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Comments on SCV's Natsu & Zwei Designs . . .

Heya, Frank!

As someone who minored in history, (part of why I love the Soul
Series) there are two things I wish to comment on, to bring to your

First of all, Natsu.  Now that I see her game model I have to say her
hair makes sense now.  It's done up to reference a Phoenix's tail.

And as for Zwei... while I am glad that we finally have a longsword,
his style actually pins him as an Anti-Hero.  His is an "arming
sword", which was popular with the Templars of the Crusades and even
Joan of Arc.

Take that as you will.  :3

-John Colandrea AKA MaveriKat  

Frank replies: Hmmm.... Very interesting observations there... two of which slipped right by me. Thanks for enlightening us with your knowledge, and don't be surprised if I mention those interesting tidbits on Natsu's & Zwei's character profiles in the near future! Heheh.

TFG Webmaster

Noobs and Button Mashers in Tekken . . .

Hey, I read your reviews about Tekken and you really make it clear you hate noobs and button mashers in Tekken. Personally I've been playing Tekken for years and I constantly try to improve, but it makes me curious, on what level do you think I could classify myself?

Am I like one of these button mashers you talk about? Am I halfway decent? Since you played against me I think you could help me figure that out.


-Guillaume Arseneau (Canada)

Frank replies: Lol... do I make it that obvious? Well, unfortunately there are players out there who "try" Tekken by simply mashing random attack buttons, and then eventually decide that "Tekken is slow," or "Tekken always looks the same." I've seen it time and time again, and yes, their blatant ignorance can get on my nerves. Many fighting games "look good" whether or not the players are skilled, but Tekken is a different story... it's a game that only lives up to its full potential when players actually know what they're doing. 

To clarify, a "noob" is someone who doesn't care about getting better and just mashes buttons. You're definitely NOT a noob because you actually strive to get better... and if you continue putting the time in, you will.

TFG Webmaster

You're a little harsh on Heidern . . .

Hey Frank, this is just a quick little post concerning the character Heidern from KOF. 

You've pointed him out as a possible M.Bison of KOF, even though he barely looks or fights like him.  I'm guessing it's the military look and the beret.   Nonetheless, you've got it all wrong.  I'm sure you have at least heard of Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the Northstar).  In the early part of the series, Kenshiro had a confrontation with a character that looks and fights much like Heidern.  I'm 90% sure that SNK based Heidern off of this character. 

On the animated series (where I first saw the character pop up) Ken takes on the God's Army.  The leader is simply referred to as "the Colonel".  You'll see him specifically on episode 8.  The way he's dressed, the eye patch, and his fighting style (Nanto Muonken, a variation of Shin's style) all seem to match.  I also forgot to mention that he had some kind of psychic power, which further proves my theory.  Hokuto No Ken has had a great deal of influence: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Street Fighter, etcetera. Who knows, maybe that character that inspired Bison also inspired this Colonel, but I think it's safe to say Heidern is not at all a Bison ripoff.

Well, that's about it man.  Thanks for reading this little email.  I owe you in a way for opening my eyes to many fighting games.  Your site is my best source for news and what not concerning fighting games.  Take it easy man.

-Matt (Glassboro, New Jersey)

Frank replies: Hey Matt. You're not the first to give me heat on my review of Heidern... but I'm officially making you the last!  I did my research and you're 100% right. Y'know, there's probably nobody on the planet that knows every inspiration behind every fighting game character out there... and I stand corrected on this one. Anyhow, I went ahead and updated my review of Heidern. I appreciate the feedback! Thanks for the kind words as well. 

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