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Three Questions. . .

1. just wondering why there is no Tekken x Street Fighter on site.

2. What do you think of Street Fighter crossing into a Tekken Field. Myself have droughts of a 30 move set average games characters being well presented on a Tekken(100+ move set) engine. I hope tekken wont be miss represented since its my Favorite game. Though street Fighter started my fighting game obsession. Oh an have you seen Guile and Bison
scans. I'm now excited.

3. in Tekken Tag 2 what are your Combination of characters your looking forward to. i myself am a devoted Fang Wei fan so him and Human Jinpachi would be divine.

Note+Q: I am a big fan of your reviews and comments especially. i have been a fan of this site since 2003 and have stayed with it. I was wondering if you ever thought of doing video review since the main reason this site is so great is because its Web Master is an avid fighting game enthusiast. Your my favorite site for that reason.

-TJ Williams (Boston, MA)

Frank replies: 1. There isn't a Tekken X Street Fighter profile yet because there are no screenshots & not very much information yet... but the game is mentioned on the TFG timeline. ;)

2. I think it's an interesting idea for sure. Tekken and Street Fighter are my top 2 favorite franchises so this is a dream come true for me (and many others)! For one, I'd love to see Capcom implement some sort of "sidestep" or "dodge" feature for the Tekken characters even though it's a 2D game. Remember S-Groove in Capcom VS SNK 2? Characters in S-groove could dodge and allow attacks or projectiles to miss them and they can even quickly counter! It will indeed be tough for them to fully represent the Tekken characters' movelists... but I'm hoping they give Tekken characters A LOT of their trademark moves. That's why they should really take their time with the game.

3. There are so many team-ups I'd like to try in Tekken Tag 2... there's no way I could pick one! :D

Thanks for being a visitor for so long! Glad you're still enjoying the site after all these years!

TFG Webmaster

Thrill Kill. . .


My name is Carlo, and I am a HUGE fan of your website. I believe it is differently the most informative fighting game database out there, by far. I have three questions I wished to ask you. First off, I was curious about what your favorite fighting game stances and taunts were. I typically enjoy watching types of stances in which the character just simply cannot keep still, especially the ones where they are dancing.

Lastly, I was wondering why the fighting game Thrill Kill was not on your games list. I was wondering if it was against your "policy" to allow unreleased games to be on the list. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have continued successes with the site. :)

-Carlo Bueaventura (Virginia Beach, VA)

Frank replies: First off, thanks for enjoying TFG! Now onto your questions (good ones btw).

Favorite stances: Iori, Genjuro, Basara, Galford (SS2 edition), Akuma, Lars, Lei Wulong, Dragunov, Dudley (SFIII edition), King (KOF), Spiderman, Jin Saotome, Gambit, Siegfried, Yamazaki, Venom (Marvel), Venom (Guilty Gear), Hsien-Ko & Jedah.

Favorite taunts: Off the top of my head.... Zangief's laugh in SSF4, Blanka's butt-scratching taunt in SFA, Sodom's bow taunt (when it hits), Chun-Li's taunt in the early VS series (when it hits), Morrigan's taunt in MVC, E. Honda's salt throw in SFA, Genjuro's "come here" in SS2, Gen-an's laugh in SS2, Earthquake's taunts in SS2, Terry's taunts in Garou: MOTW, Jin Saotome's super taunt in MVC, Shingo's taunts in the later KOF games, and of course... all of Dan's taunts. ;) 

To answer your final question, it's a case-by-case basis when it comes to adding unreleased games. If we're talking about an unreleased game by Capcom, Namco, or SNK game for example... those are high profile companies in the fighting game universe, so it's likely I'll consider adding the game. Thrill Kill on the other hand was made by Virgin Interactive, a no-name when it comes to the fighting genre. Thrill Kill is also more of a "party game" than it is a fighting game. Not only that, but Thrill Kill was of course a very highly controversial title (and was cancelled for a reason)... I have seen gameplay videos & artwork from Thrill Kill and while it has a cult following; I don't feel that it has a place in the TFG games library. I hope that answered your question. :)

TFG Webmaster

WWE All Stars. . .

Hi F.yagami,

First of all I would like to thank you for making such a great website for us fighting fanatics. I wonder why you donít include the various WWE/UFC games in the list. I have personally not played any of these games but an article on a gaming site caught my eye when they showed me this.


This one has combos and everything and is more like a fighting game. Would you consider this worthy of your list?  

-Rajeev P.

Frank replies: I have to admit I was an on & off pro wrestling fan as a kid/teenager. I still respect the athletic ability and personality of many of the "classic" WWE/WCW wrestlers. As far as video games go, I actually played the hell out of the N64 wrestling games by THQ (WCW/NWO Revenge & WWF No Mercy)... my friends and I had some intense and hilarious 4-player battles. Good times. While those games were arguably ugly in the graphics department, the gameplay systems were surprisingly solid and still to this day are "the best" wrestling games I've ever played. Granted I haven't played a WWE Smackdown game in over 5-6 years, but from what I've seen they haven't improved much (with their last-gen animation and all). I have in fact seen the trailers for WWE All Stars and it's actually the first wrestling game I've been remotely interested in since the N64 games. lol. The over-the-top action & combo system reminds me of the classic WWF arcade games like Wrestlemania... I'll defintely be giving All Stars a rent. ;)

Onto the subject of MMA.... Somehow I was tricked into buying UFC Undisputed 2009. It was entertaining for a little while, but gameplay-wise? Broken and boring.

When it comes down to it, TFG is here for the characters... the fighting game characters. If I was going to add "real" wrestler profiles I might as well add celebrities too... as in, those that appeared in Celebrity Death Match for PS1/PS2... and we all know I'm not adding character profiles of Carrot Top and Justin Timberlake. :) So you see where I'm going with this; even though this is a "fighting" website, it's not a place for wrestlers and/or UFC fighters. :) Thanks for the question.

TFG Webmaster

Lars' Page. . .


First of all, your site is great. But I noticed, that Lars is playable in "Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2". Maybe you can add some pics and stuff from that to Lars' page.


-Flo (Germany)

Frank replies: Yeah... Lars' page is looking a bit lonely isn't it. I'll try to add some more Lars pics... although I can't seem to find the  artwork from the Naruto game (without a watermark). If you by any chance come across it, send it this way. Thanks.

TFG Webmaster

Lars' Ninja Storm Artwork. . .

Hello Frank,

My name is Dario and I'm Italian. I've read the last feedback, precisely the one about Lars' page and I've been able to remove the watermark from a Lars' ninja storm's artwork making a nice-looking artwork. It's not much, but if I can do something to help even a bit no doubts I'll do that.

lars-narutoartwork.jpg (127084 bytes)

Best wishes, Dario. Keep working with your awesome site!

-Dario (Italy)

Frank replies: Hi Dario! I'm part Italian by the way. ;) Thanks for finding that high quality Lars artwork (and removing the watermark)! Much appreciated my friend!

TFG Webmaster

How Many . .

How many individual game and character pages are there on Fighters Generation?

-Martyn de Weert (Runcorn, England)

Frank replies: I know there are over 1000 for sure, but as far as a specific number goes... I have no idea. Feel like counting? 

TFG Webmaster