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Just wanted to say thank you. . .

To Mr. Yagami (Frank...not Iori)

 Frank, I just figured I'd give you the heads up and let ya know... I've received the SOTA figures I ordered from your site. I saw these at a collectors shop a long time ago and was about to buy Ryu/Ken then but I was just a kid and figured I'd find the same figures at a much cheaper price (I was a kid...not a very smart one there) I've tried looking around for them but the only place I could ever see these things again was on the net. I've never considered ordering anything off the net before but maybe I can trust this shit after all! I was just thinking to myself, "How can I support this Fighting game site that I visit so often???" Then I noticed the shop link and assumed that your site gets a cut of whatever it is you sell from there and so I did my part and paid up! I'm very thankful that this transaction was completed successfully. I'm not so sure it'll be worth it to open these things though, even if I did just plan to use them to inspire a hand made Street Fighter illustration. Plus I'm too damn lazy to find a knife to open these things. Heh...either way I just wanted to say thank you.

-Landega (Alberta, Canada)

Frank replies: Haha... I'm glad TFG could be a part of your first online purchase! The items you see from the shop are pretty much from my personal collection (so you know they're well taken care of before you buy them). I actually bought quite a few figures from the SOTA Street Fighter line when they first came out in stores, and as I expected, they have dramatically gone up in value over the years (now I only wish I bought more). Like I said before, considering that Ryu is from the first series, you should definitely keep it in the box because it'll go up in value for sure. The same goes for Akuma... because.... he's AKUMA! Hehe. Take care man, and thanks again for your support (and good luck with your illustration!).

TFG Webmaster

Arcade Fight Stick Question. . .

Hello F. Yagami,

I've recently picked up my interest in fighting games and I wanted to step up my game a little bit. After watching the Fighterpedia Episode 10, I realized that I fall into that "noob" category and still use a PS3 D-Pad.  While although I just see myself being a casual fighting gamer that will occasionally challenge people online, I do want to hone my skills a little more and leave my lagging wireless D-Pad in the dust. I thought maybe I could start with testing my skills at a Arcade Stick and try to see if that makes me more "competitive". So with that being said I was wondering if  you had any suggestions on any Fight Sticks that you think are good or that you have used in the past?  I've looked online and saw a lot of discussions about Hori vs. Madcatz fight sticks. Quite frankly, it was kind hard to sift through which would be a better fit for a casual gamer like myself.  I see a lot of Madcatz TE sticks that appeal to a lot of people, but I highly doubt I'll be in a tournament anytime soon or even in one for that matter.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time. Also, thanks for TFG.  I absolutely love the site and visit everyday.

-Mike T.

Frank replies: Hey Mike, I'm glad to see the recent releases in the genre have ignited your interest. Funny you mentioned Fighterpedia 10... because I also fall under the "PS3 pad user" category, and found that video hilarious for that reason (among others)! Now... I'll be the first to say that there's no shame in using a pad. The "pad warriors" out there have proven time and time again that pad's can still be used effectively. They didn't make PS2 controller ports in those Tekken 5 arcade cabinets for nothing! I know a ton of pro players that use PS3 Dualshock controllers for tournaments (for Tekken, Soul Calibur, MK, etc)... and I do as well. And if you're using the right kind of TV, there shouldn't be much input lag at all. Also worth mentioning, is that I've noticed slight differences between controllers. I believe I own six PS3 Dualshocks in all (lol); I have a preferred one for Tekken, and preferred one for 2D fighters... yep, somehow they're that different. So don't "throw away" that PS3 pad or anything... for me personally, it's still the best when it comes to Tekken & Soul Calibur.

