Jul - Aug 2006 Feedback

A hundred Million times. . .

Hey Frank, this is Chris and I got 2 things to say. I love your site!! I have only been checking it out for a few months since I only just discovered it but I cant stop going to it, even ive looked at it a hundred million times!! Your character and review sections have to be the best that ive ever seen. By the way, on a side note, do you know of any sites like this one? Ones with lots of info on fighting games? And just to let you know, im not going to ditch this one. Im loyal.

-Chris H.

Frank replies: Whoa, glad you like the site dude. And to be honest, there's no site quite like TFG... but you can find some decent fighting game fan sites if you look around long enough. Try the infamous Wikipedia.com if you're looking for detailed fighting game info. You might learn something!

~TFG Webmaster

A Good Idea. . .

I've been thinkin......wouldnt it be a good idea if capcom released the x-men/marvel series of their fighting games in an anthology pack? you know, x-men children of the atom, marvel super heroes, marvel vs street fighter, x-men vs . street fighter, marvel vs capcom...and so forth? i think they could make a killing doing so since they are great games and rare to find......especially in arcade perfect format.....because the home versions of the games, including marvel vs. capcom 2 for the ps2 werent as close to the arcade as the real deal, ya know?? they would be choppy, sound effects werent properly translated, etc. etc......but dont u agree? if u do i think u should get a petition started (if its a good idea to u) to get these rare gems the spotlight they deserve.

-David Harris

Frank replies: I'd think Capcom will eventually pack the VS series together into an Anthology pack as they did with the Alpha series. Although they don't have the rights to Marvel anymore, but I don't think that matters in this case. I might be wrong. lol. 

~TFG Webmaster

Just a little correction. . .

Hello there Frank;

I'm a semi-long time fan of the site, and I'm very happy that you showcase such a wide variety of game art and animated gifs.  But I digress, as my purpose in writing was this: Eileen in Virtua Fighter 5 is not the first fighting game character to use Monkey style kung fu.  Noob Saibot in Mortal Kombat: Deception had that very style.  While I may not have the exposure to the plethora of games you do, I know what I have as well as humanly possible :D

I hope your site restoration continues without a hitch,


Frank replies: The crap that Noob does in MK: Deception is not Monkey style... (lol). Anyhow, I've re-worded it. Thanks for looking out!

~TFG Webmaster

Some questions about some things. . .

Hey Frank whats up! My names Leo, and I'm a huge fighting game fan and have recently ran across your site,  I gotta tell you man your site is the shit. I love your character section, you found some pretty badass art for some of my favorite fighting game characters. All I got to say is keep up the good work. Anyways I just want to ask you some questions about some things I have seen in your site.

1) I have the feeling that you hate Mortal Kombat from reading your reviews about the MK games? How come you hate Mortal Kombat so much?

2) In your character profile for Link in Soul Calibur 2, you say that is good to see Link in a real fighting game. Its clear to anyone that this is a shoot at SSBM and SSB (Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros.). Why do you not consider the SSB series a real fighting game series? Dude the SSB series is fun as hell. You got to admit that. Even though it may not be a type of fighting game like KOF, Street Fighter, Tekken, and all the others here, its still worthy of being called a real fighting game. Have you seen any of the combo videos for it?

3) Speaking of the Super Smash Bros series, where are the game profiles for both of the games?

Well that all I wanted to ask you, but I have one huge request I want to ask you, awhile back you had this badass pic of Capcom characters and Sammy characters together in it. Where did you get that pic from and who drew it? And most importantly, can I please have a link to that pic? It was so badass, I want to use it as my background. Anyways, thanks for reading and keep up the good work.


Frank replies: Hey there Leo, I'm glad you can appreciate the quality of art on TFG... I actually have WAY more to add, but my first priority has been trying to get all the character links functioning once again!

1. I don't hate Mortal Kombat... but I enjoy making fun of it for obvious reasons.

2. Super Smash Brothers..... *sigh* It is fun to watch and sure it's a fun game, but I'd consider it more a party/beat-em-up than a fighting game. I'm sure some would disagree, but like I've said a million times, I really don't see myself making a Pikachu or Yoshi character profile.


And as for your request, here it is... I'm not sure who the artist is though.

~TFG Webmaster

My Resaurus Prototype Collection. . .

Thought you might enjoy pics of my Resaurus Prototype collection. I do not have them all assembled but here are some of the ones I have on display.



-J Manalo

Frank replies: OMG... Those are soooo unbelievably rare (as you must know)... badass. So are you ever going to sell them?

(For those of you that don't know... Those are figures that were NEVER released... Anywhere!!!! The Resaurus line of Street Fighter toys sold very poorly and the new series never made it to shelves. Only a few prototypes exist.)

