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TFG Arcade Stick. . .

This may be considered old news but to share to the masses and to TFG, I present to you the TFG Stick. Co-Created by Myself and Neung Lee.

This is a Customized PS2 Arcade Stick Consisting of a Sanwa Stick, 8 Black X-Arcade Buttons and Two white cheap buttons for "Start" and "Select" and a 3rd Party PS2 controller for the Circuit Board which was broke when my cousin donated it to me. (the only thing broken was the Analog Sticks.) Complete with Plexi-Glass at the Bottom to show the Inner-workings.

Special Thanx goes to Frank for permission to use his logo and Neng Lee from this Ebay store. Here's the link. http://myworld.ebay.com/badguymedia/

-David King

Frank replies: That custom TFG fight stick simply ROCKS man!!! It's simple and to the point, love it. For the record, that's the first ever "TFG Stick"... You got a collectors item right there. It would also be fair to thank DJ Boobs for creating that badass TFG logo that you used! So... thanks Boobs! Imma get me a TFG stick one of these days, watch! Heh heh.

~TFG Webmaster

Capcom petition. . .

Hey Frank:
I just thought about it, but you're right. That game Capcom Fighting Evolution: HORRIBLE. Couldn't we, by chance, petition that Capcom either
A) Return to, and finish, the project known as Capcom Fighting All Stars,
B) Localize the over-the-top fighter known in Japan as Tatsunoko v.s. Capcom? The States deserve a game like that!! Or,
C) Do both. Do they at all imagine the revenue they would make because of these choices?
Oh, and your site is AWESOME with a capital AWESOME.
-Steven A.

Frank replies: You know I would sign my name on both of those petitions... You can always create a petition, but of course those things don't usually work (sorry for being pessimistic). If such a petition ever comes up though, definitely email me about it and I'll even post it on TFG... I'm sure a ton of people would sign it!

A) Capcom Fighting All Stars had so much damn potentional, and even if it didn't turn out to be an "epic" fighting game; at least it would have been a-hell-of-a lot-better than some of the other 3D fighters that came out shortly after it was cancelled... I was looking forward to using Haggar and Strider again, dammit.

B) Capcom has weird reasons for doing things sometimes, and maybe they're just waiting to give us a Marvel VS Capcom 3 (using TvC's gameplay & graphics engine) or a better version of the game, Tatsunoko VS Capcom 2 anyone? The licensing issues for the Tatsunoko characters may be the #1 reason they won't bring it to the states... So we'll just have to wait & see, but I'm sure we'll get something soon enough! There's a lot of rumors floating around the net, but from what I've gathered, "Marvel VS Capcom 3 is definitely a possibility."

Thanks for enjoying the site... Yeah, TFG is pretty AWESOME isn't it?  

~TFG Webmaster

MvC2 and Tatsunoko VS Capcom. . .

   First off I want to start this e-mail by saying congratulations on making TFG. It's a great website. Very resourceful, and I appreciate your honesty on rating fighting games. Keep up the great work. I have some questions regarding MvC2 and Tatsunoko vs Capcom...

Will MvC2 ever hit Playstation network and XBOX 360 Live Arcade? I've seen a rating website that displays the game releasing for both PS3 and 360, but don't know if it's really true. Have any info on that?

Will TvC ever come out for both PS3 and 360? lol...I read the info on it, but still..do you think Capcom will be that stupid to have TvC available only for wii? I don't think it's a smart move. We both know MvC2 and most Capcom Fighting games are successful. Why can't Capcom reclaim it's fighting throne?



Frank replies: I think there's a good possibility that we'll eventually see a downloadable MvC2 on PS3 and 360... The ESRB did add MvC2 to their official website, listing PS3 / 360 under "platforms" for MvC2 (see News Archives Q4 - 2008 "10/13/08"). The ESRB site has actually been a dependable resource on future releases, so a lot of people freaked when they saw this: 

Still doesn't confirm anything, and I'm not sure what the latest news is on that, but that's the last I heard... As far as Tatsunoko VS Capcom goes, I think Capcom might have held back on releasing it on PS3 and Xbox 360 because it would have been "too easy" for people to just import the game and play it on those (region friendly) systems, and Capcom didn't want us doing that for some reason... So the people that really wanted to play TvC (like me) either had to go through the trouble of getting an Import Wii or modding their U.S. Wii. I'm actually hoping Tatsunoko VS Capcom (or perhaps TvC2) will hit PS3/360, complete with online play (which TvC on Wii lacks).

~TFG Webmaster

KOF 98': Ultimate Match Trailer (3). . .

