Jan - Feb 2008 Feedback

Tekken Development Cycle. . .

"Tekken development cycle and what I should really look for in a game"

Hey Frankie,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all the hard work and dedication that you put into this site. I've been a fan since I found Ryu pics on Gamegen!! Ha ha ha..The site was great then and it's great now! You've made an amazing contribution to fighting gamers everywhere!

Well Frank I had to write in about Tekken and the development cycle for it. So here is the 3 words that I believed that are thrown around way too much..without considering AT ALL WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN.


I believe that there are some things that need to be explained. There hasn't been a balanced Tekken yet. That's right I said it. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A BALANCED TEKKEN MADE. That's right. I've played every FIGHTING incarnation of Tekken. EVEN THE GAMEBOY ADVANCED ONE. And in every single game there are characters or moves that are supposedly "unfair."

The situation is most players play Tekken from sequel to sequel. And in any game there are moves that are good, okay, and bad assigned to every character. So in the next sequel, fans of a certain character will ask that the characters "bad moves" be made good and keep the characters' good moves good. So just from a common sense stand point......EVERYBODY CANT HAVE JUST GOOD MOVES. In order for you to be able to judge a move as good or bad you need BOTH to contrast each other. So from a Tekken developers view point, you have to create a game where you have to spread out the good moves and the bad ones over all the characters. But being a good game company, Namco ask players their opinions on how the game could be improved. And here is what players submissions are like for each of there respective characters to help "balance" the situation..say Kuma for example..

"I want Kuma to have a 1 frame mid punch that is unreversable, unparryable, safe on block and actually gives +30 frames of advantage on hit or block. I also want it to be safe on whiff. Also give it high and low crush properties...oh and it needs to restore 25 points of health on hit. Thanks, Namco!"

The Namco developers are swamped with similar requests to the above(and even more retarded) but it's expected that they will also provide:

New Characters
New Soundtrack
Updated "returning characters"
Creativity with customizations and combo abilities
New Stages
some "new" feature
and keep the "general tekken feel" applied to all of the above

So the unappreciated developer gets on the computer and tries to make "everyone happy." A pointless pursuit if you logically think about it but I salute Namco for making an effort to do so. But if you go back to the players expectations above, you'll see that some of the wants go together and some DON'T MAKE SENSE TOGETHER.

Example 1:
Diversity and Balance. Diversity means basically...."NOT THE SAME!" Balance means basically..."EVERYONE EQUAL AND THE SAME!" Hopefully players can understand that this IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. I don't want the 300lb Marduk to fight with the exact same moves, have the exact same strength and vitality as the 95lb Ling Xiayou.(Even though it would be funny for a little while!! :)) Vale Tudo and Hakke Sho are NOT THE SAME MARTIAL ART STYLES. Marduk and Xiayou are NOT TWINS. STOP EXPECTING THEM TO BE THE SAME AND HAVE THE SAME ABILITY.

Example 2:
Some "NEW" Feature and keep the "General Tekken Feel" What constitutes the "general tekken feel?" Does it mean that the sequel plays exactly or almost exactly like the Tekken game before it? Well hopefully people realize that if you want something NEW, you have to do something different, or your just playing the same game with a different number after the title. Capcom was NOTORIOUS for doing this with the SF2 series. So you have to ask yourself..Do I want to keep playing the game as I know it or do I wanna see something new with this series in the next sequel? If you wanna stay in the past, FINE. STAY IN THE PAST AND PLAY YOUR TEKKEN 2 TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT. But don't bitch about the Namco developers who want to advance the series in Tekken 6. If you want things to be new or fresh and not the same, YOU CAN'T DO IT LIKE YOU'VE DONE IT BEFORE. Should be obvious...I could continue with more examples but..why? The point is NAMCO CAN NOT MAKE A GAME THAT WILL MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY. No matter if they gave EVERY character a Electric wind god fist and infinite health...there will always be that person who says.."This sucks! I'd like to play a character who doesn't use that dumb move!" or "That move is cheap, stop doing that!" or "Why can't I take off any of your life!!??"

