur, and all the Street Fighter games. The reason that Fighting is my favorite genre, because there's simple nothing better then beating the crap of your opponents and plus the competition is always great when playing against friends or other players! Fighting Games are just not that appreciated, and have not reached their full potential. I'm a gamer/nerd and I'm proud of it. Fighting games these days are looking better and better and I can't wait to play Tekken 6, Soul Calibur 4 and Legends, and most of all, Super Smash Bros Brawl! I think this year and next year will be good for fighting games!

If I could be someone from a fighting game, It would have to be Wang-Tang from the Power Stone games. (He's a tribute to Goku from DBZ, hence the Golden spiky hair and moves and I like his design. Not to mention he's my #1 favorite video game character in general)

My favorite special move would have to be Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch from Super Smash Bros. (I send opponents flying with that move and I love it!)

One more question for you man. What upcoming fighting game are you looking forward to the most?


Frank replies: Hmm, it feels like I've answered some of these questions before... Prolly because I have, but my answers of course change over the years, so perhaps it's not a bad idea to answer them once again... Lemme get to your questions.

1. Favorite fighting games - Marvel VS Capcom 2, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Soul Calibur 2, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, and Samurai Shodown 2... Those are my top 5 favorite fighting games.

2. Favorite characters - Hmm, should I bring back "Frank's Favorites?" Here are a few of my ALL TIME favs: Genjuro, Iori, Gato, Feng Wei, Kazuya, Remy, Urien, Dudley, Steve Fox, Ivy, Mitsurugi, & Haohmaru.

3. Favorite special moves - BUSTER WOLF!!!, SHIN..... SHORYUKEN!!!, AEGIS REFLECTOR

4. Fighting game character I'd want to be - Probably Gill or Urien... I would totally show off the bod.

5. Ideal fighting game - Open-ended and creative combo system, option of 3 on 3 tag team fighting, cancelable super moves into partner supers... Hmm, I think I just described MvC2.

~TFG Webmaster

Girl Gamers. . .

Hey, Frank! Its been so long! I hope you havent forgotten about me...and you I think you have. Otherwise, I would have heard from you 3 months ago. lol. Why did you leave me hanging like that. Terry (Terry Bogard, My sexy beloved) and the rest of the KOF guys had to keep me company. Oh! Yeah! I didnt announce that Terry and I are getting married. lol! Ahem* Anyway, I went to your site last week...and Ivy's boobies was in my face!! lol! You are so silly! I should protest! Girl gamers, like myself, need to see some shaking too...and I dont need to get into that. lol! But, I would love to play Dead or alive and have men run around in thongs! lol! You know, it would so be a girls dream come true! lol!

I am so looking forward to Tekken and Soul Calibur coming out that I can hardly stand it! lol! I hope to hear from you soon! And watch out for Ivy! Her breasteseses maybe bouncy..but, I head Mai say that Ivy has nothing on her! lol!


Frank replies: Dead or Alive is bad enough with the overly busty / slutty girls... It really doesn't need men in thongs. If you're looking for men in thongs just play Tekken 4 and pick Heihachi. That should satisfy your cravings... Anyways, sorry I didn't get back to you before. I'm quite the busy person nowadays. Take care! And I'm glad you we're enjoying Ivy's boobies! XD

~TFG Webmaster

Street Fighter Forever. . .


Your site is literally the best for sprites I have ever seen. I have searched hours and hours, even to perhaps days, for some of the sprites you have. You are the best!!! You are the greatest. Street Fighter forever.


Frank replies: Thank you... Gracias... Domo Arigato... 

~TFG Webmaster

What the f*ck is so evil about M. Bison. . .

First of all I want to congratulate you for such a splendid site, I visit it
at least once a week for the last 6 years. I´ve sent you some pics that
aren´t in the site (yuga,amazon,mr.karate ryo),and some "separated at birth"
& "if you crossed" submissions, but seems you didn´t like it, because I
don´t see any of it, or, do I have to own a subscription for you to answer or
something? That hurt my feelings because I wanted to be useful to the

Anyway, my question is, WHAT THE FUCK IS SO EVIL ABOUT M.BISON?
I never get his so called "evilness", you know, what´s so evil about a cheap
cliche, fat dark skinned third world dictator, dressed like a nazi parody
costume? His fighting style isn´t that cruel or anything, like Genjuro´s,
Cervantes or Geese´s. Those are really mean characters not only in their
looks but also their personality and moves, don´t you think? Geese could
beat the shit out of Bison anyday, just by countering him. You know
something Frank? Just americans think about Bison as the ultimate evil
character, period. Think about it.
What about some SS Tenka´s Gen-An gifs?
Regards, thanks again for your site man, I love it.

-Vlad F.

Frank replies: Hey there Vlad (nice name)... So you're a long time visitor I see. Cool! Well, honestly I don't remember your contributions. But then again, I do currently have 400 UNREAD EMAIL MESSAGES in my inbox. I still do get a lot of mail, and I still do have a life, and I still do dread weeding through the junk mail and retard mail. Sometimes I simply let those contributions sit in my inbox for months and months, then it turns into a year and I still haven't gotten to it. So it's probably in there, I'll have to take a look.

Anyhow, in response to your question... What's so evil about M. Bison? Dare you ask? Well, maybe it's that sinister grin. Or perhaps the most evil of evil laughs. MUUU HU HU HU HE HE HE HEEE. Dude, Bison is a badass because he's Bison. And there's one move that Geese CAN'T counter... That being the Psycho Crusher! Or even a better example, the SFA3 Level 3 Psycho Crusher... Goodnight! PSSSYCHOOOO CRUSHHHAAAAAH!!!! So what make's Bison so evil? Two words. Psycho Crushaaah.

~TFG Webmaster