Of course, in most Street Fighter and 2D fighting games, arcade sticks definitely have their advantages. I can actually use a PS3 pad really well for "some" Street Fighter games, but in the case of SF X Tekken, I recently came to the realization that I have to dust off my old arcade stick. My preferred button layout just makes things too difficult in that game. I'm not a pro when it comes to fight sticks... but I've used a variety of them. I own a few from Exar, Madcats and Hori. Exar sticks are usually reasonable, but are really light & sensitive... for some games they're okay, but but buttons are a bit too sensitive for my tastes, and the stick isn't the best. I had bad experiencess with the "cheaper" Madcatz fightsticks ($70-$80)... but the tournament editions are usually very solid. I find that you really do get what you pay for when it comes to arcade sticks, so I'd recommend you save up and purchase one of the high-end tournament models, or find a legit custom fightstick maker. They'll probably last longer too. Most of the custom guys out there really know how to make quality arcade sticks (and cool looking to boot). Hope I could help at least a little bit.... Good luck (and thanks for visiting)! 

TFG Webmaster

Mad Gear Hideout Cameos. . .

In Street Fighter X Tekken, I can tell almost every one in the background in the Mad Gear stage.

- Damn D (Thrasher) & Axl are on the foreground drum on the far left
- Edi E is using a Japanese lute like a guitar next to a kabuki style Andore (not sure which one)
- Retu is the guy that comes up from middle stage in round 1
- Sodom comes up in round 2
- Haggar breaks out at the end of round 2 & chases Sodom around in round 3

But the last guy on the drums center stage, I can't figure it out, (possible Belger, El Gado, Dug, Hollywood, Simmons, & Abigail) but it's just hard to tell can you help or at least try & get a good screengrab that is zoomed in on him). Do you know who he is?

-Acerazor (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Frank replies: Judging from the crossbow on his back and his hair, that's definitely Belger. On that note, the Mad Gear Hideout is definitely one of my favorite stages of all time.

TFG Webmaster

the creator of Kof '98 Live action. . .

Hi. I'm the creator of the KoF '98 Live Action video you have on the funnies section, just letting you know that the sequel is ready :)

Thank you for sharing my work to Fighting Games fans everywhere, I hope you want to share this one too :D

PS: Keep it up with the site ;)

-Martin Escageda (Sinaloa, Mexico)

Frank replies: Hey there Martin! Your KOF '98 video is one of my favorite KOF spoofs.... Glad to see you're still doing live action stuff! Hilarious stuff as always... thanks for sharing! I added your new video to TFG Funnies, and be sure to let me know when your new stuff arrives!

TFG Webmaster

Tekken 3D: Prime Edition - To fight or not to fight. . .

Hello TFG Webmaster,

My name is Jonathan and I have been a big fan of the Fighter's Generation website for about 3 years now. The site practically embodies why I love the fighting genre in video games, from my humble beginnings playing Street Fighter II at the age of 3 to having competitive matches in Tekken 6, Super Street Fighter IV, Marvel vs Capcom 3, BlazBlue etc. I personally want to thank you for putting a lot of heart into the website, so I tip my hat to you good sir. :) Anyway the issue here, I read your review of Tekken 3D: Prime and was surprised when you gave it a 7.1 . It's not that I'm upset, after all always read what you have to say on the game and it's understandable. So now I reached this dilemma, initially I planned on buying soon since I saw it as a must have for the 3DS, but with the review and telling what it lacks, I'm kind of in a bind. I've been a Tekken fan since the days of the PlayStation one era and the only time I regret buying a Tekken game was "Tekken advance" (shudders). I love playing Tekken: Dark Resurrection on my PSP but the damn D-pad always forces me to use the crappy little analog stick on specific, same thing can be said when I played Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max. The 3Ds's is better in terms since I play really well with DOA: Dimensions. Sooo... To buy and fight or not buy and no fight? Thank you for reading this email.


Frank replies: Hey there Jonathan, glad to hear you've been enjoying the site. As you read in my Tekken 3D: Prime Edition review, the game is halfway decent... and I can see how you many not be sure whether to pick it up or not. It definitely doesn't live up to previous handheld incarnations like Tekken: Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6 on PSP. For a 3DS game though, it's pretty good... one of the best looking games on the system at least. I actually haven't played it since I reviewed it, and that should tell you something right there. I think Tekken is a bit harder to play on the 3DS than DOA or SF4... but if you plan on playing it a good amount and are willing to try to make ends meet with the 3DS D-pad, I'd say it's worth picking up. Personally, any time I want to play Tekken I just turn on my PS3. Take care!

TFG Webmaster