Namco exists FIRST and FOREMOST as a BUSINESS to make money. They make money beacuse the put out a product(Tekken) that SOME people LIKE. That doesn't mean you have to like it. And in order to make that money, the Namco developers have to put out a product they feel will appeal to the most amount of people. So in order to PAY the developers they NEED to make as much money as possible. So they want to reach as many people as possible. If you really think about it, Namco has done an amazing job creating games that are fun and enjoyable. I still stand in awe of the great creations that Namco has made. Remember Pac-Man? (Oh wait..your not one of those people who thought Pac-man was broken because he became invincible by eating a "power pellet? I laugh directly at you.) But to expect a game to be absolutely perfect is rediculous...PERFECTION IS A DIFFERENT IDEAL TO EVERY PERSON. How could you expect imperfect people (people who DON'T THINK LIKE YOU) to make a PERFECT game for everyone who ever plays a specific game? Josuke, Mr.Harada (Tekkens Producer), Mr.T, Cookie Monster, That fat kid in the arcade, and F.Yagami all have different perspectives on what perfect is or isn't. Yeah that question before shouldn't even be asked. But it's surprising how many people think this way. Instead of that kind of thinking, why don't people just ask themselves...

Is this experience fun for me? And whatever their answer is..act accordingly.

Thanks for all your hard work, Webmaster.

-Grandmaster Josuke

Frank replies: Ahhh Grandmaster Josuke, thanks for spreading your kind wisdom to TFG. That was a refreshing read if I ever read one... You really tell it like it is Josuke!!! I'm as tired as you are of the whiney fighting game players that want everything balanced, that want all the characters to have the same freakin abilities and the same chance at winning against everyone else... Now how boring would that be? (as boring as the Fight Night series)??? I don't think I'd want to play a game like that.

   I'll keep this short... Unbalanced games are fun. One of my all time favorite games ever is considered unbalanced by many; Marvel VS Capcom 2... People say Cable is unbalanced right? Well, isn't it that much more satisfying when a really good player that uses low tier characters can beat a "token" good player that uses top tier characters? Maybe people aren't creative enough to realize that they can beat Cable or Magneto... with Megaman, or B.B.Hood, or Guile... Maybe not Felicia though, but she's bottom tier.  Having unbalance in fighting games always make for an exciting bout. Soul Calibur 2? Astaroth? He can kill you in 4 hits... How unbalanced is that? But can Astaroth be beat? Of course, it depends on the player.

   Now I'm not referring to "unbalanced" as in having a character that cant do air combos, (while everyone else can) or a character like Gill or Jinpachi. No no no, those guys are bosses; they're allowed to be unbalanced. And as every "unbalanced" character has their trademark strengths, believe it or not, they also have weaknesses. They can be beaten... You just have to be the better/smarter player and know what to look out for. I guess some (serious) players just can't be the better player nomatter how hard they try, so they'd rather register up on a fighting game forum and whine about how they lost and how this game and that game is unbalanced. This is part of the reason why I don't put much effort into creating another TFG Forum... I really don't want to have to read all the inevitable BS.

   *sigh* Thanks for the therapy man... I needed it after reading some of those retarded comments about Tekken 6 recently. And thanks again for the awesome help you've been giving me with the site... Much appreciated old friend. Gimme a call soon! SHOOOSH!

P.S. "I want Kuma to have a 1 frame mid punch that is unreversable, unparryable, safe on block and actually gives +30 frames of advantage on hit or block. I also want it to be safe on whiff. Also give it high and low crush properties...oh and it needs to restore 25 points of health on hit. Thanks, Namco!"

P.S.S. You forgot to mention unblockable... I want it to be unblockable too!!!! 

~TFG Webmaster

Firefox. . .

Hey there man, great site, keep up the good work. Unfortunately though, the site's links and way to navigate are really messed up. I use Firefox, and when I go to a link to like a picture of a character, a game's profile...etc etc, and then I press backward to go to the previous page, it sends me back instead to the previous page I went to before I went to The Fighter's Generation. It's done this recently, and i'm just wonder if you can fix that issue.


Frank replies: I also noticed that recent problem with Firefox. I use both Internet Explorer and Firefox, and Explorer doesn't have that issue at all... I'm really not sure what the problem is, but the problem will actually fix itself! The back button won't work correctly when you first load up the site using Firefox; but if you "give it a minute or so," it will actually start working.

   I tested it out, and for me, it took approximately 30 seconds to a minute for the back button to start working properly. It seems like Firefox takes a moment to register that the site has frames; so if you just browse TFG for a bit using links, the back button will eventually work like it should.  My recommendation if you're running into the problem often is to open pictures in new windows or tabs when you first enter the site, and use the left frame or links to navigate... and before you know it, the back button will work beautifully. As a matter of fact, I bet it works right now ---> if you've been reading this feedback entry from the beginning, try clicking on one of the pictures of the beatufiul Kristin Kreuk below, then hit back...  It worked right!? Happy browsing!

