Jan - Feb 2007 Feedback

I have a issue . . .

Hello there mate.

First of all, thank you very much for such a great site. This is definitely the best site ever ; ) Your site and this whole idea of it is phenomenal.

My friend, i have a issue. I'm a very big fan of snk and capcom. And I am VERY interested in the snk vs capcom svc chaos comic books. I have tried to find all the episodes and volumes but without luck : ( Only episodes/volumes I could find was vol. 1-5, but I need all the episodes, i thurst for them :D Since you know so much and have so many related stuff laying around, I thought maybe you could help me? Do you possibly know any sites where you can get all svc chaos comic volumes? Can you help me with it? And do you own the episodes yourself?

Sorry to bother you and thanks in advance.


Frank replies: My local comic shop carries a few SVC Chaos books with several episodes/volumes in each of them (they're pretty thick). I'd recommend trying to hunt down those books instead of the individual comics themselves, which are pretty hard to find. I have a few comics from that series, and it's definitely a cool read... Iori actually kills himself in one episode. lol.

~TFG Webmaster

Grappler Baki. . .

In case you don't remember me, I was the one who told you about how Kobra is similar to Ken in a lot of ways.

Anyway, now I want to show you something else.
There is an anime called Baki the Grappler (or Grappler Baki). The anime is about a martial arts competition with the main character named Baki. Anyway, with details aside, in the second series of the show, there are two characters in the show that look almost exactly like two fighting game characters, Takuma Sakazaki and Feng Wei.

Orochi Katsumi (Takuma Sakazaki)

Retsu Kaioh (Feng Wei)

Kaioh does Chinese Kenpo, just like Feng Wei. Kaioh has a move that looks a little familiar in the fighting game universe. Since I know you also like Gato from Garou: MOTW. Gai Tendo is actually based off of the main character, Baki.

Not only do they share similar looks (in series 2, Baki's hair is longer, but in series 1, they had the same haircut) and outfits, but they even use Mixed Martial Arts and they both even call it "Total Fighting".

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little showing of three characters that resemble those of fighting game characters. I wish you good luck with the site and bid you farewell.

-Kim Moon-Soo

Frank replies: Wow, nice comparisons there... I've seen a few episodes of Baki, and also the movie from 1994. I don't really like the series all that much, there's just too much talking trying to build up the suspense. A few of the fights are pretty good though... Anyway, it looks like I'll have a few more "seperated at births" to add. And yes, it seems Gai Tendo is closely based off of Baki.

~ TFG Webmaster

Ha! I'm not crazy! . . .

Ok first off I forget how I first came upon your site but I absolutely love it. Its an absolute MUST for anyone that can call themselves a gamer.

Anyway today I decided to look in the funnies section and found the "moves that sound like other things" and found there were some points where I was looking and said to myself "ha! I'm not crazy! other people think it too!"
I did want to add one, because after reading this i even busted out Marvel Vs Capcom 2 to see if I could finally understand it. I couldn't.

Thus I would like to submit WarMachine's prep for his special ProtonCannon, because right before the attack I swear he says "Give my candy back!"


Frank replies: Mwaaha, I like your email addy... And I never understood what War Machine said before is proton cannon, but "Give me my candy back!" is pretty close. I think that might be it... LoL. I'll have to add that one for sure. And thanks for the compliments!

~ TFG Webmaster

Subject: your opion. . .
me and my bother and law love playing street fighter alpha and where always talking about how some characters have more useful moves than others like some people have chops into the crouching guard and others don't  I love playing alpha and play with pretty good players and for in stints I'll be adon and he'll be kammy just one of our match scenarios I will hit him with a few jabs and a sweep then after he is use to seeing this series of pokes I'll do a jab and come into the crouching guard with forward mp  and after a couple of matches if where still using the same people he'll say the only reason you won is because adon can mix his game up better with that chopping in the guard shit do you think its fair that some people have this and some don't as opposed to third strike where everyone has these moves


Frank replies: I can't figure out whether you're asking me question or insulting me.

~ TFG Webmaster

Feng Wei . . .
Frankie...you need to get your shit together. Namco never based Feng Wei off of Gato from the Garou series. Actually Feng Wei is supposedly based on Bolo Yueng. He is best known for his peformances as Bolo in Enter the Dragon and as Chong Li in Blood Sports. I'm not mad at you but I just hated when people think they know it all and end up getting the crap wrong. If you have any COMMENTS or COMPLAINTS please don't hesitate to e-mail me back PUNK!...Give me some "Feed Back" if you have the guts.


Frank replies: I never said Feng Wei is " based off of" Gato. The only thing it says on his profile about Gato is: "He shares a lot of the same attributes as SNK's Gato, whom came first in the fighting game world." And if you've ever played Garou, you'd know that Feng Wei and Gato have a lot of the same moves, and look a lot alike. I'm sure Namco played Garou: MOTW, before they made Tekken 5, and probably watched Baki the Grappler as well (see above feedback).

And Feng Wei is not "based off of Bolo Yueng," they don't even use the same style of martial arts.