~TFG Webmaster

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From: J Manalo
To: Fighters Generation
Sent: Monday, July 03, 2006 1:14 PM
Subject: Re: my resaurus prototype collection

I have thought about selling them before but choose not to in the end for they are one of a kind and I could never replace them. I had a couple offers from buyers from Japan, and the offers were mind blowing but I had declined, due to the rarity and it took sooooo long for me to acquire these. Also you can see for yourself that the figures are in great shape and are just great display pieces. They are pretty much double the size of the regular Resaurus figures. Once I assemble all of them I will send you some more pics. For right now I am just in the works of putting up a new display for these items.

By the way I love your site and I had just noticed that you have the resaurus figures so I sent you pics of the elusive Resuarus Round 3 Player 1 figures. hope to talk to you soon.

Frank replies: I'd definitely like to see some close ups of that GIANT Bison and GIANT Guile... Ahh man, those are GOLD.

Take a Listen. . .

Sup Frank. Love the site, just giving a quick e-mail contribution here.

After browsing around your Funnies section and then playing Street Fighter
Alpha 3, I've come to notice that when E. Honda performs his frequently
spammed sumo dive accross the screen, it sounds very much like he's saying
"Pork fries!". Greedy sumo. Next time you play it, take a listen and see if
you agree with me.

Also, in Mortal Kombat Trilogy when Raiden does HIS dive, he shouts 1 of 2
random phrases that sound like either "GET IN THE CAR!" or "YOUR MOTHER'S
FROM L.A.!". Hell, Mortal Kombat 4 even has things like "Ho, I'm gonna throw
you over there." and "Ow, my legs!" if you want to mention it. Hope these
are worthy of the lists.



Frank replies: Pork fries? I've heard that enough times... Yeah, his sumo dive does sound like pork fries. What are pork fries? But I haven't played MK Trilogy in ages, so I'll have to take your word on Raiden's giberish... but I do recall MK4s "I'm gonna throw you over there!!" Hahaha! 

~TFG Webmaster

A Glorified Piece of Shit. . .

Hey Frank, what's up, I have been a fan of this site for 3 years now, mainly because you have all the info on the newest fighting games and you give a better review of them, alot better than the videogame critics at certain websites. While they are looking for bigger and better graphics, they tend to for get that a game can have all the good graphics in the world,but without gameplay it is just a glorified piece of shit basically. I live down here in ga but i wish there were some fighting game tournaments down here that i could go to. If you know of some please let me know, oh and do you know of any where i can get Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for ps2. Its a hard game to find and even harder to find it for a cheap price. Finally do you think that capcom will be brave and smart and finally put out the long awaited Street Fighter IV. I mean i love the collections they have put out and i have them all but Capcom USA needs to get with Capcom Japan and put out a new Street Fighter. Or at least a better Capcom Fighting Evolution, that first one really sucked. I liked the concept of that guy who did his own characters in CvS 2 style that was a thing of beauty. Well keep up the good work and Later


Frank replies: I appreciate the compliment on my reviews very much... I've read so many shitty fighting game reviews from many "big name" gaming sites and it really pisses me off. That's why I try to really speak my mind freely on the reviews. I swear it seems like some of those mainstream reviews are paid off to write positive reviews. 

1. Yeah, MvC2 on PS2 is hard to find... I don't even have it. The Dreamcast version is definitely better...

2. There have been rumors that Capcom is working on SF4 and they're probably tossing around ideas and doing some rough sketches. But I wouldn't expect it anytime soon. I think they will release Capcom Fighting Evolution 2 and hopefully it's not crap like the first one.

~TFG Webmaster

Hi my friend. . .

Hi my friend...

I've been following this site for 4 years and there's no better site about
fighing games.Thats for sure.So i appreciate and respect for yer stuff lol

I've got a question.I really liked the toys that is shown on the site.And i
just wanna know where u bought these toys.I searched at lik-sang but couldnt
find the ones cool like yours.So i would be really happy if u helped me.

Thanks for now and take care. Goodbye.

-Ralph Maxima


Frank replies: I got many of the smaller figurines from Hong Kong... and then some from ebay. A few of those series are quite hard to find, depends which ones you're talking about. Just keep looking and you might get lucky!

~TFG Webmaster

Thank you for the l33t site. . .

Dear Frank,

I`m a fighting game girl, and I love what you do with the TFG site. (I check there at least once a week...^_^) But I have some questions,

1.When are all the rest of the characters going to be online?

2.Why don`t you consider Super Smash Bros. to be a fighting game? (One day I was looking at the games section, and I started to wonder why Super Smash Bros. was`nt in there..... I`m not a Nintendo fangirl, I was just wondering.)

3.Aside from fighting games, what kind of games do you like to play? (Me, I like RPG`s a lot, mostly Final Fantasy.)