   On a side note, Firefox also doesn't display table borders correctly or show off TFG's sleek red and black scrollbars... So to get the full visual experience of TFG, I'd have to recommend Internet Explorer (as title page declares). Thanks for visiting!

~TFG Webmaster

Kristin Kreuk as Chun Li. . .

Kristin Kreuk as Chun Li? What do you think?


ps-site still looking great, best fighting gamesite eva...

-Fednan-a.k.a NeZ

Frank replies: I'm not sure what I think about another Street Fighter live action movie... I can't really begin to imagine that. But as far as Miss Kreuk "cosplaying" Chun Li? I think she could pull it off quite nicely... She's actually got the eyes and the facial structure! Yep, she's definitely hot enough to be Chun Li.

~TFG Webmaster

Samurai Shodown Anthology / EoD. . .

All SSs in one disc? Man, you could lock me in a room with this for the rest of my life, and I'd be the happiest person on Earth! I can't wait to see the extras they'll put in there... And hopefully, they'll remake and correct all those horrible translations (although I fear this is asking too much of SNK -.-").

As for Edge of Destiny, I want to stay clear of that. Am I the only one that thinks:
Street Fighter 4 + Soul Calibur 3 = Samurai Shodown 7?

Horizontal and vertical slash? Pshaw. And the deaths are a bit too explicit, I loved how the interior of the sprites in the old games was just a black shadow... And I want to see Senpuuretsuzans and Plasma Blades flying across the screen, and, of course, Poppy and Mamahaha! How could they be left off? Also, no Mina or Iroha? Who is going to be my muse now? That girly version of Siegfried? Maybe we could just call this "Samurai Calibur", because that's exactly what it is.

-Gustavo A.

Frank replies: I hear you on that one man... Samurai Shodown Anthology is going to be epic. If I had to choose one game to be stuck with on a desert island for the rest of my life, this compilation might just be it. :) I also agree about the "explicit" deaths in Edge of Destiny... The gruesome and graphic deaths are better than nothing, but I actually think they should have used that "black shadowing" effect like in the earlier games... It was just more stylish and "classy" in my opinion.

Thanks for the mail.

~TFG Webmaster

Vader and Yoda . . .

Hello Yagami and TFG Crew!

Thanks for being the first to let us know that Vader and Yoda are going to be in Soul Calibur IV!  It was certainly... unexpected. While I know you are a busy man, I can't help but want to ask your professional opinion on this. Am I the only one getting a bad feeling?  If not, let me put it this way...

"Star Wars: Master of the Teras-Kasi".

I really get the feeling this will be Spawn in Soulcalibur II all over again.  Unbalanced character who's REALLY out of place.  Not that these are bad characters, but they don't FIT the setting and story Soulcalibur portrays in its Mythos.  Oh, if only they went with Pirates of the Caribbean.  At least that would have fit visually and been close for time-lines...

-John C.

Frank replies: If I had to choose between Johnny Depp or Darth Vader, I think I'd go with Vader. It's true that Star Wars and Soul Calibur have absolutely nothing in common, besides "sword fighting," and perhaps that's where Namco saw potential for a cross over. It might not make much sense, but to me, seeing those two worlds collide isn't necessarily a bad thing. Of course it has and will bring a lot of hype and media attention, as well as bring new players/fans into the series; but I think deep down Namco is going to do a good job with designing Yoda's and Vader's fighting styles for the game, and unlike Star Wars: Master of Teras-Kasi; Darth Vader shouldn't be such a disappointment. If you recall, Darth Vader is never seen in the movies "running," so I'm curious as to how Namco will handle his running animation. I also recall an extremely awkward and funny running animation for Darth Vader in Teras Kasi... Unfortunately I haven't been able to shake that blasphemy from my memory after all these years. Overall, I have faith in Namco... And I'm hoping for at least one "Star Wars stage." It would be a nice change of scenery for the SC series.

~TFG Webmaster

Remy's Father . . .

MY money is on EAGLE for Remy's father because they have the same cheekbones, despite remy's slender french chin.(Maybe Eagle is bi-sexual? Or found out he was gay after he made a kid?) Remy's fighting style, while not named is the French martial art, Savate (sah-vaht) and translated from french to english it means "Old shoe". Which was invented around the French Revolution, when Marie Antionnette gave the ultimate head(beheaded). It lacks the cane though, which is used instead of a sword because back then sword duels were very common and therefore (much like the meiji era of Nihon(Japan)) swords worn in public were outlawed. Also the self-defense style was necessary because there were many gangs of people running the streets mugging normal people. cool huh? I also can tell because of the boots he is wearing are laceless and old looking! please give credit where credit is due if you use this info for Remy's Profile! Oh and investigate my Eagle, Remy theory please.


