Jan - Feb 2010 Feedback

Team Capcom FTW. . .

Yeah I love your site, It's so helpful and just fun to go visit all the time and the pictures and artwork are just great. Yeah I just wanted to leave you a message saying keep up the good work and everyone who is in the group on making this site run. oh and I made this video for the hype of Tatsunoko vs Capcom, in ways my own little ad's for the game in hopes that people would get into the game (I have the japan game...It was so worth getting lol) Anways I hope this gets a laugh from you guys.


Frank replies: Team Capcom FTW... jerk! (who said that?) Funny vid. Thanks for the mail. ^_^

TFG Webmaster

Doujin Fighters. . .


Hey man, just gotta give you props on an awesome site. I found TFG about four years ago (give or take) and it's held a permanent spot in my favorite sites menu ever since. Thanks for continuing to run one of the few video game fansites that hasn't turned to crap or transformed into yet another boring blog.

 A quick question for ya: TFG offers info on such a mind-blowingly huge selection of fighting games, why the lack of coverage for doujin fighters? I'm kind of surprised you haven't started pages for titles like Big Bang Beat or Million Knights Vermilion. And then of course there's Melty Blood, which has actually showed up in arcades and on home consoles in Japan and has a pretty big following in the US as well. I thought maybe MB was overlooked because it was a Japan-only title, but then I noticed you have pages for Rumble Fish and some of the KOF games that never made it across the Pacific, so what gives!?

 Keep up the great work with TFG.


Frank replies: Hey Dan, thanks for keeping TFG's favicon on your favs. ;) Well, I get this question quite a lot... and I've decided that I will eventually add some of the more popular doujin fighters (like Melty Blood) to TFG. Honestly though, I'm personally not a fan of doujin fighting games... just never got into any of them. I also excluded doujin fighters because if I were to add one or two, I'd definitely feel the pressure from TFG fans to add the rest... and I just didn't want to go down that road.

However, by getting many emails like yours, I've realized that a few doujin fighters do deserve a spot on TFG. ;) Anyhow, thanks for the mail... you might've just been the needle that broke the camel's back.

TFG Webmaster

Virtua Fighter 5 R Petition. . .

VFDC has been working very hard with their petition alongside a very respected VF webmaster from Japan to get a console release for Virtua Fighter 5-R. The webmaster, Kamaage, has already made a strong impression on Sega with a 100 page document contributed from casual and hardcore Virtua Fighter and fighting game fans in general, to show support for the game, and ultimately show Sega that people still care about the Virtua Fighter series, despite the fact that Virtua Fighter 5 is nearing 4 years old now.

To get straight to the point, I would appreciate it if you showed support for the petition on your website. I know TFG is highly regarded as one of the best general fighting game fansites in the community for it's detailed reviews.


Hopefully with enough support from the fighting game community, a console release can happen. I know you're a Tekken man, but without Virtua Fighter, Tekken wouldn't of gotten far on it's own. Games need competition, both players and developers!

-Matthew V.

Frank replies: You're absolutely right, fighting games do need competition... and in America, the 3D fighting game genre has been owned by Namco for quite a while now. So where you at Sega?!? There are still VF fans in America... and I know that includes many TFG visitors. Thanks for informing me about the petition. I'll personally sign it myself, after posting this on the news page for everyone to see of course. ;)

TFG Webmaster

Gouri Daisuke. . .

Hello to all from Fighters Generation,

      I'd first like to say thank you for coming up with this site i'm a huge fan. But also i'd like to express my condolences to Gouri Daisuke friends & family. As those characters he play & brought life to are now all quiet & will be missed.

-Jay Nova

Frank replies: Well spoken Jay... all of us at TFG will definitely miss Gouri-sama. Thanks.

TFG Webmaster

Super Street Fighter IV Question

I'll admit, at first I wasn't interested in SSFIV. I didn't like the idea of making my $60 SFIV game obsolete so soon. But after I've seen how much new content has been added and that there's even MORE characters that haven't been announced yet (Ibuki, I hope!), AND after watching that video you posted showing off some of the epic new ultras, I think I'm kinda sold on this one now (as long as it's not a full $60).

I've been looking around other sites trying to figure out whether or not I should sell my copy of SFIV and "upgrade" to SSFIV. I've read that some people said that owners of SFIV should hang on to their disk because of some kind of gift that Capcom will give you. I was wondering if you knew anything about this. Thanks for your help.

-Mark Magana

Frank replies: I personally felt that Street Fighter IV's roster could have been better (among other things), so I've actually been waiting for Capcom to make Street Fighter IV obsolete!!! lol. Just my 2 cents. Anyway, yes, Capcom (Ono) did say that if you hold onto your SF4 disks there will be some sort of functionality or bonus with SSF4. ;)

TFG Webmaster

Tekken Movie Trailer Thoughts


Just wanted to know what did you think about the Tekken Movie trailer? I mean what did you like and didn't about it. When I saw it for the first time I was disappointed, but after I saw it a few more times I kinda started to like more and more.