~ TFG Webmaster

Today's Capcom Fighting Games. . .

   Hey Frankie!...Man... I've been a BIG fan of your website ever since I accidently discovered it back in 2002. I was looking for some Ken pictures and out of nowhere your site popped up. I've been hook ever since then and even told some of my friends about your website.

    I see that we both have a lot in common. You study martial arts and I do the same as well. You been a passionate enthusiast of fighting games ever since you were a kid and I love it all my life. You're an artist and I been drawing ever since kindergarden. And you have a girlfriend and I've been dumped last week.

    Let me just get to the point...You seem like a really cool person to hang out with, even though I don't know you but your website tells me a lot about you. And that's what make me say this Frankie guy is a cool ass dude. I'll like to meet you at an arcade or something and challenge you to any fighting games. This will be a classic match...Two of the best duking it out on Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike.

   And I have problem with todays Capcom fighting games. It's like they just got real LAZY the past few years. I mean...How many times they're going to upgrade Street Fighter Alpha 3 and why the hell they keep reusing the same on sprite animation for there latest fighting games. Capcom Fighting Evolution is a prime example of what I'm talking about. Demitri Maximov is one of my favorite character and to hear that he was one the fighter in Capcom Fighting Evolution I was so excited but after playing the damn game and notice that reused his same sprite animation I was like "Ew...Gross!", it seem like the game was rush.

    And Morrigan Aensland, another one of my favorite character and let's not forget SEXY as hell but why they keep reusing and reusing her same animation. In the Capcom Vs SNK series her animation look like crap compare to the others. Her animation look cartoony, especially part two.

    Capcom use to be the champion of all fighting games company but now...In my opinion...I think Namco took that title or maybe SNK did. Lazy ass Capcom...Hire me if you can't get the job done.

    And where the hell is Street Fighter IV?!. Come on Capcom...Give the fans what they be asking for and stop it with the remakes of Street Fighter Alpha 3 by adding new characters.

    Frankie...Do you AGREE or DISAGREE?...Or maybe it's just me Give me some "Feed Back!"


Frank replies: Lazy ass Capcom is right... I don't understand it. I guess they're just busy with all the 3D action games they're making, or perhaps they're tired of people ripping off all their classic 2D games on emulators over the years. In any case, I'm sure Capcom will make a comeback in the fighting game world, as they always have. And thanks for visiting, you seem like a cool guy yourself! We'll have to have that Third Strike match.

~ TFG Webmaster

Tae Kwon Do. . .

I'm a huge fan of your site, I visit it at least 3 times a week to look at
reviews, character profiles, and what not Keep up the awesome work!

Anyway, I have a few questions for you, if it's not too much of a bother.

1. As a fellow practitioner of Tae Kwon Do (I'm only a double black stripe
at the moment however), I was wondering how you felt about how Tae Kwon Do
is portrayed in video games. There are some awesome TKD characters out
there, like Kim, who have awesome kicking techniques and such, but so many
of them lack the full TKD arsenal (hand techniques, disabling moves,
grappling techniques). It's rare to see characters like Baek Do San who
seem to encompass the full spirit of the art.

2. I was wondering if you also noticed the influence each game series has
on the others, not just in character designs, but like in terms of moves
(to note a few, Jivatma has a knee that looks exactly like Twelve's, the
Staff job class has a series of kicks that looks exactly like Chun-Li's
Houyokusen, and a bunch of other stuff, not even including the Ansatsuken
characters & Dan vs the Art of Fighting characters).

3. Which fighting game series is currently your favorite, 2D and 3D?

Just to reiterate, your site is, without a doubt, the best fighting game
website I have ever seen, and probably on the internet to date. Thanks for
caring about the best type of games out there.


Frank replies:
1. I've been involved in Tae Kwon Do for over 13 years now, and it's great to see the art represented so well in fighting games. Baek and Hwoarang in Tekken 5: DR use very authentic techniques... I'd say Baek is more traditional (my style) and Hwoarang uses more of the sporty-style of TKD. Many times people get the wrong impression of TKD because of it's "sport" side, but the traditional style is much different and much more realistic. TKD sparring teaches you a lot however, including the range of your kicks and how to defend against kicks.

2. I've also noticed that fighting games and characters are beginning to look more and more like each other, or at least being influenced by one another more than ever. Many moves in particular, are being shared by characters more and more with every fighting game release. In a recent example: I noticed a lot of Virtua Fighter 5's characters share many Tekken 5 character's moves!

3. Favorite 2D fighting game? It still has to be Marvel VS Capcom 2. Favorite 3D? Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

And I really appreciate the compliments man, keep visiting and drop some more feedback sometime!

~ TFG Webmaster

Roman cancel. . .
Hi, great site that you have. I've found it especially useful for
finding character artwork to use in Wikipedia articles.