The song was like the bad title track to one of the many fight movies that came out in the late 80's and early 90's. All they needed was a Mullet and Bolo as the main villain to complete the package lol. Anyway, I'm a long time visitor to your awesome site. Keep up the good work.

-Deo W.

Frank replies: So true!!! LMAO! Thanks for the laugh... And keep on enjoying the site!

~TFG Webmaster

dissidia-logo.jpg (62145 bytes)   Feedback Topic: Should Dissidia be on TFG?


I'd say if you added Smash Brothers, then Dissidia would be added. But let's drop my bias towards what I call "real fighting games."

Dissidia is a prime choice regardless. Whether Final Fantasy or not, it's simple but complex. I actually think, though from videos, that it masters more of the 3D plane by making more use of the Y axis; in fact, a good portion of all the axes; than any other fighter I've ever seen. Even if it's a little more off the wall than normal fighters, it still looks like, if the system is down pretty well, it'd create some rather awesome looking and complex fights just from its style alone.

So my vote is a semi reluctant but resounding yes. Go ahead and add it.
-Gerard T.

I'd like to put my name down as a vote for Dissidia being a game featured on your site. Even if its not a true fighting game, it is very close to being one. And the characters are quite interesting enough.
-Martyn de Weert

Dissidia should be on TFG for 2 reasons. 

1:  Many people have compared the gameplay to Power Stone with some nice rpg elements added on

2:  Namco X Capcom was put on the site, and I don't complain about that one because the animation rules. 

Conclusion:  Dissidia is worthy of the TFG seal of approval

PS:  reason number 2 doesn't mean I want any of the Smash Bros. games on the site though

I've seen many videos of Dissidia and i've definitely been impressed with it. It may look like an action game, but the opportunity to pit a Final Fantasy character against another Final Fantasy character automatically makes it a fighting game to me!

Along with that, it'd be a great way for many more Final Fantasy characters to be shown on TFG. Besides, i'd like to see your opinions on the other Final Fantasy characters in the game (along with Cloud and Sephiroth whos profiles are shown awesomely on your site Frank. ^^) such as Tidus, Squall, Zidane, Kuja, Kefka, Golbez and even the Onion Knight and Judge Galbranth! ^^

So should Dissidia be on TFG?! I say HELL YEAH! :D


I think Dissidia: FFantasy should be featured on TFG! I mean you already have Cloud, Sephiroth, and Tifa featured on here,  I guess it wouldn't hurt to add other FF characters in the characters section. If you think about it, this game has that Power Stone/Urban Reign feel to it, which is a plus. 

I mean come on! Like's of Cloud, Tidus, and Squall beating the crap out of it each other obviously has to a dream for FF fans! It has that All-Star feel like the MvC and CvS series! All star heroes and all star villains! 

You might not consider it to be fighter to the hack and slashing I guess! But I say, add it! It's your decision! If you feel that this game doesn't have that fighting game feel and excitement that TFG is all about, then don't feature it.

-Power Stunna

It looks like it should be on the list...it seems to play like Power Stone or Destrega...lot of range play...could possibly play better than how Castlevania Judgement should have played...but I still think we should wait until we can all get our hands on the game and play it before we figure out whether or not it should be on your site.


I'm going to have to say that, the fact that Castlevania Judgement has a similar style of play, and because it is on TFG, Dissidia should be as well. I'm not sure what else to classify Dissidia as. It seems to be a fighter with RPG elements and no restriction to movement, but a fighter none the less. Well thats my two cents! :)
-Kurt Catlett

If you're gonna list Castlevania Judgement, then yes you should list Dissidia. If you're going to list stuff like Card Fighters Clash which is blatantly not a fighting game, then you should definitely list Dissidia. Although by that logic, you should also list Smash Bros even though I will never accept those as fighting games.
-Cla Theninja

I'm shocked!  I figured you were the type who wouldn't judge something as a fighter or not till you played it yourself...  Well, I don't know.  I know you don't consider games like Smash Bros. to be fighting games (Action Platformer set in permanent Vs Mode?) and Dissidia is looking like a hybrid to me, a 3D Action game with RPG elements.  Thing is, most of those elements are superficial... damage displayed in HP?  No reason a fighting game can't do that.  Midair combat?  It could work... the floor is in your mind.

I think you really need to just consider how open your mind can be or not.  Fighting games are games where you directly control a character against another character, with a system of gameplay mechanics focusing on various offenses, defenses and movements, and how these interact.  Dissidia may turn out simple in this regard, and that's probably what would turn it into a non-fighter (no high vs low hits, no traditional throws, no countering system...)  But it sounds like a game of tug of war where your gameplan will have to change from moment to moment due to the Bravery and that itself may make the game very technical.  Reminds me a little of Bushido Blade, where instead of health, you just get screwed by one good hit, except here Bravery battling is there to decide who gets to land the good hits.

