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This year is so awesome...

Hi again Frank,

   Man, this is the year of fighting games. Just wanted to know if you are loving BlazBlue as much as I am, and what your thoughts on KOF XII are.

Still loving your site,

-Jonathan Paullin

Frank replies: It sure has been a great year for fighters. I'm very much enjoying Blazblue even though it's not my favorite 'style' of fighting game in gameplay sense, but I'm quite fond of using Taokaka actually, she's so fun to use!! ;) I'm still getting used to KOF XII, though I really think Blazblue's presentation exceeds KOF XII's by quite a lot. KOF XII is growing on me as I play more, but I'm still really hoping for some impressive DLC... It just doesn't seem like SNK was "done" with the game if you know what I mean.

Keep up the good work with your site(s)! And thanks! :)

~TFG Webmaster

A Fair Review of King of Fighters XII. . .

Hi, been browsing your site for awhile! I just wanted to tell you that I've found TFG to be the only site that gave (what I would consider anyway) a fair review of King of Fighters XII.

I'm a huge SNK fanboy, true and through, and as a fan I can say I wasn't exactly too "Wowed" by XII but given this is a reboot with new gameplay elements that rival Street Fighter IV in a few ways, I can't say I'm disappointed. So far it seems a lot of us KoF Vets are divided over the game. While I enjoy the new aspects of the game, my friend felt it was rushed.

Then again, I've always judged KoF games on three basic principals:
*How cool of a match can you pull off with Andy and Terry fighting each other?
*Did they all sound right? Like they should?
*Was the game balanced enough that no one move could destroy you?

XII meet my standards (though the "Engrish" does get old fast >.<) but this is the first KoF game I've played that felt truly balanced. Not like say, Samurai Showdown II balanced, but it was there.

So anyway, I'm downloading the patch for the PS3. Really hoping they fix up the lag issue and I'd like to take you on sometime man. I've also got BlazBlue, Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat 2, and I'll be grabbing MvC2 next week as well!

I warn ya though, I play a mean Robert and Kim.

-Nick (PSN ID: Xorias)

Frank replies: I appreciate the feedback on my KOF XII review... I had mixed feelings about it from the start, and still kinda do. I gotta say I do enjoy playing the game, and it's much more my type of 2D fighting game than Blazblue, even though I rated Blazblue higher.  I even enjoy KOF XII over some of the classic (better) KOF installments, just because it looks so damn good, and plays smooth. I just see SO much room for improvement this time around, which as you can see left me with an overall disappointed impression. 

I like your 3 basic principals for KOF games... Here are 3 of mine:
*Does it have Yamazaki?
*Do the super moves HURT?
*How badass is the victory and character select art?

   Of course the Japanese voices are where it's at, though if I'm in the mood for a good chuckle, I'll turn on those ear-blistering English voices... I'm glad they're there to mix things up a little at least. I too hope they fix that lag, and thankfully a few of my PSN friends don't lag when we play XII! I'll gladly meet you up for a few matches... Hit me up, but be warned, my friends list is maxed out. lol. PSN = FYagami.

~TFG Webmaster

Anime Based Fighting Games. . .

How come yor site doesn't even bother mentioning fighting games based off of animes or mangas, like the Dragon Ball Z Budokai series or even the Super Smash Bros series? Some of those were pretty good and I feel the deserve to at least hava review on your site.

Thank you for your time.

-Joel Holmes

Frank replies: I get this question at least three times a year, but I understand, because it's a good question. :) Basically, there are a million websites you can go to for Dragonball Z & Naruto stuff... and I'm personally not a fan of either series, which is part of the reason why they're not on the site. Most importantly, TFG is here for the "original" fighting game franchises & characters... Not mainstream anime that get 'transformed' into fighting games just to make a quick buck. 