-Chris Martin


Frank replies: Interesting tidbit of information you have there... Sounds like a theory worth investigating for sure! And judging by the "flamboyant" style of Remy and the people from his stage outside of that club; I'd be guessing Eagle wouldn't be too far off. I also heard somewhere that the club (Remy's stage) was based off of a real club somewhere in Europe. Might just have to call up Capcom headquarters and ask them about all this... I do that from time to time... Just kidding. 

~TFG Webmaster

Black Lotus. . .

Hey man, great site! I was just wondering why Black Lotus was missing
on the character list for Bushido Blade. He was the masked blonde hair
guy that needed to shave. And this is kind of a guess, but in Bushido
Blade 2, Highway Man may be Black Lotus, seeing as they're both blonde
and masked. In the story mode of BB2, I think either Tatsumi or Kaun
recognizes him, but doesn't call him out by name. Both Utsusemi and
Black Lotus were main characters in BB and support characters in BB2.
Just a theory though. There's been nothing concrete from Sqaure or
Lightweight's part on this... Apparently the BB engine was used in the
Kengo series, but it was kind of lame imo, especially because there
was a life bar involved.

Anyway, sorry for rambling. I really only wanted to know about Black
Lotus and the character list.



Frank replies: I remember Black Lotus, the blonde guy that didn't really fit in with the rest of the cast, I just didn't remember his name for the longest time... Hence the reason why he was missing from the character list for so long!  I went ahead and added his name to the character list; and thanks for reminding me of his name! And I am quite sure he is the same person as Highwayman, since "Black Lotus" was missing from Bushido Blade 2 and all. Ohh and Kengo was a horrible game... No way it'll ever appear on TFG. Thanks again for the mail!

~TFG Webmaster

Way too much time. . .

Hey, I think you do a really, really great job of running fighters generation. There is so much information on this site. I really love your site! I spend way too much time looking through the endless character profiles and reading the nice comments that you put.

-Christopher Li

Frank replies: Thanks for the compliments... I do work hard on the site and it's always nice to hear when it's appreciated. Sometimes I feel like I "spend way too much time looking through the endless character profiles" myself. The only difference is, I kind of have to! I like to keep things updated as much as possible... It's like a job, but I actually really enjoy maintaining this site. It just wouldn't work out if I didn't absolutely love working on TFG.

~TFG Webmaster

Kyosuke. . .

Okay okay, I know this is probably a fairly random e-mail but I wanted to write about Kyosuke's um...queeny outfit.  I think I've seen instances of classes (in Japan) putting on plays and instead of auditions they draw lots for parts. No matter your gender you play the part you draw.  It's a strange way of doing things but pretty fair.  Anyhoo, just a thought.

-Geoffrey Blackmer

Frank replies: Yes, you are correct. Kyosuke was actually selected to play the part of a "King" in a play for his school. You can even see in the background of that picture what appears to be a stage for a play! I'd surely hope Kyosuke didn't "choose" to put on that outfit, or the kimono for that matter. I'd really like to think after those "pictures" were snapped, he, and everyone else, just busted out laughing. Unless he's actually secure enough with his masculinity to dress up like that... I'd give him props if that were the case. I think guys who have to "act manly" are compensating for something that they lack... It makes sense.

~TFG Webmaster

You make a good point. . .

Hey Yagami, it's Killa Intent again. Dude I was watching those Tekken 6 100% combos. You whiners need to realize that this is nothing new. Just look TK 4 and Tk 5. I've seen videos TK4 and TK5 videos of combos that cause damage from 80-100 damage or more. Plus look at Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter and MVC videos. I've watched insane infinites! Bottom line is that if you don't like these "KILLER" combos, you should either get the f*ck over it, or don't play the game. I love the Street Fighter, Tekken, Power Stone, MVC, Smash Bros. games, and I could care less about this kind of stuff. True Fighting Game enthusiasists don't b*tch and complain about it, they FIGHT! No doubt that these combos are insane and fun to watch, but the game is not broken, It's the complaints and complainers that are broken!

Besides, when it comes to this, some characters do need to be and can be toned down. Who knows how Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Street Fighter 4 will turn out when they release!? Give Namco, Nintendo, Capcom, and other FG makers a break! There's plenty of time since Namco still has to tweak some things such as the King combo throws glitch. This game won't come out till end of the year. What you see is what you get, so quit your whining people, and let Namco resolve this without you broken whiners are breathing down their necks! I'm glad you talked about this and sorted this out Yagami! "Patching" will be probably be around possibly forever so deal with it!