It might be safe to call Dissidia a hybrid RPG/Fighter (hopefully with a balanced Vs mode), I just don't know if it will feel 51% Fighter or more.  Is Mario Kart a Racing game, or a Racing/Throw-Shit-At-People hybrid?  In a way it has its own genre, as a lot of people talk about Kart Racers in terms of simplified driving controls, focusing on frantic action.  But it's still a Racer, it's hard to deny that part.  Dissidia will TECHNICALLY be a Fighter, the real question for you to decide is whether its status as a hybrid game is something to be welcomed into the fighting fold, or given a brand new genre and pushed into its own direction.  Think about the potential... do we want Fighters to borrow from Dissidia, or stay the hell away from it?

As far as SE fighters go though, I'd personally love to see Capcom Vs SquareEnix...  Dante vs Cloud alone would sell a million copies.
-Richard Harmon

Hey Fighting Frank,

I go to your site a lot man, thanks for keeping it up and running.  I don't usually e-mail you though, I think I did it once before like 4 years ago, but whatever.  Your site's nice, and ya still keep the slacker sites in line.  Good job!

So I noticed on your latest update you posted the question about Dissidia's place on TFG.  I figured I needed to voice my thoughts, since there are bound to be a million rabid Final Fantasy fans hounding your box by now. Yeah, I've been a casual fan of the Final Fantasy series, I think Dissidia's concept is great, and I've seen Dissidia's gameplay in action. I even got to see some people playing it live while I was in Japan. Though I haven't agreed with your choices entirely, I do feel you've been justified in your more "purists" view of what games should be featured on your site (though thank goodness you've finally acknowledged Tobal, to those of us who actually played it a lot in the day). It's your site, nobody has the right to touch it if you don't want them to. So what do you do?

Anyway, let me get to the point, it's so simple.  Basically, you cannot justify posting a page for Dissidia on Fighter's Gen WITHOUT first posting a page for SMASH BROS.  You can't get around this reasonably Frank! Not only does Smash Bros. have a large tournament history, sharing some of the same gaming events and competitors that have played at Street Fighter and Tekken Tournaments for the last decade, but even visually the game has closer ties to traditional fighting games than Dissidia does. On that note, from what I've seen, Dissidia really does seem to share some gemeplay ideas associated with, wuh oh, the many DRAGON BALL Z fighting games!  Oh gosh, do you really want to open the floodgates for that one?! And if you DID finally post Dragon Ball Z, what's to stop the Gundam, Naruto, and One Piece fans from dropping in? For that matter, why post Dissidia while looking over other great RPG style fighters that have preceded it, like GUARDIAN HEROES or even GOLDEN AXE?  See how ambiguous things become though?

So that's my thought.  Obviously I'm not saying yes or no definitively.

Peace out F!
-Kaboom Kid

Frank replies: Thanks to everyone for your opinions!!! Dissidia has a good chance of receiving the "TFG seal of approval," even though it's a long shot from the traditional fighter... Seems like it would be more properly described as an "RPG/Action/Arena Combat" game. Gameplay aside, the characters of Dissidia may very well end up being a deciding factor, especially since I am a casual Final Fantasy fan myself. As you can see, I'm still undecided about adding Dissidia, even after watching the latest gameplay videos. Like Riot.Exe stated, I also think I'll wait to play the game before officially putting it on the site. Thus far, no other title has ever been quite so "on the fence" as Dissidia... 

Just to clarify a few things... Power Stone gets a free ticket to TFG because it was made entirely by Capcom, and it's an innovative VS fighting game... Castlevania: Judgment was added because... hell, it's the first ever Castlevania fighting game, and the artwork & characters of the series are great... Urban Reign is listed because it was made by Namco and features Tekken characters & animations... On the flipside, and to repeat myself, Super Smash Bros will never... ever be listed on TFG. Firstly because it's more of a platformer/shooter/variety-mess-of-things than a fighting game, and of course it features overly cutesy *cough* some washed up *cough* Nintendo mascots... Ohh yeah, and it also has... Pokemon..... D-D-Disqualified!!! To Kaboom Kid: Your justification is right there.

Kaboom Kid makes a good point however, since there are some other games that might fall under the RPG/Action/Fighter category... It's definitely something to think about, but worry not TFG fans... No matter what the case, TFG's morals will never be persuaded: You will never see a Dragonball, Naruto, One Piece, or Smash game profile on TFG. It's just the rules around here.

~TFG Webmaster