   Some of the more unique anime fighting games have made it to the Games section, but I usually neglect the "overly popular" ones for the reasons I just mentioned. Like most fighting game purists, I don't consider Super Smash Bros. a fighting game... It's more like a sidescroller-shooter-party---fighting game. Even if I did consider it a fighting game, the majority of the characters just aren't "TFG worthy". Fans of the website would NEVER forgive me if they found Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Pokemon Trainer, and King Dedede character profiles on TFG... Come on now, that's not what this site is about. Notice I didn't put up the Sonic the Hedgehog fighting game (Sonic the Fighters), or Celebrity Death Match for instance. Those type of games would simply "pollute" the authenticity of The Fighter's Generation.

   Thanks for your question, and thanks for visiting!!!

~TFG Webmaster

Some of My Shelves. . .

Hi, nice pics in the showroom gallery. I was wondering if you would consider hosting other peoples collections on the site, granted they are worthy of course. ^_^ It's hard to find good fighting game figure enthusiasts and I'd love the chance to have some of my shelves shown on your site. Sorry if I'm out of line, just thought I'd try sharing. Keep up the good work on the site, thanks!

Frank replies: Thanks, and thanks actually a really cool idea... I'd definitely consider putting up some pics of someone else's collection in the Feedback section if you have something to show! ;)

Some of my shelves, things are constantly getting switched around though. I attempted to make the entire Neo Geo Battle Coliseum roster via customs, but only made it about 2/3 through. My Mai Shiranui wall....still need to finish up about 5 resin kits of her to add to that, just no time. ^_^ A few single shots of custom Ryo, Neo-Dio, and Mars People.

damien-show2.jpg (118541 bytes).damien-show1.jpg (69259 bytes)

Frank replies: Wow man, an epic statue collection you've got there... And a great SNK tribute if I've ever seen one! Mind telling me a little bit more about each statue? You painted those resins yourself right? That Mars Alien statue is freakin-amazing-looking, as well as that Neo Dio! And I'm SO very jealous of that Genjuro Statue. ^___~ Mind telling me where you scored that one? It' so tough to find Genjuro-anything. lol.

Sure no problem, and thanks for the compliments! ^_^ All the resin kits I painted myself. If you notice there are some PVC pre-painted statues in there like the Godess Athena and Nakoruru.

damien-show6.jpg (52405 bytes).damien-show5.jpg (42753 bytes)

Mars People is completely scratch built. I made the head out of this very light weight Crayola clay I found. I normally use sculpty or miliput, but that would have been too heavy for the legs to support. The legs are just electrical wire with the ends dipped in plastidip. I then bent all of them into the pose I wanted and painted it. Aside from the color, the paint also kinda froze them in place to give it even more support. The ray gun was just pieces from other guns I put together, and the eyes are just standard clear half spheres from the craft store.

Neo-Dio was a devil man resin kit. I shaved off the horns and just didn't put the tail or wings on. For the quills/hair I cut out roughly 300 of them from sheets of that foam stuff you get at the craft store. I needed something light weight again due to the mass number needed. I had to glue each one on by hand but I was very pleased with the result.

Marco is a Resaurus Charlie body with a custom head and spare parts like the jetpack, gun, etc.

Tung was a Gen resin kit that I cut the legs down to make him shorter. I shaved the head down and made the bushy eyebrows.

damien-show4.jpg (24372 bytes).damien-show3.jpg (60445 bytes)

Ryo was a Ryu resin kit, shaved the head and made new hair.

Ai was a Lupin Fujiko kit with a custom head, added accessories like her pocket neo geo and tetris blocks made from wooden blocks.

Washizuka was a Jubei resin kit, just had the head changed a bit, added the headband, removed the eyepatch, etc.

Mudman is simply a SOTA Dhalsim with a custom mask, grass skirt, spirit guys, etc.

I also did a lot of custom repaints on SOTA figures like Shadow Lady, Shin Akuma and Dark Sakura (cause theirs sucked IMO), and I tackled Cyber Akuma which came out pretty decent I think.

Genjuro I bought from this place, LINK. Be warned though, this site has A LOT of old and cool stuff. I spent over $500 my first visit. Even found some of my own personal "holy grail" items which I was searching years for on here.