-Killa Intent

Frank replies: Couldn't have said it better myself... lol. Well said Intent. I'm actually glad you send me this email because I've been wanting to rant about a few things. 

   Seriously, there are too many sore losers in the world... If you're not "willing to lose," just don't play the game; it's that simple. Go play some random First Person Shooter where you can get lucky and shoot someone in the head. You know, I  started playing Call of Duty 4 Online since it came out (Currently Rank 53) and I'm actually pretty decent at it. I have to say there have been times where I got frustrated that I missed a shot or my knife attack didn't connect even though clearly it should have... But I didn't blame the game or start crying "bullshit" into the mic like so many other people do. Unlike some over-dramatic gamers, I realize it's "just a game." Some people feel the need to "vocalize" their loss... Somehow it makes them feel like their loss will be "justified" if they whine about it. It actually has the opposite effect, because they actually start to sound like a "loser." ...It's called "loser talk." And it's not only found in video games, but in mainstream sports as well... but we're not going there because it's not even worth it.

   There seems to be a new generation of sore losers out there that like to complain about a game BEFORE it even comes out... Before they even get a chance lose and whine about it. They're judging the game by how "high level" Japanese players are playing it. They also don't realize that those players aren't even that skilled in the game yet. Just because they can do combos doesn't mean they're "experts." Those players you see playing Tekken 6 on Youtube "get hit" a lot more than they planned. That's because, again, the game is still new; and there are moves and strategies that have just come out that even high level players can't see coming ever time. Watch a Tekken 6 match a year from now and I promise you'll notice a different pace in the fights...

   I'm done ranting for now... *sigh* I love the feedback section. Thanks for the feedback as always!

~TFG Webmaster

Tekken Philosophy. . .

Hey FYagami. I have to say, after playing you in Tekken DR Online I have a new respect for the game. If you remember we played Steve VS Steve for 6 matches straight (with no lag). My boxing didn't stand a chance against your infamous Steve Fox. I didn't know you could play the game so differently each time and with as many characters you play as it seems like the possibilites are endless. I really enjoyed reading your "Tekken Philosopy" from the December feedback, and was wondering if you could give me some quick tips on how to get better at Tekken and other fighting games for that matter.. You can say I'm on the road to "getting back into fighting games" so I was wondering what games I should play to get me back in the groove. Thanks for the awesome site man it's really come a long way.




Frank replies: Yeah, I remember you. You have a good Steve, you just need to block more... Heh. Easier said than done right? Well, here are 3 quick tips for any gamer looking to hone their fighting game skills.

1. Study. Learn "most" of your desired character's moves so you don't even have to think about how to do a certain move when you see an opening... That way your moves comes out naturally. Find out if your character has a counter move, and practice countering attacks vs the computer first, then try against a human opponent. Countering is a great way to break the rhythm of your opponent and change the pace of a fight. And of course practice up those combos. Be creative... Discovering combos on your own can be fun and can improve your overall game.

2. Mix-up. Don't be predictible. Even if you win a few matches by doing the same general strategy over and over again... It usually won't work against a high level player. Most high level players will discover your pattern soon enough and take you down, that's why you have to keep "mixing it up" to get those wins. You can stick with your particular playing style if it's working, but mix up that offense and defense and attack from different angles even if you're on a streak. For Tekken: "high, low, high, low"  is a good mix up... And also switch up your high/low "moves" as well. Add in those throws every now and then, and don't forget to randomly sidestep and make your opponent think!

3. Adapt. Keep your eyes on your opponent's character... If you lose a round or two, start thinking about another strategy you haven't used yet during the fight. If it's Tekken, maybe you should consider throwing a bit more, or go for the launcher, or the sweep more often. Try backing up and defending, waiting for your opponent to make a mistake; and then counter. Sometimes putting on the pressure and attacking aggressively is a good idea, but sometimes it'll get you KO'ed. Other times, defending and staying passive will leave your opponent open; but other times you may get overwhelmed. It's up to you to decide when is the best time to be offensive and defensive.

4. Train. Simply put, find other people to play against, even if they're not the most skilled players. Testing your skills against a human opponent, preferably one skilled at the respective game, will teach you a lot more about the game than any computer AI will ever do. If the fighting game you're trying to become better at has an online mode, hit that up and try to play against as many different players as possible... You'll learn both from winning and losing.

Good luck! And see you Online!

~TFG Webmaster