Anyways, on to my point. In your "Guilty Gear X2" section of  "Moves
that Sound like Other Things..." one of the things listed is a person
mishearing "Roman cancel" as ""Romantic!". Well, I can say with strong
certainty that the annoucer IS actually saying "Romantic". "Roman" is
sometimes sort for "romantic" in Japanese, which is where the whole
"roman(tic) cancel" comes from. To confirm, one can listen to common
SE #88 in the sound test section over and over; it's pretty clear that
a "tic" is added at the end. Sure, "romantic cancel" really doesn't
make any sense, but neither does "roman cancel" really.

I still think Mist Finer is a mistranslation too though, but I can't
confirm that.


Frank replies: So you write Wikipedia articles? Interesting. Wiki is taking over the internet! LoL. And thanks for the correction, that makes sense! ;)

~ TFG Webmaster

Is it bad to cheat. . .

1. Great Review on SF Alpha 3 MAX, I never had so much fun In a log time and
the best part...I got back Into fighting games again because of that great
game. Thank You

2.Is it bad to cheat too see the ending of a game? I think it's sad for
anyone who calls them self A fighting gamer and cheat. Then again.... If
they want to see the ending of A game so badly and can't beat A boss It
could be acceptable to cheat to beat him and see the ending. What are your
views on this.


Frank replies:
1. Glad you enjoyed Alpha 3 Max, it is a great game. It's actually inside my psp right now (gave tekken a break). lol.

2. Anyone who has to cheat in a fighting game is a sorry excuse for a gamer. It's a good thing that there are no cheats in most fighting games and you can't cheat to beat a boss, besides putting the difficulty level to "easy." If that's what you mean, than I guess it's okay to lower the difficulty level if you're a beginner. However, I think the ending is much more satisfying if you had to go through fighting the end boss a few more times than you expected...

~ TFG Webmaster


A game once considered great, but turned bad.......Mortal Kombat. This game is a perfect example. I can't believe how my friends told me this game made Street Fighter look stupid back in the days. Little did we know what we would expect in the future. I'm going to give you a list of how I would have kept this game on level with the top fighting games of this age.

First, the character designs. I believe this is a critical part for making a great fighting game. And Midway made some very LAME designs. The created wrestlers I made for WWE Smackdown vs Raw looked way better than those pieces of crap. Not only did they make their game bad, but the characters turned just as horrible. *shakes head* Bad move. They should have kept the designs looking like they did on MK 4. I think they did the best with the characters on that game when it comes to making their OWN designs without the actors. Bottom line, make them look feared, or taken seriously, not goofy.

Second, is taking the work serious. Since MK 3, the voice acting was rather silly, from the sounds they make when getting hit, to them dying in a fatality. And as you can see from the video that came with armageddon, they were goofing off with their "work" in the sound department. And I they really turned retarded when they started speaking in tongues. I rememeber they used to talk in the early MK's. Just a few words, but I suppose they got "killed" too much, and lost most of their knowledge of speaking from their brains. lol! Anyway that's what I would have done, have the crew make their characters sound like they should be taken seriously.

Third is motion capture. Midway really did "BS" on this part. I'm almost certain that Carlos Pesina did most of the motion capture, if not most, then all of it. For goodness sakes, he even did Mileena's signature fatality on Deception according to the video that came with armageddon. That shocked me, I'll never feel the same when I see that Fatality. Anyway, as you probably know, the fighting styles depicted in the game REALLY SUCK. I'm a long time fan and supporter of Muay Thai, and I see nothing that represents the art in that game. Where are the shin kicks, elbows, knees, clinches, etc? NOWHERE. Not even the right stance. In fact, the name Muay Thai for Jax is nothing more but a title. Zack from dead or alive had a better motion capture, and I don't like his and him either. They should have hired me, I would have done much better, and I'm certain you would have made Scorpion and Cage look badass with your taekwondo and hapkido.

Finally, the gameplay. First of all those stupid air combos have to go. Juggling is good enough. And they can't have the game with those clunky controls. *sigh* It wouldn't hurt to have certain qualities, and properties with every move as well. I think those parts  would have made the game better if they were improved. So here's my list.

1.Better character design
2.Better work
3.Better motion capture
4.Better gameplay

So far Tekken does better on all those parts. If I took over Midway back in those days, Mortal Kombat would have stayed on top with the other great fighing games. Sorry you had to read so much (about mortal kombat), but I hope every word made it worth the reading. It's too late to fix Mortal Kombat anyway, so Boon, as well as Midway needs to give the series one last thing that they might know well. FATALITY.


Frank replies: That was a very nice outline for how to improve the MK series, but I'm afraid there is no fixing the series now. It's already made itself into a laughing-stock to true fighting game players, and perhaps that's what they were going for. The MK series has always had that edgy sense of humor, and comic relief is good, but when you put it in the wrong places you can ruin the whole thing.

Just like stupid ass horror or action movies... You're supposed to get into it, or be scared, but then someone in the movie (that you're supposed to care about) says something completely RETARDED, trying to be funny; which ruins the whole mood of the movie *cough* Resident Evil: Apocalypse *cough*. This what happened with Mortal Kombat, among all the other things you mentioned like character designs, motion capture, and gameplay. Mortal Kombat has simply turned into a below average fighting game, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who can see that.

Thanks for the mail Steven.

~ TFG Webmaster