-Damien Jack

Frank replies: Thanks for sharing your collection Damien... You've got some awesome custom statues!!! I haven't gotten into the "custom" size of figure collecting/making, but after seeing your collection, I'm tempted to start. :) 

~TFG Webmaster

Video of The Moment. . .

I would just like to say thank you very much for choosing my video to be
on the news section, I appreciate it. Great site by the way. I'm
surprised you run it by yourself.

Anyways, I just dropped by to let you know I have a new video out. Don't
know if this satisfies enough to be put up but just letting you know.


Once again, thanks.

-Everlasting Strider

Frank replies: Hehe... No problem, and thank you for uploading such awesome quality videos! :) I added ya as a friend on Youtube.

~TFG Webmaster

Can't Find Words. . .

Hello guys,

   I've never felt compelled to send an email like this, but I've never come a cross such a complete and useful online resource for beat em ups, I stumbled upon it by accident and love it! It's going to be my top viewed site soon. Itís just so brilliant I cant find words to describe. I actually started browsing on it for 2 weeks and I just love it, I was scared because I forgot to bookmark and accidentally deleted my history. But through sheer determination I found your website again and am over the moon. !! You guys are great!

-Francis J.

Frank replies: Hi there... Your compliments on TFG are much appreciated. :) Glad to hear you found a new favorite site, and believe me when I say TFG will only get better as time passes. Thanks for the mail, and enjoy the site!

~TFG Webmaster

An Inaccuracy in your Jam Bio. . .

In your Jam Kuradoberi bio, you stated that "She's got the "fighting waitress chick" down pat... And was the first of her kind."  Jam definitely has it down pat, but she wasn't the first.  That honor goes to the girls of the Variable Geo series.  The first game in the series was released in the summer of 1993.  It's about a martial arts tournament to determine Japan's strongest woman. The tournament is sponsored by parodies of various real-life restaurants.  In exchange for sponsorship, the restaurants get promotion by having a tournament entry work as a waitress.  Though it's technically a hentai fighter, it was popular enough to have many sequels and even spawned an anime.  I just want to help you keep your information accurate.  TFG kicks ass!  Keep up the great work.
Oh yeah, here's the wikipedia page for Variable Geo, if you're interested: LINK.
Frank replies: Well how bout' that...  I guess it's never too late to hear about a 90's Japanese fighting game I've never heard of. lol.

Thanks for the link!

~TFG Webmaster

Asian Actor looks like Yagami. . .

Dear Webmaster,

Your website is a huge contribution, I always find some characters I
never known in it.

As a fighting game Fan, It was exciting to know KOF will be a movie,
but the trailer let fans down like hell...

I have seen your section of matching celebrities with Characters, it
is much concerned with westerners, though.

So I would like to introduce who Asian (Chinese, in fact) fans prefer
for the KOF movie Cast.

The most of them were chosen for Flamboyant. (like Gackt for Kyo).

But for Iori Yagami, 90% or 95% Chinese choose RoyCheung, a
villian-on-screen Hongkong Actor.

He never (seldomly) play as a decent hero. Most his play are gangsters
or Hero's rivals.

When the KOF were '96 and '97, He came out on a gangster HongKong
movie, sequel 3 of "Young and Dangerous" as Crow,

A nasty villian with the haircut alike Iori, he acted bloodless and
sadist (yet witty), that was too impressive and convinced people  that
he should BE Iori Yagami,

(thought he never flame in the movie).

The Next convincing is the Sequel 4, RoyChueng revived, as another
Villian YuYong(Named as RoyChueung's Chinese name),

this time He plays as a high-class gangster with black suits and white
sleeves, which push him more to Iori Yagami~

(Check Out this shot. LINK)


Frank replies: Ahh, Young & Dangerous... Great movie! My friend Jet introduced me to that series (him being Chinese and all). Haha, Roy Cheung is definitely reminiscent of Iori Yagami in that clip... He'd make the perfect live action Iori for sure. I'm also disappointed with the way the new KOF movie is looking... Could it be worse than Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li? I don't know, because I still haven't seen Legend of Chun Li yet. I don't want to see it. lol. 

Thanks for the mail!

~TFG Webmaster