I think it's too early to say that it will suck or anything because you can't judge a fighting scene only by one montage moment from the trailer.
I loved that characters look like they look in the game. Bryan is just badass (if I'm not mistaken he'll probably reach the half-finals alongside Jin).
Although you're favorite character, Steve Fox, doesn't look much how he does in the game, he is played by a good actor and I think he will do him justice in this movie.

The only things I didn't like is Raven's costume. Why not give him his black costume. And why does it look like pajamas? The other thing that bugs me is the Jin and Christie thing. Did the movie makers say: "Let's take the hottest chick in the game and make her the love interest!"?

Well, what are your thoughts?

-Mihhail A.

Frank replies: I'm definitely disappointed, like any Tekken fan would be... my idea of a live action Tekken movie has a more serious tone, a cooler/older Jin Kazama, and has a bit more Electric Wind Godfist. :/ It looks somewhat "kiddie" so far, which will naturally put off most of the Tekken fan-base (us old guys). lol. Most of the costumes look decent, and at least they've got some actors that know a thing or two about martial arts... 

I agree though, it does look like the makers said "Let's take the hottest chick in the game and make her the love interest." It's too obvious. Personally, I'm going to wait to see it before I make any more judgments, but I don't exactly have high hopes. 

TFG Webmaster

May I bow?

Honestly dude, your site is the best thing I ever found on the net. Been a fighting game addict since I first played SF in a seedy NJ arcade. Your site is the best and mega cheers for the collection of figures. I always look for updates on FightersGeneration.

We need a voice like you, RPG's and Katamari are just detours between new fighting titles, and you get that.

BTW, tried Demon Soul;s yet? Its freakin awesome bro. I also made Gamestop employees stay an extra hour because i was rocking Blazblue till Bloodedge Ragna. Have I earned the sensei's respect?

Props dude.


Frank replies: Thanks for the kind words... means a lot coming from a fellow addict. ^_^ I especially like your quote: "RPG's & Katamari are just detours between new fighting titles"... so true. And no, I actually haven't tried Demon Souls yet... I've heard good things about it though. Anyway, thanks a lot and keep on enjoying TFG!

TFG Webmaster

Have a great 2010. . .

Hey Frank!

I wrote to you awhile back about SF4's timeline and wanted to thank you for answering it and putting it on the feedback page. I've never had that happen before lol! Site's looking great as always and I found your Tekken 6 review a hell of a lot more informative than those mainstream sites. Now that the formal stuff's out of the way, I have a couple of questions for you if you don't mind :P.

1. Have you seen those Street Fighter After Years videos on youtube? A buddy of mine showed me those and I found them pretty enjoyable.

2. How would you feel if Namco came out with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 using Tekken 6's engine? I had a lot of fun playing TTT and am still hoping they'll come out with another one.

3. And finally, here's one I thought might be a bit of a fun one for you: If you were contacted by a game company to create a Fighters Generation fighting (obviously) game and you could use absolutely anything and anyone from any series you wanted (copyright infringement ain't got shit on you :P) what would you do? Would you make a 2d fighter or a 3d one? If you were limited to only 20 characters available who would you have in the roster? Would you have a mid-boss fight or an extra end stage boss or both? Who would your boss(es) be? If you weren't limited to 20 characters who else would you have? Would the combo system be like Tekken or maybe you would "type in an ass kicking" ala MK? Would you have some kind of a parrying system like in SF3, counter system like DOA, or would you just keep it at the simple high/low blocks? And lastly, who would grace the cover of your game?

Yeesh, question 3 came out longer than I expected lol! I'm sure you get asked questions like that all the time but hey, maybe you've got new favorite characters and stuff. I realize putting in Soul Calibur characters would give some of them an edge in range but let's pay no attention to that shall we? :) Anyway, that's all I've come up with for now. Keep up the great work on the site and have a great 2010!

PS. Your site's missing this game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8ezpo0bYqc lol just kidding!

-Soenxi C.

Frank replies: Thanks man. So, about these questions...

1. Yes I have... The entire saga is actually here on TFG (Funnies). LINK! :D 

2. In my opinion, Namco would have to completely revamp the tag system for the current gen if they made Tekken Tag 2. Having your partner "disappear and reappear" into the fight (out of the blue) might have worked in 1999, but I don't think it would fly 10 years later. I personally prefer Tekken as a 1-on-1 fighting game, but I did enjoy the hell out of Tag back in the day. ;) 

3. Fighters Generation: The Game huh? Hmmm, I'd have to say either... (drum roll please)..... Capcom VS SNK VS Namco... or... Marvel VS Tatsunoko VS Capcom. It would be a 2D 3-vs-3 fighting game, VS series style. I'm not going to list my picks for the roster, but It'd be balanced. ;) I'd have a sub-boss "team" with appropriate boss characters from the 3 companies, and an oversized, badass end boss of course. The animation would be SF3: Third Strike quality, so a parrying system would be included. Parry Ryu's 25-hit Shinku-Hadouken?? LOL. Hmmm... maybe the super moves wouldn't be over-the-top like in the VS series, but at least on par with Third Strike. For the cover, I'd have Edayan, Bengus, or Kawano do the artwork, and all the characters in the game would be on the cover! :D 

P.S. That video made me LMFAO!!! "You like this kinda fightin' huh?"

TFG Webmaster