4.If you could make any Fighting Game girl real, who would it be?(Sorry....., this is a random question......-___-0. Me? I would go gay for the Double Christie. (The Christie from Tekken and The Christie from DOA.....Christie is a very hot name to me.....) And if I could choose a boy, It`ll be Lee from Tekken...^_^)

Anyways thank you for the l33t site known as The TFG.

Thanks and keep up the good work,


Frank replies: Girls that play fighting games rock my world. ^_^ So, let's get straight to the questions.

1. I can honestly say I think ALL character profiles will be online within the next 2 months!!! I'm looking forward to the completion as much as you and everybody else! That way I can start work on other updates I've been longing to do.

2. Ehhhhh! Another Smash Brothers fan... Maybe I should just put up a Smash Brothers profile and I won't have to answer this question anymore!!! 

3. I also like RPG's a lot... Though I haven't played a really good one in a while. X-men Legends 2 was the last one I played, and I very much enjoyed my team of Cable, Juggernaut, Gambit, and Magneto. I can't wait for Final Fantasy XII, (and one for PS3 should be killer)! ;) I also like racing games... Preferably Ridge Racer, Maximum Tune, or Initial D (my favorite). I don't play many first person shooters, I kinda got those out of my system years ago... But I do like Metal Gear 3: Subsistence, if that counts. And then I like random unique games like Katamari Damacy, Ultimate Spider Man, or Viewtiful Joe for example, anything clever... ya know?

4. Hmm... Good question. I'd say....... Kyoko, from Rival Schools.  I could go for a massage...

Thanks for visiting...

~TFG Webmaster

A pretty serious fighting game. . .


     Love your website. I pretty much go to it every day cuz I love fighting
games, and I enjoy the artwork, so I'm always looking for inspiration too.
There is one fighting game that you should check out, if you're not too

   Its Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters for the SNES. I own
many of the old school fighters (SF2, FF2, Samurai Shodown, AOF, etc.) for
SNES. And although its TMNT (I grew up with the Ninja Turtles when I was
little), its a very cool 2d fighter. The animation is very fluent and
smooth, and the moves and combo ability is almost better than Street Fighter
2 and Fatal Fury. Its not choppy at all.  To me this is still a pretty serious fighting game,
and can rank up there too as far as gameplay goes. The characters are pretty
unique as well...(The Shredder is a badass in this game, and the Turtles
themselves have some kick ass moves.)

   You could probably pick up a copy of this game for like $3. But watch out
for the Sega Genesis version. They're completely different. I have both, but
the Genesis version is pretty horrible, bad animation, bad characters, bad
moves (maybe 2 per fighter) and very slow and choppy. So if you do, check
out the SNES version.

Keep up the awesome work with your site!

Thanks for your time


Frank replies: Thanks, but there will be no ninja turtles on this site. Just you and me creating the text "ninja turtles" is too much. Hah.

~TFG Webmaster

My great game. . .

i was on this web site and it let u download fighters and fighting areas to make your own game so i done it. so my game had 19 fighters in it and 18 areas
i had Adon,Alex,e honda,cammy, poison and ryu from steet fighter . muscle power, janne and hanzou from world heroes. pepe, mr jones and kang from rage of the dragons. joe, heidern, heavy d , daimon, ralf and king and kain from garou mark of the wolves and gill from street fighter the main bosses i just thought i would let you knowabout my great game


Frank replies: Ohhhhh dear.... You're either really really excited or really really dumb. Or... you're a 9 year old kid who just discovered MUGEN. In any case, I think that program might be a bit too advanced for you.....

~TFG Webmaster

Crappy Dead or Alive 4. . .

Well, I was reading your crappy Dead or Alive 4 review and I'll past the part that you gave it a 7.5 but I click the Halo character person you say some retarded crap about Halo "whats the big deal about Halo" are you freaking idiot? Have you ever played it? You can't judge something by the way it looks like the old saying "it the inside that counts not the outside" Let me tell you Halo is one of the masterpieces of first-person shooting. The storyline, the visuals, the smooth game-play , and the best part of all the multiplay everything is just brilliant. Hey, why I even telling you this anyway you only play crappy fighting games, you don't deserve to know the luxuries of Halo, but you lucky I was nice enough to let you know.

-Alistar Hogg

Frank replies: Halo doesn't impress me the least bit... sorry. I used to play Doom & Quake and those were innovative games for the time, but the latest generation of FPS games are hardly inspiring to me. And it's not only the game itself, but they have also have some retarded looking characters designs. And I don't play any crappy fighting games, only the best games. Have fun shooting your aliens.

~TFG Webmaster

I'm just asking. . .

I'm just asking why don't you review different type of fighting games (anime fighting games) Like Budokai 1,2,or 3 or Naruto Ultimate Ninja


Frank replies: Okay, I'll review them right now... They suck.

~TFG Webmaster